An Atheist’s Antipathy Towards Islam

Many thanks to JLH for translating this brief piece from Bild:

Islam as a Hindrance to Integration

by Nicolaus Fest
July 27, 2014

I am an atheist who is sympathetic to religion. I do not believe in any god, but Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism do not disturb me.

Only Islam bothers me, more and more. I am disturbed by the highly disproportionate criminality of young people of Muslim heritage. I am bothered by the [literally and figuratively] killing contempt for women and homosexuals.

I am disturbed by forced marriages, “peace [sharia] judges,” and “honor killings.”

And I am disturbed more than even semi-civilized words can convey by anti-Semitic pogroms.

So I ask myself: Is religion a hindrance to integration? My impression — not always. But in the case of Islam, it probably is. We should take that into account, when considering asylum and immigration.

I can do without imported racism, and, as to what else Islam stands for, I can do without that too.

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19 thoughts on “An Atheist’s Antipathy Towards Islam

  1. I ‘feel’ there is a growing antipathy towards Islam. Fanaticism is not something that sits easily with the Western way – the Muslims are their own worst enemy. Our patience is wearing thin.

    • What’s the reason for mass immigration anyway? Western governments claimed they go around the world (Iraq, Libya, Syria . . . ) and fight to save the people from their own rulers). Western governments always lie to their own people. Who will save them from their own “elected” rulers. Once mass immigration started they can’t reduce it or stop it. All decisions are made by governments. It is a big lie that voters have any sway on the governments. After assuming presidency, a president/pm can get more muslims brotherhoods, can appoint hundreds of muslim brotherhoods in high positions and dictate the policies of a “democracy” and the voters can’t stop him/her. Decent people never get elected.

    • During Nazi occupation of Europe the members of the resistance had to look on in silence for a while. There is a quickening.

    • If Westerners had a working knowledge of their history with Islam, the patience would never have been there.
      The Muslims would never have been imported.
      They would have been treated with all the contempt they and their “ideology” deserve.

  2. Muslims are supremacists. They do not integrate as they consider their culture superior. Integration is beneath them. It is the nature of their totalitarian socio-theocratic way of life. Their culture is the root cause of the ease by which they can be so duplicious, deceitful and manipulative with non muslims.

    • This is exactly the problem.

      After dealing with Maghrebi natives for 18 months it is obvious Islam is wholly supremacist.

      These folks don’t have money, an education, a nice place to live, a worthwhile job, or any noteworthy accomplishments, but you’d better believe they KNOW they are superior to you because they are Muslim.

  3. Speaking of atheists, Sam Harris, in his The End of Faith, has a chapter titled “The Problem with Islam”. Well worth reading, though the chapter might well have been titled “Everyone’s Problem with Islam”.

  4. Dear Atheist: You have chosen to be atheist because you consider yourself to be more knowledgeable, more informed, more intelligent, more enlightened, more loving of all people. I appreciate that.
    You are putting together Islam, integration and religion together. They don’t go together. Islam is an ideology like that of Nazism. It is not religion because it does not urge you to not steal, not rob, not hurt, not behead, not impale skulls on poles. It does urge to distinguish between muslims and others. To hate the neighbor if he is not muslim. Hitler started imposing his power on those weaker ones who could not defend themselves and no one defended them: Jews, gypsies, invalid. . .. Then he turned to his German opponents, now no one could defend them. Then he turned to outsiders.
    Islam veil, and honor killing oppressing Muslim women is not about morality. Muslims are as immoral as any one under the sun. They prevent their women to marry or fall in love with “others” because they don’t like to lose any of their possessions and then the infidels will have a taste of owning something that belonged to muslims. Then they will lose their money, towns, cities, countries.
    Over the last two centuries muslims kicked out all Europeans who colonized muslim countries, and followed them into their home countries.
    Western infidels don’t care one iota if their women, kids, towns, cities, countries, continents are possessed by muslims. Europeans feel an unprecedented sort of euphoria when they take possession of their daughters, or countries.

    • Choosing to be an atheist is like a fish deciding not to believe there is such a thing as water.

    • Murad,
      This comment and others you have made reveal something quite profound about you and your fellow fundamentalists. Of course Islam is a religion, just like Christianity, communism, fascism, etc. The common characteristic of these beliefs is their absolutism, there can be no questioning of the word of God, or of Marx, or any of the other chieftains who hold power. The interesting thing is that your obvious contempt for a non-believer is actually an indication of your doubts and anxieties, it is not enough that you should believe, everybody else has to forced into conformity.

  5. Islam is unique among world level religions in that it has retained an intolerable e;ement: it is a Death Cult.

    You try to leave, they try to kill you.

    No civilization can tolerate this dogma.

    Islam needs to reform the Sword out, or be kept at a minimum in the Free World.

    Which their Koranic faith aims to undermine, destroy, subjugate and enslave.

    Who in their right mind would invite that in?

    Proof that the West has lost even its instinctual sanity.

    While Islam pursues its Gulag goal with homicidal devotion.

    It could lead one to say: with a “religion” like that… belief itself becomes dubious.

    (If your faith murders you for leaving the fold, you may want to rethink such a creed, O’ Muslims.)

  6. What a puzzling piece of writing. It reads like the introductory part of an essay, but stops as soon as it states its thesis: “Islam ist wohl ein Integrationshindernis.” Okay author, let’s have your recitation of ways in which Islam is a hindrance to integration. And by “integration” do you mean “assimilation”, i.e., outlanders abandoning their outlandish ways and adopting the ways of the inlanders?

  7. I generally subscribe to the idea that Islam is a system of culture, politics, conduct, belief, attitudes. To call it an ideology is close, but it carries this tribal and historical baggage and resonance that mere ideologies, or collections or complexes of ideas, don’t have.
    It has an obsessive element in thought, a compulsive element in conduct, it is a fixation on power expressed as violence and domination of others. Islam tells the lower orders of society, those supposedly wronged by “the system” that they can destroy the upper orders and their property, along with all that it not the Ummah, without committing sin, without committing a crime, without any stain on the spirit.
    If anything, Islam is, in the history of the world, an anti-religion.

  8. Murad touched on this – but I would like to expound on it. Money. If we start using our own oil (we have 200-300 years worth under our feet) it will certainly help. Of course we also need to get rid that POS in the WH, and we need to do a lot of other things. But never forget what one pundit said:
    “There are a lot of bad Republicans. There are no good Democrats.”

    The DNC is anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-West and it wants to submit to whoever isn’t one or all three.

    Over my cold, dead, Texan body.

    • Not enough? There is none. FGM and all the rest together make up a sum total of CULT.

  9. I imagine we will know within the next year or so if anyone anywhere has been doing any contingency planning. Israelis who live very much in the be do now present found the rat tunnels (just) in time. Hopefully, as this seems like the silly season in the still free worlds history, we will not discover that we have been employing Muslims only in the sewer systems of our major cities. Or, what about driving big tankers. Or, lemme see? In charge of great swathes of security. Things happening or rather being discovered as not happening make me wonder.

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