Day 16: Cowering

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Day 16: Cowering
by MC

Reports are telling us that the Hamas leadership are holed up like rats in the basement of the Gaza Hospital. Just like the last time. One can just imagine them cowering behind the sick and maimed, telling the children to be brave because a six-year-old really needs 72 houris…

There is something about Islam that makes me gag: a religion that loves the toys of Western culture but hates the makers and inventors. A religion that induces utter barbarity in its adherents. A religion for whom lying is as natural as defecating.

The freemen at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571 had been, one and all, horrified at the utter barbarity of Muslims, Muslims who impaled their upright victims on sharpened stakes and allowed gravity to do the rest.

Has anything changed? Not really. Our young men know what will happen to mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts if they fail. The same punishment will also be meted out to Muslim sympathisers too, there is no ‘friendship with unbelievers’…

To convert means a life of being watched, a life of being under suspicion, of having to do obnoxious things to avoid the accusation of apostasy. It is like entering into a covenant with the devil where death is the only release from the slow torture of having to live in the way of Mohammed and his ‘Bunbury’ god Earnest Allah.

Is an absentee deity worse than an absentee landlord, I wonder? The former allows the issuers of fatwas to make up the rules as they go along. The latter cannot change the lease without due legal process. The Lease for Israel is defined in Torah, and the squatters will be evicted.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

6 thoughts on “Day 16: Cowering

  1. They certainly hate the inventors, one can only imagine what the Muslims would have done to someone like Alec Issigonis, if he and his parents were not evacuated to Malta by British Royal Marines ahead of the Catastrophe of Smyrna in 1922.

  2. MC in Sderot,always with you and yours and Israel in thoughts and prayers. Glad you shouted out that bus yesterday. I despair when I read some comments on other threadsas you must. How the world has learned nothing and now, let’s be honest, JEW HATRED REIGNS in most world cities. I wonder why my an esters fought so hard in WW2. Still, you are faced with this and we are trying to help you in whatever way we can. You must feel desolate and alone, but we are always here in whatever small way we can.

    • Thank-you, we have a small group of fellow believers around us, one of whom is 6 months pregnant and almost miscarried last week, we have got her and her other children up to Haifa, but even there it is not exactly pastoral….

      The rest of us are older, we are the ‘grandads’ (and mums), we tend to keep Shabbat together and meet during the week. We are all involved in some way with the two charities mentioned on these pages, so for us life goes on to the background symphony of battle noise.

  3. One of the most famous persons at the Battle of Lepanto, is the writer Miguel Cervantes, who then was seriously wounded. Don Quijote was published in 1605, when Cervantes was 57.

  4. Baron, I too am constantly vexed by Islam’s hypocritical love of modern technology.

    Perhaps part of their hatred of the inventors is driven by the fact that none of them were Muslim.

    Even more vexing to me is why organizations like ISIS and Al-Nusra are allowed to openly post their virulent hatred on Twitter and YouTube. To me, they are posting clear incitements to violence that violate the terms of service.

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