Day 8: We Took Their Land…

Day 8: We took their land…
by MC

The missiles continue to rain down, but not on us. We are too adept at taking cover and they need to kill somebody, so they choose the softer targets — missile overhead right now, just to confound my words…

…As I was about to say when I was so rudely interrupted, they have now fired at Ben Gurion Airport, aiming at international passengers, so they can point the hypocritical finger.

Hamas missiles can have collateral damage, too, and Hamas run this risk every time they take match to rocket. Only they know that they can commit dastardly acts, and the world will just smile tolerantly.

A commenter yesterday accused us of taking the Arab’s land. This is the accepted dialogue, but the true history is much more complicated, vis Mark Twain:

“… A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse… a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route… hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.” (The Innocents Abroad, p. 361-362)

And many other travellers reported the same. The historians, on the other hand, look for documentation:

“From the end of the Jewish state in antiquity to the beginning of British rule, the area now designated by the name Palestine was not a country and had no frontiers, only administrative boundaries; it was a group of provincial subdivisions, by no means always the same, within a larger entity.” — Bernard Lewis, “The Palestinians and the PLO, A Historical Approach”.

Any serious research into history will soon turn up the truth, that the land of Palestine has been a unimportant political football for a thousand years, inhabited by a hotch-potch of peoples but always including a significant Jewish presence. If it worries you that Israel has taken ‘Palestinian’ land, then I urge you to research the History, you can start here.

But do please check the sources, this is a Jewish source by an accredited historian, also check out Bernard Lewis as a UK/US Christian source. Then look at Arab sources such as Philip K. Hitti.

Now for pizza — this was given to me by one of the ladies who went down there today:

What an amazing day, we traveled down the border with Gaza giving pizza, soda and snacks to all the soldiers we found, all in all 40 pizzas to over 120 soldiers!

All of the soldiers were really thankful, but one in particular gave us this amazing thanks:

“For donations like this; from the bottom of our hearts, we feel that the people of Israel are with us, thank you to all of the families and all of the people around the world that donated!”

Although we didn’t dig too much, we get the feeling that the soldiers just want to do what is necessary to prevent further attacks. None of them are interested in politics, simply protecting their families and friends.

I really respect these guys and girls, sweating it out in tents in the hot Israeli Summer.

I really respect all of those who have donated to Hands of Mercy and made this possible. May Yah bless you and keep you!

Please keep your prayers for Israel going. We value your support more than you could know.

Also, if you have the time, please feel free to keep the donations for pizza coming, we get the feeling that these brave ladies and gentlemen will be on the border for a while yet, (while the political machinations are continuing), and we would love to help keep their spirits up and their bellies full.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. MC- I made a donation to your charity and hope that it will go to the people of Sderot… I understand your wanting to bolster the troops but the people of Sderot are the victims, not the troops. The troops are fed and housed and can defend themselves. The people of Sderot live in fear every minute of every day, their children have to run to bomb shelters and can’t live a normal, happy life. I can’t imagine living like that.
    So, I hope my small donation will provide a food basket (with a few treats for the children).
    Thank you for your daily updates. I have found Sun News Canada to be the most reliable source on what is happening in your country.
    Having followed your posts for quite some time, I wonder why you decided to relocate from Great Britian to the battle zone of Southern Israel. I would be interested in learning what your motivation was to do so.

    • Hi Babs, thank-you for the donation, if you clicked the Sderot Sidebar then the donation will go to ‘Hope for Sderot’ a charity that is 100% Sderot, Hands of Mercy (pizza to the soldiers) is 90-% Sderot but is much more wealthy (hence the pizza).

      We are concerned a bit for the soldiers because last time (2012) we discovered that they had had no food for 36 hours because the supply trains had got snarled up!

      I left UK because those Jews who got out of Germany before 1933 survived, and whilst it is difficult to comprehend, I would rather live in Sderot where my very presence is defiance, than my quiet life in rural Hampshire waiting for the Hampshire Constabulary thought police to arrive. If I still lived in UK I would now likely be in prison for calling a spade, a spade. Or else beaten and/or shot by some fascist thug of socialist or Islamic extraction for whom ‘special allowance under law’ is made because I ‘offended’ him/her.

      The EU will soon be an unpleasant place for Jews (many locales are already effectively Judenrein), they are already having anti-Semitic demonstrations in London and Paris; of all the nations of the world, Israel is the only one not allowed to defend itself, this is blatent anti-Semitism but NOTHING is done about it because the EU, French and British Establishments are part of the problem.

    • Babs, ever been a serving member of the military in a war zone? I only ask that because it goes to the core of upholding defensive measures when those who put their lives on the line defending you are given suitable recognition, no matter how small that recognition may be, in this case inexpensive pizza.

      Let those who are not facing the immediate threat of being targeted by religious fanatics fend for themselves as best they can, and as I am sure, that some of your money supports.

    • Hi Peter – Born in the IDH (St. Mary’s East wing), lived in Portchester with the occasional soujourn in Singapore, certified Brit Brat.

      • Same hospital but they evacuated it to Liphook to escape the blitz. Lived in Southsea, then Eastney. Went to St Judes before PGS. Now a refugee in Thailand. Keep Safe.

  2. MC, it would appear that most of the world, according to those in charge of individual nations and their lapdog media, are against Israeli retaliation after years of violent provocation by members of the Islamic supremacist ideology.

    But please do not accept that is the case as I hope you are aware of , because there are many of us who support Israel.

    I have been watching the slow betrayal of Israel by the West over the past four decades, including from my own country, which I am ashamed to admit has fallen in at times with the neo-Nazis/Commies and their anti-Israeli agenda in condemning what to ordinary folk have been simple defensive measures in maintaining Israel’s borders and protecting its citizens for the sake of the Muslim vote.

    Over the past few weeks our so called ‘Conservative’ Federal government Foreign Minister was falling all over herself to placate the Arabs who objected to the Attorney General referring to those parts of Israel as ‘disputed territory’ rather than aping the Collective ‘occupied territory’.

    I can only shake my head at the diplomatic cowardice as displayed by her in the face of our enemy.

    I recognize that diplomacy has its place in nation to nation dealings, but diplomatic niceties should never be exercised in negating the importance of a besieged nation that matters religiously and historically to the West as Israel does.

    We are part of you and you are part of us!

    If I had been the Prime Minister I would have taken the Foreign Minister to task over her mishandling of such an important issue, but as the saying goes, if wishes were horses all men would ride, and that is the pity.

    Recently I resigned from a political party I was proud to be a member of after the party hierarchy flat out refused to adopt a proposal by several of our members to recognize Israel’s right of existence as a policy of the party.

    It was not so much the refusal which was given as a political reason that was bad enough. It was more the realization that even after the advent of Nazi Germany and the lessons that period in history displayed to all, there would come about another era of political cowardice to fail in upholding what is most important to the West, the preservation of our shared Judeo/Christian heritage that if defended would have prevented us from experiencing what we have over the past forty years and what now lies ahead of us in the near future.

    And that is what I cannot forgive!

    May God be with you my friend and yours.

    • I write knowing that there are those whose support for Israel is unwavering, I also hope that by getting people to know just a little bit more of the history, ot even that there are alternative ‘explainations’ is a good thing.

      The ‘fedayeen’, the peasants that worked the lands were a mish-mash of ethnicites (many were Sephardi Jews) indepted and totally exploited by the four main Arab ‘Effendi families’ particularly the Al Husseinis (Arafat was of this clan, he was called ‘the Egyptian’ because that was what he was, he spoke only ‘Egyptian’ Arabic and was generally hated, but he controlled the purse strings). I was suprised to find, when I worked in the Gulf, that Palestinians were regarded as mongrels and not true Arabs, but also as useful tools, and that the flames of the Arab-Israeli conflict were purposely kept alight for political purposes as a ‘closet crisis’ which could be hauled out and dusted off and set in promenant position whenever needed.

      In the current situation, this is a wonderful distraction to what ISIS/IS is doing;the declaration of the Caliphate is extremely important in Islamic Eschatology.

  3. Hello MC. I’ve appreciated your contributions to GoV for the duration. You are persuasive and articulate and your journalistic style combined with your capability to readily provide timely supporting evidence of what you experience, from the front lines, with calmness, is exemplary. ‘Just the facts’ as some famous TV policeman said at the beginning of his show. Present the facts and allow discerning humans to assemble the truth.

    Similar to Babs above, I’ll appreciate your story, and your motivation to move to Israel – and Sderot in particular. I’ve picked up you are ex-British Army with considerable knowledge of explosives and demonstrate investigative skills worthy of Sherlock Holmes. My English uncle was in British military intelligence, including some mysterious interviewing of captured German officers in Arnhem during the march to the Rhine, of which an ss embossed Luger is a souvenir. He later ran NAAFI in Belfast.

    I agree with Bab’s assessment of Sun News Canada. It has been a journey though. There were 3 major newspapers during my Toronto sojourn of the ‘80’s; the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and Toronto Sun; in that order of intellectual input, content and consumption. The “Sun’ was on the same level as Britain’s ‘Sun’, replete with ‘Page 3’ “Sunshine Girl/Boy’ of the day, except they wore clothes, a reflection of Canada’s more sober value system of the time, now rapidly deteriorating as we increasingly reap the benefits of multi-cultural enrichment and progressive politics. Ontario, Canada’s economic engine lost 34,000 jobs last month under a clueless Liberal Government – SNAFU. Canada has a higher % of moslem population saturation than the US and it is getting worse and we begin to see the behavior associated with our cultural enrichers population concentration, as evidenced by that round of gentle Jew-poking, by some Pali ex-pats, in the Toronto area last week. At least the current federal government of Stephen Harper is loud in its support of Israel, unlike the feckless fraud in the WH; although that too is coming under duress from the federal Liberal party under the moslem vote-prospecting twit Justin Trudeau, a moron of the proportions of Barry Soetoro, without the benefit of the islamic bona fides of Barry.

    On a side-note and apologies for my rambling, can you provide some insight on one Miko Peled, son of Israeli army general Mattityahu Peled? I recently stumbled upon a video of a speech he made in Seattle in 2012. I surprized myself by watching most of it; largely because of his anti-Israel stance. The video is frightening in that he presents Israel as the original occupant abusing and terrorising, occupying entity of shame. You know; the image the progressives of the west lap up and regurgitate. I realized how palatable his stuff might be to those ignorant of the history of the middle-east and ignorant of the realities of islam (to which he makes no reference during the 45-minute speech). Miko is a reasonable public speaker, albeit it a little boring and canned and comes across as just intelligent and qualified and connected enough to know what he is talking about – except that most of his career was spent teaching martial arts. Keep your chin up and your head below the parapet. Max.

    • I am actually ex-RN, during my time however I worked very closely with the Army in Northern Ireland during the troubles.

      My time at BRNC Dartmouth was like a degree course in handling unexpected situations, we were taught everything from delivering babies to the history of the 6 day war!

      I am unaware of Mik0 Peled specifically, but as always there is a Jewish affinity for Cultural Marxism as an alternative ‘religion’. To a young, well educated Jew, the sight of a Haredi shambling around in his ‘ridiculous’ black and white uniform and leeching off society raises an anger and revulsion which drives them into the clutches of the hard left, into a much more destructive ‘uniform’ of internalized hatred of all things ‘mundane’ i.e. not part of the socialist religious persuasion.

      Like most ardent (vicious) socialists he was already part of the elite he grew up in, but wanted more, maybe a real title, and a real nobility and the ‘droits de seigneur’ that goes with it.

      • Hi MC,

        I likewise find the Haredi repulsive- like excessively bearded or niqab’d Muslims, but I want to liberate them, like someone with a ball and chain.

        I do deeply resent Hassidic Jews in general, many of whom have been in the UK since a least the C19th, but still wear silly clothes and speak Yiddish as a first language. Like strict Muslims, or young Afro-Caribbeans speaking Patois, if they’re not prepared to meet the rest of us at least halfway, they don’t belong here. Unlike strict Muslims, at least they’re (mostly) not trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of society.

        Hope you appreciate my frankness, and that this has nothing to do with anti-semitism.

        • Unlike strict Muslims, at least they’re (mostly) not trying to impose their beliefs on the rest of society.

          I infer from what you say here that some Hasidim proselytize? I had thought it the opposite – i.e., that they discouraged others from entering Judaism? IOW, one is born into it via one’s mother’s side. But being one of the goyim, what do I know…I learned my rules from a close friend in school whose father converted to Judaism when he married her mother. She said he never felt accepted. It was her stories that ignited my fascination with groups – who’s in, who’s out, and what it costs to belong vs. the price of being a loner.

          • Not so much prosetylising, Dymphna, but try googling “orthodox Jews and child sex abuse” to see how some communities in New York, and even occasionally in London, have tried to treat such matters as internal to their community, even blaming the victim, rather than report the crime to the authorities. Ring any bells? It’s worse in Israel- attempts to enforce gender segregation on buses, or prevent factories near ultra-Orthodox areas from working on the Sabbath, and of course refusal to join the military.

            And the continued self-enforced apartheid, after many generations in the UK, looks to me like Islamism without the aggressive supremacism- but it’s still supremacism.

          • Hi Mark – The Stamford Hill Cowboys as they are known are “mostly hamless” but very visual, and yes, they will not converse with anybody who is not at least wearing a Kippa (I tend to wear a flat cap when required) Although some Jews sincerely believe in YHWH, for most, their loyalty is to a ‘Jewish Identity’ hence the uniforms. There is too a lot of resentment in Israel so you are not alone, many see these guys as parasites; many receive government payments to attend yeshiva and study the Talmud. But then, religion is never ‘rational’. I could not comment on the child sex, I have not personally encountered it, except in a Rabbi Gaoled for an assault on a fourteen year old girl which is a more ‘understandable’ crime and not limited to any particular community in UK or abroad. Rabbis tend not to have one on one access to children in the normal run of things, and that is the danger point. Also they are expected to marry and produce their own families.

  4. Thank you for your articles and posts MC, both here and at Liberty GB. They give an insight into what it is really like over there. The mainstream media in the U.K. are infuriating in their one-sided coverage, please keep giving us your authentic bulletins.
    It is a terrible indictment of what our country has become, that someone such as yourself no longer feels able to live here. I give my best wishes to you and your family and I will be donating to help those in Sderot.

    • Thank-you for participating, just by being ‘aware’ yo0u are part of the solution!

      • Hi MC (three above)- your reply is much appreciated.

        I take it “mostly hamless” is not a typo!

  5. We just made our 2nd small donation to “pizza for the boys” and girls. We hope it will go to the right hands. We want the people of Sderot and the rest of Israel to know that we the ordinary citizens from all over the world don’t all believe the lies perpetrated about Israel. Those hypocritical and righteous lies are perpetrated by the world media and the treacherous and elitist governments from all over the world, but no matter how loud they scream we don’t believe these lies. People of Israel stay resolved and very strong, the thoughts of many good people are with you.

    • The thanks of HOM go to you, and of the soldiers who can feel that they are not alone.

      We can counter the lies by understanding the truth and challenging the complacency!

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