The French Government: Crooks, Christianophobes, and Sons of Whores

The Algerian-French auto pundit Aldo Sterone — who found it too hot to sit in his car while recording this video — returns with a discussion of current events in Syria and Iraq, the presence of terrorists from Boko Haram in France, and the failings of François Hollande’s socialist government.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hi friends. It’s too hot to be in my car.
00:04   I’m here to react to images
00:08   from France which make me very sad.
00:12   Christians in Syria and Iraq have
00:16   been living in these areas for 2000 years.
00:20   They practice Orthodox Christianity,
00:24   practically the source of this religion.
00:28   They always lived there on their own lands
00:32   intelligently, in solidarity with the local population.
00:36   What happened was that people came from
00:40   some 80 countries and attacked
00:44   these folks. They killed women, children,
00:48   fighters, non-fighters. Then, recently
00:52   they enacted very specific laws
00:56   for Christians. They marked their houses
01:00   and forced them to leave their houses,
01:05   to convert, or to die. These terrorist groups
01:09   have each decided separately
01:13   what laws to force on those populations.
01:17   In France there are people who, in solidarity
01:21   with these people, organised peaceful protests.
01:25   These people did not break things,
01:29   did not spread messages of hate or war. They
01:33   only went out to express their support and solidarity
01:37   with the Christians from Iraq and Syria and to say
01:41   and that their treatment is unacceptable.
01:45   So these protesters have been attacked
01:49   and their demonstration was disturbed by groups
01:53   claiming to belong to Boko Haram, an
01:57   African terrorist group that kidnapped 400 young girls
02:02   recently from a school — there is still no news of them —
02:06   they are the ones who go to schools and massacre children and teachers
02:10   and throw their bodies through windows to collect them in the court.
02:14   Images of this are on the net. And they are in France,
02:18   living among the French, mainly on French social benefits,
02:22   and the French Government is not reacting. So I have to
02:26   say that the government of François Hollande
02:30   which rules this country, a regime that has fallen very low after two thousand years of history,
02:34   that if this government does not punish
02:38   very severely these people who
02:42   attacked the peaceful protesters
02:46   then this government is composed of crooks,
02:50   of Christianophobes and of sons of whores.
02:54   François Holland can decide to punish
02:58   these people who attacked peaceful protesters.
03:03   If he punishes them, then we have to wonder
03:07   if the people of his entourage
03:11   in the French Government are or are not
03:15   crooks, Christianophobes and sons of whores.
03:19   But, if he does not punish them, then we have
03:23   the absolute certitude, that these people (the government)
03:28   are crooks, Christianophobes and sons of whores.

7 thoughts on “The French Government: Crooks, Christianophobes, and Sons of Whores

  1. July 28, 2014…..France ready to give asylum to Iraq’s Christians according to several sources including the UNHCR

    France is ready to welcome Christians from northern Iraq, Reuters said. They have been told by the Al-Qaeda offshoot group ruling the region to convert to Islam, pay a religious levy or face death. The Islamic State also warned all women in Mosul to wear full-face veils or risk severe punishment.

    “We are providing aid to displaced people fleeing from the threats of the Islamic State and who have sought refuge in Kurdistan,” France’s foreign and interior ministers said in a joint statement on Monday. “We are ready, if they wish, to facilitate their asylum on our soil.”

      • The above link is from an older report… when they took in several hundred….

        The latest report is from today and the total is supposedly going to be over 2 thousand.

        Also, Austrian, Croatian and Hungarian govts have been requested by the Vatican to take in several hundred Roman Catholics each.

    • How secure, sir, is asylum for Christians and non-Muslims on French soil???
      It seems to me that you cannot or will not keep non-Muslims safe from the murderous contempt of the supposed religion of peace.
      Your Muslim population is such that you cannot govern them. They will not be governed by you.
      How can you, France, offer any safety at all???

  2. Once upon a time France took it upon herself to be the protector of Christians in the Middle East: that was the raison d’être for Lebanon, first a distinct political entity founded by, then an independent state shepherded by, French “imperialist” military force.

    Now Christians peacefully demonstrating in France are attacked by Muslim savages and the French police do nothing! How can a society so steeped in its own history and mythology of having a civilising mission for the world allow itself to sink into a cesspit of public disorder?

    The only explanation can be that Hollande’s Socialist government is dependent on the votes of said welfare-dependent barbarians and will not permit the, rather ferocious, French riot police to do their jobs.

    Who would have thought Bridgette Bardot was so prescient? I remember when her protests about Muslims in France decades ago were treated with scornful derision. And criminalisation. She was near universally regarded as something of a nutcase for her loud hostility to Muslim immigrants. She must be smiling a bittersweet smile now.

    El Ingles posted here many years ago a marvellous essay entitled “The Danish Civil War”; I think the scenario he sketched is more likely to take place in France which seems to go from bad to worse every year. I thought 2005, with the hundreds of car-b-ques every night all summer long, was a shocker that the French would never allow a repeat of.

    • Personally I thought 911 was the shocker that the West would never allow a repeat of. Is it education or ignorance? Edjamuckation says make some clear unequivocal moves now and keep on making them until the muslims start dismantling their barracks and move back to Ol’Sandy. El Cid. We got it.

  3. It would be a good idea if cinemas were to show “El Cid” again and for the authorities to crush the riots when they occurred.

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