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A lot of nasty comments get deleted without any further remarks by Dymphna or me. They’re mostly unoriginal and boring, but this one (submitted on last night’s news feed) has a certain je ne sais quoi:

Fjord man. Is a Hook nosed Jewish dirt bucket like you and you need gassing.

Kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

It was submitted by “Anonymous” from the IP address

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  1. Given that the Joos rule the world, he is obviously ‘living dangerously’ I’ll get my ‘mossad’ buddies onto this 🙂

  2. OK, so I can see the IP address is in London. How does one get the registration info?

    • Most consumer ISPs do NOT have fixed IP addresses. Although the ISP has logs of which IP goes with which customer, you can not guarantee that this person will have the same IP address tomorrow, or that someone else with the same IP address is always him (but probably someone in the same city with the same provider).

      You will never find him by his IP address alone, but a court order to his ISP can find him easily.

      All of that assumes he isn’t using a proxy server, an onion server, his neighbors unprotected wi-fi, or isn’t just sitting at the local free ‘hot spot’ coffee shop or library.

      • Your selection of places reminds me of the time we had to leave home for a few days because of this:

        The B had been at a meeting in Washington and hadn’t heard the noise when that derecho moved through. Here, I thought it was a sudden severe line of storms…until I stepped outside and got slapped severely by the fierce dirt and sand. That was a shock.

        When Da B got on the road he saw the destruction, plus no traffic lights and lots of cell towers not operating; he had to wait till he got closer to home to call and ask about the damage (no cell towers here). I talked him into getting a motel room very quickly on his way back to Schloss Bodissey so we could have air-conditioning and could keep up the blog. I figured if he didn’t reserve a room asap, they would soon be gone. So he stopped at a small place and checked out that they had wi fi. After making the arrangements, he went out to the parking lot and saw people beginning to line up for what was left.

        We were there two days until the electricity was back on. In fact, we were reconnected more quickly than D.C. was. But while we were there, we didn’t have the motel’s wi fi connection, but one from the Chinese restaurant across the street. That name stayed in my connection history forever.

        Evidently these are a fairly common phenomenon in the midwest. Yuck. I remember how badly we needed rain then but all we got was dirt…Amazing they were able to get past the mountain ranges…

        That wiki has some great images and lots of weather-speak…

  3. “Fjord man. Is a Hook nosed Jewish dirt bucket like you and you need gassing.”
    Amazing! It is most likely that this has come not from a Muslim, the eternal hater of Jews and Christians, ( just look at Nigeria, Egypt and Syria, Libya, . . . ) , but from a so-called liberal left. Which is a misnomer. Lefties are people without a moral compass, without a direction, unprincipled, unconscionable, confused, with mushy minds. with bleeding hearts not for the victim, but feeling sorry for the perpetrator for not easily killing his victim because he offered some resistance. Hatred! That eternal feeling that motivated Hitler to do what he did, that changed maps, geography and history. That feeling that promoted a criminal to a status of prophet because when he hates, the feeling expresses what his followers feel. So they identify themselves with him. They feel he is a prophet because they share the same feeling: HATRED.

    Why singling out Jews for so much hatred? Is it because they have offered so much positive things for humanity? NO good deed goes unpunished.

    Just look at the Greeks. Hated by Europeans. Cyprus devastated and occupied by the Turks, encouraged and helped by the west to do that in 1974, while western civilizations’ seeds were blossomed in Greece.

    The first time in history government enacted a law against a feeling: Hatred. That was after WWII. Some European geniuses discovered that wars start in the head of man or woman. They are sparked mainly by hatred. So they made it unlawful to hate an identified group, …. say like Jews or gypsies, or anyone regarding his race, religion, …. But, as human always do, misunderstand things, and misrepresent, Western people have a strange way of comprehending things and their own “advanced” peerless, humanistic laws: Those hatred laws only apply to Muslims. Go ahead and hated Jews and Christians because they impose their perverted right wing organized religion of others. But woe to you if you prevent Muslims from dawa and prevent them from imposing their will on the west or prevent them from imposing shariah. Because muslims are so aggressive in their demands and sure of themselves, the western zombies, faithless cowards and directionless, give up immediately and surrender to the forces of darkness in the name of diversity and multiculti. They can’t say we are afraid of these bearded lions. They rationalize their cowardice and confusion under the guise of diversity.

  4. Strange punctuation–‘Anonymous’ either isn’t a native English speaker or he speaks a variety of urban Creole.

  5. The truly disturbing thing about the comment is that it MIGHT NOT actually be from a muslim. Almost every day I see someone blame the ‘Jews’ for something ridiculous.

    There’s only ONE real Jewish conspiracy: Jewish movie producers often put their ‘so so’ looking daughters in their movies and then try to convince us that they are ‘really hot’. I won’t name names to protect the innocent (and the fugly). 😛

  6. Could we see more of these comments please? Just one a week, you know a best of kind of thing.

    What I particularly like about this one is his mastery of the English language.

    Is Fjordman aware that he is Jewish? I think he should be told.

  7. The first thing I did when I saw this was to check my ip address. I have been receiving messages to the effect that someone else has been using my ip address. Fortunately the address given above was not mine.I’d appreciate more of these messages so that we can see how the minds of these soldiers of allah/marx operate.

  8. Certain B could do this, but in case you others want to:
    IP address points to here
    Domain name:

    Panos Kontogiannis

    Registrant type:
    UK Individual

    Registrant’s address:
    Star House
    20 Grenfell Road
    SL6 1EH
    United Kingdom

    The comment is clearly an example of hate crime. I’ll report it but I suspect the Met won’t put enough officers onto the case to throw a cordon round a phone pole….

  9. This is coming from England – where regularly people get arrested for “racist tweets”… The Metropolitan police should be notified.

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