Calling for a Jihad Against Israel in the Hague

When the latest round of missile attacks against southern Israel by Hamas began a few weeks ago, it seemed timed to accompany Israel’s attempt to recover the three teenagers abducted in the West Bank. Then, after the missing boys were found dead and a Palestinian teenager was killed in seeming reprisal, the number of rockets from Gaza increased.

For the first couple of weeks of attacks, Israel relied on its Iron Dome defenses; additional air responses were limited. During this time world leaders called on Israel to exercise “restraint”, and urged “both sides” not to risk the “peace process”. Outside of Israel there was no virtually no vigorous official condemnation of the aggressive rocket attacks by Hamas targeting civilians.

Then, when Israel began to actively defend itself — after the air raid sirens went off in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem — the world leapt to its feet in predictable outrage against this “disproportionate response”. The Palestinian flags and “Israel = Hitler” signs were brought out of storage and marched around the public squares of capital cities. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators railed against Israeli “war crimes” and attacked pro-Israel counter-demonstrators.

One such demonstration was mounted this afternoon in The Hague. A source in the PVV just sent us the following email:

Just now anti-Israel demo in the Hague, people with jihad and Israel=Nazi signs.

Incredible and disgusting. The police are not intervening.

Geert Wilders just tweeted that Holland is no Syria, and we are no Caliphate. People with those flags should be arrested, detained, stripped of the Dutch nationality and send abroad and never be allowed to return.

In the photo at the top of this post, you’ll notice al-raya, the black flag of jihad, being displayed proudly by the demonstrators. The supporters of Palestinian rocketeers are calling for a holy war against Israel. Do their leftist allies realize this fact? Do they care?

The young man sporting the keffiyeh in the right foreground is wearing a shirt with a “Fly Emirates” logo. I wonder if that’s where the funding comes from for all those banners, Pali flags, and expensively-printed swastika signs.

A sign in the background reads “Natanyahu [sic] War Criminal” in Dutch.

In this photo you can see the swastika sign, a “Boycott Apartheid Israel” sign, and a Nelson Mandela poster:

There’s also a curious bar-code sign on display. I can’t get a close enough look to see what it signifies.

The swastikas are much in evidence in this one:

Once again, it must be noted that the materials used in this demonstration are expensive to produce. These aren’t homemade signs scrawled on placards and tacked to sticks. Someone paid big money to deploy these street-corner mujahideen.

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As a side note, thirty Ukrainian soldiers were killed yesterday when separatist rebels in the Lugansk region launched a missile attack against government troops. Grad missiles were used in the attack, one of the same types fired at southern Israel by “militants” in Gaza.

Hundreds of people have been killed in eastern Ukraine over the past couple of months, with numerous civilians among the victims. New casualties are reported virtually every day. But they don’t make the headlines, and no one mounts expensive demonstrations in major Western cities on behalf of either side. And certainly not in The Hague.

Funny about that.

14 thoughts on “Calling for a Jihad Against Israel in the Hague

    • Mullah —

      Aha! Yes, I think you must be right. Thank you.

      Does this mean they all throw away their smart phones? Because, as Pat Condell pointed out, just about all cell phones have Israeli-made components in them.

      • The cell phone I believe was invented in Israel, in a Motorola plant, by Israelis.

        • you are right, so was the firewall, most of intel modern chips, the irrigation technology, green houses technology, generic pharmaceuticals and more …

  1. Keep doing what you do. Somebody has to spread the word about what is REALLY happening in our world today.

    I am for Israel!

  2. The Israelis must be really incompetent genocidists, given that the population of the mob they have supposed to have been carrying out genocide against has more than quadrupled over the last 65 years.

    The arabs being as incompetent as they are keep assuming that the reason the Israelis haven’t wiped them out is because the Israelis are as incompetent as they are.

  3. It is really amazing how lopsided lopsided news from this area (Middle-East) is presented on our TV channels and press. Coverage of what is going on in Eastern Ukraine is practically non existent. I could specify many other exampels. Thanks to Gates of Vienna one gets a better feel and knowledge about what is really going on.

  4. The enemy- or fifth colony- shows its ugly face in the middle of the beautiful city named the Hague. We better be aware of them. The commies and the Nazi’s never got this far.

    Most of the Westerners dont even recognize the fact there is a war waged against them. You have to admit this enemy for that brilliant tactics.

  5. For what it’s worth, not only are the signs professionally prepared, many of the the females in the photo are donning a uniform green hijab. “Uniform” being the operative word.

  6. Bar-code (729) shows that the product is from Israel.
    So, leftists and muslims: kauft nicht bei Jude………

  7. For several decades now we have been deluged with tedious rhetoric, slogans and posters ludicrously equating Israeli behaviour with that of Nazi Germany. Perhaps Israel should say: righty oh, we WILL start treating the Palestinians like the Nazis treated the Jews! We’ll give them 6 years to leave (1933-1939) with deprivation of civic and economic freedoms progressively over that period, any who are left west of the Jordan in 2020 we’ll close the borders and …

    Seriously, Israel should cut off the water and electricity supply to the Gaza Strip and let the EU or whoever step in: Turkish water barged in at great expense and power wired in from Egypt ditto until new generating plants can be built.

    Most of the world doesn’t know or doesn’t care to know that Israel graciously supplies the 1.5m Gazans who vehemently demand and are implacably committed to Israel’s destruction with these c20th utilities (arid Gaza couldn’t support more than 30,000 people from non-external water supplies) so cutting them off would send a powerful message: we haven’t had to do this for these savage ingrates so from here on we’re not going to do it anymore. Israel’s economy could use the extra water. No further free high-tech medical treatment in Israeli hospitals either.

    • Pardon me, 1.82 million Gazans! I remember when it hit the 1m mark. With 8.9 live births per female (starting in their low-mid teens) combined with the $1 billion plus per annum of UNWRA aid (US contribution about $240m) spent on health care, housing, fuel and food, not to mention the hundreds of millions annually from the EU member states, it’s no wonder the world’s first international aid welfare state (established 1949) has such a staggering rate of population growth.

      The more human title deeds to reclaim “Palestine” the better, irrespective of the economic capacity of less than 400 sq. km of arid land. And the West foots the bill.

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