Dateline Pallywood

We all remember the Muhammad al-Dura affair — the single most successful work of cinematic fiction ever produced by the West Bank fantasy factory commonly known as “Pallywood”.

The earnest hoaxters of Pallywood have been plying their trade again recently, and the following analysis of the “murder” of two Palestinian teenagers takes a peek behind the scenes to show exactly what these young scamps have been up to.

Many thanks to Sunshine My Boy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:02   Two teenage Palestinians killed?
0:09   Two Palestinian teenagers were killed near Ramallah
0:13   as they were defying Israeli forces along with 200 other people.
0:24   CAMERA No 1: Bus Terminal Surveillance Camera
0:50   The scene in slow motion — Analysis…
0:56   He’s shot in the front but falls forward while extending his arms to break the fall
1:05   He rolls on his back and plays ‘dead’ with his arms crossed
1:12   People run to help him as if they were expecting this and without any fear of being shot…
1:20   CAMERA No 2: Bus Terminal Surveillance Camera
1:23   First Victim
1:24   Surveillance Camera No 2: Not one Tsahal soldier in sight…
1:29   The young teenager skips a bit while extending his arms to break his fall…
1:39   Second Victim
1:44   CAMERA No 1: Bus Terminal Surveillance Camera
2:05   Photographers and reporters are all there at the scene a few seconds after the shot…
2:22   The scene in slow motion — Analysis…
2:28   The ‘victim’ slowly kneels down and then lies on his back…
2:38   He puts his arm under his head while waiting for help… that arrives within the second.
3:00   Second Victim — Surveillance Camera No 2: Not one Tsahal soldier in sight…
3:13   Another inconsistency — Not one drop of blood.
3:17   First incident
3:28   2nd Incident — 73 minutes later
3:44   If the bullets tore through their bodies as the Palestinians claim…
3:51   Why isn’t there even one drop of blood?
4:01   What the media won’t show you is how often this lie was disseminated…
4:06   Quiet! Pallywood camera rolling!
4:11   Action!
4:18   Cut! More drama please!
4:28   No! Don’t call the ambulances! I said ‘CUT’!
4:39   Damn! Too late! Sent them back!
4:50   Ahmed, it’s not their fault you screwed up the take! Don’t blame them!
5:01   In collaboration with our friends

11 thoughts on “Dateline Pallywood

  1. Of course the MSM lack the facilities to do a similar analysis in order to get at the truth of the matter…….

    The facilities being those antique words ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’.

  2. I’m sorry. I don’t get it.

    As far as I remember, Israel does not deny that those Palestinians have been killed. What is not clear, they say, is who shot them, and in the case it was Israeli soldiers, whether it was legitimate or not.

    This video suggests that they haven’t even been shot, that their fall is staged.

    This seems a case of trying to prove too much. Also, some arguments are frankly ridiculous, and reminiscent of conspiracy theories about 9/11, or the moon landing having been faked : can anybody say, on this grainy CCTV video filmed from afar, that there is no blood on the ground ? And how do you know for sure that someone who has been shot must spill some blood on the ground ?

    • As with Mohammed Al Dura: all of them. The point of such news items is to lay blame at Israel’s feet and simultaneously consolidate the victimhood status of the so-called Palestinians – it matters not if the incident is a another Pallywood hoax. The MSM sends the message it wants and if the truth is later proven, as it was with Al Dura, the memory of the Western public is reliably short.

      The odd thing is that especially after the Al Dura saga, one would think the Israelis would take pause and investigate before rushing to accept responsibility for faked shootings and bogus fatalities.

  3. The IDF is at war, and strange things happen in wars, the IDF will not move until they are very sure that this was not an ‘incident’ of their making. The world has been taught to believe nothing that comes from Israel, so it is useless to say much. The Al Dura affair illustrates the point, the damage is done on the first day, and something like this incident, carefully staged and filmed (then editied) is as much of a surprise to the IDF as it is to anybody. There are no instant (truthful) answers; as I remember it, the IDF said that they were investigating the incident and that the newsreel film had obviously been edited.

    That pallywood forgot to turn off the security cameras is risable…….

  4. Robert: And how do you know for sure that someone who has been shot must spill some blood on the ground ?

    Hey, Robert, your are trying to kid us, eh? Have you seen a the floor of a trauma room?

    So why do the Israelis not simply deny they shot anyone? My guess is that they did deny this, but we only have CNN and the BBC to tell us what is happening. Does anyone think the CNN or BBC would tell us the truth?

    But I did note that the Israelis are often using paint-guns. Anyone who has been in a paint-gun gallery will know how effective these guns are as a non-leathal deterrent. So perhaps the Israelis say: “yeah, we shot them with paint-guns”. And so CNN and BBC broadcast: “the Israelis have admitted that they shot these youths.”

    That is how these propaganda outlets work.


    • Aton,

      If you have seen “the floor of a trauma room”, whatever that is, you’re welcome to enlighten us.

      Are you a coroner ? an army doctor ? a soldier ? a policeman ? More to the point, are the authors of the comments of this video any of the above ? Of course they aren’t, and if they were, they would certainly avoid jumping to conclusions, as opposed to armchair amateur detectives.

      Just because Pallywood does exist, it does not entail that no Palestinians are ever killed by Israeli soldiers. Nor that Israeli soldiers are above abusing lethal force, ever.

      I’m reality-based, sorry. I base my opinion on facts, not on whether some narrative fits the ideology of the good guys versus the bad guys. When I don’t have enough facts at hand, I suspend my judgement. And that’s the case here. We simply don’t have enough facts to assess what happened. Maybe the Israeli army knows. Maybe it doesn’t. Yet.

      Of course CNN and the BBC tell the truth. At least, if you take care to use your head and separate fact from opinion. If the BBC says that the Israel army has said such and such, of course the Israel army has said such and such.

      If you don’t believe this, you’re free to go to the Israel army website, find out what it really said, and report your findings here.

      As far as I know after a quick search, Israel said at the time that the soldiers in that area only used non-lethal ammunition, and that they were investigating. If you have any definite information beyond that, you are welcome to share it. Just implying that Palestinians always lie and Israelis never do bad things to them does not pass my test.

      Incidentally, there is no such thing as non-lethal ammunition, only reduced lethality ammunition. You can perfectly kill someone with “non-lethal” ammunition if you fail to follow guidelines, or you’re plain unlucky.

      And war is a messy business. The unexpected happens. Even good guys can do ugly things.

  5. .
    As an illustration of BBC bias ….

    When Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount the BBC said it was a deliberately provocative act that sparked the Second Intefada. When the pope visited the Temple Mount the BBC said the pope was reaching out for peace.

    I made a complaint saying this was bias. The BBC said it was not bias, they were completely different scenarios because one was a Christian and the other a Jew.

    Go figure……


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