Iron Dome in Action

Our Israeli correspondent MC sends this photo of Iron Dome intercepting a missile from Gaza over his house in Sderot at about 4:30 pm today, Israeli time.

Update: MC adds this note:

Iron Dome appears to bracket the incoming missile and then there were three distinct explosions, I don’t think it is an ‘expanding loop’ type, it seems more like two ‘focussed’ percussions which set off the warhead of the incoming missile, The right-hand trail seems to have made a sharp turn in towards the centre track which I assume is the incoming.

Iron Dome seems to be taking down the bigger, heavier Grads and Katyushas as well as the Iranian missiles. It has proven to be very effective and we may well owe our lives to it. So far it has certainly rendered Hamas impotent — they have nothing to hit us with, the combination of the effective air raid warnings, bomb shelters and Iron Dome has stopped any fatalities as yet.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

3 thoughts on “Iron Dome in Action

  1. ” bomb shelters and Iron Dome has stopped any fatalities as yet”
    Jews have suffered long and more than enough. Their suffering and pain have made them think deeply of how to treat their deadly enemies. When you suffer you become a deep thinker and will leave superficiality and naivete behind. The British and the Scandinavian have to suffer to become humans again and leave their childish thinking.
    Great Jehova put Israeli’s enemies under their feet. The hate, detestation, odium emanating from the frowned loured dirty faces from the circle around them is disproportionate. It need a disproportionate action to dispel it.

  2. The media seem to take Israel’s Iron Dome success as an excuse to ignore what the Islamic forces surrounding Israel are doing – there are no fatalities, therefore it’s not happening, or at least they don’t have to factor it into any reports in a meaningful way. The moral aspect – that Islamic forces are deliberately and systematically targeting civilians – is no longer part of the official narrative. Iron Dome is a success – how convenient!

    • Just seen the report on the BBC World Service on the latest situation in Gaza and frankly, I want to throw up. I keep the World Service on all day and all evening as a back drop just in case any thing important happens.

      Yesterday, they interviewed one of Netanyahu’s aides and gave him a severe grilling about why the Israelis were provoking those poor palestinians into launching rockets against them. The man stood his ground while constantly being interrupted by the interviewer who sounded like a stooge for Iranian-backed Press TV.

      Today, we had two palestinian talking heads who were allowed to babble uncontrollably and spew out the usual Jew hating propanganda stating that Hamas had a right to retaliate against Israeli aggression and that the rockets would stop when the air raids ceased. They did not explain why Hamas were firing rockets in the first place nor were they asked to.

      Apparently, the problem is all about the “Israeli occupation” and the BBC did not challenge this. They also appeared to be displeased that no Israelis had yet been killed.

      It is long past the time for the BBC to be broken up and sold off. As for Gaza, the Israelis must do what is necessary and I support them unreservedly.

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