“Jews to the Gas!”

JLH has translated an opinion piece from the Austrian media about the pro-Palestinian anti-Semitic wave currently sweeping across Europe. The translator includes this note:

Die Presse always did have the class writers. But in this age of fawning on the authorities, it is bracing to encounter a journalist of the old school who does not hesitate to tell it like it is.

I suspect Christian Ortner believed in the principles of the EU as they were originally presented and resents the distortions they have undergone. As they say, a cynic is an idealist who has been mugged by reality. His irony is vicious, and well-deserved. Vienna continues its tradition of brilliant, against-the-grain writers.

The translated op-ed from Die Presse:

That Could Have Almost Become a “European Kristallnacht”

Anti-Semitic mobs are venting their rage in Europe’s big cities, and that is less of a concern for so-called Peace Project Europe than the light bulb question.

by Christian Ortner

The few, old denture-clacking Nazis still alive must have experienced a kind of spiritual revival of the Nuremberg Rallies* in recent days, when they rolled up to the TV in their wheelchairs to watch the news. Because there, in the great cities of Europe — Berlin, Paris and London — anti-Semitic mobs were moving through the streets as if it were 1938, attacking local Jews and Israeli tourists, trying to destroy synagogues and going after Jewish businesses. “Jew, Jew, cowardly swine/Come on out fight alone!” the thugs chanted, under the eyes of German police who not only made no move against them. but even loaned the rioters a megaphone, and immediately an Islamic Berlin hate preacher segued into calling for Jews to be killed: “Jews to the gas!” In Salzburg’s Bischofshofen, anti-Semitic hooligans actually attacked Israeli soccer players. The fact that in recent months 700 French Jews have emigrated to the rocket-plagued south of Israel testifies just how protected Jews feel in Europe in the early 21st century. It is highly probable that, without massive police presence, there would have been burning synagogues, smashed windows in Jewish businesses and a few lynched Jews in the EU last week. That week, Europe was not very far from an EU-wide Nazi pogrom night 2.0 — a kind of domestic market for anti-Semitism, so to speak.

One or the other of the surviving NS veterans, in a transport of joy, must have thought: “Oh, that I have been privileged to see this!”

The reactions of full-time wreath-layers and other tourists at the Wailing Wall to the activities of this mob in European cities were instructive. The proponents of the “European Peace Project” in Brussels — ordinarily concerned about every light bulb on the territory of the EU — witnessed the milieu-appropriate expressions of displeasure by the anti-Semitic rabble without turning a hair. This is surprising, on the one hand, because setting fire to a synagogue creates even more climate-damaging carbon dioxide than a forbidden light bulb. On the other hand, it is understandable, since Professional Europeans are presently fully and competitively occupied in insinuating themselves into the highly remunerated top jobs in Brussels, so they won’t just be hanging around the Côte on vacation (as they presently are), where a person — even a Jew — is safe, at least if you can afford a room in the Eden Roc in Antibes. And because “Peace Project Europe” is a recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, the thus honored EU grandees need not worry too much about the Jews of Europe being left in peace. You can’t worry about everything. Worrying about the EU as a reformatory for its inmates is enough.

In Austria too, which can look back on a certain tradition in things having to do with “The Night of Broken Glass,” reactions are contained within certain understandable boundaries. Mr. Federal President was doubtless still under the spell of the merry jokes told by his guest in Vienna, Vladimir Putin, shortly before the shooting down of the Malaysian flight over Ukraine, and furthermore, had to prepare for a state visit to Iran where homosexuals are hanging from cranes, day in and day out. Someone who finds the time to drum and dance for the cameras at the opening of a festival cannot be bothered with the differences of opinion between Jews and anti-Semites somewhere in Europe. Besides, he’s out of the country.

By the way, we cannot avoid a word of reproach for Europe’s Jews. The fact that there was not one dead Jew after all the riots is just a provocation for the mob to keep on keeping on. As always, the Jews themselves are at fault.

* Annual Nazi party rallies

21 thoughts on ““Jews to the Gas!”

  1. Most Europeans would not recognise a Nazi even if he/she were standing before them in full SS uniform complete with hunting whip. The visual idea of a Nazi is now a caricature, as is his political profile, however the real ‘Nazi’ is a member of the Democrat/Labour/Liberal left party but believes in the joint memes of aggressive socialism and that the ‘ends justify the means’. What is more difficult to place is the ‘racism’ of 1930’s & 1940’s nazism, that racism has morphed into an anti-white, anti-western paternalism that pretends to ‘nurture’ ‘inferior’ races (but manages to keep them firmly in their place as political pawns and tools). But the current Gaza conflict has brought the cockroaches out into the open; the Jew hatred is more difficult to disguise.

  2. Those of us in the right demographic who adapt the correctl levels of invisibility in order to navigate the islam rat infested waters of Euro Kristianity to the exit door may yet live to observe from a safe distance what’s left being devoured. What a Itoldyousofest that will be.

    • What distance will you have to travel to be safe enough to say ‘ITOLDYOUSO’ ? Where will there be a space that is safe enough to raise a voice and say such things? Every state in Europe is infected, America, Canada, Australia even now is infected!!
      I am of an age where I can only feel disgust at the mass anti-Semitism on the streets of European cities again, having being taught where it led in the 1930s, to pogroms, death camps, and World War 2. The ‘right’ today are in fact the ‘left’ deluded and desperate to appease the Islamists we have allowed into our countries.
      The same Islamists who are today baying for Jewish blood and the end of Israel are linked to those (Anjem Choudry et al) who see a sharia future for Europe and America and Australia. I may not be around to enjoy the luxury of saying ITOLDYOUSO but I cannot help wonder where anyone younger will be free to utter it either.

  3. Again, it seems:
    “The lights are going out all over Europe”–again–but, will there be a ‘United States’ either to help or simply act as a place of refuge?
    This behavior shows a terrible ‘rottenness’ in a modern Europe that seems to have lost its soul. It is NOT just Arab $$$$ funding it all, but something worse.
    Much worse.

  4. However, unlike the 1930’s, this time there is a state for Jews to safely flee to. The correct solution for Europe’s at risk Jews is to make the move to Israel, and settle on the West Bank and Gaza. The more the anti-Semites attack, the more land is taken by the Jews to live in safety.

    Failing all this, the Jews will eventually be forced into the Samson option: massive nuclear strikes on the entire ME, basically eliminating the region around the Med as a viable place to live. Mecca will be off-limits for 1000 years, and Allah won’t be showing up to do what the book says he will. Ergo Islam finished. That’s what it is now going to take sadly, for the anti-Semites are on the genocide path again, and this will not stop short of a Third World War to settle the issue.

    • The anti-Semites have never really stopped, they have just been ‘in remission’ now they have secondaries and those are taking over, but this time the surgeon is drunk; He has indulged in the strong wine of the political payoff, and is willingly ignorant (as Peter put it).

      Harry Reid has linked the replenishment of Iron Dome missiles to amnesty for illegal aliens, does it get any slimier? Who will rid us of this repulsive political reptile? can the state of Nevada recall him?

      • As I understand it, Harry Reid is wholly owned by the crime syndicates that control the casinos in Las Vegas. He can’t be recalled by anyone but them.

      • No I don’t agree. The anti-Semites (anti-Jews really because the ‘Palistinians’ are Semites, aren’t they?) of yesterday aren’t the anti-Semites of today. Now it’s the ‘right’ that supports Israel, yesterday it was the ‘left’.

  5. Why isn’t the Obama Government offering Jews in Europe and Britain Sanctuary in America? Why isn’t the Republican Party advocating Sanctuary in America for European and British Jews ? Why aren’t Jewish organizations in America advocating Sanctuary in America for European and British Jews?

    Why aren’t the aforementioned offering or advocating Sanctuary in America for at least those European and British Jews who can prove or give good reason to believe they are or lean to Democrats?

    Who doesn’t the World see in the European and British Pogroms a solution as emigration to Israel for their Jewish citizens?

    Give you two guesses.

    • obummer administration will NOT allow Christians from the Middle East to come here as refugees so you expect he would offer refuge to any Jew? He hates both groups.

  6. What disturbs me about Mr Ortner’s article is the centrality he accords in recounting recent pogrom-like behaviour in Europe to the mindset “Nazis” and “Nuremberg rallies”. It is 2014: the youngest Nazi party supporting adult who could have participated in the Nuremberg rallies would be in their mid 90’s! The threat to European Jewry does not come from such “Nazis” or a handful of ignorant shaven-headed, tattooed, troglodytic youth who embrace Nazi memorabilia and hasn’t for many decades. The real source of the threat has been made abundantly clear in recent weeks: Islamic immigrants.

    Perhaps Mr Ortner, caught in a memory-of-WW2 time warp, doesn’t appreciate that it is the relentless misplaced focus on real or imagined “Fascists” for the last 70 odd years that has given the European Left the vast cultural and political clout it has today. And spawned and legitimised the activities of deeply ugly, violent and undemocratic organisations such as Antifas and SOSracism.

  7. MC in Sderot, I hope you are still safe. I stand for Israel and I always will.

    • I am still safe, if a bit stressed out……
      It is a bit like the descriptions of the Western Front in WW1, the guns boom cotinuously, the missiles come in, Iron Dome wooshes to the rescue, but the big danger is infiltration, we are unarmed, a soft target.

      At all costs hold on to your guns!

  8. PS Harry Reid is a [man whose personal qualities I find disgusting]. I don’t know why he is still in office.

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