Day 9: It’s About Settlements, Isn’t It?

As Operation Protective Edge continues in the skies over Gaza, our Israeli correspondent MC files his latest report.

Day 9: It’s about settlements, isn’t it?
by MC

There are no ‘settlements’ in Gaza, for Gaza is declared Judenrein, as one would expect from a Nazi/Muslim Brotherhood enclave. So Gaza has to pretend that Sderot is an illegal settlement on occupied land. It was occupied by the British in 1917, wasn’t it? (Well, the land it stands on was….)

That settlements are legal or illegal has never actually been proven in a court of law, and the last thing the Palestinians want to do is to seek a judgement, because in all likelihood the settlements are legal. The relevant document is the 1922 treaty of San Remo designating the area as a Jewish Homeland and that subsequent actions by the British, Egyptians and Jordanians are in fact what was illegal. So they claim ‘illegal occupation’ in 1967, ignoring the other illegal occupations in 1948. But the European and US elites back up the lies and sell them to their useful idiots and fellow travellers.

So the conflict is now extended well past its sell-by date.

There was only one Tzever Adom today. We enjoyed a relatively quiet day. I won’t say it was back to anywhere near normal, for we can hear every explosion in northern Gaza, and, believe me, it is taking a pounding.

We were speculating about the use of human shields today, it is a nasty question, but the wrong decisions here could lose Israel the war. Whose life is of more value, that of my son serving in the IDF, or that of a Palestinian either forced or brainwashed into shielding a terrorist? To me the answer is easy — but then, I am biased.

The responsibility for human shields lies, as it has always been in history, is with those cowards who hide behind the women and the children. Of this there is no question; it is laid down in international law. Some things never change, however, and where Jews are concerned, international law appears to take second place.

I must thank everybody for their support, and a special חודא to those who made donations.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

15 thoughts on “Day 9: It’s About Settlements, Isn’t It?

  1. I have noticed the media’s daily body count on the side of the Palestinians, but do not recall one for the Jews. Is there something the sinister media is constructing?

    • Not counting the three dead teenagers, there are no dead Jews so far, thanks to Iron Dome. That’s what makes the air attacks on Gaza a “disproportionate response”.

      The Palestinian propaganda war is extremely effective. The Palis have refined it to a fine art. They launch their missiles from places packed with women, children, cripples, sick people, the old and the infirm. Israel holds off from taking them out for as long as it can. Then, when it does, the media all across the West keep a running tally of the Palestinian body count, with a special emphasis on the number of children.

      The pressure builds and builds, until the Israeli government can no longer resist it. Some Western tool (this time probably John Kerry) brokers a ceasefire that includes Israeli concesssions to the Palestinians. New money pours into Gaza, missiles flow in from Iran etc., and the whole charade begins all over again.

      • Plus they will likely ‘discover’ a few of their neighbors wot are really ‘Zionist’ spies; tie them behind their jihad-cycles and drag them to their deaths through the rubble of Gaza.

      • As Barry is golfing and Kerry might be sail-surfing; who is next in line for this plum Nobel prize reputation building opportunity?

      • I saw somewhere, possibly Haaretz or Jerusalem Post live blogs, a report that a seventy-year old woman had collapsed and died on her way to a bomb shelter in Israel – an indirect death as a result of the Gazan onslaught.

        No other nation on earth is worked over by the media the way Israel is – Jew hatred pure and simple amplified perhaps in the twenty-first century by rapid onset dhimmification.

  2. “The pressure builds and builds, until the Israeli government can no longer resist it. Some Western tool (this time probably John Kerry) brokers a ceasefire that includes Israeli concesssions to the Palestinians. New money pours into Gaza, missiles flow in from Iran etc., and the whole charade begins all over again.”

    I agree with you. Your prediction should be used as a benchmark against what actually happens.

    • It won’t be necessary, William, it’ll play out exactly according to the formula identified by the Baron. It’s not that the Baron is a uniquely perspicacious seer, it’s just the depressingly predictable drill when Israel retaliates after being attacked.

      What is nauseating when the MSM is doing it’s running tally of Arab fatalities, sub-count of children, is that the MSM never says: “Nine Palestinians, including four children, were killed by an Israeli air strike today, having been deployed as reluctant human shields by Hamas and prohibited from heeding Israeli SMS warnings of the imminent strike on the building they were occupying. The building, an infant health care clinic run by UNWRA, erupted in a huge fireball as the rockets stored in the basement exploded.

  3. I will always stand for Israel, the only civilized country in the middle east. But I am repeating myself. Nevertheless, it bears repeating. The Palestinians are scum.

  4. Well, actually there have been two fatalities: an elderly woman in Haifa suffered a heart attack while running to a shelter. Similarly, an American tourist in Jerusalem. There was also the poor handicapped driver who was critically injured caught in his car when a petrol station in Ashdod was set on fire. Had it not been for the magnificent Israeli rescue services, he would have died too.

  5. I believe one elderly Israeli woman died running to the bomb shelter. Though Lee Ann McAdoo on infowars called Hamas’ (and Fatah’s) missiles ‘trinkets’, they are capable of plenty of carnage. It must be Divine protection that is keeping Israel safe!

  6. Swa the BBc world service account this morning. The body count had reached 160 and we saw recurring shots of the same pile of rubble while the commentator, Middle east correspondent Jeremy Bowen, tried to tell us these were different piles of rubble yielding a separate body count each time. Last time they showed it, he said that 17 members of the same extended family had died there. It looked like a Pallywood backdrop. As an afterthought, a minor BBC correspondent reported from Tel Aviv that there had been incoming missiles but he gabbled the number as though it were unimportant.

    Finally, he tried to explain the reasons for the conflict. The Israelis, he said, were trying to stop the rockets while the Pallys were “resisting Israeli aggression.” Apart from brainwashed and braindead lefties, do they really expect the rest of us to swallow the Pally version of events?

  7. And the world is protesting against ‘Israeli atrocities’! These ignorant dhimmis are fighting the cause of the jihadists. When are people going to use their brains and search out the truth for themselves ?

    • I read or heard someone say that we are now living in an anti-rational time, where large portions of society, including the oligarch elites, have discarded the use of their rational faculties. But as another author had noted, one can ignore reality but reality will not ignore them. I don’t know if I am saying it right. Anyway, one way or another, reality always prevails.

      • But the delusion is pernicious, and usualy greedy for human sacrifice….

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