From Lakemba to Gaza

Muslims in Lakemba, a southwestern suburb of Sydney, gathered together recently for a march in support of Gaza. The event was sponsored by Hizb ut-Tahrir, so it’s no surprise to see all the black flags of jihad. But listen to the chants — it’s not the usual “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud” stuff.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for adding subtitles and uploading this video:

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  1. The UN is only useful when it rules in favorable terms for these animals. The fact that the UN declared Israel a state is something to be disregarded.
    If the west used the same tactics as the Muslim populations do they would machine gun down these people and, they wouldn’t have to do it too many times…

    • >”The fact that the UN declared Israel a state is something to be disregarded.”

      Trying desperately to get the votes in the General Assembly for Israel to become recognized as a state, the Israeli leaders turned to Nelson Rockefeller, whose contacts in the fascist thugocracies of Latin America were invaluable at that moment.

      The Israelis knew a great deal about the assistance the Rockefeller family had provided to the Nazis before and during WWII. They had documentation to use as leverage.

      They cut a deal with Rockefeller that he would give them the Latin American votes they needed for independence. In return, they would keep his Nazi connections secret, including not revealing the existence of the Nazi war criminals that had been brought to America as part of its failed effort to use Nazis against the Soviets in the early Cold War.*

      The Israelis were also forced to agree not to pursue prosecutions against them, or against the Nazis who had fled to Argentina, Paraguay, or elsewhere in the world.** So virtually all of the killers walked, thanks to Nelson Rockefeller’s solicitousness towards them.

      See The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People, by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, pp. 163-171.

      “You can have vengeance, or you can have a country, but you cannot have both.” -Nelson Rockefeller to Zionist representatives in 1948, quoted in Loftus and Aarons, op. cit., p. 169.

      *The Cold War operations all failed, not only because of the inherent immorality of pardoning and employing war criminals, but because the US intelligence services made us of their British liaison officer to help select the Nazi personnel to be recruited for the program.

      The British liaison at the time was none other than H. A. R. “Kim” Philby, the notorious “Third Man” Communist mole in the British government, who later fled to Moscow to escape prosecution for his many treasons in the cause of Communism.

      Thus, many of the Nazis who reached asylum on our shores were the very Communist moles with which Stalin’s intelligence and foreign influence agencies had peppered the German government and armed forces.

      Lesson: When you play with matches, you might get burned.

      **Apart from Latin America, as is well known, many German war criminals found refuge in the Middle East, helping the Mohammedans plan their various wars against Israel. They also wound up in many Western nations, including, as mentioned here, the United States.

      Pres. Jimmy Carter, in one of his extremely rare felicitous acts in shaping national policy, appointed John Loftus as an investigator to ferret out the Nazis who were still hiding in the US as of the 1970s.

      • I just discovered John Loftus last year. Here’s the Amazon version:

        The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People

        Though the book was written in 1997, it’s still getting reviews. I always recommend the Reviews of books on their pages, and especially the Comments that other readers append to those reviews, arguing against or affirming the reviewer’s point of view.

        With Diana’s book, the melee is fascinating. Over two hundred three/four/five starred reviews and about the same old 20 one-stars.

        Often if you can’t afford a book, just go to the Amazon page and spend a while reading the summations. Better than reading magazine reviews…underscores the notion of distributed information/wisdom.

        Loftus’ book is available used for a nominal sum, plus unfortunately, postage.

        Please click thru to my link…it helps our Amazon sales. As yet I’ve not done anything about talking to them re having their little doo-hickey on our home page.

        • Here’s a review of the book you might be interested in, concerning the attack on the US Liberty:

          “One of the first lessons learned by people directly involved in a major media event is that reporters, writers and some who call themselves investigative journalists are often seriously wrong if not irresponsible in what they write. Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty is such an event. Much incredible nonsense has been written about Israel’s 1967 attack on the American intelligence ship USS Liberty, and The Secret War Against the Jews is a striking example.”

          The author of the review was James Ennes, an officer on the bridge of the USS Liberty when the ship was attacked. He is the author of “Assault on the Liberty”

          The point is, I would be careful in basing my beliefs on one book, without checking out the veracity of the claims.

          • >”The point is, I would be careful in basing my beliefs on one book, without checking out the veracity of the claims.”

            I have no idea what makes you blithely assume that I based my beliefs on “one book”, or that I did not consider the veracity of this one’s claims.

            I’ve read many books on intelligence, covert operations, naval warfare, command at sea, Middle Eastern history, Jewish history, Islam, the Arab-Israeli wars, Communism, Soviet history, the Cold War, and much else besides, including several works that touch directly upon the Liberty incident.

            I appreciated Assault on the Liberty immensely, having read it years before ever hearing of The Secret War Against the Jews. I have a great deal of respect for LCDR Ennes in his capacities as a naval officer and as a writer.

            One of the main reasons I purchased The Secret War Against the Jews, was its claim to answer the question of why the assault on the Liberty occurred. This was a mystery that had bothered me ever since learning of the incident, and especially since reading LCDR Ennes’ vivid account of it.

            I first read the Ennes book review you linked to years ago, soon after reading the Loftus/Aarons book itself.

            I reject many of the claims in the piece. I mean no disrespect to LCDR Ennes, or to his integrity, in stating this.

            He had been assigned as a naval officer to an spy ship sent into a war zone on a highly classified mission. The mission had an unanticipated — actually, unprecedented, — outcome that was highly embarrassing to the White House, the State Department, the NSA, and the Navy, not to mention to the Israeli government, and its armed services. This outcome created an appearance of weakness on the part of the US that directly led to acts of Communist aggression such as those against the Pueblo and the Mayaguez, which in turn led to the virtual abandonment of our spy ship program.

            Given this history, an officer who had been involved in the original incident could come under intense pressure, even in retirement, from the American government, to deny and to “spin” any countervailing account that pins ultimate blame for the attack on that government.

            Also, the officers, sailors, and Marines of that vessel certainly felt betrayed by Israel, especially in the absence of any apology adequate to the situation, which Israel could not give without blowing its own cover story that the incident was a result of mistaken identification.

            There is certainly an esprit de corps among members of the ship’s complement that would preclude any one of them from wanting to take the pressure off Israel.

            James Ennes was a naval officer on the bridge that day who witnessed the attack first-hand. Neither John Loftus nor Mark Aarons (nor I) were there. Certainly he may have details correct where they do not.

            But ultimately their account of the “why” of the attack is more convincing, because theirs is the only viable explanation of the Israeli motivation in taking such a grave step. Assaulting the Liberty was a decision that literally placed Israel’s survival, and the survival of the Jewish people, at stake. It could not have been taken by any Israeli government unless that government, under the pressures of wartime conditions, believed that the American signals intelligence effort off its coast represented the greater threat.

            But just as LCDR Ennes has greater first-hand knowledge of the tactical details of the attack, Loftus and Aarons have experience in researching rogue operators in the Western intelligence services, the undue influence of hostile foreign powers on Western governments, collaborations of dubious legality between the British and American intelligence services, etc.

            This ugly incident will turn out, when sufficient daylight is finally shone on it from enough angles, to have been the work of Communist agents in the American, and possibly Israeli, governments, or of some other actors analogous to the “invisible man” currently bedeviling Diana West and her supporters.

      • In the first paragraph of the first footnote,

        “the US intelligence services made us of their British liaison officer”

        should read

        “the US intelligence services made use of their British liaison officer”

  2. What is so depressing about these scenes is that up until mid 1975 Australia had a Muslim population of only 22,000. By 2011 it was officially 490,000 and doubling every ten years. One politician Malcolm Fraser, leader of the Liberal (Conservative) Party opened the floodgates when he came to power at the end of 1975.

    Lakemba is the heartland of Sydney’s Sunni Arab community and 50% of Muslims migrate to Sydney.

    Up until 1975 immigration from Lebanon was governed by the one for one rule: one qualified Muslim permitted for every qualified Christian permitted. With the advent of the Lebanese Civil War applications to immigrate to Australia surged. Fraser had noted that whereas Greek and Italian immigrants overwhelmingly supported the Labor Party, immigrants from Vietnam overwhelmingly supported his more right wing party. Applying atrocious logic Fraser assumed those caught up in the Lebanese Civil War would vote as people escaping the Communist regime voted.

    The would be immigrants from Lebanon did not qualify under the normal immigration rules nor did they qualify as refugees so Fraser not only abolished the one for one rule but also, disastrously, the qualifications regime. The ratio soon went from one to one to nine to one.

    Lebanese Christian leaders implored him to maintain the old rules, raising the spectre of importing to Oz the very problems of sectarian strife Lebanon had with its Muslim population. Their position was: you are creating a demographic problem you cannot imagine the consequences of. Fraser, a patrician grazier, dismissed these concerns as petty rivalries.

    The Immigration Department set up processing centres in Cyprus to deal with the often undocumented applicants. No background checks were done, so it naturally attracted criminals and local Palestinian refugees. Immigration officers began reporting concerns about the dubious character of applicants and repeatedly and insistently urged a tightening of then cessation of the program. Many resigned in protest. Eventually by 1977 the Director-General of Immigration gave the Prime Minister an ultimatum: stop the Lebanon program or I resign. He was replaced with a more pliable chief.

    The various factions in the Lebanese Civil War each controlled their own ports and there were no customs controls. The war was largely funded by the export of hashish and heroin. From 1975 onwards hashish made its way to Australia for the first time and the small Chinese-controlled heroin industry was dwarfed by the new Middle Eastern heroin exports.

    The civil war ended in 1983 and the old immigration qualifications reinstated, but not the one for one rule. The “Family Reunion” system however meant the Lebanese Muslim population burgeoned. I encountered one woman, on a widow’s pension and living in public housing (she complained that her neighbour had a dog!), whose brother immigrated in 1980 then progressively brought his mother and six siblings out. Each then brought a spouse out from Lebanon. All live in public housing with their many children and none are properly employed. They do manage to afford to travel to Lebanon regularly. After 9/11 the mother and three of the sisters/sisters in law donned the veil.

    Many in their community take their easily, and often fraudulently, obtained Disability Pensions (feigning mental illness is very popular) or Old Age Pensions and return to live permanently in Lebanon courtesy of the Australian tax payer. Lebanon refuses to enter into an extradition treaty with Australia: the consequence is that people get charged with say heroin distribution, post bail and flee to Lebanon.

    It is a sorry tale of a stupendous policy disaster. And as Australians unfortunately term these very unpopular Lebanese “Lebs” without religious distinction because religion is not widely understood as the key factor, the Lebanese Christians, who opposed the policy and are generally well assimilated, get tainted with the same opprobrium. And those that criticise or try to draw attention to the widespread criminality and welfare-abuse of the “Lebs” are deemed racist. So there is no possibility of a solution to the problem.

    • A good summary of why we now have South Western Sydney an almost declared war zone between competing Muslim Lebanese families trying to control their own drug turf from other, shall we say, more enterprising Muslim Lebanese into the same ‘business’.

      There are numerous ‘intelligence’ reports gathered over the past few decades concerning the ‘Lebanese problem’. There is now a special police ‘Middle Eastern Crime Squad’ that specifically targets those crimes known to be the Modus Operandi of the ‘Leb’ and methods only used by them, such as – making ‘Bank withdrawals’ by blowing out or pulling out complete ATMs and making off to some ‘hideout’, usually one of the offender’s backyard, where the contents are then extracted. At one time they even tried holding up Armored trucks until one of the guards shot and killed a very stupid ‘Leb’, a deadly incident that now seems to have put an end to that type of robbery.

      Look up Khaled Dib for a background to that story.

      There are now ‘Bikie gangs’ (OMGs), that are heavily numbered with Muslim Lebanese who are trying to drive out gangs like the Hell’s Angels from their own areas the ‘Lebs’ like to ‘muscle’ into. A lot of the shootings that occur around South Western Sydney concerns this type of gang warfare, which is, by all accounts getting worse.

      The state government seems powerless to do anything that might rein in this type of gang and family warfare, and even when known offenders are arrested in dawn raids they know to keep ‘mum’ when talking with the cops who really have very little persuasive power in getting them to fess up.

      There is coming a time though when more ‘drastic measures’ will need to be employed if the police are to gain back control of South Western Sydney.

      • And it could have all been avoided had Malcolm Fraser had the humility to know he knew nothing about the Middle East and listened to the Lebanese Christians who did!

    • Very interesting. Currently the U.S. is doing the same thing buy allowing an influx of people from Central America. There are many complaints about the types of people that are entering, but the more liberal party is bent on bringing all these people into the country. The parallels are quite interesting..

  3. They are all barbarians. And please, don’t anyone tell me it is just a minority of them.

    • Dear Guest–

      I would no more try to tell you that the barbarians of Islam are a tiny minority than I would attempt to convince you that ebola is a head cold. Anyone who comes into contact with the virulence of either will be lucky to survive.

      When this imperialist virus recedes again into the arid quietude of the desert, as it surely will, future generations will not be able to fathom how we let it get so out of hand. Just as we sit in judgement of our ancestors and wonder how on God’s green earth they ever let those evil men come and take their beloved boy children and turn them into janissaries.

      They are evil; they are barbarians. But we need desperately to clean our own begrimed house while we also fend them off, too.

        • How indeed.
          One possibility is to have islam declared NOT a religion.

          The Nashville, TN mega mosque ‘opponents’
          are developing this.

    • The sons of Japheth have greatly erred in allowing the sons of Ishmael to swarm into their lands. The never ending blood feud between Isaac and Ishmael has become our problem now.

  4. A lot of people have long advocated the building of a wall around Lakemba!
    I like that the demo happened right outside the local pub!

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