Our Duty is to Preserve Sweden

Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) is a political party that is Islam-critical and opposes mass immigration into Sweden. As a result, it is demonized by the establishment and the mainstream media. Its members are sometimes fired from their jobs and denied access to certain state services. Sometimes they are even violently attacked by “anti-fascist” thugs.

The following video was made by Sverigedemokratisk Ungdom (SDU, Sweden Democrat Youth). Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Some people believe we do not even exist:
Young girls who actually love their country.
But they are wrong.
Because there are many of us and more are joining us every day.
We are girls who dare to stand for what we believe.
We are Swedish, and we are proud of that.
We love our country, we are proud of our history, and we hold our culture dear.
That is why we cannot sit still and watch as our country is falling apart.
Sweden is turning into something unrecognizable.
We are ordinary young Swedish girls and we say, enough is enough!
In our country you should be able to feel safe,
even if you are a young girl and out late at night.
In our country girls should be girls and boys should be boys — without being questioned for that.
In our country we should take care of animals and nature.
We should have world-class animal protection laws.
In our country the families should be strong and well-off.
All children should have a safe childhood.
We inherited Sweden from our ancestors,
and it is our duty to preserve it for our children.
That is why we are members of SDU
SDU is the youth organization that fights for us!
It is time for change, and everyone is needed!
So welcome to our community!
You are needed!

14 thoughts on “Our Duty is to Preserve Sweden

  1. Well, that ought to get the govt. attention….. poor girls will probably get arrested for NOT allowing themselves to be sacrificed to muslim “RAPE DIETY” !

  2. Why is it only people of predominantly white European countries who are not allowed to wish to retain their culture? If Sweden demanded mass immigration into a Muslim country and wanted to change it, would the lefties agree that was a good thing? If not, they are hypocrites.

      • While not excusing the European intrusions into Rhodesia and South Africa, there is still a difference between bringing modernization to a primitive culture and bringing primitive ways to a modern culture.

  3. Everything said makes sense but then again the ‘religion of peace’ isn’t full of people who have much care for that. And the liberals and the media don’t have a religion or a country, just a self destructive ideology.

    • After viewing these photos I found myself thinking “maybe the Muslims have a point…”

  4. Hurrah for them! Never been to Sweden, and I’ve met exactly 2 Swedes but it is nice to know that this group exist. I wish them well

  5. Where are the men in this film ? How can they pretend to fight for “strong families” and sweep men under the carpet ?

    I notice they mention protection of animals before the defence of family.

    • The very point of this video is to show that girls *too* can be nationalistic. The stereotype in Sweden is that nationalism only exists among young angry men.

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