Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

The following essay from Cherson and Molschky has been cross-posted here at the recommendation of our British correspondent JP.

Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

by Y.K. Cherson

How do former empires get colonized by their own colonies? It defies all logic, yet somehow, this is what has come to be in Europe. In the midst of a full-blown conquista, after what began as a simple plan to bring over some cheap labor to do the work the natives couldn’t be bothered with, Europe is aiding and abetting in its own demise. Muslim immigration has become a Muslim takeover.

A few years ago, Victor Volsky compared the situation to that of the mammoth wasp and its prey. Why such an analogy? Well, a mammoth wasp ensures the survival of its children using a rhinoceros beetle like canned meat. The wasp finds the larva of the beetle that will act as a storehouse for it. With one strike in the nerve center, the mammoth wasp paralyzes the beetle and lays one egg in its outer skin.

Immediately after getting out of the egg, the wasp’s larva starts to use its sharp jaws, eating through the first layer of the beetle’s outer skin before getting to the inner organs and devouring them until the entire stock of food is eaten.

The consumption of the helpless host goes in a strict sequence: first the baby wasp eats the least important organs, like muscles, blood, fat… and only then does the nervous system follow. It means that the paralyzed victim stays alive until the last moment. In this blood-chilling way the growing larva of the mammoth wasp has fresh food during the entire period of its growth.

Europe is certainly feeding its own parasite, first by inviting the parasite to begin with, along with all its friends and relatives. Then by allowing it to thrive in its own community with its own set of rules, never monitored, and even given a stack of beetles in the form of welfare benefits, it has actually become a protected species with political correctness at the helm, directing all critics to the land “hate speech” where “racists” and “fascists” go- to the land of ruined careers and destroyed reputations. Thus, the natives who complain about getting devoured are penalized, while the parasite lives happily on.

The parasite has rights after all. The right to set up shop in our world, feed on us, hate us and consume us, and anyone who doesn’t like it is a parasite-phobe. This is where political correctness has taken us.

Muslims claim more and more privileges, hysterically demanding “to defend” them from “Islamophobia”, “racism” and “discrimination”, operating these terrible words like a thief uses a lock-pick. And yet, in most cases when Islamophobia is reported, it was a crime perpetrated by a Muslim himself or a few insults thrown around on social media. If that is a “hate crime”, Muslims are far more versed in that type of crime than anyone else.

In fact, their own hate crimes go far deeper. After perpetrating a horrific terrorist attack, for example, in the 7/7 London bombings, injuring hundreds and killing 52, shortly before the anniversary this year, they urinated on and defaced the memorial with graffiti. And to show how incredibly “assimilated” they are, they are falling all over themselves to become jihadists in Syria, hoping to return to Europe to demonstrate what they’ve learned amongst their peers.

But no one is allowed to utter a word of discontent. Political correctness again.

And it goes further. Today Muslim cabbies in Minneapolis refuse to serve blind passengers who are accompanied by dogs, and they demand special baths for foot washing before prayer to be built for them in the airports. How far will it go? Tomorrow Muslim students in British schools will demand to put an end to the “+” sign because it looks like a cross. And the authorities will obediently bow to their demands.

Just speaking about all these events is an inadmissible sin against the current prevailing norms. An outstanding expert in Oriental studies, Professor Bernard Lewis bitterly states that “in the Western world, intellectual freedom is defied to an extent this world did not know since the 18th century. Islam and Islamic values now enjoy in the West such an immunity from any discussion and critics Christianity has lost long ago, and Judaism has never known.”

With this, a very significant part of Muslims sits on the neck of that same Western society they hate so much, milking it dry, getting all possible and impossible privileges, help and all kinds of social aid and merrily laughing over the stupidity of the conquered West. What joy it must be for Muslims in the West to exploit a victim, to live at his cost, to enjoy their power and see the humiliation of a once mighty and now helpless enemy paralyzed with fear!

In his The Time Machine written back in 1895, the great H.G. Wells described the fall of the civilization populated by the very nice, peaceful, tolerant and absolutely shallow Eloi, who thought only about pleasure and enjoyment and whose very existence depended on Morlocks, ape-like creatures who lived underground and fed them. At first, the Eloi society seemed so nice and pleasant: lots of food, no need to work and the possibility to enjoy life. But then it turns out that Morlocks feed Eloi like cattle, just to slaughter them and eat them afterwards.

The modern Western realities are alarmingly similar to the fantasies of the English writer. The inner enemy-parasite, eating the flesh of his host, moves to dominance in Western Europe (and later this enemy will advance to the USA). Muslim communities rapidly grow in number thanks to the fast natural growth and never-ending immigration. On their side there are bitter envy and fierce hatred fed with religious fanaticism, while the fruitless and genderless European civilization obediently treads to the slaughterhouse, animatedly discussing on the way the rights of nudists and gays.

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.” (Will Durant, “Epilogue—Why Rome fell”, The Story of Civilization, 3 Caesar And Christ)

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23 thoughts on “Muslim Immigrants and Their Suicidal Prey

  1. The ruling class believes in Convergence. The converging of all nations and all peoples into Eloi. I think they have misjudged the Mohamotons, I hope they have misjudged the remnant here in Amerika.

  2. In the midst of a full-blown conquista, after what began as a simple plan to bring over some cheap labor to do the work the natives couldn’t be bothered with, …

    The work the natives couldn’t be bothered with is a lazy white man multikulti myth and a slander that really needs to be shattered.

    • Quite right. If a country were to import a source of cheap labour, why select one a lazy and unproductive as Muslims generally are?

      • … and in the same post war period up until 1967 deport thousands of white working class children and ‘youth migrants’ to Commonwealth countries.

    • The work that the serfs would not do for a pittance as their masters decreed.

  3. ” In his The Time Machine written back in 1895, the great H.G. Wells described the fall of the civilization populated by the very nice…”
    Writers, playwrights, historians like Oriana Fallaci, H.G.Wells, Dumas, Tonynbee, . . . etc. made us stand stiffly in awe and admiration of the countries who produced them. We wanted to visit all those countries, to talk to the people in general and see how they behaved and thought in light of all that vast, deep knowledge and books produced by those exceptional illuminati for their fellow citizens to illuminate them.
    But many are read and few are chosen. How many have read and understood and act upon Toynbee’s theory: Life/history is challenge and response. Western politician liars claim that we need muslims, we can’t live without them, they are refugees, they come here for freedom, they create jobs, they won’t cause any problems if we give them whatever they want even our women, gold money, houses, removing crosses, blah blah blah. WE elected and are electing those traitorous zombies who lull us to sleep. Ane we elect them again as if we have no brains, no observation, no wills. And still we consider democracy a perfect system to go in Iraq and sacrifice soldiers’ lives for it while democracy in the west is destroying the western nations.
    Those who are aware of the lethal and imminent deadly looming danger are just a few and can’t sway things, and are considered eccentric and weird.
    How many times have you pointed out the danger posing by muslim invaders who are being invited here and the other person looks at you with a face similar to that of an unthinking nonchalant camel, if he does not rebuke you or give you a sermon in crooked morals. And you can’t say to him: Well, zombie, what do morals mean if our lives are in danger or there are no decent souls to uphold the morals you preach.
    For two thousand years Christians of Nineveh upheld some Christian morals and tenets and niceties, but yesterday suddenly to be nice is a crime. Yesterday they were given the following as they did in Town of Raqqa in Syria :
    Pact of Umar, 7th Century?

    The Status of Non-Muslims Under Muslim Rule
    After the rapid expansion of the Muslim dominion in the 7th century, Muslims leaders were required to work out a way of dealing with Non-Muslims, who remained in the majority in many areas for centuries. The solution was to develop the notion of the “dhimma”, or “protected person”. The Dhimmi were required to pay an extra tax, but usually they were unmolested. This compares well with the treatment meted out to non-Christians in Christian Europe. The Pact of Umar is supposed to have been the peace accord offered by the Caliph Umar to the Christians of Syria, a “pact” which formed the patter of later interaction. Pact of Umar
    We heard from ‘Abd al-Rahman ibn Ghanam [died 78/697] as follows: When Umar ibn al-Khattab, may God be pleased with him, accorded a peace to the Christians of Syria, we wrote to him as follows:
    In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate. This is a letter to the servant of God Umar [ibn al-Khattab], Commander of the Faithful, from the Christians of such-and-such a city. When you came against us, we asked you for safe-conduct (aman) for ourselves, our descendants, our property, and the people of our community, and we undertook the following obligations toward you:
    We shall not build, in our cities or in their neighborhood, new monasteries, Churches, convents, or monks’ cells, nor shall we repair, by day or by night, such of them as fall in ruins or are situated in the quarters of the Muslims.
    We shall keep our gates wide open for passersby and travelers. We shall give board and lodging to all Muslims who pass our way for three days.
    We shall not give shelter in our churches or in our dwellings to any spy, nor bide him from the Muslims.
    We shall not teach the Qur’an to our children.
    We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it. We shall not prevent any of our kin from entering Islam if they wish it.
    We shall show respect toward the Muslims, and we shall rise from our seats when they wish to sit.
    We shall not seek to resemble the Muslims by imitating any of their garments, the qalansuwa, the turban, footwear, or the parting of the hair. We shall not speak as they do, nor shall we adopt their kunyas.
    We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our- persons.
    We shall not engrave Arabic inscriptions on our seals.
    We shall not sell fermented drinks.
    We shall clip the fronts of our heads.
    We shall always dress in the same way wherever we may be, and we shall bind the zunar round our waists
    We shall not display our crosses or our books in the roads or markets of the Muslims. We shall use only clappers in our churches very softly. We shall not raise our voices when following our dead. We shall not show lights on any of the roads of the Muslims or in their markets. We shall not bury our dead near the Muslims.
    We shall not take slaves who have beenallotted to Muslims.
    We shall not build houses overtopping the houses of the Muslims.
    Now we know why Muhammmmmmmadovie made the sword a component of his piracy.
    If Israel does not fight Gaza rockets will come, If Israel fights Gaza rockets will rain and the whole word goes berserk against Israel.
    Does the world know or care to know how Gaza gets its lethal weapons? Have they heard about hundreds of tunnels that are used by donkeys to carry weapons to the Lucifers and spawns of satan. No matter what Israel does, Israel is hated by the whole world. And no one dare support Israel even when Israelis are being slaughtered for no reason at all.

  4. While the Muslim invaders laugh at the gullibility of Western elites, those same Western elites are patting them on the head and saying, “There, there, you poor little Muslims, we’ll do everything we can to spare your delicate feelings from any insult.”

    Western multicultural solicitude has a big element of condescension disguised as respect. While Muslims are busy inflicting harm on us, our cultural betters tell themselves that Muslims do not have the capacity to harm them; or if they do harm, it can only ever be reactive. WE must have caused the action.

    For Christian leaders, there’s also the notion that turning the cheek to harm inflicted by Muslims is more spiritually noble than defending the flock from harm.

  5. To carry the analogy further, a spider or snake will inject venoms to disable their prey before eating.

    From a sociological perspective, the venom here is compassion, love, tolerance, diversity, and so on.

    Prejudice, intolerance, racism, xenophobia, hatred etc can be overdone, but they are first and foremost weapons for the defense of your identity groups. Your childish white liberal will dream of a world where nobody is armed prejudice, and thus everyone lives in peace and harmony. “If my race does it first, the rest will follow!”

    Wrong. In reality, the first person to drop their sword is the first to die. Do not cast your ethnocentrism away as useless relics, especially when no tribe, ethnic group, or race has put down theirs. I haven’t, and neither should Europeans.

    • “If my race does it first, the rest will follow!”

      This is the naive precept which has driven Western public policy towards other foreign ethnicities since the late 1970’s. I had someone in the early 1980’s tell me just that, though it was “we” rather than “my race”. My response was something like: the world isn’t like that, we’ll just get eaten alive.

      The fundamental and very conceited misconception is that being nice will engender niceness in return. It is conceited because it presupposes that everybody else thinks and sees the world like I do and if they don’t quite yet they will in time because my values and outlook are superior and will be naturally arrived at by all clever, decent, thinking people.

      A Swedish politician ( if ever there was a society of Eloi the Swedes are it) openly stated: we should be nice to the Muslim immigrants to Sweden so that when we’re in a minority in this country they’ll be nice to us.

      “In reality, the first person to drop their sword is the first to die.”

      This is the cold, hard, harsh rule of human existence that individuals and societies disregard at their peril. It’s not pleasant but it’s the all-pervading rule.

      “Do not cast your ethnocentrism away as useless relics, especially when no tribe, ethnic group, or race has put down theirs.”

      The Chinese and Japanese understand this and live by it. If the Japanese weren’t doomed by a birthrate below replacement level, they’d have a bright future. So the Chinese will now enter their era of global dominance. It is fascinating to watch Chinese foreign policy in action: China has no friends and doesn’t pretend to want them because there is no such thing in world realpolitik. The USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are friends because they have commonalities in language, culture, history and ethnicity – Otto von Bismarck predicted in the 1870’s that the future of international relations would be decisively influenced by the fact that the USA and the UK spoke the same language. China quite rightly only ever acts in its own self interest without ever letting any other nation influence let alone determine its policy.

      • If the Japanese weren’t doomed by a birthrate below replacement level, …

        Why is a fall in the birth-rate viewed as detrimental to a nation that is not being swamped by immigration would the reduced population not be leaner and meaner, a nation with 6 million can economically outcompete a nation of 150 million?

        • In a country like Japan, one which is xenophobic (that’s not an insult, just an observation about its cultural reluctance to accept people who are not ethnically Japanese), when the birth rate falls below the population replacement level, there is more death than life.

          Not enough young ones to care for the ageing.

          No one to take the place of the older generation in family formation.

          A nation without children, a young fertile cohort with an aversion to at least replace itself, is inherently…creepy. As noisy and demanding as babies are, their presence enlivens the environment. Their absence is eventually the silence of the grave.

          Those who wish that Gaia could get rid of people in order to avoid harming the environment – they love places like Japan. Row upon row of nice orderly cubicles in which reside the ashes of the departed. And then robots to burn the last cadaver and place it, in turn, in its little cubicle. Happy, happy Gaia – is there joy when no one is there to celebrate?

          And think of all the Japanese creativity and invention lost through the absence of new life.

          In this case, leaner isn’t meaner. It’s simply fragile and unsteady. It invents robots to take care of the elderly.

          • Agree, was being optimistic in that at least from a small indigenous base there would be a window of opportunity for the Japanese to repopulate.

            Whereas in the UK due to both birth decline and immigration the outcome for the indigenous population is at best dilution at worst extinction.

          • I have seen people argue that Japan’s declining population is a planned decline. The country imports vast amounts of food. Managing a population so that it can survive on what the country’s own land can produce is a sensible decision.

          • It’s not that the Japanese are Xenophobic, but to be Japanese one needs to be Japanese – not from some other place or gene stream that happens to live in the Japanese Islands.

          • Is there a less freighted word than “xenophobic” to describe a people who prefer their own culture and to reproduce with mates who share their ethnicity? The use of that word wasn’t meant to be pejorative. To fish from one’s own “gene stream” (a clever phrase) has become to be viewed as raaacist when it is merely preference and probably makes for stronger unions in the long run. Is the high divorce rate due at all to our casual cultural practice of exogamous marriages? Are the unwritten rules simply too much to overcome? Does the lack of cultural cohesion between a couple makes it easier for them to uncouple?

            In my first marriage, to an Irish Catholic (that was also my DNA and my religion) there was no need to explain things and customs were quite similar, if not identical. No need for elaborate explanations or negotiations for what is already bred in the bone. Had the man not ended up in a dark place, that union would have lasted and for the sake of our children, would have been far preferable than my happy marriage to the Baron. But that was the grown-ups’ needs, not those of the kids.

            This second marriage to a very American Protestant whose forbears on both sides had been here since the year dot, meant there were many cultural and religious barriers to understanding regarding the simplest things. We eventually managed to sail past those hidden rocks but it took a lot more work than the unwritten rules which prevailed the first time around. My first mate knew those rules even as he violated them.

            What *was* strange in Marriage One was moving from a place where Catholics lived in a small ghetto (I knew every single Catholic home on my way to school & the rest were Southern Baptist houses where strangers lived) and arriving in a large urban area where it was hard to find anyone who *wasn’t* Catholic. You *could* find Italians, though. And eventually I got to meet some Jews and Greeks and Armenians, which was a cultural shock.

            Take wedding receptions: you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all, right? Not so fast…imagine a wedding reception where the food is served FIRST and only then is the wine brought out. Those are Southern European weddings, including some of the Portuguese…(and we’ll leave the French enclave for another time).

            At an Irish reception, the men bellied up to the bar for a right good while before the food was served – and none of that sissy wine, either. Once the food arrived the bar was closed until after the bride and groom had been toasted and the father of the bride danced with his daughter. The band playing was the signal for the bar to open and the crowd segregated again: the women danced with one another on the dance floor while outside the men danced around one another trying to land the first punch. At Irish weddings there were often added expenses: for glass breakage and for blood stains on the men’s rented formal wear.

            My first Jewish wedding was a revelation. I wanted to convert.

          • As per Fjordman : “When it comes to stagnating populations and Muslim immigration, the problems are not nearly as damaging as the cure.”

  6. Excellent piece, I don’t have much to add. I particularly enjoyed the mention of the Eloi.

    I’m avoiding the remainder of Ramadan here in Scandanavia, and I find the folks here a bit Eloi-like.

    Meanwhile, back in the part of the house of “peace” that I happen to work in they’re publishing articles whining about why they are unable to work more than 3 hours a day or maintain normal productivity levels during this most festive time of year.

    Truly, the mind boggles….

    • There is a better metaphhor than the one used by Cherson and Molschky (funny moniker, like a vaudeville act, a relief from the grim content). There is a parasitoid wasp whose chosen victim is invariably not a beetle but a spider. Wiki has a refernece to this, ahm, symbiosis . Here is the description:

      “The adult female wasp temporarily paralyzes the spider and lays an egg on its abdomen. The egg hatches into a larva which sucks the spider’s blood through small holes, while the spider goes on about its normal web building and insect catching behavior for the next one to two weeks. When the larva is ready to pupate, it injects a chemical into the spider, causing it to build a web whose design is completely different from any it has ever made, and then to sit motionless in the middle of this web. Even if the larva is removed prior to the web-building process, the spider still engages in aberrant web-spinning.[3][4] The wasp larva then molts, kills the spider with a poison and sucks its body dry before discarding it and building a cocoon that hangs from the middle of the web the spider has just built. The larva pupates inside the cocoon, then emerges to mate and begin the cycle over again.”

      I’t not just a regular eater–passive eaten relationship, like what C & M describe. The wasp and its larva alter the “brain” of the prey spider so that the spider goes merrily about its business and even spins a cobweb uniquely suited to the larva’s needs while staying contendedly put and being eaten alive until the final moment comes.

      Now, that is a metaphor on which to base analogies to the Islam-Socialism/Progressivism symbiosis! I’ve wanted to use it for years in some piece for GoV, but always refrained in order not to give more ammunition to the ruling useful idiots and their Breivik-is-Fjordman-is-GoV-is-bigoted-hate spiel that, unfortunately, has consequences for exposed entities like us without friends and protectors in high places.

      • That is fascinating. I’ve just been studying our Nellies – the name we chose for the large garden spiders who build elaborate webs in which to trap the pesky insects who feed on our flowers…haven’t seen any this year, due perhaps to the severe lack of rain. Even the tunnel spider population is down.

        The brain-change in the unsuspecting spider you describe, who goes on to build a special web to house the wasp’s cocoon surely has parallels in human culture? One hesitates to name the human game, though.

        Oh,btw, you forgot to include “racism” in your line of the spectrum beginning with Breivik and ending in GoV. In your list I’d have used ‘equal’ signs, as everyone knows that within our extremerightwing cabal we are the Interchangeable Entities of Evil. IEE?? Hex signs?

  7. Analogies are just fine. This reality we are stuck in is not. It seems as though the momentum might have gone too far already to avoid a cataclysm.

  8. What is most disturbing is not the validity of the analogy but the fact that nothing is being done about it. It’s like the beetle has been told but decides that they don’t like the message.

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