There Is No Fun In Leftism

Ayatollah Khomeini famously remarked, “There is no fun in Islam.” The same might be said of German Progressives in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, who self-righteously forbade any World Cup celebrations involving — yuck! — German national symbols.

JLH has translated an article about the phenomenon, and includes this note:

The author’s attitude toward people who play down nationalism reminds me of what is happening here in the USA, but most forcibly of Tommy Robinson, whose great crime was organizing a group defamed as “soccer hooligans” into an instrument of national pride and the drive for freedom — and had to be punished for it.

The translated article from B.Z.:

Celebrating Soccer is Forbidden in Kreuzberg

The national colors and anthems are forbidden in a bar. Typical for the leftist feeling of superiority, thinks Gunnar Schupelius.

July 14, 2014
by Gunnar Schupelius

Excuse the lack of definition — I took this photo on the way by, with my iPhone [Photo of the blackboard mentioned in the next sentence].

I was standing in front of a bar in Kreuzberg and looking at the board that normally displayed the specialties of the day. Instead of names of dishes, I read the following advice for the guests who were expected to come and watch soccer. It said: “And, as always, no anthems, no banners, no horn-tooting, no silly hats.”

I asked the waiter what that meant. Answer: “We watch soccer because we are interested in the sport and not some stupid nationalist feelings!” Aha, now I got it. I asked if the customers saw it that way too. “Naturally,” he said, “but the board is a reminder, in case anyone forgets.”

I would have loved to ask about the consequences of the instructions on the board. Am I allowed to celebrate German triumphs in this bar, or must I compensate by also cheering goals for the other team? Does the waiter keep watch, to make sure I don’t cheer too much for German goals? Will I be ejected if I forget myself before the game and hum the national anthem?

I try to imagine how the politically correct people in this bar celebrated the World Cup: objectively, judicially, quietly. And they felt good about it — on top of the world. They felt that they were something better — above all the other Berlin soccer fans. Because, right here in Kreuzberg, they had overcome nationalism.

The pride and arrogance that cry out from the soccer rules of that bar remind me of the stickers leftist activists put on the cars of soccer fans. They tear up the black-red-gold banners on the cars and replace them with: “It does no matter what motivated you to use this banner — it always produces nationalism.”

Waving the national flag or singing the national anthem are treated like a crime on the Left.

And yet, we have every reason to sing the anthem and wave the flag, even without soccer. They are the symbols of the Federal Republic of Germany, which has lived in peace with its neighbors for 65 years and guarantees its citizens the greatest freedom there has ever been on German soil.

In 1990, the “new federal lands” joined this wonderful republic. And at the very least since World Cup 2006, we Germans again have as normal a relationship with our national symbols as other peoples. That is how it should stay.

It is both moving and terrifying how the Left in Kreuzberg retains its distorted relationship to the home country even in relation to the World Cup. And writes out its orders on the blackboard.

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  1. Muslims from any country/ culture/ hull speak the same language act the same: Think about muslims of Kenya, Nigeria, Phillippines, China, Indonesia, Syria, Iraq, Britain, Australia, Canada, the whole world.
    Now focus on the lefties/ or more accurately stupid idiots who, no matter from which hull/heck they come they say and act the same and have the same hatred towards Israel and disproportionate servility and one-sided love and respect for Islam.
    Who is swaying the flies akn zombies of the world to think and act in such a perverted way. Has education, and museums, and this artist’s paintings or this thinker or that philosopher, had any enlightenment in sheeple and learned anything from history and unending World Wars of that old hag, Europe, that is so eager to be replaced by the Caliphate and open the borders of Turkey to hasten the caliphate.
    Today officially Turkey is not a member of EU, but in reality nothing can EU do without Turkey’s approval. It has more sway on EU that the member Greece. Germany is the dominant power over EU. And Turkey, in turn, is the hegemonic power over the brothers-in- arms. Germans pretend to dislike NAZIS and have repented, but the have shown the same romantic love for Turkey continually. And not ashamed of that. They are proud of that.

  2. Shortly after 9/11, I was talking with some leftish (but not totally crazy) friends when the subject turned to recent displays of patriotism and U.S. flags appearing in places that seldom if ever displayed them before. I said it was clearly not a partisan issue; the flags were saying “we’re in this together.” They agreed. To them, it was acceptable to think of patriotism in terms of community and standing with your neighbors.

    Leftists talk a lot about “community,” but most of them apparently have difficulty thinking of the nation as a community that might need their loyalty and defense from outsiders. When the nation is put in danger — say, by MS-13 members and drug cartels and trains full of welfare dependents from south of the border — they wave their insipid flag with the planet earth on it and say that their own neighbors have no more claims on their loyalty than anyone else, and probably less. They scorn their own community because it makes them feel superior.

  3. I’m not a soccer fan, but find it quite puzzling that, say, British followers of the “sport” can be so chauvinistic about their favourite local (or national) team, when none of the players is local and some not even British. If the situation is similar in Germany, maybe the bar owners have a point? Other sports don’t seem to inspire the same triumphalism, yet we Brits invented most of them, soccer included!

    • Mark, I am a football supporter. I support Portsmouth and have done so for a very long time. Before the commies rammed PC/MC down their throats, the citizens of the City of Portsmouth were very nationalistic. We are still proud of our city and of our football team but the sneer, smear and slander brigade have ensured that our pride is now muted.
      I now live in Thailand and the Thai people are very nationalistic. They fly their national flag at every given opportunity, they are very proud of their country and I respect them for that.
      By way of contrast, Councillors at the London Borough of Camden – and many others, are reluctant to fly the Union Flag for fear of offending minorities. This, of course is a reflection of the Culturally marxist brain cancer affecting the ruling classes in the UK. The common sense response of course is to tell any offended minorities to find a country whose flag does not offend them and go there but their new home might not pay the same welfare benefits as the UK.
      There is nothing wrong with a bit of triumphalism, Mark, although I must admit, the left has very little to be triumphalistic about.

      • Maybe I didn’t make myself clear. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country or locality, nor enjoying sport, but why yoke them?

        If I hear a great performance of a Beethoven symphony, I don’t enjoy it more because it was played by the London Symphony rather than, say, the Vienna Philharmonic. But maybe I’m just odd…

  4. add. : populace as used for the prerevoluionary mass in Paris.In German, Pöbel is destinctly derogative and pronounced with a disgusted expression!

  5. I read the following advice for the guests who were expected to come and watch soccer. It said: “And, as always, no anthems, no banners, no horn-tooting, no silly hats.”

    I try to imagine how the politically correct people in this bar celebrated the World Cup: objectively, judicially, quietly.

    But these multiculturalists would be therefore incoherent if they also forbade the Third World vuvuzuela. More likely than not, they would ramp their incoherence up to inconsistency and hypocrisy, remaining white and all quiet on the Western front while a group of Brown Persons at the next table let loose their own nationalistic cheers for their team.

  6. Oh hell, enjoy the moment and [interact carnally with] the leftists. When did they become the final arbiter of all mankind? Here in America we just tell them to [be silent] and get lost. Lefties are always so quick to tell us “If you don’t like this or that, don’t do this or that.” Until it is something they don’t like then it is boycott time, create a new law time, protest time. Calling someone a fascist or a Nazi (see “Godwin’s Law”). At 60, I’ve had enough of self-appointed idiots telling me what to think. [Engage amorously with] ’em and the protest they rode in on.

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