Cultural Enrichment and Vulnerability

Our British correspondent JP sends news about the latest grotesque incident of cultural enrichment in the UK, and includes this sardonic note:

Cultural enrichment is not only enriching. It also comes with a vulnerability, a “look at me, I’m a victim” get-out-of-jail clause automatically supplied by politicians, police, judges, social workers, councillors, architects, journalists, teachers, NHS staff — anyone, really, with a say on how the country is run — to grinning thugs trashing Britain for any number of reasons: jihad, boredom, poor impulse control, and (probably the all-important factor) because they can get away it by owning a “look at me, I’m a victim” Teflon-plated, platinum-edged victim card even if “I have just hit someone’s head with a hammer.”

The report from The Mirror:

Thug who attacked traffic warden with hammer GRINS as he walks free from court

Arafat Akhtar battered defenseless Davis Truman over the head after he was handed a ticket for parking on double yellow lines

A grinning thug has walked free from court despite admitting battering a traffic warden over the head with a hammer. Arafat Akhtar, 26, hit defenseless David Truman with the weapon after being handed a ticket for parking on double yellow lines. The motorist then sped away from the scene in Birmingham but later contacted cops.

Birmingham Crown Court heard Mr Truman had to take five days off work as a result of the attack which left him “shocked and scared”.

Akhtar previously admitted assault and having an offensive weapon but escaped jail by being handed a nine month prison sentence, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to complete 100 hours unpaid work and £200 compensation. As he left the court he grinned at photographers.

Rhydian James, prosecuting, said Mr Truman had seen a red hatch-back parked on double yellow lines on the afternoon of December 17 last year. As the traffic warden began to log the vehicle’s details on his hand-held computer, he was challenged by Akhtar who was in the driving seat.

The defendant then got out of the car and there was a “verbal altercation” before Akhtar raced into a nearby phone shop and emerged carrying the hammer. “The defendant ran back towards the enforcement officer and Mr Truman tried to radio for assistance,’’ said Mr James. “Before he could do that the defendant walked straight up to him and hit the radio out of his hand. It was at that point that Mr Truman could see the defendant had a hammer in his right hand.”

Mr James said Akhtar knocked the victim’s glasses off before striking a blow to the left side of his head with the weapon, causing a wound, before driving off. Later that day car audio installer Akhtar voluntarily went to Thornhill Road police station where he claimed he had been assaulted by the traffic warden.

Richard Franck, defending, said previous attacks on his client had caused him to react in inappropriate ways. Judge Simon Drew QC, told Akhtar: “You parked on the double yellow lines. That was your choice. You knew that you should not have been parked there. When the unfortunate traffic warden came along and took details of your vehicle you lost your temper.”

He said during a confrontation the warden may have threatened by Akhtar and had put his hand up to protect himself, a gesture which the defendant had misunderstood. “But what happened next was an extreme over reaction. Totally unjustifiable.”

However, he accepted that because Akhtar had been the victim of two previous assaults he had been “particularly vulnerable.” [JP emphasis.]

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

17 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment and Vulnerability

  1. What a cursory news report! Is this article, only 20 sentences long, typical of the Mirror? Let’s check off the five W’s of journalism…

    WHO is this guy Arafat Akhtar? Judging from his name, he must be some kind of a Welshman. WHY do phone shops in Birmingham also sell hammers? WHAT is illegal about parking on double yellow lines? (A diagram would help.)

    Oh, never mind. CANCEL THIS COMMENT (how can I do that myself?) — I see that the information burden of this all-too-brief article is carried by its two links.

    • No need to cancel your comment just because of a paucity of information.

      Yellow lines, blue lines, pink elephants and red donkeys. The point remains cultural enrichment, my son. The rich culture trumps the poor culture with a hammer.

      In England, they don’t need guns or knives, but soon the wisdom of the elected will prevail and then they will outlaw hammers and awls and nails. Only licensed carpenters, etc…

      This brutality could have been prevented if they’d done a thorough background check on this fellow before selling him the hammer. All hammers should be registered.

  2. Two’s a trend. Some time ago, cultural enrichers hit French policemen on the head with hammers, having taken care to delicately relieve them of their helmets beforehand, so as to not endanger state property.

    They also walked out of court free and grinning, saying : “Thank you, France !”.

    Obviously, we should tighten the rules on hammer ownership.

    • Muslims and hammers! In the US a culture enriching parent went to an elementary school and whacked a rival of her childs, from another culturally enriching family, on the head with a hammer! When will these weapons be controlled and registered? Hammers the new guns.

  3. This power game was well rehearsed in school playgrounds long before it reached the courts, when playgrounds were swamped with adult assistants that policed and prevented the formation of peer hierarchies.

    The prince fighter of the playground was restrained from dispensing justice upon the bully. Any act of self defence by the weaker students was then deemed an act of aggression against the bully.

    • Yep.

      Boys in the U.S. education system are conditioned in a similar manner not defend themselves or come to the aid of a friend. The teachers and staff go out their way to punish those that do in order to make the school a safe place for predators and bullies.

      I so remember the orders by teachers ‘if the bully is beating you up just stand there and let him hit you as much as he wants and afterwards come to us’.

      So by the time the boys graduate and become half-men, most of them are well trained by the state to do nothing but be sheep and gawk should a friend or stranger be attacked and get beaten half-to-death.

      As for the Englishmen, it is just a matter of time before the Muzzies escalate their attacks and go after the bobbies since the court has greenlighted attacks against government officials. After that they’ll be targeting the white upscale English folk. It’s a natural progression once the Muzzies understand that there is no penalty for predation.

  4. “If I had a hammer
    I’d hammer in the morning
    hammer in the evening
    all over this land

    “I’d hammer out danger
    hammer out a warning
    I’d hammer out love between
    my brothers and my sisters
    all over this land

    “look, I got a hammer
    and I got a bell
    and I got a song to sing
    all over this land
    it’s the hammer of justice
    a bell of freedom yeah
    it’s a song about love
    between my brothers and my sisters

    all over this land

    yeah, Lord have mercy
    yeah, yeah, yeah yeah”

    From Wikipedia: “‘If I Had a Hammer (The Hammer Song)’ is a song written by Pete Seeger and Lee Hays. It was written in 1949 in support of the progressive movement….”

    From Egghead: You can’t make this stuff up….

    • Somewhere, in the dark recesses of my music collection, I had a version of this by Trini Lopez. It was a hit in the UK at the back end of 1963.

  5. I understand everyone’s outrage over this disgraceful incident, and the lenient sentence. I’ve also Googled Arafat Akhtar, but found nothing beyond what was reported in the newspaper article.

    Guess what: I can find no evidence that the decision of the court was influenced by the (apparent) ethnicity or religion of the perpetrator. Come on, GoVers; there are enough obvious targets without jumping to conclusions about the thinking behind this ridiculously weak decision. If anyone has evidence to the contrary, I’ll be happy to eat my words.

    • Mark, eat your words as you choose but there are several reasons why this shameful court verdict is evidence of an ongoing two tier legal system that is biased in favour of perpetrators and ethnic minorities.
      The MacPherson Report into the events surrounding the murder of Stephen Lawrence was published in February 1999 and I was required to write an assessment of the findings by the Local Authority to whom I was contracted at the time. I do not have the report but I do remember the part where McPherson advised the police that “colour blind policing” was no longer enough and cognizance had to be taken of the suspects culture, race and other special requirements. Over the years, this has been interpreted by the appropriate authorities as special pleading for ethnic minorities, especially for muslims.
      I was at a public meeting on Police Stop and Search powers in Enfield, North London, a year later and a Police representative told the meeting that they had been told to “go easy on ethnic minority suspects and offenders.” The Crown Prosecution Service appears to have had the same message.
      The sentencing of Arafat Akhtar follows a pattern that owes its existence to the Frankfurt School, one of whose disciples, one Willi Munzenburg, proposed organising the left leaning intellectuals and using them to make Western civilisation stink. “Only then,” said Munzenburg ” after they had corrupted all its values and made life impossible, could ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat’ be imposed.” As part of this malign programme, a number of other recommendations were made including the creation of an unreliable justice system with bias against the victims of crime. This is happening now and as for making western civilisation stink – can’t you just smell it?
      Some years ago, a pamphlet was published by “Civitas” entitled “Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics – The MacPherson Report and the police.” Its authors, Norman Dennis, George Erdos and Ahmed Al-Shahi carried out a ruthless but fair deconstruction of the MacPherson Enquiry and its findings. It appeared to be out of print when I last checked the website but it should be available on Amazon.
      I suspect that much of what ultimately became the MacPherson report was written before 1997 when Labour was still in opposition but I will never be able to prove it.

      • Thanks, Peter; I was unaware of the above. Trouble is, it makes it impossible to judge whether the phenomenon you describe is occurring in a particular instance, but I’ll happily eat some of my words!

        The police do still stop and search a disproportionate number of black youths, to the annoyance of some in that “community”, but I daresay they have sound reasons for doing so.

        • Yes Mark but I believe that “some in that Community” and their Labour supporters protest too much and too often.

  6. After I hammer the daylights outta’ you with my big heavy HAMMER, then I will cut you off at the knees with my shiny sharp SICKLE…. commie creed/motto.

  7. I am surprised that Brits fought so valiantly in WW2. It looks like surrendering is more in their mode. Oh, that ‘s right quoting Churchill can get you in big trouble.

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