Obama’s Left Hand Doesn’t Speak to His Right Hand

UPDATE: June 21st

This deserves to be seen more widely than it would be if I were to simply leave it in a comment.

The Conservative Housewife found the data on a government website where they were advertising for child escorts in January. In other words, this was a plan, man. A big one requiring lots of personnel:

On January 29, 2014, the Federal Government posted an ad on their BizOpps website [see their link at her page] seeking escorts for unaccompanied illegal alien children. If this doesn’t prove that the entire mess with all the illegals flooding our country was planned by this administration, nothing ever will. Here is the entire document that lays out the “requirements” to become such an escort


There is much more damning evidence at her page. This was an ICE op, and they specify the type of people they’ll need to accompany these UACs.

Since it’s a screen cap, the lower resolution on my notebook isn’t entirely clear. You may have no trouble reading this alarming jobs description. Makes you wonder how many people they hired and how long those folks will be employed. Jobs are hard to come by; who would feel pushed to the wall enough to do this kind of work?

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What if Barack Obama wasn’t inept at all? What if his many failures and misdirections were part of a larger scheme to confuse, misdirect, and eventually destroy our ability to make any reasonable predictions about what comes next?

On the other hand, what if his utter hubris has engineered so vast a mistake that his bridge collapses?

[Update: Below is a video of one woman speaking out at the meeting in Lawrenceville. Many thanks to the anonymous commenters who provided these links. Open up YouTube and look at the sidebar for more Lawrenceville videos.]

I can only deal with a few parts of this administration’s huge and sprawling Hell House. So I will stick to some of what I know well, and hazard a few guesses as to what is going on.

Take the “humanitarian” crisis he has fomented along our southern borders. It appears that advertisements or news reports ran in Central American news media; they claimed new opportunities for illegal alien children IF they came to the U.S. border unaccompanied by adult members of their family. New, softer rules would apply for these children; they would be more kindly treated if they were to arrive in huge droves, serving to undermine the strictures in place.

What if those “news” stories served to turn on a spigot? What if families with no hope for the future sent their malnourished and diseased children (not to mention adults who’d been miniaturized by a life of semi-starvation who tried to “pass” as children) on a fearsome odyssey, including a trek through Mexico? What if they appeared in the thousands to overwhelm those whose job it was to keep the borders secure?

What if the obedient American media began this part of their news cycle with horrendous images of the children who’d been hauled off in conveniently waiting buses to holding pens in Arizona, etc. And what if those images were designed to soften the already predictably soft American hearts, causing a tsunami of demands to “take care of the children”?

What if those softened-up Americans demanded a one-time permission to permit those poor parents to come here to be reunited with their children and then to return home with them?

What if somehow these families of unknown numbers got lost in the paperwork? We know how skilled the Obama mis-administration is at ‘losing’ things (Lois Lerner’s IRS hard drive comes to mind here).

A whole mess of conditional thinking went into this Operation Child-Scam. Let’s look at a few instances of how things went down and what may happen as a result.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

What could go wrong with that series of events outlined above?

For one thing, we have a whole host of unknown knowns, beginning with the actual number of “children” involved. Thirty thousand ? Sixty thousand? Maybe ninety thousand by year’s end? No one really knows; I’ve seen 147,000 conjectured. But the numbers of children are not the point. The seeming goal was to be reunification of these children with their parents. The children wouldn’t be driven or flown home for their reunification. These heart-warming scenarios would take place on American terra firma. Close up, tearful reunion, then fade to… lost paperwork, disappeared families, a new swell of third-world immigrants, and by some magic wand waving them through the voting booth, all voting the Democrat ticket.

This Marxist strategy designed to overwhelm and break the system should have worked. It certainly achieved its purpose in our domestic War on Poverty whereby the black family was sundered and those who managed to vote after their secure benefits were in place always voted Democrat. Lyndon Johnson told them they’d be safe in the arms of Uncle Sam, safe from the predations of white folk.

So what went wrong here? That’s not a rhetorical question. I’m puzzled by the shifting sands I see under Obama’s feet. Are Americans sick of his shtick? Are they tired and discouraged after the fleecing they’ve experienced? But Obama talks; he doesn’t listen. And all the polls displaying our disfavor mean diddly-squat.

Money talks, however. What are the deep-pocket crony capitalists telling him now? The Baron has pointed out an unholy alliance: the Dems want immigrants for their voting base; the Republicans want the cheap labor. That’s the reason you see them coming together on immigration “reform”. Both sides need droves of warm bodies. They want them here all legal-like, or at least legal enough not to have to harden the border.

What follows are my best guesses but only God and his funders know what Obama has in mind. Like everyone else, I’ve made some deductions whilst firmly gripping Occam’s Razor to trim away the fuzzy bunny disguise Obama is wont to wear during his forays into the public realm.

Initially I thought BHO had seen the light — i.e., the red, buzzing light that begins sounding when a pol’s approval rating dips into the danger zone. But the Baron reminded me that this is a lame duck who doesn’t need approval, never has. Whatever it is, some large thing has gotten his attention. Something large enough to make him back away. Whatever it is, he is letting us see at least part of it. Don’t forget: nothing emerges into public view from our Kremlin unless it is authorized.

[That’s why there are no more White House photos except those taken by his own photographer and approved prior to dissemination.]

But wait! Hark! Do you hear what I hear? President Obama is on the phone with the President of Mexico (the tortured land through which those children had to pass, experiencing God-only-knows-what horrors). Obama The Slithery is telling Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto a tall tale about how the U.S. and Mexico should “work together” to send the children back to their families. As if he hadn’t talked previously to someone or other in the Mexican government to allow these children more-or-less safe passage north to our border.

SAY WHAT??!!? These kids are going BACK?? Since when? Why the sudden change?

Prior to the FAIL, Our Community-Organizer-in-Chief had the perfect strategy to overwhelm our simple hearts and minds with 130,000 sick kids at our southern borders. It couldn’t have happened without Mexico’s approval. They sure weren’t going to take on all those hungry foreign kids. So we can safely deduce Mexico gave its imprimatur. Maybe they thought it would go sour and then the U.S. would need their cooperation for the return trip. Despite how we treat them, Mexicans — especially the ruling class — aren’t stupid. No matter which way this circus went, America would owe Mexico a big favor.

For the Community Organizer, his Plan looked perfect on paper. These thousands of importuning kids massing at the border would accomplish a workaround to full-on immigration. The beauty of it was that it would cut out Congress and still get him the flood of immigrants we “need”. No more waiting for stinkin’ laws; Obama would orchestrate the Dreamers. They would be all his; he could demand Congressional allocations on their behalf.

[This was another genius idea, all right. Who will be thrown under the bus for this one? No chance BHO will ever admit the buck stops in the Oval Office. That place is little more than a glorified putting green.]

What it boils down to is this: with the public outcry so loud even tone-deaf Obama can hear it, The Money Folks demanded a change in plan. The minions in his mal-administration will be attempting to put 147,000 genies back in their bottles and send ’em home. Even as malnourished as some of them are, doing anything coherent or humane with these children will prove difficult. This may be the Peter Principle at work, since fully two-third of Americans don’t like using children as pawns. The other third? They’re busy using their Obamaphones.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

For some particulars, here’s what happened yesterday at the public meeting in Lawrenceville, Virginia, the small town I reported on earlier this week.

[Bear in mind that even though much of rural Virginia is red, places like Lawrenceville are blue — i.e., Democrat strongholds, at least when it comes to high office. Black folks have been indoctrinated not to trust the GOP in Washington. This part of the demographic must have been seen as a safe bet for those inside the bureaucrat bubble in D.C.]

If you’ll recall, when the townspeople (and the surrounding county of Brunswick) got wind of some plot to open up the now-closed campus of Saint Paul’s College, they became suspicious. What was this? Not even the Town Council knew. And suddenly Brunswick County folks were threatening a ludicrous boycott of the town (you’d know how pathetic that was if you’d ever been to — or through — Lawrenceville):

More than 1,000 people crowded into a high school auditorium Thursday in this hardscrabble rural Virginia town to confront Obama administration officials with fierce opposition to plans to turn a defunct college here into housing for some of the illegal-immigrant children flooding across the border.

[That emphasis on the number of those in attendance is to remind you that Lawrenceville itself has about 1,500 residents. Given that many of those residents are children, it’s obvious that people from the county came from far and wide to hear what was going to happen.]

The residents raised concerns about security, disease, impact on overburdened emergency services and tax dollars going to unaccompanied alien children (UACs) instead of local families living in poverty.

But the professional people-handlers at the HHS bureaucracy are suddenly objecting to the audience’s use of callous use of acronyms to describe these political pawns poor children they need to get off their hands place in a secure, loving environment.

That’s just one of the hard-edged ironies in this story. To the annoyance and surprise of the bureaucrats from Washington these “hardscrabble” (that’s Reuters’ word in the story) folks have turned out to have more than a room temperature IQ. They were supposed to be hicks without a clue or a clue bag. Hicks, but loyal black hicks. Dumping five hundred “children” on them was going to be so easy they wouldn’t even need to talk to these bumpkins, much less get close. Eeewww…

Yes, besides being poor, Lawrenceville is a town with a black majority; surely they in contrast to all those white hicks (like rednecks) wouldn’t object to this use of a closed HBC (historically black college) to house five hundred minority homeless children sent to them by the Magic Negro? Surely they’d go along with their president?

It took a while to find out who was behind this idea. Turns out Health and Human Services are the front men for The Plan, but I still don’t know who is the real owner or landlord of the white elephant, Saint Paul’s College. (If one is allowed to call an HBC “white”, that is. The racialist mix in our “hardscrabble” poor Southside Virginia has long been a carefully calibrated courtesy, a situation the feds have trampled before.)

Knowing who owns Saint Paul’s College would make some of this nefarious plot a little clearer. Is Saint Paul’s a separate entity or is it another empty parcel on the ledgers of the U.S. Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia where the only growth seems to be in closing churches in rural areas? So if it’s not the Diocese, whose lease is this with Health and Human Services? How much choice did the owners have? Were Virginia Democrat politicians involved?

So many unknowns.

This news report continues with a sentiment expressed by one man at the meeting but resoundingly approved by others:

“Please take your UACs and relocate them to D.C., where you can keep a very close eye on their welfare and keep them out of our backyard,” said John Zubrod, one in a long line of residents lined up at Brunswick High School to address Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) officials…

The children were supposed to have arrived Thursday. Instead, HHS officials struggled to persuade a crowd of angry residents that bringing the children to Lawrenceville would create jobs, boost the economy and provide a desperately needed humanitarian service.

The children were supposed to have arrived Thursday. More accurately, the hit-and-run disaster was planned to have gone down on Thursday without any interference or input from the townspeople. Dump ’em and go. Too bad their clean-up of the area by fed contractors wasn’t done at night in a stealth operation. Those silly city folk thought no one would pay any attention to strangers cleaning up the grounds and buildings of the college. In a small town nothing is done without dozens of people noticing.

Can you see the stinkin’ paternalism in the insular bubble-think of the bureaucrats at HHS ? These peons out in the sticks would be grateful for a golden egg opportunity. You can tell what they really thought the townspeople would say just by observing the underhanded arrangements for clean-up. It was as though it never occurred to the feds to inform anyone.

Nowhere do they say who will pay the huge sums required for the services these traumatized — very likely criminalized — “children” would need. Even bare-bones medical care by tropical disease specialists, dieticians to address their malnutrition, ESL teachers, psychiatric workers to assess their functioning level — not to mention cooks, custodians, fluent academic teachers, quartermaster corps-types to dole out clothing and supplies, mental health workers for the extreme and often violent acting-out that is sure to occur in a population rife with PTSD… The list of minimal needs for an extremely deprived third world children’s group of FIVE HUNDRED is long and expensive. At a minimum, counting the paper-chasers and security personnel, this would be in the neighborhood of a 3:1 ratio of employees to children.

Where is the deep funding that would be needed? The logistical nightmare is headache-inducing. As Southside Virginians of both colors would say: “This is pure foolishness from a buncha triflin’ gummint folk”.

The chronic low-level poverty in Southside Virginia is a fact of life, one with which we are well-acquainted. The descendants of slaves who long ago made their decision to stick to what they knew, to stay with the land where their ancestors worked as slaves, means these folks differ radically from the street-wise urban blacks the media shows us. These folks have a deep and abiding sense of place and they don’t want to take care of the residual mess of one of Obama’s slick “crisis-opportunities”. No doubt they proudly voted for their first black president. Twice. But this is not a burden they are willing to bear for him. Who would be willing to see their lives disrupted, their children at risk of contracting infections and diseases, their schools destroyed, their community ruined ??

The Health and Human Services representatives sent to Lawrenceville to make the hard sell to these bumpkins was as tone deaf as their Leader. Read what one of The Anointed says to those residents who made darn sure to show up for this meeting. Incredibly ignorant of both their circumstances and their level of understanding, this Washington bureaucrat must have thought she was talking to kamikaze urban white liberals, because she and her group used all the code words in an attempt to soften their hearts. Watch the cynical threat at end:

“The people we are talking about are more than an acronym.”

[Note: one resident had called them UACs — showing they’d caught on quickly to the fed game. A fortnight ago, no one in Lawrenceville would have known a UAC from the NAACP. Now they know what an Unaccompanied Alien Child is, even if they’ve never met one.]

“They are more than a legal definition. They are children…

“Children are witnessing their mothers being murdered. Children are being raped. Children are being threatened left and right,” she said. “I think it is important we keep at the center of our minds who we are talking about — children who have really suffered already.”

Regular readers know my frequent quoting of Peter Drucker’s dictum, and I will use it here to demonstrate this ignorant FAIL. Drucker said: “communication is always the act of the recipient”. So you can see why her plea not only fell on deaf ears, her description of the would-be newcomers scared the bejaysus out of anyone in Brunswick County. As the report says:

Her plea did not sway the crowd.

Anne Williams, who lives on a shady street by the college, said that she was a “fervent Catholic” and wanted to help all children. But she still had reservations about bringing hundreds of the children to her town, where children [she means children who already live in Lawrenceville] struggle in poverty.

“We cannot save the world unless first focused on children in poverty in the United States,” she said to a loud round of applause.

See, this resident knew her audience, their hopes and concerns. These people from Washington knew less than nothing — i.e., what they thought they knew was dead wrong.

Okay, the carrot didn’t work. How about a threat?

On that front, Ken Tota, deputy director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, warned the crowd that they risked losing the benefits the project could bring to the struggling town of 1,500 people, where most of the storefronts on Main Street are empty.

“If this community is not the right place. We’ll find one that is,” he said. “If those federal dollars are not here, they will be somewhere else.”

Even if those bureaucrats came with enough money and professionals to meet the ideal ratio outlined above — a ratio reserved for the wealthy — a small town in an even wider rural area would find the situation untenable.

And thus you see how the mouthpieces for our Marxist president, our Community Organizer Supreme, operate: a combination of stealth, hubris, cajoling and threats. The final ploy — money — didn’t move those folks. In the old days, the people in attendance would’ve have tarred and feathered these bureaucrat hucksters and run ’em out of town on a rail. Instead, I’ll bet there was a stony silence as they climbed back into their black government SUVs and drove back to civilization.

Lawrenceville will be busy trying to avoid offers that will suddenly be retroactively illegal to refuse. I wish them Godspeed in their efforts. They have only to do some research on the plight of other small American communities who have been the victims beneficiaries of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to know they’d be left high and dry, coping with the chaos these “Resettlement” vultures leave in their wake. The money is always short, the care is brief and then gone. It’s a corrupt scam of the lowest order and it’s happening all over the U.S.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Oops. Hiking off to Lawrenceville, I left Obama and Mexico’s president in the midst of their friendly telephone chat about how children-will-be-children-and-maybe-these-kids-need-to-be-at-home-after-all, right? Interspersed with nervous chuckles from the Community Organizer no doubt. He knows better than to beg, surely? Oh wait. I don’t think “begging” is in his skill set. Too bad, because walking back this horrendous mess he made in order to overwhelm our political system is going to take some negotiating with the titular heads of banana republics and such. He’d better learn. His usual bag o’ tricks like threats and fly-by drones ain’t gonna work down there. Their own criminal class is a much bigger threat than Obama could ever dream of being. He’s an amateur — which is what lots of people have been saying for years. Only the Nobel Peace Prize medal folks could be fooled. But then again, they’re wealthy enough to make these mistakes in their own country, so there you go.

But never fear: the bumf is endless. He’ll be sure to speak warmly of these countries as “small, but punching above their weight”. Like your boring uncle who comes to Thanksgiving dinner, he’ll be predictable.

From that same Reuters regurgitation cited earlier…

Obama “welcomed the opportunity to work in close cooperation with Mexico to develop concrete proposals to address the root causes of unlawful migration from Central America,” the White House said.

And this:

Obama repeated his position that arriving migrants would not be eligible for legalization under proposed immigration reform legislation or deferred action for childhood rules.

Whoo boy. That’s not what he was saying before. And it may not be what he says tomorrow. We know what it means by now: he’s going to lead from his behind again, and we’ve seen this part before. There will be a lot of dead people and the Muslim Brotherhood will be in charge at some level. Obama is well aware that many of his Deep Pockets people are allied with brutal narco-criminals who infest the countries to our south. He knows that there is not the political courage nor the will to “develop concrete proposals” that would make a dime’s worth of difference in countries without the rule of law and sans a middle class or property rights. “Stuck on stupid” doesn’t begin to describe the plight of the landless poor in those sad corrupt places. Pretending otherwise, even in diplo-talk, is meretricious. If you can’t say something true, then keep silence.

As for us under his rule, Obama can’t have it both ways. He can’t deliberately impoverish us with his cap ’n’ trade carbon taxes, kill the private sector with increased regulations, vanish the middle class with his punishing “health” “policies” and still expect to have the resources to bring in the flood of illegal aliens designed to grow the Democrats’ socialist voting base. But what’s the use of talking? He listens to some internal Muse that we’re better off not hearing.

I wish I could say he was a triflin’ fool. However, I fear the reality is worse, far worse. Let us pray we get through his remaining years in office with our country in one piece. Let us pray, also, that his hatreds — as deeply driven as they are — do not turn him any further against us. Despite those dark places in his psyche, we still need him simply because he’s where he is. Please don’t forget how vulnerable that makes us all.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

This Lawrenceville Lunacy is not the only troubling thing happening in humble Southside Virginia (that means “south of the James River” if you’re in Richmond). The paranoids are wondering what our closed military bases — say Fort A.P. Hill, or Fort Pickett (both in Southside) are being used for besides special ops forces’ training and community colleges? I have no idea at all about those, I just hear the concerned murmurs. Whatever goes on, it certainly doesn’t add to the public revenue here. That’s why they thought Lawrenceville was a done deal.

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    • Costs much less to put them on a plane back to their home countries.
      But then their usefulness as pawns would be ended.
      Great reporting, Dymphna.

      And yes, let us pray.

    • I have tried twice now to leave you more info but my computer keeps eating them. I’ll return in more detail later. I see now that we have a full script of them in a fuller comment. They’re stamped with Breitbart’s logo, too.

      It is important to see the people who are involved. The “tiny farm town” that fought back. The relief I feel for them is palpable. Maybe I’ll call whoever the Episcopal priest is…or maybe not. Don’t know his ummm…political leanings. A very long time ago, when the Baron was an artist and I was a social worker, we visited there as members of the Small Church Commission. Back then we knew most of the clergy. But life changes our circles of connection…

  1. The same YouTube user posted additional videos , appear to have better sound quality

    Lawrenceville 1kp 3:45 (how will they be trained?)

    Lawrenceville 2 0:35 (not a location for reunification? poor audio)

    Lawrenceville 3 15:00 begins same as first video in previous set beginning with Monica Seward, followed by Geraldine Woodley (resides in Brunswick county) mentions no representation from St. Pauls College, the racial component of issue, identification issues of illegals, excellent logistic questions given 30 day estimate for fed involvement (extended ovation)

    Lawrenceville 4 6:46

    Lawrenceville 5 5:11 Fed rep suggests those children who have been abused would not have an impact on the local system, the courts would redirect these children to another program.
    Harry Neville lost his job & moved one year ago when college closed with 35-40 years experience in refugee resettlement.Booed when suggesting color playing a factor in rejection of this project.

    Lawrenceville 6 2:39 Henry Mack, Vietnam Vet speaks in favor of program.

    Lawrenceville 7 6:29 Local retired Marine dresses down Govt. panel by local male who clearly states a rejection of PC language and informing govt. they are not welcome in Lawrenceville. (several extended ovations)
    Lisa Conner GS15 level fed employee expresses objections to project based on professional economic experience

    Lawrenceville 8 resident of 2 years (from NY) concerned about social issues stressing local community already.

    • That’s a good point. I’ll ask our techie if he can do that. We finally got our Twitter feed up and running, so this should be doable.

      Our Face Book account is not a page we do the admin for. It was someone else’s original idea and has since passed to yet another person. SO I don’t know if it’s current. I doubt it. Anyway, it doesn’t permit us to log on.

      I hope there is a way for you to mention us on your Face Book account by taking the URL of any given post which interests you. That should bring up an image and the first few words?

  2. Obama inept? What GOP somnambulist has been spreading this meme? BHO is a clever, sly, intelligent tactician who could give a year’s worth of lectures to GOP morons like Dubya, Rove and McCain and still leave them at half his ability.
    Unfortunately, all this ability has one single aim: to take down the United States, starting with diluting, sabotaging and enslaving its White majority.

    Obama has done to Cloward-Piven what Einstein had done to Newton. He has elevated C-P to an art form and an unstoppable multi-front juggernaut. History will remember him.

    • Well, he had a LOT of help and many years’ worth of leftist infiltration into America, which the so-called Right did nothing or little to combat.

      3 million Republicans minimum stayed home and did NOT vote BHO out of the Presidency – because they thought Mitt Romney was not the ideal Repub. candidate and they had a hissy fit, thus leaving BHO in office.
      Congratulations – their stupidity and obstinacy yielded Obama the nation to obliterate as he pleased.

    • Someone in the Obamasphere is brilliant, but I’m not sure it’s him. He doesn’t do so well when the prompter goes down.

  3. ‘Obama repeated his position that arriving migrants would not be eligible for legalization under proposed immigration reform legislation or deferred action for childhood rules.’

    And if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.

    • The tell is this phrase, “under PROPOSED immigration reform legislation.”
      In other words, this is blackmail. We pass a “reform” bill, or else.

    • agreed. Except he walked this one back lickety split. He’s still lying about his “health” “care” omnibus.

  4. So, Holder and DoJ send guns to Mexican Cartels south of the border, thereby creating a need (or crisis) for gun control. Hundreds of Mexican citizens are killed in the process. Returning the favor, Mexico “allows” thousands of Central American children (and adults) passage through there country to our southern border, thereby creating a crisis that will fill our small towns with an unwanted mess that the Fed will not clean up. One big circle of love…

  5. I don’t know that Obama himself is so smart. I still see him as an empty suit. But his handlers are extremely smart, dedicated, and evil. He is just the sock puppet, but the program he is a sock puppet for is working to destroy the US on many fronts. This current one is just one.

    I think Dymphna, you did nail the situation when you kept imagining the thoughts of the HHS and DHS vs. the reality of the people of Lawrenceburg. Maybe the people are finally waking up.

    • Bill, Both of your posts are correct. He is a sock puppet for the MB. And so is Hillary. You are so right on about the Churches. I’m a cradle catholic but the USCCB has morphed into an arm of the democrat party. Thank you for your comments.

  6. You DO remember that a Muslims left hand is unclean so the right hand would not be allowed to talk to it?!?!?! (snicker)

    • Re-read the last part of that post more carefully. I never suggested that Fort A.P. Hill or Fort Pickett would be used for illegals of any age. What I did say was that the murmurings of local paranoids consisted of worries about what was being secretly planned for those two places. It was merely an addendum to what happened in Lawrenceville, also in southside.

      I didn’t even talk about their concerns re Farmville (also in Southside) with its big FEMA detention center. This is from 2010, just as military bases were being downsized and personnel being cut:


      Govt never seems to repurpose or recycle perfectly good places if it can spend money on shiny new stuff instead.

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