Day 10: Hysteria

Day 10: Hysteria
by MC

I have always felt that fundamentalist Islam is a form of insanity. Perhaps Mohammed’s obvious “Personality Disorder; Narcissistic personality” is contagious and can be induced in others, especially males, through close contact with Islamic ritual. Only this would explain the kind of hysterical behaviour now emerging from the Gaza Strip, where once more they seem to be executing supposed Shin Bet operatives.

It is very frustrating when your well planned (and expensive) offensive to kill Israelis in large numbers results in a just few injuries and some ‘secondaries’: elderly ladies having heart attacks whilst trying to get under cover, and a few RTAs as a result of air-raid sirens.

The support from the Canadian government is a refreshing dose of truth amongst the mendacious statements of the world elites.

Whist Hamas tries to create mayhem across the country, Sderot is quiet. The big Chinese-designed Syrian-made M-302 missiles with their 175-kilogram warheads have no short-range capability; they go over our heads. But they also seem to be wildly inaccurate as well, so those which are threatening built-up areas are easily taken out by Iron Dome. Yahovah also seems to have a penchant for protecting His land.

There is now talk of isolating Gaza, of cutting all movement and aid. It is about time that this weapon is added to the conflict. One of the few effective anti-terror campaigns was carried out by the British in the Malaya (now Malaysia) in the fifties. They used this same tactic: they laid siege to a village, but set up a soup kitchen outside the village to feed bona-fide villagers. The villagers had to pass through a security screen to get food and water, and were not allowed to take anything back with them. The insurgents were soon flushed out. This kind of action would be considered non- PC in this day and age, when terrorists are deemed to be ‘militants’ rather than self-centred and murderous trash, and have to be allowed food, water, electricity and medical supplies at the victims’ expense.

Once more, thank you for the donations everybody. I think there is another pizza run tomorrow!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. I’m so glad that Sderot is quiet. It’s about time you guys got an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Stay safe, and know that your American Jewish brothers and sisters, and many non-Jewish friends of Israel, are praying very hard for you. My son, a (very) young rabbi learning in kollel in Jerusalem, is probably fairly safe, but this experience is making him and his bride grow up a bit and pay more attention to what’s going on around them.

    • I am told that Jewry in the USA is different, but I think we have much more which is the SAME!

      • Hi, MC.
        I’m a Canadian who worked on a Kibbutz in Israel years ago when I was young. Have never been back to visit but would like to. I loved the Israeli people and the land of Israel. Don’t lose heart – many are with you.

  2. I want you to know, MC, that this Catholic woman has always been for Israel, and always will be! Israel is the only democracy in the middle-east and as far as i’m concerned, that says everything.

    Be well! God Bless you you and yours!

      • When the unconscionable western countries and fought on the side of darkness until Kosovo was stripped from Yugoslavia, the Vatican immediately filled several huge trucks with aid and money to the “oppressed newly liberated” Kosovo. Do we still blame the Middle Ages for being mentally blind?
        I urge the Vatican to do the same for Sderot people. Vatican: dare do that.
        Rockets have been raining on Israel all the time. What happened to the International sense of justice like Amnesty. One of these days five flotillas emanating from Scandinavian countries filled with medicine, food, and blankets to Sderot. But I hear a faint whisper from Scandinavian very humanists : We dare not although Sderot are in need because we are afraid of the muslims we imported. Between me and you: we are hostages in our … well muslim Scandinavian countries.

        • So true. If Scandinavian countries were truly “humanitarian” they would be sending food and medical supplies to the people of Sderot. But, they are “all hat and no cowboy” as we say in the US.

        • Amnesty is just another leftist front. I stopped subscribing to them years ago and when I did, they telephoned me to ask why. I started to tell them exactly what I thought of one-sided leftist propaganda when they hung up on me.

  3. May you and yours stay safe, MC. More than a few of us here in western Europe, whilst not being Jews, have done our own thinking and research and decline to follow the pervasive socialist ‘groupthink’ which seems dead set against Israel’s continued existence.

    If Israel were to fall, God help the world.

    Shalom to the children of Israel. You are in my heart.

  4. I have left comments on websites, when I got excited enough, but have never had a reply. So your reply moves me very much. If I were ever to have the money and nerve to visit Israel, I would love to meet you.

    I do pray that you and yours stay safe, although it seems to me Israel takes many steps to make sure of her people. Shalom (that’s the only word I know).

    • I am probably safer here than in the home I left in UK; missiles and all…..

  5. Well, now that I think about it, there is a book/movie by a man called Dinesh D’Souza called something like America, think of the world without her. I feel somewhat the same of Israel — think of the world without her! More Nobel prizes than any other ethnic group so what does that tell you. I am happy to see that Alexander (above) feels the same way as I do. Here in America, most people do not think for themselves, but I do think, pray, and feel for you and your countrymen.

    • I have to agree with Maria. Being a Catholic United States citizen I support Israel 100%! Your country is the canary in the coal mine. If those that deny your existence just wait a while, they will find out how terrible your neighbors really are.
      Possibly, it is my upbringing. I was raised in a suburban community that had a large population of Jews, children that were first generation Americans whose parents fled Europe. They were my classmates and my friends. They consistently outperformed the Irish, of which I am one.

      I swear my mother had the “plant a tree in Israel org on speed dial… Someone died, plant a tree. Someone was born, plant a tree… Someone got married, plant a tree!

      So, going way back to my childhood I was informed what the stakes were for Israel and what an amazing country it is. My mother used to say, they took desert and malaria swamp and turned it into paradise!

      I cringe at the current American admins attitude toward your country.
      Hopefully, we will be able to change that come November.

      Stay safe and please keep the posts coming.

      • I donated again. I did not realize that in 2012 the troops didn’t have food for 36 hours… MC very gently informed me of this. So, a couple of pizzas and a coke for the troops!
        You can’t imagine how much I wish you would wipe Hammas off the face of the earth… I so wish it.

        • Thank-you Babs, it was an administrative glitch, anyone who has been in the military knows that they happen. But HOM decided to pre-empt this one. That hungry soldier could be anyone of our Sons or Daughters. My own son was 21 yesterday, he seems to be somewhere near Mispe Ramon in the middle of the Negev, but we don’t know for sure.

  6. If Israel is destroyed so will the West be! May Israel live long and prosper! She produced the finest “Joo” of all, The Son of God-Jesus Christ….

    When I see Moslems I weep! When I see Jews I shout for joy! What a fantastic people-incredibly clever. The world owes them much!

  7. “More Nobel prizes than any other ethnic group so what does that tell you.”

    Here are a couple of other facts about Israel:
    More patents per capita than any other country.
    More cultural venues (museums, performing arts centers, etc.) per capita than any other country.

    In some respects, I think this is part of the problem. Israel has so outperformed its neighbors; it has literally taken wasteland and turned it into the most productive strip of the middle east ever to be imagined, WITHOUT OIL REVENUE, that it makes all the under educated slackers around it crazy! They are filled with envy and use their horrible “religion” as a crutch.

    • You are absolutely right – envy is the word but more than that, it is also raw hatred.The Muslims occupied that region long enough to have transformed the desolate landscape but no, true to their Islamic ideology, they left it as it is because Jerusalem has never been once mentioned in the Quran but at least 700 times in the Bible and now that it is a productive land through the ingenuity of the Jewish people, they want it back. There are 22 Islamic countries in the world, why can’t the Jews have one? The answer is envy and hatred.

      • The well of Islamic envy and bitterness is deep. One thing I noticed recently at the Jerusalem Post website was the date, set on the page as follows:

        Set as Homepage Mon, Jul 14, 2014 16 Tammuz, 5774

        It is possible that Muslims are unable to accept late-comers-to-the-party status and will continue to launch datogeddon on the world to manifest their unappeasable chagrin.

        Today’s date in the Muslim world: 17, Ramadaan, 1435 A.H. (AH = anno hegirae. The initials are suggestive of another historical personage for whom large numbers of Muslims appear to have unhealthy respect.)

      • It’s actually worse than them not making the land fertile in their centuries of rule there.

        Archaeology shows a layer of silt burying abandoned Roman cities all around the Mediterranean basin, dating from the 7th century.

        The Romans used to have terraced agriculture along all the fertile slopes of the (frequently steep) Mediterranean coasts and sides of river valleys, with elaborate systems of channels, aqueducts, reservoirs, and irrigation ditches to carefully control water usage.

        In the heyday of the late Roman Republic and early Empire, North Africa had been the largest source of grain in the whole Mediterannean basin.

        Along come the barbarous Arabs tribes in the 7th century, with each family owning an average of 50 goats, and the Shari’a Islamic rule that a dhimmi has to provide sustenance to a Mohammedan and his livestock.

        So the goats and sheep, used to subsisting on desert scrub, suddenly got spoiled feasting on irrigated crops.

        With all produce now vanishing into the stomachs of Arab animals, (as well as into those of their livestock,) it no longer made economic sense to maintain the irrigation systems.

        Once annual maintenance ceased, the terracing and irrigation systems soon fell into disrepair. In this condition, they failed to prevent scattered heavy rains from washing the fertile topsoil down the hillsides, leading to desertification.

        So the fertile soil, which had been a major asset when it was carefully preserved up in the terraces, under Saracen rule became a major liability, covering the cities whose economies had previously been based on, and supported by, the terraced agriculture.

        The scattered refugees from those now lost cities had to flee into the mountains and scratch out a living as best they could, to prevent from being swept up in the slave raids that were now a ubiquitous feature of post-Roman Mediterranean.

        With the sea trade between Western Europe and Eqypt shut off, papyrus reed, which grew mostly in the Nile Delta, became unobtainable in Western Christendom. Previously ubiquitous paper manufactured from that papyrus, which had fueled Roman trade, bureaucracy, and scholarship for 1,000 years, became unknown, leaving the refugees no material on which to write down their experiences of widespread, catastrophic Saracenic oppression.

        This was the beginning of the true Dark Ages.

        The conquest of the Western Empire by barbarian Germanic tribes 200 years earlier, in the 5th century, was a sideshow by comparison.

        The Germanic tribes admired the Romans and mainly wanted to get inside the borders of the Empire, to place the extensive Roman border fortifications between themselves and the new waves of nomadic horse tribes riding out of Central Asia into Europe.

        Classical learning continued under German rule in the West for those 200 years, with Germanic kings sending their children to Rome, Athens, and Constantinople to study Roman law, rhetoric, poetry, and philosophy.

        So the latest archaeological data suggests that the Arabs, far from merely not developing the land, were actually the ones that caused it to lose its original fertility and to become a desert.

  8. Babs, I think you are a woman I could really be friends with, along with Dympnha.

    I have read about Israel since I was about 16, which is when I learned about WWII, of which I was a refugee to America and I am proud to be a citizen of this great (or formerly great, but still could be great again) country, and let us hope it continues to be great (if we can get through the next 2 years). America has always supported Israel, but today it’s an anemic support.

    Despite the attempts to brag, the Muslims really have nothing going for them, other than oil and our country has the ability to produce its own oil, except for the powers that be that don’t seem too interested. However, as you said, Israel is a powerhouse in terms of technological innovations and greatness.

    And you, bishop, are correct as well — we got Jesus from the Jews. Long live the Jews!!

    Israel has excelled on every front, which does in fact, leave her enemies knashing their teeth in frustration.

    • Maria–

      Thank you.

      You are right about Israel. In the US, a loser’s meme has taken hold. We used merely to root for the underdog – e.g., the old Brooklyn Dodgers; it was a national cheer which included celebrating their victories. Somewhere along the line, that morphed into another part: hating the winners. Envy played a large part in that change and it was deliberately pushed.

      This was quite evident in the 2012 presidential election where Romney’s many accomplishments and his family’s solidarity became something to tear down. Not that he didn’t make mistakes which cost him the election, but the fight against him wasn’t based on substance but on envy. His many accomplishments were buried under a mountain of envious, petty hatreds. Which is not to say he didn’t shoot himself in the foot by listening to the RNC…but that’s another story

      This country has come to despise winners – i.e., people who succeed based on merit rather than on giving the prize to the loser so his self-esteem will be enhanced. A self-esteem based on airy-fairy nothingness.

      It’s not just an American problem: look at the Nobel Peace Prize given to Obama by Norway. For what, precisely? What was creepy was his bland acceptance of this prize for his potential — as though he deserved no lessl…

      I wonder if Norway has any remorse for what looks in hindsight like a huge gap in discernment on their part?? Norway gives materiel and psychological aid to the terrorists in Hamas.

      In case you haven’t seen this old but still amusing video about why BDS isn’t a good idea, I recommend it. I’d rather laugh with the winners:

  9. I donated to Hands of Mercy, as they had the stunningly fantastic idea of distributing pizzas to soldiers:

    Give ’em an ice cold coke or Nesher beer on me 🙂

    Best wishes to all Israelis and especially the IDF,
    from New Zealand.

  10. “I have always felt that fundamentalist Islam is a form of insanity. ”

    Until we cure ourselves of our asymptotic reflex to add some qualifier to “Islam” (such as “extremist”, or “radical”, or “fundamentalist”, etc.), we will be tending to perpetuate the neurosis that is feeding the policies that are endangering us.

    • We have to be a bit careful in Israel, we are not allowed to be too direct in religious criticism; there is no first Amendment and I can get away with a lot because I am writing in English, but I am not going to push it too far. I can say almost what I like about ‘fundamentalists’, but not about Islam.

      • Compare

        ” I can say almost what I like about ‘fundamentalists’, but not about Islam.” ― MC


        “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” ― Voltaire

        As an outsider who is unfamiliar with that rule in Israel, that is quite an eye-opener MC. It may be further illuminating for you to expand on that in a way that you deem safe.

        Right now I feel that Israelis are doubly betrayed. I’m very sorry.

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