“He Is Not French!”

Below is a debate from French television between Éric Zemmour and Nicolas Domenach, with Léa Salamé acting as moderator. Topics under discussion include Mehdi Nemmouche, the recent terror shootings at the Jewish Museum in Belgium, and the rise of Islamic radicalism in France.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   It happened this past week.
00:04   He is suspected of killing four people in the Jewish Museum
00:08   in Brussels. Mehdi Nemmouche was arrested last weekend and remanded in custody
00:12   for five days. He refuses extradition to Belgium.
00:16   How did this young Frenchman from Rubaix go from minor crimes to terrorism?
00:20   Listen to Marine LePen on the subject:
00:24   I am scandalised by the breathtaking naivety of our government.
00:28   The declaration by (the Interior Minister) on 26 May:
00:32   ”To the youngsters going to Syria, I say there are 1000 battles
00:36   being waged in the Republic for France.” It’s pathetic
00:40   Seriously, has this government understood
00:44   the danger that confronts us?!
00:48   Who missed what in this affair?
00:52   No-one wants to start?
00:57   I waited politely.
01:01   It is very simple,
01:05   if I dare say: We pay for forty years
01:09   of lunatic immigration, for out-of-control
01:13   naturalisations, for the ‘jus soli’ etc. These people
01:17   that the French media present as “French”…
01:21   He is French… of French nationality, but he has nothing
01:25   French, he does not think of himself as French, he hates France.
01:29   He does not love our culture, he does not know it. He is not French!
01:33   Let’s stop smearing the name “French” with these people. It’s unjust
01:37   for the French and for France. So we strip him of his nationality?
01:42   It’s the minimum, but we won’t do it.
01:46   he needs to have his dual nationality taken away.
01:50   I say this because Marine LePen said “I bet he has dual nationality.”
01:54   I know… under international law,
01:58   etc. But there is a fundamental problem.
02:02   he was born in Rubaix, a city which for years has been a city
02:06   with a Muslim majority. I explained this for months
02:10   under the sarcasm of Nicholas. There are links between delinquency
02:14   and Islam. Nicholas insulted and mocked me.
02:18   Now we are there! Isn’t prison the link?
02:23   The link is…it’s the story of …the wise man
02:27   points to the moon and you look at his finger. You must look at the moon!
02:31   To listen to Zemmour one would think that an army of terrorists…
02:35   has taken up arms…
02:39   against a defenseless French population.
02:43   Stop caricaturing the situation.
02:47   Try to see things you have missed.
02:51   For example, I don’t use the term “lone wolf” Nor do I, go on…
02:55   blablabla
02:59   blablabla
03:03   We see that the net is there
03:07   but we could not pull the strings to close it. So he escaped detection.
03:11   Consequently there are organisations
03:15   not linked to classic mosques,
03:19   but to marginal organisations which escape surveillance
03:24   by Muslim communities.
03:28   What I found very interesting –
03:32   but Zemmour didn’t see it, perhaps because he is one-eyed,
03:36   he only sees one part of things –
03:40   for the first time, the Islamic Council
03:44   has come up with a very important text,
03:48   a convention of Muslim citizens for “living together”,
03:52   is distancing itself…
03:56   I often asked myself, why do Muslim communities not distance themselves
04:00   now they have taken a Republican position. They say, “The Republic is not
04:04   contradictory with Islam, not to the contrary,
04:09   and we must adapt.” And Zemmour, instead of praising them
04:13   for this fundamental advance, it’s the first time in this religion that such a thing has happened,
04:17   instead he tells us, “Our country is in danger”.
04:21   Stop your delirium, watch what is happening. So, as I hallucinate,
04:25   let’s speak seriously.
04:29   Of course I have seen this “text”.
04:33   I also read a funny editorial in Le Monde (leftist daily)
04:37   which said that Jihadists drew their inspiration
04:41   from European anti-Semitism…just imagine
04:45   Nemmouche reading (?) in prison.
04:49   It’s funny, Le Monde is always funny.
04:54   Yes, I read it in the Figaro.
04:58   What to think about it?
05:02   You open the Koran at any page, you find: “Kill the Jews, the Christians”,
05:06   kill the infidels,
05:10   and the Bible, the Bible,
05:14   no, no … and the Old Testament…
05:18   Well, yes it is written one must kill “Amalek” You know any “Amalek”?
05:22   Amaleks do not exist now.
05:26   But I know Jews and Christians, and Koran readers know them also.
05:30   And that’s the difference.
05:34   There are interesting things in this text.
05:39   They say: “The law of the Republic is a must”, except that
05:43   I wait for, I wait for…
05:47   because the link is complicated between…
05:51   …we can agree that many Muslims live peacefully…
05:55   despite such a bellicose text.
05:59   The real difference is between the people
06:03   who manage to live peacefully despite having a sacred text
06:07   that incites them to kill. Except this sacred text
06:11   pushes some to kill. And that is where the drama lies,
06:15   and these texts have to be excised.
06:19   They must be rejected, but they are not.
06:24   Certain suspicious minds
06:28   will say it’s the famous Muslim taqiyya, that is, since they are still a minority
06:32   they say what all useful idiots want to hear.
06:36   This text is not addressed to me, its for the Muslim communities,
06:40   to Muslim families, to Imams. Yes, my dear,
06:44   how are these people financed?
06:48   On one side from drug trafficking,
06:52   on the other from the Gulf countries. Who finances the Salafisation of all suburbs?
06:56   Read the last book by (?), who explains
07:00   as I told you, my dear Nicholas,
07:04   no – he does not say …
07:08   he speaks of the last elections.
07:12   He is surprised by the rise of fundamentalism.
07:17   It’s not the same thing
07:21   Why don’t you want to see the positives?
07:25   Not only the text, but also initiatives
07:29   by religious personalities
07:33   who organise symposiums
07:37   on Islamic theology…
07:41   and terrorism. These initiatives multiply.
07:45   Something is happening, contrary to what you say.
07:49   For the moment, they kill. They kill Jews in Europe.
07:53   No songs about that?
07:58   Excuse me: They kill Jews in Europe,
08:02   That’s all. I wait for a song about it.
08:06   “The return of horror” etc.
08:10   [Translator’s note: Eric Zemmour refers to…
08:14   fashionable chansons about Arab/Muslim victims]

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