“Each Nation Has the Right to Self-Defense”

Below is the official statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Israel’s current ground offensive in Gaza.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   German/Turkish Journal
00:04   Hello.
00:08   I am speaking with all sides, and have also
00:12   continued contact with Prime Minister Netanyahu.
00:16   I am convinced that both sides will have to make painful compromises.
00:20   Despite this, when we talk self-defence, we are on the side
00:24   of Israel, because each nation has the right
00:27   to it and Germany will always defend it.

2 thoughts on ““Each Nation Has the Right to Self-Defense”

  1. This business with the terrorists and Israel and calls for Israel to be “reasonable” and “moderate in its response” and “reasoned in its comments” reminds me more and more of people who tell a battered wife to just be careful and not make him so angry; he has a lot on his mind, after all.

    Maybe more later. This crap makes me angry.

    If Leftists can extend individual psychology and school-yard principles to interactions between nations, so can I.

    • I didn’t direct this at Chancellor Merkel. If she means what she said, then good, somebody has to step up for right in this world when the big horse won’t. And if anyone brings up what the southerners in the US used to refer to as “the late unpleasantness”, that was then, this was now, everyone has something in his or her past to regret, be glad they see the right.
      I hope she means what she said.

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