Madrid, Here We Come!

The new Caliphate, a.k.a. the Islamic State, has big plans for the future. After they finish wiping out the mushrikun and murtadeen in the Middle East and North Africa, it will be time to reclaim al-Andalus for the Ummah.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

Madrid Shall Fall in 2020

Islamists of the terror organization ISIS give notice of their expansion into Europe

by Wolfgang Kaufmann July 22, 2014

“Oh Muslims, hasten to gather around your caliph, so you may become again what you were for years — kings of the world and knights of war.” With these words, Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, Speaker of the Sunni-Salafist Organization “Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS), ended his 34-minute address at the beginning of Ramadan, in which he apprised the world of the foundation of a new caliphate.

On the same day, supporters of Caliph Ibrahim, alias Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, propagated a map via Twitter, showing the caliphate, whose territory comprehends the north and east of Syria and half of Iraq, and is expected to expand in the future like the historic caliphate of the 7th century, to include the Near and Middle East, North Africa, and then Spain, Portugal, Austria, southeast Europe, the Caucasus, central Asia and the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. And there was timeline for the planned annexations, in which, for instance, the fall of Madrid is announced for the year 2020.

Proof that this kind of statement does not result from the euphoria of a number of overzealous proponents, but accurately represents the intentions of the IS leadership, is in a personal appeal by the caliph — carried, among others, by “The Telegraph” — in which there is a further, especially symbolic goal of conquest: “Hasten to your new state, Muslims…That is my advice to you. If you follow it, you will conquer Rome and become masters of the world, by Allah’s will.”

Many commentators thoughtlessly assess this as mere swagger in the style of Osama bin Laden. But the IS is not al-Qaida. In contrast to that terror network — active worldwide, but splintered — it has a solid territorial base of circa 300,000 square kilometers, with prosperous metropolises and profitable oil fields. Therefore, IS can already finance its military campaigns with no problems. Estimates of the British secret service are that it has by now accumulated $2.4 million.

Furthermore, the resurrected caliphate, which quite explicitly intends to follow the tradition of the direct descendants of Mohammed and envisages the renewal of its empire, has a clear strategic concept that is far more attractive than that of al-Qaida, and has already mobilized Muslims from 70 countries.

In the third place, although IS is assessed as at most 25,000 men at this time, it must be taken seriously as a military power. It possesses captured US helicopters and tanks, howitzers and at least one SCUD with a range of up to 700 kilometers. Available weaponry, according to the “Los Angeles Times,” is sufficient to arm about 200,000 holy warriors. Not to be ignored is the death wish of religiously fired jihadists. That is how 800 IS attackers took Mosul from 30,000 government troops, after which their officers lamented: “We are fighting devils, not normal human beings.”

And now, in recent weeks, the IS has begun to take control of the dams along the Euphrates, which offers manifold opportunities for sabotage and extortion.

This is something coming to the region, but also to the rest of the world. which represents a completely new form of Islamist threat.

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    • “If the Caliphate attacks a NATO country – any NATO country – we can go in and crush them.”

      There is no need to attack. They can just move to any NATO country and demand asylum with free housing, medical care and money for living. That’s it. Granted!

    • They don’t attack one NATO country, they are attacking all NATO countries from within. But for NATO countries that’s not an attack — for NATO that’s an honor and a proof that shows democracy at work. Forget about rape, burning poppies, defacing monuments, attacking Jews and synagogues, burning cars, hating host countries.

      NATO countries thank muslims day and night, for choosing their countries which politicians say, they are excellent countries that’s why muslim Ummah choose these jihadi-nurturing welfare states. And our politicians don’t even know what we are talking about or they would stop importing invaders. For the LIARS they are not invaders. And we have no means to force our “elected” LIARS to halt importing them. They tell us we need more. And we quickly go back to sleep. Are we not lucky to have democracy to be free to elect the most daring LIARS.

  1. The major problem for all Western nations now is the presence of a large (unquantifiable) Islamist fifth column in their midst. These are doubtless made up of thousands of waiters from your local balti house (in Britain) restaurant, taxi drivers, benefit claimants and students (read about FOSIS in Britain’s universities) and they are only waiting for the word to take up arms.
    These will be smuggled in from places like Iraq, or purchased or stolen from other sources. When the forces of IS are large enough and they have confidence the call to arms for these fifth columns will be made. We know now from the likes of scum such as Anjem Choudry (Britain) and his ilk across Europe that they seek a sharia future for us. It is less a matter now of ‘if” and more a matter of ‘when?’

    • We must not forget the countless numbers in strategic locations within the British NHS and similar organisations within the Western nations. A nightmare scenario indeed.

  2. “In the third place, although IS is assessed as at most 25,000 men at this time, it must be taken seriously as a military power. It possesses captured US helicopters and tanks, howitzers and at least one SCUD with a range of up to 700 kilometers. ”

    IS will soon possess 5000 Hellfire missiles, too. U.S. State Department agreed to sell Iraq five thousand Hellfire missiles to help it in the war against Jihadists. Due to weakness of Iraq’s Armed Forces, the missiles are to fall into the hands of IS.

  3. That’s always their reason for failure. When they get crushed, it was not allah’s will. And I wish Gates of Vienna would quit capitalizing allah automatically. If I used lower case I wanted it that way. I’m not Obama.

  4. I was called an “emotive hysterical idiot” by a UKIP candidate for my area- Egham Surrey when I predicted all this 10 years ago. Mr Browne has not offered even a small apology for his behaviour towards myself. Mr Browne will not be getting my vote anytime soon….

    So in his “book” writing and exposing a vile future left to our children and theirs makes that person an “emotive hysterical idiot”….UKIP are also unwilling to confront Islam after 3,000,0000 voted for them in London and other cities in UK.

    Others regard me as “mad” for the same reasons- exposing Islam for what it is. A nasty political tyrannical ideology of a false godlet with big ideas above its lowly station. These idiots need to face fact not voting potential.

  5. The Ummah has attacked NATO nations and will continue to do so with little or no repercussions.

    Or have we already forgotten 9/11 7-7-7 or the Train bombings in Spain? The list could go on and on, the riots in France, rapes in Norway, assassination of Van Gogh .

  6. Europe is run by a bunch of whimpering, selfish, cowardly worthless pussies. And that makes this threat even more severe and extremely dangerous. Why are the oil fields not lit on fire to block them from profiting from it? Why were the weapons supplies not droned when it was clear they were heading to take over all military arsenals?
    This issue has to be dealt with NOW – not when it’s too late. Muslims need to be deported, mosques banned, Koran banned, trade between Arab countries put under sanctions, and ALL – and I mean ALL – weapons trade and aid with the Muslims to end fully and completely.

  7. I am no admirer of the Soviet Union. That got out of the way, there’s something to be said for the Soviet approach to thinking about war.

    The old Soviet phrase “objective correlation of forces” comes to mind. There is just no way at all that ISIS is going to conquer Spain by 2020. Or any other date that any of us will live to see.

    • None the less personal attacks on non Muslims will increase day on day,attacks on emergency services will increase day on day,police and emergency services will be increasingly Islamised to “compensate” and the result will be a military solution.

      We have to ensure that the military is not Islamised and engage it sooner rather than later.

      A threat to your life,is a threat to your life.

    • Where I live, IS is about 200 miles away and moving towards us, Jordan is next, expect to see mass defections of Jordanian Palestinians to IS. Then Saudi….

      Israel will then be faced with a million man well armed army….

      Read Psalm 83 for the rest….

  8. There is a typo:

    “Therefore, IS can already finance its military campaigns with no problems. Estimates of the British secret service are that it has by now accumulated $2.4 million.”

    The German article says $2.4 BILLION.

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