German Police: Scapegoats and Punching Bags

The following report about the working conditions for German police was originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form.

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for the article and the translations of the videos, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

German Policeman: We are the scapegoats of the nation

During police actions, suddenly, a Muslim mob shows up out of nowhere, pushes the policemen, insults them, attacks and interferes with them. This cell-phone video upsets Berlin:

But, for the 16,000 policemen in Germany’s capital, this is nothing unusual. “Insults like ‘Filthy Pig’ or ‘Dirty Bastard’ are part of the daily routine these days”, says a cop from Berlin who has been on duty for roughly 30 years. “We get spat upon and kicked.”, he continues. “No matter where we show up, we are the scapegoats of the nation.”

The policeman feels abandoned by the authorities and government. “For years we have been dismantled. Job cuts and medieval equipment.”

On Facebook, a colleague comments: “I wouldn’t recommend that anyone join the police. I hope I will reach retirement age in good health.”

Only short time after the video had been uploaded, there was the next attack: In Storkower Street in district 16 (Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg), a Molotov cocktail is thrown against a police car.

This is not the first time a police car was set on fire:

On April 11th 2011 a group of hooded people attacks the police station at Wedekind Street with Molotov cocktails and stones. Police were able save a leaving member of the cleaning personnel at the very last second. The offenders managed to escape.

On May 5th 2012 a mob of approximately 30 people attacks a police car in Skalitzer Street. The windows get smashed and a Molotov cocktail explodes on the backseat. Police were able to save themselves. The offenders escaped.

According to Rainer Wendt, chairman of the German Police Union (DPolG), in Germany more than 30,000 policemen are attacked each year, and in over one third of the cases an officer is injured.

Unfortunately, the migration background of an offender is not listed in police statistics. Surprisingly Mr Wendt from the Police Union tells a camera team from RTL what everyone knows but mustn’t speak about. It is prevented by German politicians, as it could raise prejudices within the German population.

In October 2013, union’s newspaper Deutsche Polizei (German Police) published a reader’s letter from a young policewoman from the city of Bochum. Tania Kambouri describes her frustration about criminal immigrants – most of them Muslims (e.g. Turks, Arabs, Lebanese), she says. Lacking support from politicians and the courts, police become more and more helpless.

Tania Kambouri was only able to write this letter because she has Greek roots herself. Rainer Wendt from the police union is convinced that for the same letter a male German colleague would have faced disciplinary punishment.


Transcript, video #1:

0:04   Police operation: Trespass. May 16th 2014, 2:30 p.m. Torf Street, Berlin-Wedding
0:28   Mashallah
0:36   This will be on Youtube.
0:48   …I don’t know, but they called reinforcement ’cause of him.
0:56   Chill out, fatty.
1:04   What’s up?
1:08   Arrest him the usual way. Hello!
1:12   You victim, fatty.
1:16   Stupid pig.
1:20   Shut the f*** up, son of a bitch.
1:28   Fatty, what kind of humans are you?
1:32   What kind of humans are you, you victims? What kind of humans are you, you sons of bitches?
1:36   Sons of bitches. Little victims.
1:56   F***ing dirty pigs.
2:04   What freaks (they are).
2:08   (This is) typical (for a) democracy.
2:12   May Allah destroy those sons of bitches.

Transcript, video #2:

0:00   May 1st 2014, Berlin Kreuzberg: Left radicals rioting against German police as every year,
0:04   and we’re in the thick of it.
0:08   “Go away!” “Yes, it’s impossible.”
0:12   In the meantime the left received reinforcement.
0:16   Immigrants join the traditional stone-throwing at German police.
0:20   “You hate the pigs, and you want to throw stones at them, but you can only do this on the 1st of May.”
0:24   “All Berlin hates the police!”
0:28   Leftists and immigrants do not share the same ideals, but the aim and object of hatred: German police.
0:32   “Why the hatred against the police? You’ve just pelted them.”
0:36   “’Cause they’re all sons of bitches.”
0:40   Hatred and violence against police no longer escalate only on 1st of May
0:44   but on a daily basis. For these youths
0:48   German police are only a joke.
0:52   “Why shall I take them seriously? I do all kinds of s*** and I’m not put into jail.
0:56   Why? Cause I’m clever. You know, they can’t f*** me”
1:00   The daily life of German policemen.
1:04   “It is a big annoyance,
1:08   makes our job extremely hard. When you get somewhere,
1:12   want to help, and: ‘What do you want here?’,
1:16   ‘Piss off’, ‘We sort this ourselves’, and you get spit at.”
1:20   Harassments against law-enforcers are becoming worse.
1:24   In the meantime, the low inhibition threshold
1:28   has turned the job into a problem for all policemen.
1:32   “You can’t report everything on German TV about what our colleagues have to endure.
1:36   There is a strict refusal to follow police orders.
1:40   There is ignorance towards the entire state authority.”
1:44   This applies to all parts of society. Named ‘racists’ by some,
1:48   labelled as ‘violent’ by others.
1:52   Why German police are in a dilemma, and how difficult
1:56   the daily work of the police is between violence and humiliation:
2:04   This scenario happened during one of our last documentaries.
2:08   We actually wanted to accompany this policeman with his trained dog
2:12   on a drug raid in one of Berlin’s parks, but suddenly the officer
2:16   is aggressively approached by this black African.
2:20   “Hey, can you see me? Why do you make me video?
2:24   What? Why do you make me with video?
2:28   Hey, police, I have no time for you.
2:32   I don’t want to talk with you. Why he makes me video?
2:36   When you are police, why? You have seen.”
2:40   The man doesn’t care that he is facing a police officer.
2:44   “You must be right-wing, dude.”
2:56   Apparently, the policeman stays calm and lets the loutish behaviour of the black African
3:00   wash over him. But why does he put up with this?
3:04   Making the slightest mistake, he would risk a charge of racism.
3:08   When German police meet criminal immigrants, this card is too often played.
3:12   Situations like these are no longer an exception on the streets of Germany.
3:16   At least, this policewoman says so.
3:20   In a reader’s letter to the police union’s newspaper she complains:
3:24   “What will the future of Germany look like when criminal immigrants refuse
3:28   to accept the rules of their host-, respectively, home country?”
3:32   “My German colleagues are afraid to speak frankly about criminal foreigners,
3:36   since immediately the old tune of the Nazis is played. (…)
3:40   This cannot be a reason to grant total freedom to criminal foreigners in Germany.”
3:44   This reader’s letter also flared up into a broad discussion in the media.
3:48   What appears to be the published right-wing views of a German police officer
3:52   is a cry for help from a frustrated policewoman
3:56   with Greek roots.
4:00   We would like to talk to her about her urgent letter, but fearing repressive measures,
4:04   she doesn’t want to express herself anymore. Criminal immigrants are still a taboo.
4:08   Instead, we meet Rainer Wendt.
4:12   The chairman of the German Police Union is grateful for his colleague’s courage.
4:16   “A colleague from Bochum has addressed that very frankly, and fortunately
4:20   she’s a woman with a migration background. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if a male
4:24   colleague without a migration background addressed that. Most likely he would not just
4:28   have been criticised, but would also have faced a disciplinary punishment, as we are very sensitive at his point.”
4:32   Vice versa, the inhibition threshold is much lower.
4:36   The number of charges from immigrants against police increased rapidly during the last years.
4:40   Most common accusation: Hostility towards foreigners.
4:44   “It is standard practice that police,
4:48   as soon as they operate in connection to foreigners,
4:52   get reported as, or at least get blamed as racist”

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10 thoughts on “German Police: Scapegoats and Punching Bags

  1. What self control these police show. It reminds me of the self control shown by British police in the face of such provocation. Just wait until the gloves come off when [redacted].

  2. My heart goes out to those German police who seem to have been abandoned to the ‘colonizers’ of their country and the actions the ‘colonizers’ choose to take against them.

    Without law and order there can be no cohesive society and it seems that the political pygmies now in place in most Western countries are not able to see this due to their cowardice when it comes to dealing with the real problem causers in their nation.

    If I had been attacked with Molotov cocktails when I was in uniform I would have not hesitated in shooting off a few rounds in the throwers direction in the knowledge that such action would then go to the politicians to deal with any fallout.

  3. We are close to rivers foaming with blood I fear….
    I live near Slough and the arrogance of the local “cultural enrichers” has to be seen to be believed. They tell the local cops they are above the law and only recognise “sharia” and the problem is, that they are right. If the Police do arrest them they get called racists. Our entire “political class” has sold us out for filthy lucre and votes.

    Even as a priest it is hard not to feel deep anger and lack of forgiveness for what this bunch of traitirs have done to England. An absolute terrible tragedy unfolding before our eyes. What is left of “UK” will be under sharia within a decade. Demographics alone guarantee this.

    Fools blame the “Joos”. Dear God give me Joos any day rather than these savages. “The Religion of Peace”? 350,000,000 silent dead testify to the fact it seems- as in the silence of the deceased. Why for God’s sake why did we allow this?


    • Your Grace, too much faith in those elected into office to look after those who elected them has proven the fickleness of human nature when socialist ideology as aspired to by most Western politicians today, trumps the rights of a moral and humane people.

      Is it any wonder why Tony Blair had the crime of Treason de-criminalized?

  4. War. We are in one. The problem is that the politicians are not. They have already surrendered.

  5. This situation is mirrored all over Europe and in the UK.

    It will just get worse as more immigrants arrive and they grow in confidence and savageness.

    Read “Camp of the Saints” by Jean Raspail this was written in 1978 and all his predictions are coming to fruition.

    I rather suspect a civil war will come to pass as people get increasingly fed up with these animals.

  6. “Why shall I take them seriously? I do all kinds of s*** and I’m not put into jail.”

    The credo of the Muslim immigrant criminal from Stockholm to Sydney, Rotterdam to Rome, Berlin to Bradford.

    There was a marvellous article posted here a little while back by a German-Turkish writer – a man who fell in love with Germany and German values as a newly arrived young boy – who succinctly contrasted how Turkish police would deal with the abuse Turks mete out to German police.

    A society which fails to police itself is doomed to anarchy.

    • “A society which fails to police itself is doomed to anarchy.”

      The problem is the double standard in policing.

      The government, police and courts DO police the indigenous people.

      The government, police, and courts also literally PAY the invaders to be criminal against the indigenous people.

      If there were NO policing, then the indigenous people WOULD fight against the invaders.

      If there were equivalent policing, then the invaders would NOT dare to attack the indigenous people.

      The problem is reverse racism used to favor immigrants over indigenous people.

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