The Noble Lords and Their Incredibly Important Points

We reported yesterday on Richard Rashleigh Folliott Scott, Baron Scott of Foscote, known jocularly by his old public school chums as “Richie ‘Pay the Jizya and Willingly Submit’ Scott”.

OK, so I made that last part up. But still…

Lord Scott caught the attention of certain xenophobic media outlets when he rose in the House of Lords and suggested that the problem of Islamophobia might be successfully addressed if more people were encouraged to enter into “interfaith marriages” with Muslims, as his own children had done. “Interfaith”, in the case of the Scott family, meant “converting to Islam before marrying”. However, no one in the Lords was so indelicate as to point out that his familial examples could hardly be characterized as “interfaith” marriages.

Below is the video of the exchange in the House of Lords on July 8, 2014. The discussion is led by Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi, the Senior Minister of State, Department for Communities and Local Government and Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Notice that during all the incredibly important points made by the noble lords and noble ladies and noble friends and right reverend comrades, not a single murmur of dissent is raised against the prevailing orthodoxy. No one questions the wisdom of Multiculturalism or the mass immigration of Muslims into Britain. No one points out that the goal of “integration” is a laughable chimera, given the violent crime-ridden, “sharia zones” that have been established in all major British cities and towns. Not one of these esteemed, honored, incredibly important noble souls is willing to break ranks and describe the condition of the country as it really is, much less propose any possible remedies for the degraded situation of Her Majesty’s 21st-century realm.

God help Britain — because only divine intervention could have any hope of success at this point.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

See yesterday’s post for more details and a transcript of the exchanges in the video.

23 thoughts on “The Noble Lords and Their Incredibly Important Points

  1. And why, on Earth, did the Britons fight the Nazis … or the Commies, for that matter?
    They could had got it all long decades ago …

  2. I had no idea about how perverted the so called house of lords have become. Their false smiles, their eagerness to please – a religion of hate.

    These are not Lords – but traitors.

    • The Upper house was ‘reformed’ about a decade ago to remove the hereditary peers and replace them with ‘the political great and good’. In doing so, as is usual in socialist ‘reform’ they effectively took something that worked and created an idealist ‘Heath Robinson’ monstrocity that would never again challenge the House of Commons.

      This was the point at which tyranny took over the UK, hiding behind a mantle of pointless ‘either or but both the same’ democracy. Only now is UKIP rocking that boat, but I suspect that they will be knobbled before the next election.

    • You are right. Atrocities committed by Islam now or in the past are the only atrocities that are happily endured and justified and ignored by dhimmis, and get them more respect, more welfare, more money to Hamas and Abbas, more visits and deep bows to Saudi Arabia and Gulf states, more condemnation for those who defend themselves against the savages, more visits to Gaza to pledge money. Were aggression historically supplied with money and glorified since eternity? Or this is only a civilized, faithless European phenomena?

  3. An Aye Scotland vote in the independence referendum could be in the interests of all the British peoples and of favourable political consequence for the English.

    • P.S.

      England as a heptarchy rid of the Westminster British State of diversity and entitlement.

  4. I wonder whether the young girls in Oxford, who were victims of the Muslim rape gang which operated with impunity there for so long. Would share the enthusiasm of the Bishop regarding “the good relations between Muslims and other faith communities” which existed there for so long and in his view, continue to do so?
    He is the sort of dreadful, spineless churchman that the C of E is full of.

    • “the good relations between Muslims and other faith communities”

      At least 50% of the attacks on jews in London are attacks by muslims/arabs.

      Even by 2011, muslims were only (supposedly) 12% of the population of London. That means in any attack on jews, muslims are 4x more likely to be the perpertrators.

      But most of the jewish groups in the UK are fully dhimmified.

  5. I’m speechless.

    This video is a historical document of a nation infiltrated and turned over to its enemies. Could be a sequel to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”.

    • A possible title for this master class in dhimmitude might be: By force towards freedom, with love towards unity!

      (Title from Alphonse Mucha’s mural for the Lord Mayor’s Hall in Prague, 1910-1911.)

  6. Well, Baron, I may, perhaps, doubt if ‘divine intervention’ is either possible or probable in this case but I do know this: history teaches us that the only viable way of dealing with Islam is via some serious social work, social work applied firmly, with determination and without the pointless soporifics of ‘benefits’ or inclusion but with a positive and quite terminal intent – so to speak. It really doesn’t take long if applied correctly. S III.

  7. The current British ruling class will collapse. It must to be rid of this garbage. We can only hope that it will be sooner rather than later so that true patriots can emerge to handle the threat rather than the entire British society being sucked down the toilet bowl with them.

  8. They smile like tea addled sycophants even as they seek to dance with and work out compromises with the prince of Persia..England stinks of stus quo…to their peril.

  9. @ Seneca 111; by social work..I presume that knowing the “British”; old school dreadnaught school; we are talking about very liberal use of the cane…of the billy ..and the transport to Casablanca … Bob HOPES that even this draconian tool of “character” building might affect sumthing more than falling through the rrrrabbit hole… but now Lords and Ladies ; there’s narry a frunt available to ship the rabble to and the teams are Arab owned and Ascott is a mythic snotty snuff party .. High End of course… How do you fit the wedge in the door to change when it has remained fused in golden geld weld for centuries and manifests with the kind of Parliamentarian baffle gab we have just heard … what artifacts will they pull from the mud of Thames a century from now?.. after the ships have launched with Royal bros to carry the golden seed into the sun…. ….Come Lord not tarry

  10. Have I OFFENDED somebody… ???……What means”moderation”….What is it that this comment of mine has alluded to that causes me to think that I have run smack dab into another thought policing wall in that fun house of political doubletalk…. 1984? in drip bags for the rrrabbit.. at table.

    • Come now Wizard.. Speak ..!.. or do you sit at guilded mirrors daily admiring your revolutionary images.. Even the New York times doesn’t play these games.

  11. Queen Elizabeth is fast asleep these days and unable to comprehend that, whatever transformation took place in English politics v-a-v the Crown’s involvement in affairs of state, an occasional Royal Deviation or Backsliding might yet be necessary where the near-term subjugation and humiliation of her subjects and the debasement of the entire British way of life are concerned.

    Nothing too frequent, of course, but it might be appropriate for the sovereign to speak out once every 150-200 years when Parliament is selling out the kingdom.

  12. If Lord Snowcote had a child who had married a Muslim who had converted to Christianity he’d be on firmer ground. He’s not old enough to be senile so he must be just profoundly blinded by PC dogma. I can’t wait for the day when one or more of his “seven little Muslim” grandchildren turns to him and calls him a worthless infidel. Perhaps then the scales will drop from his eyes.

  13. At the least, the Baroness chooses not to wear the hijab or other hair covering. Political theater?

  14. “We need more mixing?”

    Who [redacted] are they?

    We need more Freedom and Liberty.

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