Day 14: Bigotry

MC wraps up his first two weeks of reporting on the Hamas missile attacks, with no end in sight.

Day 14: Bigotry
by MC

Bigot: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

It is half past three in the afternoon. the missile attacks re-started within minutes of the end of the hudna humanitarian truce. Not that they really stopped — there were multiple violations on the part of Hamas, but then one expects that. This is called bigotry, when I expect Hamas to be incapable of ‘civilised’ behaviour. Bigotry is very common when Judeo-Christians interact with Muslims, such as when the European Union bombed innocent civilians in Serbia:

It reported that as few as 489 and as many as 528 Yugoslav civilians were killed in the NATO airstrikes. NATO spokesman responded to claims Jamie Shea said, “There is always a cost to defeat an evil,“ he said. “It never comes free, unfortunately. But the cost of failure to defeat a great evil is far higher.” [emphasis added]

I am a bigot because I see the blatant EU hypocrisy. The EU and the USA were both guilty of taking the side of Islamic aggressors against peaceful civilians, but the USA is not ‘condemning’ civilian casualties in Gaza to the extent the EU is.

I see the professionalism of the Israeli Air Force on a daily basis. They will abort missions rather than hit civilians. The EU/NATO strikes against innocent civilians in Serbia did not have to cope with human shields either, but their hit rate against Serbian civilians was much higher, and there are accusations that they purposely targeted civilians.

I am a bigot because, as I see it, the EU behaved like animals in Serbia, and I feel ‘superior’. The EU fell for the story told by a Muslim terrorist movement; the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). They believed the taqiyyah and bombed innocent Serbs because they too became 7th century barbarians. So now they are believing the taqiyyah of Hamas, a proscribed terrorist group, against that of Israel, a sovereign Jewish nation.

If it is bigotry to see an ethnic group as inferior, it is therefore bigotry when one allows Muslim terrorist states special consideration to “kill the Jews” and escape any international criticism.

Either that or there is an alternative agenda.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

26 thoughts on “Day 14: Bigotry

  1. Why does everyone hate the Jews? Is it Shakespeare? I remember the speech from The Merchant of Venice, so I know about the pound of flesh and that “all that glisters is not gold.” Not to mention: “The quality of mercy is not strain’d, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven.” And this: “If you prick us, do we not bleed?”
    I was privileged to read this work of Shakespeare when I was in 9th grade, which is a long time ago, and I was very young. It made a big impact on me. I may have learned tolerance right there and then.
    But I wonder why the world is so virulently anti-Jewish? What gives?
    I do not pay much attention to leftists, other than to note their hatred of everyone who doesn’t think like them.
    What amazes me is that within my lifetime, after all those (evidently false or fake) tears for the terrible things Hitler did to the Jews, (and do not forget these: gypsies, homosexuals, and handicapped), after all that death and destruction, we are again back to hatred of Jews.
    Is it because they are smart or clever? Is it because they are not Christian? Is it because they are not Muslim? What is the answer? Anyone have an answer?
    In all my long years, I have never ever understood this situation and yet it recurs again and again. It’s almost a disease of some kind.
    Israel is the only democracy in the middle-east. Think about this carefully. The only democracy. Every other country in the middle-east is either a backward theocracy, such as Iran, or a brutal police state, such as Iraq.
    People go to Israel all the time to walk “in the steps of Jesus” and yet we hate His brethren? Jesus was a Jew. Go figure.

    • That should be obvious: Jews, at least in the West, have been the pioneers and champions of the left wing ideology that’s now [messing] up countries the world over. And they’ve gotten away with it because they, like other leftists, shroud their ideology in compassion, equality, tolerance and other forms of moral niceties. With the rise of the Frankfurt school, Jew-hate has reached conspiracy level among white nationalists.

      I for one am not white, do not hate Jews, and don’t ascribe their political activities to their Jewishness.

      It’s obvious that Jews, for their culture of learning, have placed themselves in an academic, upper-middle class niche, where are they just educated enough to rationalize and formulate their ethical views into an ideology, but still not intelligent enough (or too sheltered in their lifestyle) to see that the ethical values upon which their beliefs are founded do not reflect attainable reality, are not the most important priority, and often not even beneficial for society in the long run.

      The naive dreamer class is not a Jewish phenomenon, it’s been observed throughout history whenever a society gets too comfortable.

      Nevertheless, I don’t think the Jews in Israel are all that like the Jews in America or Europe.

      • ‘but still not intelligent enough (or too sheltered in their lifestyle) to see that the ethical values upon which their beliefs are founded do not reflect attainable reality, are not the most important priority, and often not even beneficial for society in the long run.’

        With due respect to your view, albeit vague ,are you sure you are not referring to Islamic ideology? ‘Attainable reality ‘? Islamic ideology denies reality because it is seeking to impose 7th century values and beliefs in the 21st century. It is because of Jewish ethics that many scientific and technological advances that you and I enjoy today are in existence ( Albert Einstein, the greatest mind in the 20th century,was a Jew); hence your reasoning about their ‘ethical values not being beneficial for society in the long run’ is completely without legs to stand on. Go to reliable websites and you will see the numerous documentations of benefits that Jews have brought to human society. Whenever a toast is proposed in a Jewish celebration such as a wedding, ‘the expression L’chaim’ is used (which translates as ‘To Life’) , because it’ s a reflection of Jewish beliefs and values and perhaps the explanation why Jews are so overwhelmingly and disproportionately represented in the list of Nobel Prize winners for Science, etc. even though there’ s only about 12 -13 million of them in the world today; they have contributed positively to human society despite the brutality of other ethnicities to the Jews over the centuries and their spirit is what we should emulate. By the way, I am neither white nor Jewish.

        • Respectfully disagree with:

          Albert Einstein, the greatest mind in the 20th century,was a Jew

          I say Nikolai Tesla…look at the number of patents he had successfully approved and equate them to their practical applications we use in day to day life.

          My opinion why some of the world can be perceived as “anti-jewish” is down to jealousy that their success in so many fields is disproportionate to their population.

          • I had to sit by and watch my country and NATO wantonly bomb and MURDER Serbian civilians. SERBIA… home of my new baby grand child’s other grandparents.

            WHY? Because the Serbs dared fight back against muslim aggression.

            I feel a close affinity for Israel… I WANT THEM TO WIN and crush HAMAS into dust!

            Western leaders are corrupt and working for the muslims and the DEVIL…. except for that nice fellow in Canada!

        • We are not talking about the same things.

          The ethics in question are not Jewish ethics, but leftist ethics that Jews have come to embrace because of their social position. Such as compassion, equality, tolerance, diversity, and the like. The things that, in excess, destroy distinct civilizations in the name of love.

    • … I wonder why the world is so virulently anti-Jewish? What gives?

      Ah, that is the question, isn’t it? I don’t have an answer beyond the inherent human need to create an “Other” into which one can drop all the unassimilated, unmetabolized fears and hatreds that we can neither process nor understand.

      A fear of the unknown is well-nigh intolerable; but give it cartoon-character evils and one becomes safer somehow. Then instead of being an amorphous boogie man out there somewhere, or the troll under the bridge, it’s a flesh-and-blood evil that can be conquered and then annihilated.

      If Jews didn’t exist then some other group would be nominated to take their place – and there they would be, these Blews/Shrews/Crews/ – pick a solid one syllable name – lurking just beyond the light of the campfire, wringing their hands in the shadows, drooling in anticipatory glee over the victims they will have in their claws.

    • MC: Listened to “Feedback” on BBC Radio 4 earlier today. Some listeners complained about inadequate coverage of the recent pro-“Palestinian” demonstrations outside BBC premises in Manchester & London (!)

      Otherwise correspondence was more “balanced”; apparently the numbers of people complaining of pro-Israel bias were roughly equalled by those alleging the opposite. Given the facts and the history, your leaders really need better PR; it may be an uphill struggle, but that makes it all the more important.

      • Our leaders don’t really care about anything except the White House and congress, they can stop the IDF in two weeks by witholding vital supplies. At the moment BHO is more interested in the mid-terms so he is not going to do anything rash yet, hence his relatively supportive stance.

        Anti-Semitism in the streets of Europe is not that conditional on BBC reporting, or even on Israel, but the Sun is the real opinion former in UK and it is owned by Arabs……

        Israel can tell the truth until the cows come home, but it will be the Palestinian version that the public gets to hear, because that is the current NWO agenda. They need to make EU Jews uncomfortable; ready to emmigrate.

        I suspect the object is to get people moved to the ghetto (Israel) then they can be liquidated more easily with an Iranian/Pakistani nuke.

        That then keeps certain hands ‘clean’.

  2. There is an alternative agenda. It is by now bred in the bone; the neuemarxi multicult zombies are not aware of it and proclaim with bovine sincerity that their best friends are Jewish…

    Actually, those Jewish best friends are neuemarxi multicult zombies themselves. A video of one such has been making the rounds recently:

  3. Okay, Takuan, I’ll bite. Precisely what *is* a neuemarxi multicult zombie?

    And yes, I’ll admit with sincerity that some of my BFF are Jewish. But often I didn’t know these folks were Jewish or that their Jewishness was relevant to our friendship. In my childhood *all* my friends were Catholic; this fact only began to chafe when I became aware I was living in a ghetto. I suspected there was a larger world out there but had no access into it.

    • I’ve devoted the last 7 years of my life to write about the genus “neuemarxi multicult zombie,” though I call them by various names, often “Pods” as a simile I find disconcertingly exact relative to the 1956 classic film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

      They are “new” Marxists rather than old ones because the space spores of Marxism that have ravaged their brains have come not from the collected works of Marx, Engels and Lenin, but the writings of the Frankfurt School and “Critical Theory.” And they are pods, zombies etc. because their entire mental software consists of this teaching; they neither know not can know anything else.

      I’ve known enough of the kind, of various ethnicities, to see that:
      1. The Pods are not specifically antisemitic;
      2. Since they hate whitey, Western Civilization, heteronormativity, patriotism, inequality of the unequals, capitalism, the industrious and successful, and the strong, they hate Israel. But they love Jews-as-victims; contrary to right-wing antisemites, they take the Holocaust seriously.
      3. Jews are as overrepresented in this affliction as they are in any other leftist pest, but they are still a small minority. The post-Christian “goyim” are the majority, and sincere Christians are as much a part of the befuddled as the seculars are.

      Read for instance this astonishing critique of BHO from the Pod-Zombie left and see how large a Christian component it contains:

      “Barack Obama should see the Catholic Charities mission in McAllen. He should also have town meeting with the Tea Party nativists who are so angry and threatened by the rush of refugees–43,933 unaccompanied children alone since October–who began to appear from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. His job, after all, is to rise above the rancor and, well, lead. [snip] All sorts of Protestant congregations are sending volunteers to Sacred Heart–perhaps he could encourage a Tea Party group to do the same.”

      The friend who sent me this, practicing (until recently) Episcopalian, now calls his congregation “Episcogaylans.” They are Pods too, and the “gaylans” goes with enmity to Israel, to real America, to men etc. and the most unctuous professions of love and friendship for GLBT, Palestinians, the black-and-the brown, the Muslim, Obama, UN, EU and so on.

      • That BODY SNATCHER movie scares me to death and the remake in the late 1970s was even scarier!!

        OOOO, I get cold chills just to think of it.

      • Multi-carlo table hucksters placing their bets on the only games in town: Jew zero and voile blanc.

      • A decade ago I used to visit a site called The Brussels Journal where one contributor repeatedly invoked the zombie-like “Pods” from the film “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, likening the Neo -Marxist Multiculti nincompoops who dominate contemporary Western public discourse to the Pods of the film.

        I later watched both versions of the film – very unsettling. And the analogy was very apt.

        I heartily agree with your points 1,2 & 3 regarding Pods and their relationship to Israel. Especially Point 2 which is as pithy and comprehensive an explanation for the Western hatred of Israel as will be penned for many years.

        Where I disagree, or rather clarify, is that whilst they are indeed “New Marxists”, rather than traditional “Das Kapital” and “Communist Manifesto” Marxists, and indeed have imbibed their values and thinking from the Frankfurt School and “Critical Theory”, only a tiny fraction are even aware of the existence of the Frankfurt School what it represented and what it’s message was. It is the anonymity and amorphousness of the teachings and ideology of the Frankfurt School which has been the key to its astonishing spread and acceptance. If you told your garden variety Pod that they were slavishly spouting the precepts of the Frankfurt School, they would look at you in genuine befuddlement. The Gramscian March has been that successful.

        To take one example, you use the term “heteronormativity”, a norm without a name that less than a mere half century ago was so thoroughly and rightfully socially entrenched it was unquestionable. Now the very concept of heteronormativity is an unspeakable heresy, the advocacy or even support of it a near crime. The Frankfurt School ideology achieved that state of affairs without its contemporary adherents-believers-enforcers ever knowing the genesis or source of their mindset.

        • @JO’M

          I was that contributor. I ran a 20-part serial there called “From Meccania to Atlantis”– altogether close to 100,000k words. I purported to describe there all the present ills of the West and to limn a detailed plan for a better future. Unfortunately, I had to quit just at the beginning of the Third Act, for a variety of reasons, the first being that the editor of the BJ had quit himself.

          The second reason was that my labor was prodigious , displacing almost all other parts of my life including generation of income, and I came to the conclusion that the small readership of the BJ did not justify such a sacrifice. But the third reason is more interesting:

          The more I thought about the rot the more I came to the conclusion that it cannot be rectified except if Christians pull out en masse from the Body Snatcher movement and Christianity itself is vivified and thriving again. And that would be impossible without a 2nd Reformation, rectifying faith-based fallacies and misinformations related to Jesus, the New Testament etc — fallacies that cannot be reconciled with what we know from that period’s and from Christianity’s early history, from rational (and computer-aided) analysis of the relevant texts, etc. There is now way to bring the current young back to the faith, except by dealing seriously, rationally and truthfully with all the negatives they’ve been thought about Christianity and draping the faith anew not on Church dogma but on traceable facts.

          Of course, to tackle a task like this requires an enormous amount of reading, thinking etc.; I even learned Aramaic so that I could trace the meaning of some and mistranslations of other of Jesus’ original words that were pased on to us in Greek and later Latin renditions. But the more I dipped my toes into this, the more frothingly hateful comments started appearing under my articles, particularly from one Orthodox asylum case but many from traditional Catholics as well. So first I had to insist on closing the comments section, and then just ended the endeavor — for that came on top of the other negatives.

          However, I still think as I thought then. People who obsess about the Joos’ part in our destruction totally neglect the thousandfold larger number of Christians who actively contribute to our destruction, believing sincerely that they are doing what Jesus would have done.

          • My admiration for your labours, Takuan. Trouble is, any mass revival of Christianity may not be as tolerant of dissent as one would hope.

          • TS

            When I first read your byline here it rang a tiny bell. I even pondered was it you or Soeren Kern who was that contributor.

            Is “heteronormativity”a neologism of yours? It’s a good one and I hope it gains traction. Oddly you would think the term would have been generated by Christian interests some time in the late 70’s.

            I enjoyed your essay “The Bee and the Lamb” enormously not least because I’ve had an mildly irrational soft spot for Estonians since the early 80’s. My kids thought it a little odd that I had them watch You Tube videos of massed Estonian choirs singing the Bee and the Lamb and bringing tears to my eyes. Mind you the Hatikvah does the same to me.

      • Takuan, there is a lot of truth in what you say. The consequence for the followers of this belief system will be their own destruction and worryingly, the destruction of people like you and me. Fortunately, I still believe in God and the Bible and God will not allow either of his loved people (Christians and (Torah) Jews) to be exterminated. islam is the enemy and one day the followers of islam will know God’s wrath. I think the saddest thing, though is that these days neither muslims nor inherently Christians know enough about the Bible and Christianity to actually have a sensible opinion about either. muslims are ignorant of Christianity because I suspect it’s dangerous for them to educate themselves about it and Christians are ignorant of their own religion because it isn’t taught these days, at home, in school or in most cases in Church.

      • Clicked through to the NMZ’s after the event interview there is no hint of the angry young man emotions it is a trance like banality of evil delivery.

        Have been in political situations where both sides would take such a Political Poseur down recognising the danger to all of the banality, but that was a long time ago.

  4. They hate the Jews for two reasons:

    a) the son of Hagar was always going to be against the world

    b) Jesus, the Messiah came from the bloodline of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

    So what is there to argue or cast conjecture about?

    Islam = evil.

  5. Regarding antisemitism, I believe Dymphna captures well why it is a disease of the mind/soul that will never be eradicated. Human consciousness requires an outlet for positing its fears, the unknown, the unassimilable, the ‘unjust’. The Jew was historically the convenient other and by his existence remains the Culprit of the perpetually suspicious. Furthermore, antisemitism is Tautological: any effort to bring proof or argument or force against it only reinforces its validity (or deepens its mystery and power) to the adherent.

    I used to also say that “the Right hated the Jew for killing Him; the Left hated the Jew for being Him.” But, these western religious dynamics aren’t as relevant as they once were, in this age of the islamification of the West and the conflation of Israel and the Jew.

    And, yes, I believe Israel is the “Jew among the nations” and think it the greatest nation on earth (though, the US remains the most indispensable). As goes Israel, so goes the West. The latter for 100 years now has been intent on civilicide; the Jewish state refuses (Haaretz and its left, excepted) to be sacrificed on this altar of progressive nihilism.

      • Seconded- absolutely essential reading.

        I now understand the behaviour of the SS Panzer division in Normandy in 1944 which, unable to advance to the front to oppose the Allied landings, being pinned down by US and British aircraft, turned its guns on the nearest village.

  6. I try to keep it simple. Jews are reviled for their superior gene pool and their superior culture which places a huge emphasis on educational achievement and hard work.
    Any society in which they have attempted to assimilate they outperform. That is why they are hated.

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