Wondrous Things That Won’t Be @ Schloss Bodissey

As y’all know, as part of our Fundraising Week, I’ve been thinking about adverts on our site.

You’ve seen our book links to Amazon on the sidebar, but you may not know I shop for our vitamins, household goods, and garden equipment on Amazon, too.

It’s also a handy place to leave a Wish List for the Baron to peruse since he can never think of what to get me for birthdays and such. When he asks me “what would you like for Christmas, puddin’ lump?”, I can’t think of a thing I need. Thus I took over his Wish List on Amazon so he could simply go there for ideas. Sometimes I add family gifts also because he’s simply too busy to do/think about anything but whatever is right in front of him.

Thus, last Christmas he looked on the list and voila! two weeks later under the tree on Christmas was my wonderful red teakettle… because I remembered to put it on The List. It’s also a handy place to leave things for our house that I’ll forget if I don’t write them down somewhere without losing the post-it note.

Amazon is like WalMart for semi-invalids like me. I mean, I can move around for limited amounts of time; I do a few house and garden chores, and still love to cook. But shopping? No way. I never did like it anyway; those window-shopping expeditions that energize some women were torture, much to my mother’s annoyance when I was a kid. Even then I found the experience exhausting and much to her disappointment, I never “grew out of” my antipathy regarding “browsing” — something I could do at libraries, though. Yes, I realize that if everyone were like me, the economy would soon wither.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

So today, Amazon sent this new ad out to its Frequent Shoppers list. Or its Prime list. Whatever. Bottom line is that its customers can now preorder their Amazon Fire phone.

We will never ever buy this gadget. For one thing, there are no cellphone towers within shouting distance of Schloss Bodissey. For another, we live in the sloooow lane. But for people who like smart phones and who like Amazon and who have a trust fund, why this is probably the bee’s knees. Or the ant’s abdomen.

For me, the specs on this gadget are fascinating. And small Amazon ads might not interfere with Gates of Vienna very much.

Looking at this is a break from thinking about the deliberately malign “humanitarian” crisis our President created on America’s southern border. The most cynical act of an administration marked by extremes of cynical manipulation. Every time I think it can’t get any worse, our President’s nose grows another inch.

Google image search for the crisis on our southern border

2 thoughts on “Wondrous Things That Won’t Be @ Schloss Bodissey

  1. Never use a smart phone in your own name, or anything related to you personally. Google, who owns Android OS for smartphones,
    Facebook, Tvitter and all the rest has almost all the worlds phoneowning population registrated – the rest Apple, Amazone and Microsoft has got.

    Sit still in your rocking chair and await implantation of the RFID-chip. While waiting Google: scalar technologies, voice to head technologies, mind reading technologies, MK-Ultra, Project Monarch and Project Bluebeam
    The brave new world is waiting on your porch.



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