Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf implied by the title of this post is a culturally enriched “German” imam named Bajrambejamin “Benjamin” Idriz, who presides over a mosque in Penzburg and is the motive force behind the push for the proposed mega-mosque in Munich. Little Red Riding Hood is represented by the good burghers of Munich, the citizens of Bavaria, and the German Republic at large.

Regular readers are familiar with the heroic efforts of Michael Stürzenberger to force a referendum on the proposed mosque in Munich (new readers should check the links at the bottom of this post). Mr. Stürzenberger’s relentless opposition has borne fruit: the local authorities have decided to move the mosque away from the Stachus to a less controversial location.

JLH has translated some background on the issue, plus the latest news on the planned mosque. He includes this introductory note:

These two articles are more or less a matched pair, which I think of as “Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood”.

They deal with Munich and the big Islamic project Michael Stürzenberger has been campaigning against. Together, they fill in some of the background on both the corrupted officials who are desperately trying to close the deal (and put Michael out of business), as well as the Left who are de facto allies of the project, and the not-so-shadowy figure of Imam Idriz — the mutual nemeses of Michael Stürzenberger.

I have treated the piece by Monika Kaufmann as background to the blu-NEWS report. It was written earlier, so it does not have the latest development of the shift in location, but it does give a feeling for why the opponents of this project both fear and hate it.

First, the background article by Monika Kaufmann that was published last summer at Michael Mannheimer’s website:

Imam Idriz, Islamic Wolf in the Sheep’s Clothing of Tolerance — Lying and Tactics in the Tradition of the Prophet

The imam of Penzburg, Bajrambejamin Idriz, Germany’s and Munich’s glitteratus imam, is a master of cunning, and of deceiving of his naïve non-Muslim fans. According to the imam, Islam is a peaceful religion, compatible with the western Enlightenment, democratic and tolerant. There is no sharia, only a mean-minded misrepresentation by the enemies of Islam. That is all lies. No one knows this better than the Pied Piper of Penzberg.

by Monika Kaufmann

Story Hour for the Kiddies with Uncle Benjamin

Penzberg is a lovely, small town about 50 kilometers south of the state capitol Munich. Exactly what you imagine when you think of Upper Bavaria — bucolic, idyllic and yet modern. The cows go “moo,” but there is nothing lacking of the ambience of a modern Bavarian town. You would think that everything here is as it should be. Everything? Well, appearances are deceiving.

Idriz — The Pseudo-Christian Name Game

In Penzberg, there is a mosque, together with a certain Imam Idriz, who has high hopes. Not really so bad, you are supposed to think. But this imam lies like a rug. Starting with his first name. He claims his name is Benjamin, which is reminiscent of the Bible. Jacob’s youngest son was Benjamin and the present prime minister of Israel — Netanyahu — has the same first name and is often called Bibi. But actually, his first name is Bajrambejamin, which sounds far less familiar and homey and which he studiously conceals. But it is not just the falsified given name that awakens the suspicion of an impartial observer.

It has been bruited about that Imam Idriz would like to found the ZIE-M (Zentrum für Islam in Europa/München — Center for Islam in Europe/Munich), i.e., a European Islamic center in Munich, with mosque, shopping center, including haircutting salons and attorneys’ offices, and a facility for the training of imams — in other words, a breeding place for terrorists. It is all in aid of founding a parallel society in the area of the Stachus, that is, smack in the center of Munich. The idea is to make Islam indigenous here, and that arouses resentment among the more alert citizens of our society.

As is known, Islam is not only a religion, but also a totalitarian ideology, which leads directly to terrorism. We should be familiar enough with that, from our experiences with the two dominant totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century — National Socialism and Stalinism. Islam, however, is somewhat older (just about 1400 years), and has accordingly lasted longer.

Idriz: His Fairy Tale of the Impractical “Euro-Islam”

Imam Idriz wants to introduce “Euro-Islam” in Bavaria, i.e., Germany, i.e., Europe and in adapted form in the rest of the world. Now, the average European citizen has a better chance of being invited to the wedding of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, than of experiencing the so-called Euroislam. This is a chimera — does not exist. But our friendly imam also brings this do-it-yourself Euroislam to us in his book “Hello, Mr. Imam.” Here again is the suggestion that all of us — Jews, Christians and Mohammedans — believe in the same God. But no Jew or Christian believes in Allah, the moon-god.

Islam is designed for world domination, exactly like National Socialism and Socialism — sharia and jizya everywhere, Islamic law and taxes without end, total injustice and subjection.

Imam Idriz has a completely different view. And if we cast a glance at his confidantes in Penzberg, everything looks different. Idriz is venerated by adherents of both Catholic and Protestant churches, as the following example demonstrates: [see photo in original article]

Idriz: “Sharia? There’s No Such Thing!”

Idriz purports to be quite unaffected by all this and says he knows nothing about sharia. I explained it to him a bit, but could not manage to get him to a simple Yes or No answer. It was a home game. The Penzbergers are hopelessly fact-resistant. They love their imam above all else. You can only judge that if you experienced it.

Idriz: His Lies About Srebenica

Imam Idriz is always glad to talk about Srebenica. He reports emphatically that his brother was murdered there and then he really hits his stride. He rolls his eyes and tells the amazed audience that 200,000 people died there — an odd posthumous increase in population, since there were never that many residents in Srebenica. But in Islam and with Idriz, so much is possible.

Idriz: “I am a Member of the Muslim Brotherhood”

Idriz outed himself at a rally of the PI group in Munich. The shrewd, unctuous warrior for Euroislam suddenly confesses that he belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood.* There were two clear statements: confession of connection to a terrorist organization and condemnation of his opponent Abdel-Samad, which the latter promptly denied. Nobody wants to look like an Islam-hater.

*   insert from Michael Mannheimer: His lawyer is presently threatening Michael Stürzenberger and FREIHEIT with a heavy fine if this “false claim” is not immediately rescinded. That will not happen. As Stürzenberger told me on the telephone, there are several witnesses who saw and heard Idriz’ confession of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

No one who is acquainted with his career can be surprised that Idriz is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. For instance, in the Penzberg mosque library is a book , Milestones, by Sayyed Qutb, the spiritual father of Islamic terrorism. Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, all the contemporary terrorists learned hate from him. Qutb, an Egyptian Muslim Brother, was radicalized at the end of the 1940s, beginning of the 1950s, during a stay in America. There he learned to hate the “decadence of the West” and to value the “virtue of the Islamic world.” He was executed in 1966, under the regime of Gamel Abdel Nasser, and therefore died as a martyr which gained him 72 virgins in Paradise. That was probably of no use to him, since he had had little opportunity to practice during his lifetime. He was much too inhibited to try anything with women. Also not married. His family did not see to him soon enough.

Idriz: the Carrot and Stick Tactic

It is surprising that the “lying imam” is suddenly telling the truth. Could it be that he has suddenly discovered a love of truth? Obviously not. Idriz answered a question from our comrade-in-arms, Nawal, a Coptic Christian. He is following a double strategy here. On the one hand, he wanted to intimidate Nawal and demonstrate power. On the other, he wanted to take her aside and make it clear how reprehensible the PI group , the FREIHEIT party and its head, Michael Stürzenberger, are. One keeps away from such people as much as possible.

Idriz gave Nawal his card, encouraged her to call him anytime and assured her that the Copts enjoy the full protection of the Muslim Brotherhood. Blessing and salvation come only from Islam. Western opponents of Islam, to the contrary, are malicious and devious creatures who cannot be trusted. Nawal has a different point of view, because the history of the Copts has taught her better.

Idriz: Narcissistic and Megalomaniacal?

But there is yet another reason why our Idriz reacted so incautiously. He suffers from acute megalomania, paired with narcissism — not an unusual combination among Mohammedans. If there had been no young Narcissus to fall in love with his own image in the Greek tale, Idriz would have invented him. In the Penzberg Catholic community hall, he told those present, unprompted, that he was 1.75 m tall and weighed 70 kilos. He seems to me to be somewhat heavier, but we won’t be picky. Fortunately, he spared us further details. For here is where the guest would turn with horror to quote Schiller. ** Even as a natural scientist driven by a thirst for knowledge, it is not necessary to know everything.

**   Allusion to Schiller’s ballad, “The Ring of Polykrates,” which demonstrates the truism that those too favored by fortune will suffer at the hands of the gods.

The latest on the Munich mega-mosque, from blu-NEWS:

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The Vatican Falls for the ‘Interfaith’ Scam

My latest article about the Al-Azhar imam’s “interfaith” prayer on June 8 at the Vatican has been published at FrontPage Mag. Some excerpts are below:

On June 8, 2014 — Pentecost Sunday — the Vatican hosted an “interfaith event” that included prayers by Christian priests, a Jewish rabbi, and a Muslim imam. The occasion was well-publicized in advance by the Holy See as a “pause in politics” that would promote peace between the Israel and the Palestinians.

During his visit to Israel and the Palestinian Authority the previous month, Pope Francis had invited Israeli President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to attend the event. Both leaders accepted the invitation, and sat with the Pope while prayers were said and chanted in the Vatican garden.

The imam, however, went beyond the script that had been handed to the Vatican in advance. He included in his chanted prayer verses 284-286 of Sura 2 in the Koran, the last part of which calls for Allah to grant the Muslims victory over the infidels. His words were broadcast live to a television audience, but they were in Arabic, so most non-Muslim viewers had no idea what he had said.

This apparently included the Vatican hierarchy. When someone who did understand Arabic pointed out what had happened, a Vatican spokesman at first denied that any such thing had occurred. Those verses weren’t in the advance script — how could he possibly have said them? No Muslim, especially a respected imam, would ever go back on his word!

Later, when that story became untenable, the Vatican soft-pedaled the added text, saying that there was nothing really wrong with it. To further complicate matters, a doctored tape of the Arabic prayer was released in which the final part of verse 2:286 was edited out. It’s not clear who did the editing, but the altered version certainly did serve the interests of the Vatican.

With the help of Vlad Tepes, I was able to track down a complete video of the prayer from an Arabic television channel and then have it translated (by a volunteer who prefers to remain anonymous) and subtitled. As far as I can determine, the imam’s name was never made public, either by the Vatican or the English-language Arab news sites. I’m told he’s Palestinian, and his distinctive headgear identifies him as having the authoritative credentials of Al-Azhar University:

A German-speaking Jesuit priest, Fr. Felix Körner, made a valiant effort to demonstrate that 2:286 was in full accord with Christian doctrine, and was peaceful in intent. During an interview he said (translated from the German by Rembrandt Clancy):

“This verse, perhaps spontaneously selected by someone who then also recited the Koran from memory, actually fitted very well into the overall context of the Prayer for Peace! There are always three steps in the three religions: We recognise the Creator and praise Him, we recognise our guilt and confess it and we plead for the gift of peace. And all that comes out very beautifully in these three verses of the Koran.


“There is a certain parallel insofar as a quotation torn out of context is particularly easily misunderstood. And if one removes from the text only the reference to unbelievers, one can easily use it as a peg upon which to hang something and then say that an infringement has taken place here. On the other hand we have in this case a Koran recitation which pertains to someone who not only quotes, but recites, and who also says: what I am reciting here is also what I believe. And in the same breath he is also saying: We Muslims, as the Koran precisely tells us, recognise the other religions with their prophets. Therefore from the Muslim side, there was by no means any deprecation or exclusion intended or expressed. Rather it was said: We are bringing here a religious idea, one which welcomes and accepts you all, and naturally in certain Koranic way, tries to set things right again. But there was nothing here which was meant to exclude or rebuff; rather a Koran verse was recited, which is meant to express the highest respect and therefore can also be received as such.” [emphasis added]

But is this interpretation true? Does Islam really “recognize the other religions with their prophets”? Was there really no “deprecation or exclusion intended”?

It’s always unwise to trust a non-Muslim’s interpretations of Islamic scripture and law. Our political are always telling us what Islam means — witness Boris Johnson, David Cameron, and George W. Bush — with less than complete credibility. Now we have a Jesuit priest telling us what Islam does and does not mean.

It’s also unwise to trust a Muslim cleric or spokesman when he explains Islam to a non-Muslim audience. There are very clear reasons for this skepticism, based in the Koran and the hadith (the sayings of Mohammed) and all major interpretations of Islamic law that are derived from those.

So how do we understand what happened at the Vatican on Pentecost Sunday?

We begin with this: last November a well-meaning Pope Francis issued a papal declaration, Evangelii Gaudium, which said among other things that “our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalisations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.”

Now we’re going to take the advice of Major (ret.) Stephen Coughlin, one of the foremost non-Muslim experts on Islamic law in the United States. If we want to understand Islamic law, Maj. Coughlin tells us: “You must read things written by Muslims who are recognized in the Muslim community as experts in the topic they are writing about, and who are writing for a Muslim audience. If you fail to do that, you are not doing your job.”

Therefore, to provide context for the momentous events of June 8, the following information is instructive. It is derived from ‘Umdat al-salik wa ‘uddat al-nasik, which is commonly referred to as Reliance of the Traveller when cited in English. This an authoritative source on Sunni Islamic law, because it is certified as such by Al-Azhar University in Cairo. There is no higher authority on Sunni Islamic doctrine than Al-Azhar; it is the closest equivalent to the Vatican that can be found in Islam.

Consider this passage from Reliance of the Traveller, chapter O, o9.0:

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Bill Whittle and “Scandal Fatigue”

It’s time for another Bill Whittle video. Think of him as America’s Pat Condell. Not that they’re similar but they both energize the tiny spark of hope left among those of us who listen to them and remember when things were not quite so soiled and degraded:

The “About” section says:

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Everywhere we look today we see SCANDAL FATIGUE gripping the nation. It’s bad enough that Leftist policy has crippled the national economy; in his latest FIREWALL he explains why you shouldn’t let the Clown Car Cavalcade of Incompetence cripple YOUR economy as well. Watch and discover why America is bigger than these weenies at their worst.

If you go to the video page where this appeared, you can subscribe to his “Truth Revolt dot org”. It seems to be his new Youtube Channel. If I remember correctly the other one is/was Declaration Video. I’ll have to look it up to see if he’s running both now since his weekly emails seem to have died…or, heaven forefend, they struck out our address for our infamous Islamophobia? Nah. He’s a Tea Party guy, after all.

I’ll add a few other episodes here and there to catch up. For the most part, his polemics don’t stale date quickly. However, I will note here the complaint of a commenter posted below this new episode about twelve hours ago:

Huh? What did he say? Bill, why does every other YT video have audio I can hear, but yours and PJTV videos have inaudible sound?? Are you going tone deaf, too? Could you maybe do CC, since you clearly don’t want me to hear what you have to say?! [redacted] frustrating…

Yes, Houston, you do have an audio quality problem, whatever CC is. Oh, wait. Does that mean “captioned”? YES, please; captioning gets my vote.

So in case you Brits were wondering, it’s not just you being unable to understand American English, Americans are having the same issue with the audio here. The YouTube commenter fellow is right; I had to play this several times to hear all of it. Or most of it; I never did get it entirely. And if it weren’t the inimitable Mr. Whittle I wouldn’t have gone to the trouble.

Maybe Vlad can tell me what the problem is; Vlad is such a stickler for good audio. Perhaps he could even tell Mr. Whittle what he might do for sound remediation.

Meanwhile, another commenter there has a solution for what ails us. He says:

Go Galt, earn a few dollars under the poverty level, buy stuff used and the leeches in government will get almost nothing from you to pay for their police/nanny state.

I never have understood the “Go Galt” part of people’s suggestions. I presume this idea comes from Ayn Rand’s works, which I could never make my way through any of them. Maybe someone has the Cliff Notes? But the rest of his ideas about living under the poverty level? Check. We do that already -buy used stuff? Check. (except for food) or – gasp! -go one better and do without. Check.

We’re all set for the days when parts of America begin to resemble Moscow but with the wonderful addition of cheap Cuban coffee (made in Florida now. And Mexico).

Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/26/2014

With the enthusiastic approval of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Syrian air force bombed ISIS forces inside Iraq. Meanwhile, President Obama has requested that Congress authorize $500 million in additional aid to the “moderate” “rebels” in the Syrian “opposition”.

In other news, the French Supreme Court upheld the ban on the wearing of hijab in the workplace.

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Why is This Not Betrayal?

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Why is This Not Betrayal?
by Fjordman

It is dismissed as a “crazy conspiracy theory” if one suggests that Western political elites actively support the Islamization of Europe and the Western world. Yet one might argue that this is not a conspiracy theory — or even a theory — merely an observation.

The more Muslims and people who champion Islamic ideas imported into a society, the more Islamic influence there will be in that society. This is basic logic: if you import large numbers of Muslims to a country, you get more Islamization. It’s pretty simple, really.

So let us ask a simple question: Do Western governments allow large numbers of Muslims to settle in Western countries? Yes or no? The answer is obviously yes, as we can easily observe all around us. Western authorities have for decades been in the process of importing large numbers of Muslims to our countries. Since more Muslims means more Islam, this implies that Western authorities actively support the gradual Islamization of our countries.

If you find this to be a provocative observation, then ask yourself the following question: If Western political elites, ruling authorities and mass media really and truly object to the growing Islamic presence in our societies, then exactly what are they doing to curb this growth, apart from some mostly symbolic gestures?

As long as they are not doing anything substantial to halt or even slow down Muslim immigration, they are in fact supporting the continued, gradual Islamization of our countries. There is no other way to put it.

What can be done?

A hard-line option might be to say explicitly that Islamic culture is incompatible with our culture. Therefore, Muslim immigration to all European and Western nations will be immediately and permanently halted. This will probably be seen as too provocative by many people, however.

A more plausible alternative might be to say that while many Muslims might be fine people as individuals, much of the Islamic world is currently in such a state of unrest and turmoil that we need to protect our own societies as much as we can from this. We are therefore sad to announce that we must, for an indefinite time period, suspend any immigration from this part of the world.

An even more moderate solution might be not to say anything about Muslims or Islam at all. Western governments could simply state that our share of the world’s population keeps dropping rapidly. Moreover, we have plenty of problems of our own to deal with. The unemployment rate in several southern European countries is above 20%, with youth unemployment exceeding 40% in some places. It does not make sense in this situation to import millions of more people when we cannot provide work to those who are already here.

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/25/2014

A former bullfighting ring in Barcelona may become Europe’s largest mosque. The Islamic Federation of Catalonia has found a backer in Qatar willing to donate the €2.2 billion required to purchase and refurbish the unused building.

In other news, a spokesman for the foreign ministry in North Korea said that his country will wage war against the United States if an upcoming Hollywood comedy about the assassination of Kim Jong-un is released.

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Noblesse Oblige Fingers the Fast Food

Our overweening political class tries so very hard to look “normal”. They massage, manage, and squeeze each encounter with the hoi polloi, twisting it to show their best, their common side.

Take President Obama (please, somebody). He so distrusts his fawning press that he won’t permit them to take photos of his royal self anymore. Sometime in the recent past the ruling came down from on high: the only pictures that would be permitted of Obama and subsequently distributed to the news services would be those taken by his own personal White House photographer. Associated Press could hang it up; they weren’t gonna get any photo ops from this administration. BHO was going to control his own image.

This increasingly disconnected administration doesn’t seem to understand the extent to which the MSM sold its soul to sell him. No matter what they did, it wasn’t enough. No one could ever do enough for His Majesty President Obama. 24/7 fawning was simply too little.

Thus his own photographer accompanies him everywhere, and only his own photographer’s pictures are allowed out to the public, at least in the U.S. where he has the power to control these situations. He may have to put up with indignities when he travels abroad, but here in the U.S., in public, he owns the images. And thus no “bad” photographs showing the slightest hint of mere mortality could ever be emitted from behind the magik negro screen.

Add to that White House photograph policy the well-known Obama penchant for self-assurance. He knows everything. This is one reason he doesn’t have to listen to anyone else. Whatever they have to say, he already knows it and he knows it better than they do.

So. Who’s gonna tell the Emperor he’s butt-naked and looks like a damfool? In this image for the ages, a recorded moment of presidential overreach, who’s gonna tell him to get his freakin’ hands offa the sneeze guard and stand back a few feet as the health laws dictate?

Who’s gonna inform the Almighty Freakin’ Imperial Self that he’s violating the health codes?

Ain’t no minimum wage minion alive who would dare to tell the Grand Poobah anything.

Nor does the royal photographer appear to know that he’s recording for posterity this big no-no, or that a normal person would’ve been told “please stand back”.

Don’t you wonder why the Secret Service agents in attendance didn’t say anything? Maybe they don’t eat fast food either?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For a normal person, this would be amusing. For a pompous ass, there will be an accounting. Somebody will be thrown under the bus for allowing this to out into the public view. For Mr. Thin-Skinned Obama in particular, for every goof there must be a sacrificial victim to take the fall.

Who will it be?

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The Jihad from Germany

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has translated a video report from German TV about “Germans” who have traveled to wage jihad in Syria and risen high in the ranks of ISIS. He includes his own explanatory introduction.

by Rembrandt Clancy

War of the ISIS Terrorists: Does a Leading Jihadist Come from Germany?

Below is a video documentary of 17 June 2014 by report München, part of the consortium of Germany’s public broadcasters (ARD). It is called “War of the ISIS Terrorists: Does a Leading Jihadist Come from Germany?”. It presents evidence suggesting that a German convert to Islam, perhaps even more than one, is operating at the highest leadership levels in ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria). Other members of the ARD consortium, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) and SWR (Südwestrundfunk), also participated in the project as is documented in the video.

While notice of the presence of a German convert in the higher echelons of ISIS is new, readers are well aware of the broad implications. However, Rainer Wendt, the head of Germany’s Police Union, provides some specific background to the German context as the Frankfurter Allegemeine reports (03 June 2014):

Union chief Rainer Wendt starts from the assumption that around 2,000 potential perpetrators are in Germany. Moreover, hundreds are training in Syria. He is demanding a Europe-wide monitoring of the situation.

After the attack on the Jewish museum in Brussels, the German Police Union warned of an increasing number of potentially violent Islamists in Germany. The chief of the Police Union told the online edition of Handelsblatt: “Their number is rising rapidly, as the so-called Salafist-scene shows, for example, in the Rhineland”. On a number of occasions “these extremists have shown that violence is an integral strategic component in the pursuit of their objectives. Also and especially, they do not respect state institutions and their representatives”.

To his knowledge there are presently several hundred extremists from the Salafist milieu in Syria where they are learning how to kill. “It must be expected that there are more than 2,000 potentially violent Islamists in Germany.”


However he sees resistance against such [Europe-wide, technical monitoring measures]: “Some politicians still believe that their own governmental authorities are the enemy of our democratic order rather than providing our security forces the necessary means for a successful battle against terrorism”, said Wendt by way of criticism.

The last person interviewed in the report München documentary is Guido Steinberg, whom the broadcaster identifies as an Islam researcher who studies the Near East and Islamic terrorism around the world. He has written numerous books and articles on history and politics in the Arabian world. Presently he is with an independent research organisation, German Institute for International and Security Affairs (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik). On 22 June 2014 he was one of the guests with Günter Jauch on his hour-long political talk show on DasErste.de, (The First) Germany’s national public TV network. The programme is called “Bloody Battlefield: How Dangerous are the Islamist Jihadists? (Blutiger Feldzug — Wie gefährlich sind die islamistischen Gotteskrieger?). Guido Steinberg had the following to say about indications of Germany’s vulnerability to deadly jihadist attacks:

The most concrete indication is the attack in Brussels. That demonstrated that returnees constitute a very concrete danger. For Germany, there are other indicators, first and foremost the number of fighters. In Europe, the Germans make up the third largest contingent after Britain, then France, and they are only slightly ahead of Belgium. It is in these numbers — together with a tendency in German Jihadism toward the building of more structures, new organisations — that I think the greatest danger lies. When four or five years ago people returned from Pakistan, they did not know to whom they could turn here in Europe, or to whom to turn in Germany. Today it is different. Two years ago the Interior Minister banned a small group, Millatu Ibrahim (The Religious Community of Abraham), — and their structures are still active in this country. And it is this combination which I think constitutes the best evidence for this danger, namely, a high readiness by ISIS to attack; a large number of Germans in Syria, above all with ISIS and not with other organisations; plus, new structures in Germany herself. [Blutiger Feltzug: 3:00 min ff]

Guido Steinberg also compares ISIS with Al Qaeda:

Al Qaeda is at least pragmatic and political. The Al Qaeda leadership has been discussing for a long time, since the death of Osama bin Laden, how the organisation can be made relevant again. Under their new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri from Egypt, there is a completely different line. … He says you [the Al Qaeda members] must integrate into larger insurgency movements as in Syria; you must win the hearts and minds of the people; you must not be conspicuous for violent acts; if you fight, then fight only against the security forces of the regime. … ISIS became, in a manner of speaking, the competitor organisation. And it was already such in the past, from the very time of its founding by the Jordanian terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. He was killed in 2006 in Iraq, and always represented another line: very brutal attacks, brutal videos of executions, he fought Shiites only because they are Shiites and he had a very goal-directed anti-Israeli strategy. (Blutiger Feltzug: 37:47 min ff.)

Guido Steinberg further explains that the horrific violence which ISIS deliberately documents with video on the Internet succeeds in achieving two purposes:

Firstly they naturally wish to terrorise their enemies, for which reason we use the word “terrorist”. And they excite fear; they are successful with it, even in Iraq during this advance. We have seen some images from pre-distributed videos. They played an important role. They are one of the reasons why the soldiers threw away their weapons. The second reason for this propaganda offensive is to win recruits. That too is successful. Precisely these videos have called up a veritable storm of enthusiasm on Twitter and Facebook, and probably the next wave of recruits will involve not only the Arabian world, but also Europe. (Blutiger Feltzug: 39:10 min. ff)

The German Interior Minister, Thomas de Maizière is quoted as saying:

“There is a concrete, deadly danger from attacks by returning German Islamists.” [Quoted by Günter Jauch, in his ARD programme “Blutiger Feldzug…” 01.13 min.]

The subtitled ARD video, 17 June 2014:

Video Transcript

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/24/2014

Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen — the leaders of the Dutch PVV and French Front National, respectively — failed to meet the conditions to form their own parliamentary group in the European Parliament. The rules required them to find at least 25 MEPs from seven different parties to join their group by June 23, but they didn’t manage to do so before the deadline.

In other news, according to a recent survey, four out of five Swedes are worried about racism. In a possibly unrelated development, the Swedish government is hoping that a new online course will help reduce the rising incidence of female genital mutilation in Sweden.

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Another One of Those Bloody Honor Killings? Who Cares? Change the Channel…

When the story appeared in Drudge, a gloomy cloud of inevitability closed in. The release of Dr. Meriam Yahya Ibrahim was a trick; they’re never going to let this woman go. With a whole country to run, with what should be an intense struggle to bring their people to a third-world level of prosperity, these 7th-century barbarians can’t let her go.

The top priority appears to be making sure their forty or so security thugs surround this woman and her babies at the airport to prevent her from leaving their fly-bitten hellhole.

We subscribe to Phyllis Chesler’s emails — hers is a sure voice, and one worth listening to. Of late, she’s been by-lined on Breitbart, which is encouraging, even if her sad news isn’t:

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman whom an Appeal Court freed yesterday, has just been re-arrested at the airport trying to leave Khartoum. She is now in more danger than ever before.

Here’s why.

A man, Al-Samani Al-Hadi, has come forward who claims to be her brother. Meriam denies that he is. Nevertheless, he is claiming that his Islamic family honor has been “tarnished,” that he seeks “retribution,” that “Christians (have) tarnished his Islamic family’s honor through the case.”

It seems that Ibrahim’s presumed family, perhaps only her father’s side (a father who abandoned Meriam and her Christian mother when Meriam was very young), may have been the ones who initially filed a criminal complaint claiming they were “shocked” when they discovered that Meriam had married a Christian.

As soon as she was let go, I wondered how she’d ever get out of that place safely. Turns out she won’t; they’ve found another despicable Islamic way to make her an apostate so they can kill her.

So what’s the reason for all this thuggery and taqiyya? Why, so they can label their death machine “HONOR” before they torture and kill a woman whose training and skills they need. But she’s a woman. EEYEW.

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“A Complete Collapse of Reason”

Last November Pope Francis issued an exhortation entitled Evangelii Gaudium in which he made the following assertions about Islam:

253.   In order to sustain dialogue with Islam, suitable training is essential for all involved, not only so that they can be solidly and joyfully grounded in their own identity, but so that they can also acknowledge the values of others, appreciate the concerns underlying their demands and shed light on shared beliefs. We Christians should embrace with affection and respect Muslim immigrants to our countries in the same way that we hope and ask to be received and respected in countries of Islamic tradition. I ask and I humbly entreat those countries to grant Christians freedom to worship and to practice their faith, in light of the freedom which followers of Islam enjoy in Western countries! Faced with disconcerting episodes of violent fundamentalism, our respect for true followers of Islam should lead us to avoid hateful generalisations, for authentic Islam and the proper reading of the Koran are opposed to every form of violence.

As has been reported here at length over the past couple of weeks (see the list of links at the bottom of this post), a Muslim imam was invited to participate in the “prayer for peace” event at the Vatican on June 8. The esteemed alumnus of Al-Azhar University went off-script, however, and asked Allah to help him gain victory over the unbelievers.

The Vatican at first denied that any such thing had happened, and an edited video of the event was released that supported their denial. However, as we reported last week, the end of Sura 2 Verse 286 from the Koran that the imam quoted — which had been judiciously removed from the publicized version — was most assuredly included in the cleric’s Arabic-language prayer.

To provide context for this momentous event, the following information is instructive. Regular readers should bear with me; I know you’ve seen this all before.

’Umdat al-salik wa ’uddat al-nasik, or The reliance of the traveller and tools of the worshipper is commonly referred to as Reliance of the Traveller when cited in English.

The Revised Edition (published 1991, revised 1994) is “The Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law ’Umdat al-Salik by Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Misri (d. 769/1368) in Arabic with Facing English Text, Commentary, and Appendices”, edited and translated by Nuh Ha Mim Keller. The publisher is listed as amana publications in Beltsville, Maryland.

This an authoritative source on Sunni Islamic law, because it is certified as such by Al-Azhar University in Cairo. There is no higher authority on Sunni Islamic doctrine than Al-Azhar; it is the closest equivalent to the Vatican that can be found in Islam.

Consider this passage from Reliance of the Traveller, chapter O, o9.0:

Jihad means to wage war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion. And it is the lesser jihad.


The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus is such Koranic verses as:

  • Fighting is prescribed for you (Koran 2:216)
  • Slay them wherever you find them (Koran 4:89)
  • Fight the idolators utterly (Koran 9:36)

In o9.8, Reliance of the Traveller describes the objectives of jihad:

The caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians, and Zoroastrians provided he has first invited them to enter Islam in faith and practice, and if they will not, then invited them to enter the social order of Islam by paying the non-Muslim poll tax (jizya, def: o11.4)… and the war continues until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax…

We should also bear in mind what Islamic law says about lying. In Book R “Holding One’s Tongue,” §r8.0 “Lying” at r8.2 “Permissible Lying,” Reliance of the Traveller cites the iconic Islamic legal jurist Imam Abu Hamid Ghazali:

This is an explicit statement that lying is sometimes permissible for a given interest… When it is possible to achieve such an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if attaining the goal is permissible (N: i.e., when the purpose of lying is to circumvent someone who is preventing one from doing something permissible) and obligatory to lie if the goal is obligatory.

Keep all these sources in mind when you watch the following video.

Vlad Tepes has conducted a comprehensive interview with Maj. (ret.) Stephen Coughlin, who is one of the foremost non-Muslim American experts on Islamic law. Maj. Coughlin examines the context of what the imam’s prayer at the Vatican as it relates to Islamic law. He uses his explanatory material — from authoritative sources of Islamic law — to expose the strategy behind Muslim participation in the prayer event at the Vatican, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s exploitation of the “interfaith” movement to accomplish its own ends.

Many thanks to Vlad for recording, editing, and uploading this video (if you’re not familiar with it, see this subtitled version of the Arabic recitation referred to in Maj. Coughlin’s briefing):

Previous posts about Imamgate — The Arabic prayer at the Vatican, June 8 2014:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 6/23/2014

Denmark is one of the most Islamic countries in the world. According to a study by George Washington University, which established an “Islamicity index” for every country in the world, New Zealand is the most Islamic non-Muslim country, but Denmark is high on the list.

In other news, Meriam Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian woman who was sentenced to death for refusing to “revert” to Islam, has had her sentence overturned by a higher court, and has been released from prison.

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After the Deluge

As you all know, we just wrapped up the opening week of our summer fundraiser. Theoretically the process will continue all summer until the opening week of autumn fundraiser begins, but last week was the big week. It’s a good thing I don’t have to work so intensely all the time — those eighteen-hour days are grueling.

So what do we call this wrap-up? “Post mortem” doesn’t quite strike the right note. How about “post partum”? We say “antediluvian” for “before the Flood”. Does anyone ever say “postdiluvian”*?

Anyway, here’s a final roster of the locations from which our donors hail. There was a real flurry of first-time donors over the last few days, some of them from places we don’t usually see, such as Mississippi and Thailand:

Stateside: Arizona, California, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, W. Virginia, and Washington

Near Abroad: Canada

Far Abroad: Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, and the UK

A big tip of the Baronial pickelhaube to everyone who made the tip jar clink!

Now we’ll see how things go during the long march of the “Dog Days” this summer. If the interstitial flow swells beyond the trickle we experienced during the previous period, the Steppenwolf may well be kept away from the doors of the great hall at Schloss Bodissey…

* Yes, I know they do. The question was whimsical and rhetorical.