Who’s the Bigger Phony?

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

(Note: The Republican candidate for the District 21 Senate seat in Tennessee has a Mohammed Coefficient of 50%, which is VERY unusual for an individual human being.)

Newsletter #123 — Who’s the Bigger Phony?

Mwafaq Aljabbary (aka Mwafaq Mohammed), identifies himself as a Republican who is running for the District 21 Senate seat vacated by Democrat Douglas Henry who has retired but held that seat since 1971.

During a May candidate forum, Aljabbary revealed that he is running his campaign under his real name.

Does that mean that he legally changed his name from the one he used to purchase his home which is the address he used on his qualifying petition?

Which name does he uses for his job with the TN Department of Transportation?

Which name did he use to qualify to be a candidate?

Which name does he use on his voter ID? Does he have a voter ID card for each name?

When he runs for a GOP Senate position he says he is Mwafaq Aljabbarry.

When he criticizes the Speaker of the Senate, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey for his comments about concerns for radical Islam, he says he is Mwafaq Mohammed.

During the same May candidate forum, Mwafaq Aljabbary said that if elected, he would vote to repeal Common Core, Haslam’s cornerstone of education reform.

How will Mwafaq Mohammed vote on a Common Core repeal?

Any chance Gov. Haslam will get around to stumping for incumbent Republicans who also openly opposed Common Core during the last legislative session?

left to right: Joshua Rawlings (running for District 51 House seat), Aljabbary or Mohammed (we are not sure which he wants to be in this picture), Gov. Bill Haslam

3 thoughts on “Who’s the Bigger Phony?

  1. Tennessee is a hotbed of Islamic recruitment…anyone remember the Mohammed whatever, really named Bledsoe, who killed the soldier in Little Rock?

    Here is his broken-hearted dad’s testimony:


    This father joined up with the father of the dead soldier to make a film for DVD release. I can’t remember the name of their work now.

    Radical Islam recruits hard in Tennessee higher education. They’re skilled at it. Know just the right buttons to push.

    I feel great sympathy for this family. They bought the govt “higher education” scam. At this age, your kids aren’t safe. Remember how close you kept them when they were small? The times require that we all extend that security on out past adolescence into the threshold years. Yeah, I know it didn’t used to be necessary. But with Islam stalking the kids, better safe than sorry. Ask Mr. Bledsoe.

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