Stephen Coughlin Talks to Michael Coren About the Vatican

Major Stephen Coughlin appeared on Michael Coren’s SUN TV program the other night to talk about the little-noticed Islamic prayer recited in the Vatican. As reported here extensively, on June 8, 2015 — Pentecost Sunday — a Sunni imam was among the honored guests invited to offer prayers in the Vatican garden as part of a special ecumenical ceremony promoting peace. The imam went off-script, however, and included in his peroration a verse from the Koran calling on Allah to grant victory over the infidels.

Maj. Coughlin discussed that dismaying event, as well as related issues about the differences between Pope Francis and his predecessor, and the various ways that the Muslim Brotherhood is slowly but surely subverting Western governments, religious bodies, and cultural institutions:

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3 thoughts on “Stephen Coughlin Talks to Michael Coren About the Vatican

  1. the Vatican and islam connected?…….NOOOOOO1! …..really?……………NOOOOOOOOO!… The beginnings of islam and Roman Catholicism connected?………..NOOOOOOOOOO1 …..Really?……..No way…………Really?…….NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!… GET real Michael.

    • The problem is a Pope from Latin America: not that there is anything wrong with Latin America overall, but that the strain of Marxism called “Liberation Theology” has been dominant among Church hierarchy, Church theologians, and activist priests there for generations now.

      Green is the new Red.

  2. Pope Francis, unlike his predecessor, seems to be so progressive, that for him tolerance and multiculturalism are holier than the basic dogmats of Catholic faith. He is a disaster for the Roman Church. If Catholics want to preserve Catholicism, they must get rid of him as soon as possible and get someone like Benedict XVI.

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