No Mosque in Tahiti!

“Islamophobic” demonstrators are out in force again in Tahiti, this time to protest the arrival of an imam who is unknown to the official Islamic authorities in France, and has also been banned from the USA as a terrorist.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is the Facebook page for the anti-mosque group, also translated by Rita:

Dear Friends,

We all share the same concern regarding the presence of the self-proclaimed Imam Hicham El Berkani on our territory. His personality, his lack of transparency (his origins, funding), his defiance of our laws, his insistence on returning here while he is banned in the USA, lead us to have serious doubts about him.

In the interest of keeping our social peace, the collective “To Tatou Hiro’a, Ta Tatou ‘Arora’a” has organized a peaceful march to show the authorities that our fears are justified and that we want to have answers to our questions:

Why is this imam allowed to circulate freely on our territory, while he is considered potentially dangerous by the American Secret Services?

Why is he allowed to officiate freely, while he is manifestly an outlaw (illegal)?

We ask for the definitive expulsion of this suspicious “Imam”.

Lets march together to preserve our identity, our culture, our future and that of our children.


The march took place Saturday 12 July 2014 at 1 pm.

Video transcript:

00:04   The Collective “To Tatou Hiro’a, Ta Tatou ‘Arora’a” at the start
00:08   of their second demonstration.
00:12   The reason: doubts concerning a supposed Imam
00:16   Hicham El Berkani, not known to French Islamic authorities,
00:20   and a priori coming from a radical branch.
00:24   There is something fishy about him, he was forbidden
00:28   in the US… Americans don’t joke around such things. Is it him who disturbs, or is it
00:32   religion? For the moment we are here to ask for the
00:36   expulsion of this Imam. He declared himself Imam here; he is not known
00:40   by Muslim organisations in France. The collective denies
00:44   being racist or Islamophobe, somewhat contradicting the message
00:48   from the demonstrators who refuse the installation of a mosque.
00:52   Song: We don’t want any mosque
00:56   We don’t want a mosque in Tahiti
01:00   We don’t want a mosque
01:04   We don’t want veiled women in our country
01:08   We are a democratic country
01:12   We are as we are, we accept everyone except this.
01:16   It’s against our culture. I love to see our wahines dance
01:20   in a bareo (sari) and all that.
01:24   Don’t they have the right to pray? They do, but we have it good here.
01:28   When the cortege passes before
01:32   the Cathedral, Father Christophe prepares for a wedding.
01:36   The Catholic Church calls for prudence,
01:40   but also waits for a clear response from the authorities.
01:44   (Bishop) The Authorities must investigate
01:48   and must reassure us, tell us, “don’t be afraid…”
01:52   But this is not happening, because there are signs
01:56   this man has been sent… by whom?
02:00   Near 6000 signatures have been collected online to say NO just in time,
02:04   according to the petition. Manna from heaven for the local “Front National”.
02:08   We would like to know why this self-proclaimed Imam
02:12   is here, when he was banned in the US, for example.
02:16   Why are there so many Muslim soldiers in
02:20   Polynesia, when our Polynesian soldiers are fighting in
02:25   Mali, in Afghanistan? Around 4 pm the leaders of the collective
02:29   were received by the High Commissioner. For the moment nothing is known of the conversation.

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3 thoughts on “No Mosque in Tahiti!

  1. You would be better off letting in ebola. At least once it has run its course it is over. Islam is the curse that keeps on giving. Young men read the Koran and immediately become jihadists. What is the force that does that to people? I’ve never known anyone who read the Bible and became a Christian. Becoming a Christian comes first, then the bible study. But it seems like every day I read about someone reading the Koran, proclaiming “It’s the true faith!” and immediately signs up for jihad to torment and murder. And for that reason, I will never read the Koran. There is something satanic in that book that only leads to inhumanity and mayhem, pain and suffering.

  2. Tedh754: It is not the reading of the Koran, but the Koranic indoctrination which leads to the aberrations. What follows is absolutely NON-PC, so be careful: are you above the age of 18? Most Muslims are lazy (pampered at home), have low IQ (intrafamily marriages) and have no real school education, except for learning the Koranic verses by hart in a kind of hypnotic chant (cfr the verses and songs you learned as a child: at 65 I can still recite these! The difference being we had songs about a sheep, a farmer etc. NOT about killing others). Add this altogether and you’ll get insecure people getting inspired by “heavenly strength”. Hitler used this “heavenly strength” technique extremely well. Non-Muslims who fall for this follow usually the same pattern and are introduced by friends to an imam who shows him/her how he/she can be strong. And wouldn’t you like to be Superman? I wouldn’t, because I AM Superman, and fully content with myself. I haven’t ever heard from a balanced person falling for this ideology. Therefore: read the Koran, read Mein Kampf, but you will stay who you are, but a little wiser (and disgusted).


  3. I encourage people to read the Qur’an. I read 3 translations in 2012, with 2 commentaries from a Christian point of view and 2 commentaries from a Muslim point of view. I believe it gave me a valuable insight into the way that Muslims think.

    That said, I agree that protection from its influence must be sought along the way. It is inspired by Satan. The Holy Spirit IS stronger, but the power of lies to mislead people must not be underestimated. Pray for protection all the time!

    The versions I read (included commentaries):

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