Principal Product of Calgary: Jihad

Who would have thought that Calgary was a hotbed of jihad? But that seems to be the case — and it has the fastest-growing Muslim population in Canada.

The following news report from CBC tells the story of Salman Ashrafi, the mujahid who grew up in Calgary but later went all to pieces in Iraq:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

2 thoughts on “Principal Product of Calgary: Jihad

  1. Let the great mystery end. Obviously with access to everything including good educations and great jobs, it was oppression and poverty that created these Calgary jihadists.

    Let’s never begin looking into the texts of Islam, nor listen to the imams and never believe that a person who calls himself a Muslim actually believes what Islam proscribes.

    That should keep us safe. No?

  2. First of all, it’s OK that our state broadcaster actually reports on any of this, but still must draw some sympathy toward them. They interview a to quote a [mendacious individual], a Calgary imam who took Ezra Levant to court and lost. Do find and read Sy ed Sorhardy’s original handwritten complaint, you will see who Ezra and Canadians have to deal with. These jihadis were weill educated in Canada and chose to follow Islam instead. That they blew themselves up or were killed means nothing to me. They were not and never would have been real Canadians. Anyone who believes this imam that he knew nothing about them or believes a CBC report is plain and simply wrong or delusional.

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