Adjourned Until November

As reported here at the time, Tommy Robinson was originally scheduled to appear in court on March 19 on charges related to his speech at an EDL demo in Tower Hamlets last September. However, he was in prison at the time, and simply refused to make the trip to court, since it would have meant being returned to a different and more dangerous prison where he would have been held in solitary confinement. His case was adjourned until today.

Tommy was given an early release from prison last month, and the disposition of the Tower Hamlets case may affect whether he is returned to prison for violating the conditions of his early release. He appeared in court today, where it was decided whether the trial would start today or be postponed due to Tommy’s lack of legal representation.

A source close to Tommy sent the following brief report on what happened:

A message from an observer at the court during Tommy’s hearing, after the decision was announced at 11:00 am:

“Case is adjourned till November due to the uncertain reason why his legal aid was refused. The judge decided that Tommy has a right to a fair trial with legal representation. The next hearing will be on 10th November at 9.30 am. So Tommy has to organize either a pro bono solicitor or try to find one from the legal aid again.”

Tommy has now given his permission for the above information to be released and would like to add that the police tried to proceed with the case, in spite of the fact that Tommy had no legal representation. The judge, however, was unhappy with that.

I’m not familiar with the details of Tommy’s case. I remember that it was based on his allegedly exceeding his time limit while giving a speech at the Tower Hamlets demo last year. As to why he was refused legal aid, I have no idea.

There may be a way to contribute to a legal defense fund for Tommy so that he can afford to hire a solicitor. Assuming, of course, that one of the conditions of his early release from prison was not that he could receive no such donations — an assumption that may be over-optimistic, given the totalitarian state that Britain has become.

If any more information on Tommy’s situation comes in, including a way to donate to his defense, I’ll post it here.

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13 thoughts on “Adjourned Until November

  1. They try to prevent a future white charismatic and sensible leader from standing up in the future.

  2. It is impossible to imagine the effect of being the object of such grinding, implacable, vengeful pressure from the institutions that are supposed to protect you.

  3. Poor Tommy Robinson, English patriot, persecuted without mercy by his own government, while savages speak freely and run wild throughout the formerly Great Britain. Too sad, having just seen pictures of trench warfare in WW1.

  4. This is my gripe with the legal system…..justice will only be obtained for yourself….if you can pay for it. We need, but will not get, thanks to vested legal interests, a system where lawyers become civil servants, well paid, but providing a service to people free at point, taxation paying said lawyers, it would work, everyone, irrespective of wealth would have access to justice. Remember the opposition by doctors to the NHS? Lawyers competence would be scrutinized and regulated, unlike now. Think about this…..we need change.

    • If all lawyers are paid out of the same trough, filled at tax-payer expense, they will all wind up representing the interests of those managing the trough: the government establishment.

  5. this may be far fetched, but i see tommy robinson as the best candidate
    for the nobel peace prize in quite a long time. this will not happen at the moment. of course. but .. someone has got to get money to this brave man & get a tough solicitor for him, that will without a second thought, [remove the fundament from] a rat .. to win. there has got to be one solicitor in england who
    has the [manly generative organs] to do this ..
    leaders like tommy & kev won’t likely appear too often ..

  6. I cannot make Tommy out. At first I thought he was a hero, a British working class version of Geert. Then when he teamed up with Quilliam I felt betrayed. If he did this to save his own skin, it is understandable, but clearly this tactic failed.
    I see Quilliam as an organisation whose goal is to convince the masses that there is a moderate version of islam. They are, in my opinion a real snake in the grass.

  7. Is it just me? I think the British establishment wants Tommy dead and it will keep locking him up on spurious charges until some hairy faced savage puts an end to him. Muslims are over represented in UK prisons. Also, Tommy was beated up in Woodhill after he was put into a room with several mahoundians. How did this happen? No explanation was given at the time.

    • Oops another typo. “beaten” rather than “beated.” My old English teacher would be turning in his grave.

      Bobo (below) you are absolutely right.

  8. Tommy has to be crushed because he is articulate, white and, most troubling, Working Class. The working class has been progressively excluded from any active participation in politics in the UK by all parties and the last thing they want is for some dreadful oik to get the proles all riled up.

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