Consulting the Chirurgeons About Leechcraft

Dymphna is not doing very well, and I have to take her to our family practitioner and wait for triage. So we will be away for a while, and there will be a lacuna is posting and correspondence for several hours. With luck, Henrik will check in here from time to time and approve comments in my absence.

Later, dudes and dudesses.

Update 6:42pm: Back from the doctor’s. There’s nothing to be immediately alarmed about. Dymphna feels considerably better than she did this morning and last night, and she may even check in here later to give her own report.

12 thoughts on “Consulting the Chirurgeons About Leechcraft

  1. Hurry up and get well Dympha. I’ll miss your viewpoint as well as the Baron’s while you’re away.

  2. Please let Dymphna know that my thoughts are with her. As the saying goes, get well soon!

  3. You are in m.y prayers. I’m a retired physician and would like to know the nature of your illness

  4. Get well, Dymphna. You have been very kind to me, and I thank you for your many kindnesses.
    Much love to you and the Baron.

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