Good Riddance!

Geert Wilders and other Dutch politicians are opposed to any efforts to keep “Dutch” mujahideen from traveling to Syria and Iraq to wage jihad. They’d be glad to see them go — provided that the Dutch government never, ever permits them to return to the Netherlands.

Many thanks to JLH for translating this piece from Politically Incorrect:

Geert Wilders: How We Can Help Our “Migrant Holy Warriors” and Ourselves as Well

Whether they are Hamas, Fatah, Al Qaida, Boko Haram. ISIS, Hizb ut-Tahir, Salafists or other, they are all part of the Islamic ummah, just as the Islamic organizations in Europe belong to the ummah. With every terror attack and death, the jihad activists confirm what they told us in the devastating attacks in Madrid in 2004: “You love life; we love death.” And the local representatives of Islam, in their mosques sponsored and ratified by dhimmi politicians, clergy and media, have not denied that, and they do not demonstrate against Islamic terror. They can’t — it is in accordance with the Koran. So how would it be possible to find agreement with these “wandering holy warriors,” or even find some way of mutually helping each other?

(by Alster)

Almost all the countries or Europe are discussing how to deal with the danger from radicalized Muslims returning from Syria and Iraq. At the same time, according to the chief of state security with the Braunschweig criminal police, Klaus Buhlmann, thirty persons from the region of Braunschweig/Wolfsburg alone are sitting, waiting on packed luggage.

How many are there altogether in Europe? 400 to 500 fighters from Great Britain alone have been taken on by ISIS. Germany shares the problem with other European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain and Ireland, Belgium, France, Spain and the Netherlands.

Now, a video from Aleppo, Syria has turned up in Holland, in which a couple of jihadists from the Netherlands offer a solution. They say it would be better to make it possible for those eager for war to go to jihad. Take their passports from them, as they themselves wish it: “Oh Aqsa, we are on our way! The monotheistic revolution has begun!”

In the video, Netherlands politicians are reacting positively. They are glad to take the passports. Geert Wilders welcomes the message, expanding the advice: “What we must do, for example, is not to prevent people from going to Syria. I would say, the more who go, the better. Best of all, they should take their families and friends along and make sure that they too never return to the Netherlands.”

The jihadists’ message to the Netherlands government is: “If you are so happy to be rid of Netherlands jihadists and radical youth, why try to stop them? Many of these young people have tried to travel to Turkey and are sent back again and again because the Netherlands government has given their names to Turkey. And you complain when they come back to the Netherlands. All these young people want to give up their Netherlands citizenship. They are ready to give up their Netherlands passport and nationality, if they can leave. Talk with them and the problems will disappear in a few days.”

It is wonderful when everyone’s interests coincide. Even our luggage-toting youngsters and the relevant politicians may take that to heart. It could still be ten to twenty years before the EU caliphate is declared. So, for now, off to the caliphate in Iraq!

The activities of recent researchers who want to investigate why young people in the West want to serve Allah, and what counter-measures can be deduced from that, would become superfluous. Maybe the London-based “International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence” (ICSR) could take up the study of the Koran, and visit mosques with a candid camera.

6 thoughts on “Good Riddance!

  1. Willders is right – as ever. Take away the Jihadists passports. Most of them will still retain their Moroccan or Pakistani passports anyway. Ship them off to Syria and hope to goodness they all get killed. Problem solved – at least for the time being.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with Geert Wilders. Only yesterday I posted this comment on the same topic at Breitbart London.

    “I would like to take this opportunity to encourage all the Muslims in Britain and other Western countries to go and fight for ISIS.

    Go there and don’t come back.”

    It was obviously very popular as it currently has 45 upvotes, the highest of any comment on that particular blog.

  3. I would like to see a government jihadist recruitment programme – the government will pay for and organise passage to Syria/Iraq, on the proviso you give up your British citizenship upon leaving, and you will never be allowed back into the country under any circumstances. They intend to die as martyrs, anyway, so what’s not to like?

  4. I think we should take a lesson from ISIL in Mosul last weekend. They gave the Christians a choice of death/conversion/leaving and I am not for killing (unless I am attacked) but choices 2 and 3 could be considered, and as a start we could declare Islam ‘haram’, that would raise a laugh or two!!
    Realistically, I think it will take a couple of massive terror attacks by returning low life jihadists that cause mass casualties among civilians. At a certain point we Anglo-Celtic ‘indigenous’ (dare we use the word these days) population might just be roused from the torpor imposed by multiculti enough to show them the way to the airport, on foot or feet first. With fifty-seven wonderful Islamic paradise states to choose from how could they resist?

  5. Let the inbred mutants go, and find them persona non grata , subject to no return. Just think of the savings to the government.

  6. Send their whole family/tribe/clan with them, one way. Apply the tautology that there is no moderate Islam because there is no radical Islam. They all must go.

    I love to see this: “Best of all, they should take their families and friends along and make sure that they too never return to the Netherlands.”

    To be Muslim is to not be a citizen of any free Western nation, it is a wholly voluntary choice.

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