Two Norwegian Terrorists Named Anders

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It has been three years since Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people with his July 22 2011 terror attacks in Norway. There have been several articles and stories mentioning me in the Norwegian media the last couple of weeks. This may well happen every July for years to come, with predictable regularity. It’s a bit like strawberry season.

In an essay published at the website of the state broadcaster NRK, three professional “anti-racists” asked for more money from the government to combat Islamophobia and other alleged right-wing extremism that can fuel terrorism.

If you read their essay closely, it names one, and only one, person as representing these supposedly evil forces: myself. So what they are really arguing is that more than three years after Breivik’s attacks, Norway must spend more tax money on combating me, personally. Apparently the public funding that many professional activists have today is inadequate for that purpose. They must regard me as some kind of Godzilla — or Fjordzilla.

The three individuals who authored this essay — Rune Berglund Steen, Shoaib Sultan and Ervin Kohn — were all associated with the state-sponsored Norwegian Centre against Racism. Its leader Berglund Steen has previously suggested that I want to more or less single-handedly start a world war. He didn’t specify exactly how I would be in a position to do so, even if I wanted to.

Shoaib Sultan, a Muslim activist of Pakistani origins, works for the Centre as an advisor on so-called Islamophobia and right-wing extremism. The labor unions (LO), which have intimate ties to the Labour Party, from 2012 onward sponsored this work against Islamophobia with hundreds of thousands of kroner every year.

Sultan is a previous leader of the Islamic Council of Norway. In 2006, during the height of the international Mohammed Cartoons crisis, he published a newspaper essay in Aftenposten claiming that the cartoons had “hurt” him and other Muslims, and that freedom of speech should not be absolute. Shoaib Sultan suggested that Norway should study suggestions made by Abid Q. Raja, a lawyer and politician of Pakistani Muslim background, to strengthen laws against blasphemy so that Muslims would not have their feelings hurt again.

The 2014 essay which he co-authored was ill-timed. Just a couple of days earlier, American and Norwegian authorities had listed a Norwegian convert to Islam, Anders Cameroon Østensvig Dale, as suspected of being heavily involved with the Islamic terrorist network al-Qaida. Dale came from a background with radical Left and Marxist sympathies. He also has also supported the Green Party of Norway, which Mr. Sultan happens to be an active member of. The mosque Dale had frequented when he converted to Islam and became radicalized has cooperated with the Norwegian Centre Against Racism.

Needless to say, the Centre against Racism didn’t mention a single word of this in their essay from July 21 2014. They then asked the authorities to spend more of the taxpayers’ money on combating alleged Islamophobic extremism.

On July 22 2014, exactly three years after the attacks in Norway, Fox News reported that a Norwegian citizen who trained with a master bomb maker in Yemen had been linked to increased security screening of flights coming to the USA. Anders Dale was believed to be trained by the master bomb maker Ibrahim al Asiri, who was responsible for the underwear device that nearly brought down a jet over Detroit in 2009.

The writer Ervin Kohn, President of the Jewish Community in Oslo, was also the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism at this point.

Due to armed clashes between the Jewish state of Israel and the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza strip, there were major demonstrations staged by Muslims and left-wing radicals in many European cities in July 2014. On some occasions, for instance in Paris, France, Muslims turned such events into large-scale riots and violent attacks on synagogues. In Brussels, which is the capital not just of Belgium but also of the EU and NATO, Muslims could be heard chanting “Death to Jews!” in the streets.

The response of suicide Jews such as Ervin Kohn to rising attacks on Jews in Europe by Muslims is to step up the harassment of European anti-Islamists who peacefully oppose Islamic aggression and Muslim mass immigration. Muslim immigration has caused the worst attacks on Jews in Europe since the rise of the Nazis, generations ago. In such a situation, it is beyond stupid on the part of Jewish leaders or senior figures to make it a stated priority to combat “Islamophobia.”

Oslo has previously experienced major riots involving Muslim immigrants plus left-wing extremist allies. I know, because I was there. On January 8 2009, a peaceful demonstration in support of Israel gathered in front of the Parliament (Stortinget). This triggered violent counter-demonstrations, broken windows and stone-throwing plus the mandatory shouts of “Allahu akbar!” Eventually, the police had to use large amounts of tear gas at the doorsteps of the nation’s Parliament to disperse the thugs. Afterwards some Muslims walked around central Oslo looking for people they thought might be Jewish, so they could beat them up.

According to rumor, one of those who participated in this violent demonstration back then was Anders Dale. While his violent inclinations may not have been openly approved of, his anti-Israeli views then still enjoyed the quiet backing of much of the left-wing political and media establishment in Norway. Soon afterwards, he apparently progressed to undergo training in bomb-making with Jihadist terrorists in the Arabian Peninsula.

What is the logical leap from being a European with radical Left, Marxist, pro-environmental and anti-Israeli views to becoming an international Islamic terror suspect training to be a suicide bomber for al-Qaida? That would make for an interesting case study.

Of course, unlike Anders Breivik, Anders Dale has not yet carried out a deadly attack. His current whereabouts are unknown. Nevertheless, between 2011 and 2014 Norway has produced two terrorists called Anders.

Anders Behring Breivik was declared insane by the first forensic psychiatrists who studied him. This ruling was later controversially overturned following political pressure, but quite a few people still suspect that it was correct. Breivik had no known support from any other people or groups while preparing his terror attacks. Moreover, despite claims to the contrary, ABB does not believe in any rational or coherent ideology apart from getting his own photo in the newspapers. He will be a revolutionary terrorist today and a peaceful Nazi tomorrow.

Anders Dale has been described as perfectly sane by his former friends. He has apparently enjoyed extensive training from others in how to make bombs and kill people. Dale really did come from a flock. Moreover, he does espouse a coherent ideology. First it was Western Leftism. Then it was Islam.

The mainstream media like to talk about the first Anders more than the second one. One can understand why.


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14 thoughts on “Two Norwegian Terrorists Named Anders

  1. What is the logical leap from being a European with radical Left, Marxist, pro-environmental and anti-Israeli views to becoming …

    That is a good ideological suicide kind of debate, bit of a let down if the answer turns out to be nothing more than narcissism.

  2. I wish elected governmets would stop throwing taxpayers money at Cultural Marxist projects which none of their constituents voted for.

    • Constituents don’t like what politicians have done over the last 50 years and still we go and elect them. Many things they have done are directly detrimental to the voters and the “democratic” nation. But still we vote them stupidly into office. Did we vote for the 6 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to direct the policies of the USA. Di we approve to give green cards to 60 thousand just Saudi women who fly to USA directly just 3 weeks before giving birth to 6 muhamads ( 2 wives each had 2 muhammads, two wives had 1 each muhammads) .

  3. Would it be possible for Fjordman to apply to his government to study the
    issues of “Islamophobia and other alleged right-wing extremism”? He would
    be very qualified, and his report could clear out some of the cobwebs that
    the official politically correct opinion leaders are using masking reality.

    • ” masking reality.”
      Those two crucial words diagnose the deadly disease that is gnawing at the the life of the western existence.
      Muslims from any country or so-called culture exactly behave and act and maim and injure and hate kuffar the same way.
      Europe and all English-speaking countries and some Latin American countries act and think the same way: they mask realities concerning Islam. And, boy, are they not successful? I have been educating Ashton about Islam, their invasion of the west and their deadly danger. He said to me, ” I have found the best site to cover all news you want to hear about current events.”
      So I said, “really? What is it?” Now don’t keep a hammer near you or you will smash your monitor. And he gave me :
      When we went to the site and it was clear what the site conveyed, hot blood rushed to my head and face and after 7 years of education he can’t differentiate between friend and foe. And he is not alone.

  4. It is just not true that Breivik has no ideology. He is against cultural marxism and immigration. One only has to read parts of his 1500 page document to see that.

    • Agreed. While Breivik’s ideology is not entirely coherent or cogently synthesized and shows signs of over-eager scissors and leaky paste around the edges, it definitely has form and substance. Indeed, he went into detail adumbrating a taxonomy of the “enemy” in the West — a taxonomy based upon how inimical they are (some more so, according to him, and some less), with only certain categories to be fought and killed. His taxonomy wasn’t arbitrary or meaningless; it was based upon a “West” to be defended, and “enemies” of that West pursuing their inimical activities. The predominant threat, according to Breivik, seems to emanate from a loose affiliation of “cultural Marxists” in the West.

    • WHAT train??? Oh YOU must mean the one from the Big Rock Candy mountain???

      • Who do you expect will get this cultural reference? After watching “Oh Brother where art thou” a few times, “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” became our family song!

  5. I just posted a WANTED picture of ANDERS DALE on my FB page and asked all to share with friends.

    In all the reports from the American authorities in the news, no picture of this cretin has ever been put up on that news. With all the illegals now crossing our southern borders, that creep may already be in the USA.

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