Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

A gunman, presumably Islamic and possibly a “Frenchman” named Mehdi Nemmouche, recently shot down four people in the Jewish Museum in Brussels. The principal victims of his actions were…

You guessed it: Muslims.

After Mr. Nemmouche was arrested, French Muslim leaders stood at the microphones in front of the TV cameras and exhorted the audience to guard against the “stigmatization” of Muslims, whilst reassuring them that the gunman’s actions had nothing — nothing, I tell you! — to do with Islam.

In the video below, Vlad has repeated the same media clip twice, the second time including modifications that most readers will find appropriate. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling and augmentation:


00:00   Muslims of France react to the “affair” Nemmouche
00:04   (i.e. the killing in the Jewish museum in Belgium by a Muslim)
00:08   The last one who committed these acts
00:12   in Belgium, sorry, he is a child of (??Arabic word??).
00:16   He knows nothing about religion. So stop saying it’s Islam or the Muslims.
00:20   This has nothing to do with Islam or with Muslims. These people formed
00:24   an idea on the internet or in prison.
00:28   Who cares? They are terrorists; they have nothing to do with Islam,
00:33   nor with Muslims. Why are WE the victims?
00:37   Because all extremists of every kind say: See what Islam and the Muslims do.
00:41   It’s a stigmatisation of Muslim communities after such acts.
00:45   So, we suffer the consequences. Violence is part
00:49   of things we hate,
00:53   and which must be excluded from the life of Muslims in France.
00:57   There are not enough Imams in the prisons.
01:01   We expect the politicians
01:05   to assume their responsibilities.
01:09   Today the Muslims assume their responsibilities,
01:13   but it’s up to the Department of Justice and politicians to
01:17   to fill this gap that exists in the prisons.

8 thoughts on “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

  1. This is Muslim SOP. Not any different than the attitudes conveyed by hard core criminal types who are caught.

    They will keep doing it because no one has the guts to call them on their deception.

    But the Jewish community in Europe ought to be sweating bullets over these recent murders given the tepid response of the government which is in effect encouraging more violence by Muslims. It’s just a matter of when not if.

  2. People like these guys are irrelevant. The fact is, Muslims who do violence cite the passages in their Koran that exhort them to violence. Since Islam is based on the Koran, and all of the Koran contains the word of Allah who must be obeyed, how can they say the muslim-caused violence is not part of Islam? Why doesn’t someone call them on this?

  3. What I don’t get is how his logic jumps to importuning for more imams in prisons. I suspect his unstated argument is that with more imams working in prisons with the Muslim inmates there would be fewer Nemmouches; a highly dubious proposition.

    So the bottom line is a French Muslim murders some Jews in Brussels and French Muslim leaders use the fact to plead for more taxpayer funded jobs for their religious teachers. Cute.

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