5 thoughts on “Psychopaths? Swift-Boaters? Or Honest Witnesses?

  1. Brave young men!

    On this 70th anniversary of D-DAY, I think we do STILL have some REAL MEN AND HEROES AGAIN!! Look at them actually STANDING UP TO THE TYRANNY OF THE Obama administration and their slurs!

  2. I cannot help thinking there must be more…much more….to this story. It seems to have backfired on Barack Obama big time.

    What is being said:-
    The guy went AWOL
    Soldiers died looking for him/trying to bring him back
    5 Taliban were let go to release him

    At the very least, it puts a price tag on soldiers heads. I’m not naive enough to think that deals aren’t done with terrorists, but don’t parade it in front of the world, as though you’re healing it like Michael Jackson.

  3. Unfortunately, dear leader and complicit holder will no doubt prevent any justice from being pursued against this turncoat scum or his freak-show Father.

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