‘Militants’? Pull The Other One!

The following article by our Israeli correspondent MC is a more comprehensive report on today’s rocket attack on Sderot. It’s a follow-up on his post from earlier this evening.

‘Militants’? Pull The Other One!
by MC

Hamas have to justify their kidnapping of Israeli children somehow, so in typical Jihad fashion they commit even more ‘war crimes’ by sending missiles over, targeting Israeli civilians on this motzei Shabbat evening. They hit a factory which appears to have plastic or paint in it. This caused an immediate conflagration, with poppings and fireballs as chemicals exploded. The fire brigade were on to it very quickly and contained the fire.

My son and my daughter were visiting friends a couple of roads over. The friends have three young children, aged 2, 4 and 5. They were even closer to the blast than we were.

I had just flushed the loo as the Sever Adom went off. As I came down the stairs the explosions started. At least two missiles came in, but I heard three detonations (maybe Iron Dome got the other missile). The one buzzed and whined as it went over (my children say it went over their heads and then flash-lit the house).

At the sound of the alarm they quickly dressed the (very dopey) children — it was about 20:05 — and got ready for evacuation. By this time it was obvious that there was a chemical fire, so they closed the windows and watched to see which way the pall of thick dark smoke was drifting. Thank you Yahovah; it went away from the populated areas and down towards the south.

My youngest son then came across to see that we were OK. He is home for the weekend, from his service as a combat engineer in the IDF. He said it was a fire bomb rather than a shrapnel bomb, probably made of ‘co-op mix’ (a fertilizer based explosive invented by the IRA). He teaches ‘explosives’ so he is probably correct.

Fifteen minutes later, my daughter came in. Her friend, the children’s mother, was a bit frantic. I was cooking dinner at the time (I do the cooking on Shabbat; it gives Y, my wife, a rest), so I managed to stretch the meal for us all.

“Which child does a mother grab?” my daughter asked. This was their first time in Sderot; they are normally in Beersheva where they get more warning, and they were surprised how quickly things happen here.

As I write we have another “Sever Adom”. It is about twenty seconds and nothing is heard so that one ‘missed’….

I suppose we are in for a night of it: the retaliations can be very noisy, too.

Later the ‘Mum’ had calmed down a bit. I had fed my (grown-up) brood the dinner that they missed. My second son had phoned in from Beersheva; they had seen the news. So daughter and son went out again; life goes on….

What is difficult to understand is why the world sees targeting of the civilian population as acceptable. They even finance it by giving financial aid to the PA, who pass it on to Hamas. Is it because we are only Jews in a small city far away? Or is it because to take action against Hamas is to have to admit to an agenda which finds Jihad acceptable, acceptable in New York, Boston, London, Mumbai, Madrid, Pattani (Thailand) , Xinjiang and Sderot.

As I am sitting here at my computer writing, it is now Gaza’s turn for the fireworks. It will be a retaliation that only strikes Hamas’ terrorist targets, but I feel for those whose lives are wrecked because they have to live under the cruel tyranny of such a vicious terrorist organisation, an organization which will keep the people hungry whilst they launch missiles at Israel at $1000 a shot.

Hamas wants a genocide of ALL Jews everywhere, but especially in Israel. Yet to the BBC and like organisations they are not terrorists, but ‘militants’.

Militants? Pull the other one!

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

10 thoughts on “‘Militants’? Pull The Other One!

  1. Can you see to it that if the iron dome missed, it would land in Gaza?…at the private residencies of Hamas folks?

  2. Nice neighbors you have there in Gaza who would rather let their own people go without so they can send you guys a few rockets that may result in the death or injury of some Israeli’s. And it doesn’t matter what the age or the gender of the victim/s.

    It takes a special kind of hate to be that addicted to killing or maiming those considered to be unworthy of life. The Arabs exude their hate by the truckload.

  3. I have always looked forward to MC in Sderot reportage. This beyond the pale. I feel I know a bit about his lovely family and the FEAR they must live through. Enough, John Kerry and Obama don’t care. Israel must protect its people despite the anti semetic feeling of Obaamas government. I have read many comments that at say bomb them, but who? Right now in Canada I hear f fireworks, for the love of Canada. So happy to be Canadian, 3 days before. HERE IS MY DEAL’ my catalpa, has lost so many leaves that we thought it was dying. This tree despite being minus 30 degrees for a Month, will still produce its perfect flowers, with its gorgeous scent on Canada Day. Wonderful to have one tree that the whole neighbourhood counts on. Takes seeds from. I thought it was crazy to promise everyone that this tree produces it gorgeous orchid like sweet smelling flower on Canada Day. Sitting on my favourite bench, after cleaning the bird poo, now I shall sit under the catalpa and smell, sniff and say I am the luckiest person on earth.

  4. To Mc; I want you to know how much I appreciate your posts. We sit here safe and sound and listen to your grave danger. Hammas is so inept that it might have been your home in which the missle landed. I can’t imagine it, and you cooked dinner! What can be done?

  5. I think pretty soon the west will have infrared laser weapons that will be able to knock out these rockets as soon as they are launched and we already can back-trace from where they were launched. The result would be: fire a missile at Sderot==> it disappears==>you die, all within seconds. This allows for maximum Pavlov learning.

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