France Is Ours!

In the following video, Algerians in France demonstrate their enthusiasm for the World Cup by burning a car and declaring their ownership of the Country Formerly Known As France.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Algerian “French” ?
00:08   We’ll set fire everywhere
00:12   (oink-oink-like onomatopoeia)
00:20   Look at that, we are not like the Moroccans here.
00:24   Morocco hahaha
00:28   “Morocco first”, look at this guy’s
00:32   Bin Laden bum bum …
00:36   (unclear)
00:40   Insh’allah…(Arabic)
00:48   …Morocco…blabla (Arabic?)
00:52   Wow, that’s strong.
00:56   France is ours!
01:00   France is ours, France… come…
01:04   Tell them “France belongs to us” (and he does).
01:08   Look at this (traffic jam).
01:24   Wow, f***
01:28   Look at this power, power bum quack (Algerian onomatopoeia?).
01:32   Wow, look at this banger, (wheels),
01:36   wow, look at that, look look
01:40   look look (some more Algerian onomatopoeia)
01:44   Morocco? (Arabic incomprehensible)
01:52   You are f***ing jokin’. No I’m not …don’t worry,
01:57   France is ours my brother, FRANCE IS OURS.
02:01   dedication …dedication
02:05   dedicated to all… fascists
02:09   France is ours… (Arabic stutter)
02:13   France is ours and all that, AiiAiiAii
02:17   The streets are blocked.
02:21   Look! Look!
02:29   (Arabic?? or “wannabe French”?)
02:33   (The flag is Algerian)
02:37   France…
02:41   France is ours, look at this, France, the roundabouts, the streets are ours,
02:45   something-something-Allah.
02:49   The streets
02:53   are ours, France is ours, (Algerian onomatopoeic sounds)
02:57   look at this, “cuz”.
03:01   We don’t sleep, look, look!
03:09   aiiiajjai…BIN LADEN!
03:21   look …a dedication
03:25   (Ben Laden?) bum bum prr kaka bum brum
03:29   look at all this, FRANCE IS OURS, the roundabouts
03:33   are ours, the grass … (Arab or weird vomiting sound?)
03:37   the pavements…(Arabic or Algerian onomatopoeia?)
03:41   ohlalala, look at this, it’s magnificent.
03:45   gragragrugradowa LOOK AT THE SMOKE!
03:49   (Arabic or spitting sounds?)
03:53   Oh look. France is Algerian, FRANCE IS NOT
03:57   FRANCE ANY LONGER! (Arabic or throat clearing sounds)
04:01   If France wins the world cup,
04:05   (chhraa I’m happy) If Algeria wins the world cup
04:09   it’s the end of the world, for the powers of… ?…
04:13   (Algerian version of “Oh-la-la”) Look, the roads are ours, I told you,
04:17   no we don’t want to sleep, no…
04:21   We celebrate…(???)
04:25   Look at that, look at that,
04:29   it’s only a roundabout, I haven’t showed it yet, I showed it in the previous videos.
04:33   look at this (bis)…
04:37   Listen, listen well,
04:41   look, it overtakes, it charges …
04:46   it overtakes…it does (???)
04:50   the roundabout (Arabic sounding wannabe French?).
04:54   Look at this, look at this (repeated in Arabic?)
04:58   blabla… the end of the world…
05:02   I warn you, but we will win, insh’allah
05:06   (Arabic name?) she sold out
05:10   (Arabic? or grunting?)
05:14   The road is ours, a great ambiance.
05:18   (Arabic mixed with wannabe-French)
05:22   Voila: BumBumBarBumgrunt
05:26   (Arabic?) look at this, cuz
05:30   how to say: “Certain…
05:34   do you see the “250” by the roundabout, will they burn her?
05:38   So, Moham, I do the video and after it I edit it
05:42   We, the Algerians: WE OWN FRANCE!
05:46   Oh look, they are burning a “250”.
05:50   I will tell you about it just afterwards.
05:54   Look, they burn the “250” over there.
05:58   blablaaiyayaii
06:02   Look at the “250” burning.
06:06   How to say this: We have sacrificed the “250” for (Arabic…)
06:10   look at this, she will explode.
06:14   Dedicated to the …(Moroccans?) to the “Moroccan workers”?
06:18   (Arabic and/or onomatopoeic)
06:22   Look at the “250” burning.
06:26   Wow, we are too clever… (incomprehensible)
06:30   because there…

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7 thoughts on “France Is Ours!

  1. When Saddam Hussein (although USA encouraged Kuwait to antagonized Saddam [Glaspie] and encouraged Saddam to attack Kuwait) declared war on Kuwait, the western geniuses said that he “miscalculated.” France miscalculated and imported enough invaders to declare the country formerly known as France their own possession. Actually France is a continuation of Algeria beyond the sea. The French are not selfish as the Christians were during the Middle Ages. In1789 by demolishing Christianity they got rid of every social disease in France, which resulted in importing the best religion of earth. You see they are not stupid. How can they be and they have democracy to be proud of. They have democracy liberte, equalitate.. so don’t worry. be happy nothing will go wrong. If muslims take over the French will still get drunk, cook, and make love. Muslims will remember to treat the french nicely as they treated them when they were invited. Lucky for you french how nice to have all those gold nuggets. Every western country now, including happy Scotland, has its nuggets, and are importing more.

  2. They’re displaying the hubris of ‘Victory Disease’ already eh! They’ll be easy targets when the time comes!

  3. Edited sorry-typos

    The Moslems in England are not quite as openly “hubristic” yet…..
    My Moslem contacts- and yes they know about my angry feelings towards the coming takeover of the countries of Europe- but they show respect because because I quietly tell it as it is, not trying to appease them. They know I have no fear and am quite prepared to stand my ground, so they are respectful not only of myself but my office as a Bishop. They tell me they expect to be in control of England by 2030 at the latest. I see know reason to doubt them.

    Indigenous Britons sat back and did nothing, so in my book they brought this on themselves. Now they pay the price and in truth many, if not most will simply “revert”out of fear. Hard judgement perhaps but I adhere to reality not multicultural stupidity…..

    For England and France the “die is cast” and the Rubicon crossed. Now we see the consequences. I expect to be paying jizya withing 10 years at the latest. Regrettable yes but one can one lone cleric do? I tried but was condemned as a Nazi and racist Islamophobe. I don’t get this treatment from the Moslems in my Parish that covers Slough. Indeed on my birthday they made a cake for me and had a surprise party….

    Try forming a Church around London, or even trying to get buildings and a massive bureaucracy and apathy block everywhere. If these Moslems “reverted” to Christianity my pews would full to be overflowing. Chrsiatinity is dead- all but a barely seen rump of local vested interests and C of E priests for whom their “calling” is a sinecure with dull PC sermons saturated with Marxist BS…..

    • A question for your Muslim contacts: “After you’ve taken over England and made it Islamic, will it still be a place you want to live in, or will it become like the places that you or your forebears were determined to get out of?”

      Victor David Hanson has written about an illegal-alien “reconquista” supporter admitting that if the American Southwest were taken over by Mexico, he (and many others of similar description) would be moving north to Oregon.

      I doubt that more than a handful of Muslims in Western countries ever consider things in similar perspective, because they’ve been conditioned from infancy to believe that more Islam is the answer to every problem. And thus we have the oddity of a Muslim claiming that all the things he likes about the West are actually Islamic — but he can’t explain why so many officially and demographically Muslim countries come up so short on the “Islamic values” scale.

    • A most depressing confession your Grace. When the time arrives, as I am sure that it will, for there are far too many Englishmen who are ready to take up the fight, which side will you support?

    • “simply “revert”out of fear”
      You have hit the nail on the head,, as many of the “natives” will “revert” as Osama bin laden said “…by nature will like the strong horse”.

      Some of the reverts will be strong for the new religion, though many will just go along. What they will not realize is that they will loose their own children, and their inheritance, thru the lose of history and identity .

      It is just not the number of immigrants or increased breeding, but the change of the native populace, that will figure that it is not worth fighting back. That change could happen very quickly, like a fashion change from or to short skirts to or from long skirts, or to platform shoes, or hair styles etc.

      If anything the rewards of liking “the strong horse” will be more beneficial to the ones that change early, as we can already see.

      The change will mean many more islamists can swim in the sea with the other “moderate” islamist fish.

      I am not looking to be pessimistic, just to be more realistic, in knowing what we are up against, and then to figure strategies and tactics.

      Thank you Bishop Guy Leven-Torres.

      Thank you Baron and Dymphna for your hard work and support and consciousness raising .

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