Day 11: The Miracle Machine

The latest report from our Israeli correspondent MC comes during a time of relative quiet for Sderot —although not for the rest of Israel, nor for Jews in Europe.

Day 11: The Miracle Machine
by MC

On Saturday there was almost a modern-day pogrom, inevitably, in Paris. ‘Peaceful’ Muslims attacked a synagogue in the city (see videos here and here). Inside were 200 worshipers. The intent was murderous and the policing inadequate (and slow, too, it would appear). The internal synagogue security guards (yes synagogues have to have guards in Europe) held off the mob and probably stopped a massacre. President François Hollande immediately demanded a ceasefire — in Israel.

What connection has the Saddam Hussein Mosque in Birmingham (UK) to Saudi Arabia, where Shiites are persecuted second-class citizens? I don’t know, but if I were to mount a murderous attack on the mosque because of it, there would be outrage. The synagogue in Paris was attacked because ‘peaceful’ Muslims hate Jews, anywhere, anytime. Israel is irrelevant, Mr. Hollande. That a mini Kristallnacht is tolerated in Paris only demonstrates the pure 1930s Nazi nature of the EU elites, led, it appears, by France and Sweden, with Norway and the UK close behind. Nazism isn’t just about racism: it is a mindset of coercion and prejudice where a small cadre of EU elitists inflicts its murderous belief system on its citizens (and the world) by force and deception. That Muslim immigrants are used as ‘Brown Shirt’ proxies does not change the raw fact.

Iron Dome is our mechanical miracle. Not only has it saved our many lives, but it is a psychological hammer to Hamas’ ambitions. They thought that they were going to petrify our people, but, as it begins to filter through just how good Iron Dome and its IAF operators are, it has given a new confidence to the whole country. We in Sderot learned just what it meant in the 2012 missile flurries, and now the whole of Israel has heard the roar, seen the light and experienced the bang that most often beats the missile.

We had a pair of Iron Dome interceptions about two hours ago. It was noisy, yes, but only one missile of the volley landed and junked some cars. The two which could have done real damage were neutralised.

Now we have suicide UAVs, one of which exploded over Ashdod in a huge but impotent blast just a few hours ago. The ‘surprises’ so far have been fizzles.

“We are using anti-missile systems to protect our civilians, and they’re using their civilians to protect their missiles” — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu 13/7/2014

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

9 thoughts on “Day 11: The Miracle Machine

  1. These rioters are not born of indigenous socio-political conflicts but are the agents of a foreign power subverting the sovereign integrity of European nations, they should be countered with military force in the same way that the invading combatants of a foreign power would be repulsed.

  2. Watching the videos with the high-spirited youths (18-40) draped in their huge, expensive looking Palestinian flags, throwing projectiles and (unsuccessfully) chairs stolen from the nearest cafe ( the casual ease with which they just steal somebody’s property is of itself alarming) at the police, I’m thinking: mounted police, tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets. The insouciant carefree youths wander about like its a fun Sunday outing ( which for them I guess it is) – the French police should make it a most unpleasant Sunday outing.

  3. It is really great to hear how well Iron Dome is working, but what worries me is what will happen when Iran can build (or buy) a nuclear weapon which could be delivered to Israel by missile, plane, or even a truck. It wouldn’t have to detonate inside or directly over the state of Israel. EMP or windblown radiation would be a disaster for the Jewish state. Muslim leaders seem to think that their people are best used as cannon fodder, and even a near miss would be a disaster for Israel, and a great source of martyrs for The Religion of Peace. And I think it’s unlikely that America will give the Jews any real aid or assistance before February of 2017.

  4. The anti-Semites in Europe are coming out of the woodwork now. They must feel safer now that they see which was the hot wind of the mindless is blowing.

    David Goldman, writing from Tel Aviv, explains that Hamas is broke, has lost its patrons in Egypt and weaker than ever. It is bombarding Israel to attract more terror funding. By contrast, Israel has thrived under fire and is poised to become more prosperous than ever.

    Netanyahu will look indecisive and confused, because he has to deal with an openly hostile U.S. administration on one side and his nationalist camp on the other. Time, though, is on Israel’s side: economically, demographically, strategically. The proportion of Jewish births continues to soar. The fruits of a decade of venture capital investing are ripening into high-valuation companies. And the Arab world is disintegrating all around Israel’s borders.

    That coming prosperity will only make Israel even more ‘guilty’ than before. To understand why, watch Dinesh D’Souza debate Ed Show guest host Michael Eric Dyson and panelists Eric Boehlert and Zerlina Maxwell over slavery. D’Souza argues that every country began by conquest and slavery was rife in the world from the beginning of time. The only thing that distinguished America was it actually fought a civil war to end the institution. Dyson was having none of it. He argued America was guilty because it ‘ideologized’ slavery by using the Bible. In this Dyson is almost certainly wrong. America is guilty, like Israel, not because of the Bible but because it got rich.

    One wonders what Dyson would have made of news that Brazil was being asked to pay reparations for historical slavery. It was the largest slaver in the new world. “Brazil was the last country in the Western world to abolish slavery. By the time it was abolished, in 1888, an estimated four million slaves had been imported from Africa to Brazil, 40% of the total number of slaves brought to the Americas.” By contrast, as Wikipedia explains, North America was small potatoes:

    A total of about 600,000 slaves were imported into the Thirteen Colonies and the U.S, constituting 5% of the twelve million slaves brought from Africa to the Americas…


    (My emphasis. See the links at the Belmont Club url.)

    It would’ve been off topic to mention the total numbers of Africans enslaved by the Arabs, a practice which officially ended in the 1960s under pressure from ‘civilized’ countries; the price for continued membership in the UN. In reality slavery has continued unabated throughout MENA, fleshed out with other 3rd world poor who work for pittances -when they can get their wages remitted at all. For example, the large Philippine contingent brought in to do the work that Arabs refuse to do, ever.

    When the oil dries up and that benighted area sinks back into a richly deserved oblivion…well, by then China will have a firm grip on the Islands and surrounding waterways and Australia will have moved away (to some extent) from her historical ties to the Anglosphere, gradually working out something with the ROC which will be of benefit to them both.

  5. To the Israelis, take courage for YAH is with you. Having visited Israel recently, what I witnessed is truly nothing short of a miracle. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes and the real estate there has Yah’s name on it and bequeathed to Abraham and his descendants in perpetuity.

  6. How unfortunate that the Parisian police didn’t deal with these rioters, in the same fashion their predecessors did in October 1961.
    It is enraging to see scum like that swarming over old monuments in European cities; which were built by, and in honour of, folk immeasurably superior to this human rubbish.

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