Build It and The Dreamers Will Come

This is insane.

Like many of you I’ve been more or less averting my eyes helplessly from what I’ve come to call The Flood — i.e., the overwhelming number of “children” who have been permitted — nay, encouraged, enticed — to cross America’s southern border, where those nice people are waiting for them, herding the little peeps into buses and planes for an exciting journey even further into the interior of the continental forty-eight states. They will be provided for until their parents arrive to take them home to be joyfully reunited here and begin their new lives as Democrat voters. “Immigration laws”? They don’t need no stinkin’ laws, just do it. That’s the gist of the real “Dream Act” which is in reality America’s Waking Nightmare. It’s coming soon to a street near you.

90,000 kids massing in the southwest, originating in Central America with destinations all across the fruited plains? Their concerted arrival is no accident. This is another choreographed assault on the American people, a planned breach of our sovereign borders, our laws, and our human concern for children — just to name three ideas we’d taken for granted before Obama’s reign began.

So who arranged this? It’s not clear yet; I’m still digging, though it sure sets my PTSD clanging like a bell. Which is perhaps part of The Plan?? Our aversion to this story is a normal reaction to a deeply abnormal situation. The immigration mess in the United States may differ in its particulars from the Eurabian aggression against the indigenous peoples of what was once Europe, but both are malignant and destructive forces arrayed against average folks. Both are designed to kill or to conquer their hosts. Both are systematically moving through the indigenous populations via a deliberate overwhelm. These are both too-big-to-survive population plagues.

Even before this latest onslaught, the bumf and noise coming out of Washington was unintelligible; it seemed too big to metabolize, and in some gut sense, dangerously traitorous. I’m paying for my deliberate ignorance because now it will take me a while to develop a working understanding of the ingredients in this toxic brew we’re supposed to swallow. Yes, the situation should be clear by now. After all, one of Obama’s repeated campaign promises was the new transparency he was going to institute in Washington.

Instead, as our government-induced fatigue tells us, this administration has turned out to be one of the most opaque; much of what has transpired on Obama’s watch is a huckster’s sleight of hand, enabled and advertised by the MSM. Despite what turned out to be deliberately cynical campaign rhetoric, the facts were out there, at least at the local level. But on the larger stage, if you believed him about the plastic wrap he’d use for his administration’s processes, well then he has some desert property in Nevada to sell you. Oh wait, that’s already being parceled out to Chinese solar companies…

According to a report in Newsmax, advertisements ran in various Central American newspapers telling parents to send the kids on up here:

Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as “Dreamers” — and those that are housing illegal children at military bases in the South and West.

“Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is quoted in a story about a new two-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy published by Diario El Mundo in El Salvador.

That’s just a single aspect of this administration’s many-faceted criminal endeavor. But let’s not forget one of its major partners in crime, the transnational U.N., which appears to have played a big role in this vast migration. The National Journal says this “is not an immigration story”, it’s a “humanitarian crisis”. The reporter quotes an interview he had with a bureaucrat from the U.N. High Commission for Refugees (is there a “Low Commission”, do you think?) [emphases below are mine — D.]:

Just a few weeks ago, the United States was projecting 60,000 unaccompanied minors would attempt to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border by the end of the year. That projection is now 90,000, and it may be surpassed.


“The normal migration patterns in this region have changed,” Leslie Velez, senior protection officer at the U.N. High Commission for Refugees, explains. These people aren’t coming here for economic opportunity. They are fleeing for their lives.

“For the U.N. refugee agency to register an uptick in asylum applications in places other than the United States is a huge red flag for us.”

Earlier this year, the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees surveyed 404 children from Mexico and Central America who arrived in the United States illegally, and asked a simple question: Why did you leave? The report found “that no less than 58 percent of the 404 children interviewed were forcibly displaced” to a degree that warranted international protection, meaning that if the U.S. refused these children, it could be in breach of U.N. conventions.

Velez was one of the authors of that report, interviewing undocumented immigrant children across the U.S. immigration system for two hours each.


Recently, I spoke with Velez over the phone to learn more about the forces motivating children to make the journey north. Below is an edited transcript of our conversation.

When did it become apparent that something out of the ordinary was happening with migration out of Central America?

Our sister agency, the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime, started the clock at the increase in violence and insecurity in the Northern Triangle in 2006.

Around 2008, it was probably the first time it really hit the U.N. refugee agency’s radar. When we went back to the numbers, there was an increase in asylum applications starting as early as 2005. It wasn’t too significant until we got to 2008. And in 2008 to 2013 we noted a 712 percent increase that were lodged in countries other than the United States [like Mexico, Panama, Belize, and Costa Rica].

It becomes significant in 2008, huh? The year Obama is elected to govern the U.S.? Coincidence? Sure it was.

The interview continues:

So why are we hearing about this now?

The numbers have been doubling every year since 2011. And for us, that’s dramatic. For the U.S. government — who has been really challenged in order to process this large number — I think their capacity has really been tested in the last few weeks. I think that’s what generated a lot of attention. Because the numbers have rapidly increased.

And your next followup question is probably going to be, “Why?”

Yes it is. Why?

Out of the 404 children surveyed, only nine of mentioned anything about U.S. immigration policy.

From reports that we are hearing from individuals on the ground, both from our U.N. offices that are there, as well as NGOs — in particular Catholic Relief Services in El Salvador — they have been really clear that on the ground a few important things are happening…

The interview goes on, including these questions:

  • Who is making the decision to flee, to go north? Is it the kids themselves, the parents?
  • How much choice do the kids have in this and how do they make this decision?
  • According to reports, as many as 60,000 minors have come to our border this year. When I hear numbers that high, I wonder, is this a systematic form of travel?
  • Are there economies involved in this mass movement of people?
  • Exploitation?
  • In the wake of these trends, some lawmakers have called on increased southern border security for Mexico. What do you make of that?
  • I’ve been reading that these children are coming north on rumors that the United States will let them in, that the Obama administration has lax policies toward minors. Did you find that at all in your survey?

It’s a revealing interview, with some information on the phenomenon as it spreads throughout other countries. Realizing that most of us face a language barrier here, I went over to Fausta’s blog. On Central and South America, she’s a fount of information. Spanish is her native tongue.

And so what’s on Fausta’s mind today?

Immigration, Obama-style.

Here’s her current top post, where she lays out her analysis of this nightmare — the creation of a crisis the Obama administration can use to consolidate its power by the grim methods we’ve come to expect from our Magic Marxist.

First she enumerates The Plan:

1.   Create a crisis
2.   Overwhelm the system
3.   Act by executive order

Second, the MM moves to Consolidate Power.

How? By creating one crisis after another until we are numbed out and turn away from the overload. [See Bill Warner, below]. And don’t forget all those Democrat votes he’ll bring in.

Fausta then lists and links to the Drudge aggregation of these crisis stories. Stories I had been deliberately avoiding, in an attempt to stave off that by-now familiar sense of helpless overwhelm the Chicago Way engenders in many of us.

I often think of Bill Warner’s riveting explanations for Islam’s astounding ability to ravage and conquer whole nations simply by being an utterly ruthless killing machine. When there are no limits, no Geneva Convention regarding what may be done to the “enemy” then… we, the “enemy”, avert our eyes in the face of chronic, relentless genocides. Much as we are doing today while ISIS has its way in Iraq. Then Jihad owns the place. This is the 1400-year-old “secret” for victory: scare people literally to death.

Having watched Obama since his re-election, I see distinct parallels in his tactics, in his thin-skinned hauteur, in his brazen interference in minutiae, his tone-deaf dealings with others… and now, in his creation of and response to the mess at the border. Ignore the U.N.’s propaganda and watch what they do. If this were really a “humanitarian crisis” they’d have deployed their troops to Central America a long time ago. But it isn’t and they haven’t. They don’t even talk a good game.

What finally drove it home for me, personally, was a strike of the immigration blitzkrieg hitting a place we used to visit. Prior to this, the anecdotes were merely variations on a theme I’d been reading about for years in Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch. As things began to boil toward the surreal down along the border states, I could only stand by in dismay. The deeply disruptive incidents in Arizona or Texas were worrying, and one could feel compassion for those whose lives were being disrupted, their livelihood destroyed. But as you well know, distance from a tragedy allows one to watch the stories and switch channels.

Not this time. This morning I ran across a story about Lawrenceville, a small rural place here in Virginia. For generations this town had the singular honor of hosting the only African-American Episcopal seminary in the country. But as rural Episcopalian black folks — and white ones, too — became an endangered species, Saint Paul’s Seminary became a relic. It closed and the buildings were put up for auction. Anyone want to buy a rustic college??

Look at this, the entry for Lawrenceville in all its former glory. Stuck in amber, that wiki still lists Saint Paul’s as extant. The 2000 census is the most recent they list, but I doubt it has changed much — other than the closure of Saint Paul’s, leaving a large, sad hole. The town boasts ~1500 people, of which ~65% are African-American. Since Saint Paul’s closed, no doubt the population declined a bit.

Now look at this, a story in The Washington Times.

Incredible. Into a small town of 1500 people, the feds planned to drop FIVE HUNDRED illegals:

The Obama administration Monday abruptly halted plans to shelter some of the children surging across the border at a defunct college in rural Virginia, as the White House has continued to see its efforts to house the children throughout the country be thwarted by opposition from local officials.

As many as 500 children were to start arriving this week at St. Paul’s College, a recently closed historically black college in Lawrenceville, Virginia. But the Health and Human Services Department’s plans were stymied, at least temporarily, after town and county officials objected to the short notice and complete lack of community input.

“We were stunned,” said Robert F. Pecht III, president of the Lawrenceville Town Council, who learned of the plan Friday evening. “We were told it was a done deal. The lease was signed, and that was it.”

As the feds worked over the weekend preparing the campus for the arrival of the children, whom officials said would be ages 11 to 17, public outrage erupted in the community, which is about 70 miles south of Richmond.

Letters flooded the town council offices, including from nearby residents threatening to boycott the town if the college became a way station for illegal immigrant youths.

Poor Lawrenceville. No input, just a steamroller, moving through Saint Paul’s… Fortunately, the Congressional Representative for the district is demanding that the government walk this back, but I can find no assurances that The Flood won’t, in the end, inundate Lawrenceville and Brunswick County.


Maybe this administration is simply so brain-dead they think no one will notice their own town increasing its size overnight by 33 per cent? From 1,500 people to 2,000? What town with a ten per cent poverty level wouldn’t jump at the chance to feed and educate hundreds of strangers who don’t speak English?

This is like the hare-brained attempts of the Obama mis-administration in its first go-round when it attempted to move the terrorists from their cool digs in Gitmo to more spartan arrangements in the U.S. But no one wanted terrorists in their backyard either. Americans are sooo picky. Besides, as it turned out, the Rage Boys preferred Gitmo. It’s much like a resort, a last resort, perhaps, when you’d far rather be back in the desert jihading, but far preferable to any North American prison.

The illegal immigrant saga isn’t over yet. The feds are going to “talk to town officials” in Lawrenceville this week. It seems they didn’t bother doing that before — you know, ask permission?

I’ll return with more information later this week. I’ll be adding my voice to those who are calling the Congressional Representative for the Fifth District. He likes his job and he wants to keep the city and county happy if he can. But the Obama machine is an all-terrain vehicle so we’ll see if they make him an offer he can’t refuse.

Meanwhile, the crisis at the border is spreading at an alarming rate. Another government-funded distraction to keep us from noticing all the other scandals emanating from the catastrophic mess of governance at this White House.

46 thoughts on “Build It and The Dreamers Will Come

  1. It is strange to live in an America where it’s crystal clear that the putative president hates the majority population and is determined to stand the Constitution on its head, destroy the economy, neutralize the military, construct an unprecedented, unconstitutional internal army, and give aid and comfort to our mortal enemies.

    When that metrosexual dissembling soldier of Allah refused to salute when the national anthem was played at one campaign stop in 2008, that was the time for us all to open our eyes and connect the dots. A man with a communist father, a communist mentor, and two communist terrorists for friends was working to reach the White House and he succeeded. Results to match.

    Is anyone with the sense God gave a duck surprised?

    • BHO’s mother admired Communism and so did her parents, the friends of his mentor in Hawaii. It is said by some that this mentor was really his father, not the fellow in Kenya. Anyone yup for a DNA test? I didn’t think so…

        • THAT book wil be written someday, but not soon. The rare courage of the Diana Wests in the next generation, or the one after, will have to spend years of research digging through burial mounds of disinformation and misdirection to find that elusive, underground animal, the mole of Truth.

    • What’s stranger is that such crystal-clear facts about the current occupant of the White House somehow missed the notice of so many people who should have known better. Or else those people simply decided they didn’t want to notice, and many still do not.

      Why? 1. Race. 2. Unwillingness to admit having been duped. 3. Incurable leftism. 4. Race.

  2. Here is a thought experiment. Imagine (!) that there was an impenetrable fence on the southern border, and that these 90,000 children were starving and dying there.

    Pretty much everyone (all good Christians) would agree to “save” them, probably by letting them inside the fence. The result would be exactly the same as Obama’s clear policy. It is disingenuous to say “well I would save them and then send them back”. It would not happen.

    As John Derbyshire says, “We are doomed”.

    • If I were in John Derbyshire’s camp, we wouldn’t be having this fund-raiser. I mean, why bother??

      Mr. Derbyshire’s gloom and doom prophecies are disappointing, especially considering that he is a mathematician and knows (intellectually at least) that history isn’t linear. Ever. Yeah, it moves darn slowly sometimes and is quirky as can be, which makes us impatient to repeat our mistakes rather than simply standing there, Observing and Orienting ourselves to the field.

      Time and again we butt up against the limits of history as a tool for working in the present or planning for the future. However, a lack of knowledge about the past is lethal, as our current president has proved repeatedly.

      For Mr D., both his poor health and the fact that his former “colleagues” at National Review booted him beyond the pale surely have affected his outlook, though he was never an optimist even in the best of times.

      Your pose an interesting dilemma, though. What are the alternatives in this Obama/UN – generated “humanitarian crisis”?? There are alternatives but they can’t ever be conceived of whilst remaining within the confines of the sterile bureaucratic box…

      For example, what is the optimum limit on the number of people each humanitarian individual or group could work with effectively? Jesus appeared to think 12 was just about right for a task force, if He had three years to accomplish His “mission” of making them learn how to think and feel.

      In the conflicting world views of Max Weber vs. Franz Kafka regarding bureaucracy, I’ll take the Kafkaesque view, at least initially, because apprehending our own inherent limits provides a starting point from which to act…

      Currently, the most toxic brew on our planet is Obama walking around holding one of his “solutions” for a given situation. As soon as he applies it, people die.

  3. ““Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law,”

    So, the current narrative suggests these children read these advertisements, make the decision on their own to DRAG their parents across the border ?

  4. Where is the Congress in all of This? Is there not one person in that “august” body ready to go to the mat to remove this man before the damage done can not be rectified? We are all going to have to admit that we are being led and scammed by an army of fools, and probably more to the point, traitors. These people appear to not care one damn about the people of this country.

    • There are, and they’re being blasted as “exclusionists” — i.e. bigots — by the Kudlows and Batchelors and the Wall Street Journal et al., and being shamed by the GOP – Chamber-of-Commerce cabal. The big money is on the side of those who see a country as just an economy, or just one part of the global economy. And they don’t think the citizens of this ostensibly self-governing republic should have a say in what kind of country we live in.

      Leftist politicians and activists think they’re entitled to import new voters to shift the demographics in their favor so they can impose a kind of government that today’s voters do not want.

      Open-borders “free-marketeers” believe that anyone who wants to live on U.S. soil has the natural right to do so, and that any cultural or linguistic transformation they may inflict on today’s citizens is inconsequential.

  5. Dymphna,this is exactly what Tony Blair and the Labour Party did to us here in England. At least five years ago I came to the conclusion that Mr Obama is your Mr Blair which leads me to suggest that there is more than a little collusion between the UK Labour Party and the Democrats. Even down to bullying the MSM into silence about what evil they are perpretating.

    • I don’t believe the MSM needs much “bullying” since its members are ideologically favorable to the left’s agenda.

    • Exactly! The Democrats orchestrated free cell phones and calling cards to poor people living in large American cities. Their numbers secured the re-election of Obama in 2012. The United States is no longer a Republic because the swelling numbers have turned it into a socialist democracy. Socialists use the Latino vote in America like they use the Muslim vote in Europe to remain in office. To hell what the indigenous people want for their countries. The United Nations is behind the world social justice movement declaring that birthplace is not destiny and dictating immigration quotas to developed nations in the West. Japan has remained steadfast in preserving it’s culture and language by having tight immigration quotas and a language requirement for citizenship.

      For what it’s worth, readers can take action with electronic faxes and phone calls by visiting to help NumbersUsa combat illegal immigration in the United States.

      • I have a relative who, sadly, argues that it isn’t fair that some people are born in poorer countries, and therefore anyone who chooses should be permitted to settle in the United States. He just doesn’t think it will affect him, or the country, in an undesired way. (I should ask him what other kinds of life’s unfairness he would gladly try to rectify at other people’s expense.)

    • Remind me which political party – or coalition of them – in the UK foisted this traitorous immigration scheme onto Britain? Thereby assuring its ultimate descent into squalor and chaos…

      • Principally the Labour Party (in power 1997- 2010, under Blair & Brown). Or was your question rhetorical?

      • Dymphna,
        A serious study of just what political factors have been in play in Europe since the end of WW2, which have resulted in this catastrophe known as the new racial mix, is still waiting attention.
        It is probable that each of the European nations went to hell by their own path; France in an effort to maintain it’s North African empire, Germany just wanting some hands to man it’s factories, Holland and Sweden to prove their commitment to “social justice”. In Britain I suspect that the major motive was that the British political elite wanted to prove their loyalty to the new wisdom: “one race – human race”, “free movement of goods, capital and labor”, the Christian/Socialist nonsensical mantra of “the brotherhood of man”. It is important to note that there is no freedom party in Britain; there is bag of socialist parties headed by the labor party, opposed (if that is the right word) by a “Conservative” party whose only discernible aim is to conserve privilege, that they have been successful at. The structure of class privilege is still pervasive in Britain even though everything else has changed to the degree that my Grandfather would not recognize his own country.
        There is a story to be told; a story of mind numbing political naiveté, a story of cynical pursuit of self interest, but most of all a story of a nation of sheep who remained lazy, apathetic and indifferent, even continuing to support to this day those who willfully and deliberately destroyed the nation.

        • roger, one need only to look at the similarities of policies adopted from the UN by the West to begin understanding the political interference within all Western nations that those policies, adopted since the end of the Second World War, have imposed on us.

          Multiculturalism and its fascist enforcer, political correctness, have been adopted by all Western nations and to a large extent has had the most devastating impact on Western culture. Then there are the other policies of Human Rights as imagined by atheist Humanist thinking and as apart from Inalienable Human Rights as given to us by God, in the push to exclude God from our lives, also, let us not forget that destroyer of private property rights – Agenda 21 – which is currently sucking the life blood out of the Western World’s citizenry.

          Individual nations may have chosen different routes to take so as to comply with those policies – but all Western nations, and only Western nations, have actively complied.

          Hence the mess we now find ourselves in.

        • ‘Holland and Sweden to prove their commitment to “social justice”’ ‘ — Likewise Norway. Small country on the edge of Europe; not much influence beyond its borders since the Viking age; very-very white; laughed at a little for its supposed boringness. Norwegians might have been exceptionally honest people, but who cares about that?

          That’s the kind of country that might be especially tempted to prove it’s just as advanced and worldly and “progressive” as any other — nay, more so! Thus the assault on traditional Norwegianness; the earnest endeavor to be cosmopolitan and multicultural. Out with the old, in with the new — even if the new comes in the form of a retrograde, violent cultural importation.

          • Radegunda,
            A friend and I had a 2 week camping holiday in Norway in 1966, to this day it is one of my very best vacations. Before the oil boom, when Norway was 100% Norwegian, peaceful, beautiful, almost completely crime free, prosperous, friendly, a wonderful place. The view from the Prekestollen is something that everybody should experience, certainly comparable to the grand Canyon.
            To some extent the destruction of Britain, in the name of this NWO, is understandable in that the British political elite fancy themselves as “world leaders”. The social destruction that has been inflicted on Norway, Denmark, Sweden, etc. is a different order of political vandalism. It is sickening treachery on an unimaginable scale.

    • Apparently great minds think alike, John. Note the date on the article.

      Obama’s emulation of Blair and New Labour didn’t just extend to unlimited third world immigration and a love for Islamists.

      Like Blair,Obama also has done his best to eviscerate our military and use the ‘savings’ to pay for his social welfare programs.

      • Agreed Rob! Also, Blair is becoming recognized in Britain for the traitor that he is. He is now working overtime trying to undo the obvious damage he has done to his own reputation and to his nation. Any odds for a nice strong length of rope!

  6. You may be right – his real father may not be the Kenyan, but this doesn’t matter. The fact is that BHO is a communist, a muslim, and a liar. And he has been proving it the last six years. When are the members of Congress going to get some cohones?

    • Members of Congress will acquire cohones when the possession of such means more votes. At the moment, having them about your person whilst on Capitol Hill is a death wish.

  7. Sadly folks, it’s just one more move by our ‘Dear Leader’ and his Socialist Cabal. This is one facet of the ‘change’ we were promised.

  8. these children are of course the peg (pawns) in the U.S. used to build the tent of recovering the poor families down south of Rio Grande; after all you must return the family to the children… “It’s only Humanitarian”… another form of lawfare and creeping use of every solid asset in America .. which will eventually bring about one form of dissolution or another leading to chaos… The multis will use this to build empires anew inside the walls of “SECURITY”….star wars here we come.

  9. I Have Solved Our Illegal Immigration Problem…Ravings of a Lunatic with Too Much Time on His Hands…yeah that would be me

    WHERE THERE’S A WILL THERE’S A WAY…Remember the Berlin airlift when the U.S. flew 200,000 plus flights in one year to ferry food and fuel to solve the Soviet blockade? It was wildly successful. Therefore copy that, except replace food and fuel with illegal aliens. Set varying destinations to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador even China, India and wherever else they belong.

    For long hauls we use the Airbus A380-800 which holds 853 people and has a range of 8,500 nautical miles.

    For shorter hauls we use the Boeing 777-300 which holds 550 passengers and a range of 6,005 nautical miles

    Using exclusively the Airbus for 200,000 flights… 170.6 million illegals could be deported. Yeah, but that’s a few more than we have. So how many flights would it take? Seems like the feds claim there are something like 11-13 million illegals here now. That’s probably a little light so let’s say there are 20 million. That would take 23,447 flights to send them back to their happy homeland. Stretch that out over a year and that would be about 64 flights per day, far fewer than the 548 average flights per day during the Berlin airlift.

    As for the Boeing 777 we’d need 36, 364 flights an average of 100 per day.

    Now of course we could mix and match. Some Airbus 380’s, some Boeing 777’s and we could also throw some work to bus companies (typical Greyhound charter holds 55-57; school bus can hold 90 with three stuffed into each seat – hey comfort is not our object here) and cruise lines (ships hold 3,000 – 6,000 passengers). Just think of the economic boon to our transportation industry!

    I predict the cost of this effort will be far less than it costs us to have them remain here. I also predict the cost will come in lower, probably far lower than the cost of ObamaCare alone. Not to mention all the money Obama has blown to date on his other whims and fantasies.

    Postscript…Five Realities:
    1. The airlift would be successful only if the border is secured
    2. We no longer live in a sane country. Close to half of Americans vote for/show support for politicians that have created the illegal alien mess.
    3. Our national media is controlled by the Democrat Party which is controlled by the Communist Party.
    4. The vast majority of our policy makers are insane when benchmarked to American core values. They have encouraged the crisis and will do essentially nothing to stop it. They thrive on chaos.
    5. Due to 1-4 the first plane won’t get off the ground. In a sane country it should.

    • You describe a creative process. Unfortunately for *anything* to work, there must be a low level of corruption. We don’t have that anymore.

    • Sorry to be picky, but a) we Brits played a major part in the Berlin Airlift, and b) while no expert on US politics, Obama was apparently legally elected as a Democrat- Communists don’t bother with such niceties. Yes, I’m aware of possible fraud, but Bush Jr had hanging chads in his favour, and I understand both parties have gerrymandered electoral districts, producing some very odd shapes on the map.

      • The British did play a major role in the Berlin Airlift, and had we listened to Churchill re getting to Berlin first and securing the perimeter, there would have been no need for an “airlift” at all. OTOH, if the Brits had been in their right minds post WWII they’d never have put WC out to pasture and installed a ruinous socialist system which has brought them to their current position – i.e., on their knees.

        The fact that Soros was able to worm his way in and ruin so many British pensioners on Black Monday just shows how low things went. At least the French have labelled him the criminal he is for his depredations there.

        • Well Dymphna, even after reading O’Rourke, we’re not going to agree about why Britain’s in its current state.

          • You can continue in your socialist error if you want; we don’t demand rigorous thinking. Just look at the record for socialist economies and the level of corruption. We sure see it here with our socialist Dem-run political machiness…

      • About those hanging chads: The original pretext for recounting that particular county (or a couple of counties) had to do with a butterfly ballot supposedly confusing people. Then, switcheroo, there was supposedly something in that county that made lots of people unable to punch cleanly through the ballots. What could that have been?

        Some enterprising people went about to see what kind of action by voters would produce large numbers of hanging and pregnant and dimpled chads. Overwhelmingly in Al Gore’s favor, by the way. They found it quite difficult to leave the chads dimpled or hanging — unless numerous ballots were punched at once.

        That observation correlates with statistical anomalies in those counties — numbers of double-punched ballots; comparisons of presidential votes with down-ticket candidates; comparisons with previous elections; etc.

        It also correlates with the fact that a Democrat political operative was caught illegally transporting voting equipment around that time.

        And it correlates with the fact that Democrats wanted only specific counties to be hand-counted. And at one point the Democrats locked Republican observers out of the room.

        Soon after the Gore v. Bush flap, a Democrat lawyer boasted that he had turned ten or so close elections by demanding hand counts and controlling the process. I have no doubt that the Dems were trying to do that in Florida.

        A couple of years later, Democrats succeeded in turning a governor’s election in Washington State with highly suspect recounts and “lost” ballots emerging. Then, they did the same with a senatorial race in Minnesota, giving us Sen. Stuart Smalley, a Democrat supermajority, and the travesty of Obamacare.

        That’s the Democrat-leftist playbook: Keep counting ballots until you win. By any means necessary. I’m not saying that Republicans never cheat, but leftists are more philosophically and temperamentally comfortable with cheating.

        • Precisely. I saw the comment about Hanging Chad, but it made me tired and I don’t have nearly your level of information, despite being from Florida.

          But I know well what a deeply corrupt business is the Dem machine in that state; I have some relatives who are in it thru several generations. The Crooks in Charge in Tallahassee got handed their heads when they tried to ‘fix’ things where the shooting of Trayvon Martin was concerned. A lot of good people were ruined by the Dem behavior, including a police chief who’d served with integrity.

          After the mess was over the police in Sanford were still left with the problem or whether or not the volunteer guard in that gated community would be allowed to arm themselves for security’s sake or if they’d be left to the tender mercies of the feral thugs like Martin who roamed at will. The police made a decision right out of Solomon’s play book: they needed those volunteers because of the crime level. So they told the volunteers carrying a firearm was optional. IOW, a concealed carry would be allowed, but not an open one. So the bad guys could play roulette.

          As is usual in situations of concealed carry, the break in attempts plummeted. That was back then. Don’t know how it is now. But I do know that obnoxious Brit who obssessed about guns on television has been blessedly silenced.

          See this book for the FACTS:

          More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws, Third Edition (Studies in Law and Economics)

          It’s being used in criminal law classes now.

        • After the dust cleared in FL over the Gore/Bush voting, every major news org in the US sent an army of “counters” to FL. No one was able to refute the result. You better bet they would have been screaming their heads off if there was any “there” there.
          Also, Al Frankin; just keep pulling bags of ballots out of trunks of cars until you get the correct result.

          • An interesting detail about the Washington governor’s race: After the second vote-count had narrowed down Dino Rossi’s lead, Christine Gregoire (Dem.) was rallying some supporters and she said: “We can make up that difference!”

            That statement was aired in her own voice on a national network. (I wasn’t living in the state but was following the election.) The words were permanently burned into my memory because they are so striking.

            Whether or not Gregoire meant they were going to “make up” votes, she revealed that she saw another recount as a process that her side could control in their favor, rather than a means of ensuring an accurate reading of the voters’ will.

          • Babs–

            That was one of the worst events in a long history of corrupt politics in our country. And Florida is one of the most corrupt Dem-machines going, at the state level, anyway. But that truth won’t be told in our lifetime. It won’t be told ever in the mainstream until the Marxists have been driven out of power.

            Same goes for those “lies” about weapons of mass destruction. I said at the time that Saddam sent them to Syria and so it turned out to be. We saw the evidence when Syria dissolved in civil war. They tried to build their own a few years ago, but Israel shut them down.

            We can’t go back there now – the Middle East has to have its own Hundred Years’ War so it can re-establish along the fault lines that were beginning to emerge when Europe marched in and set up those artificial boundaries. They were in charge back then, so they did it because they could. Once the American hegemony replaced that of Europe, we jumped in to stop the coming slaughter…and sacrificed our own – and Europe’s – men for nothing. Because we could and because, like Europe, we thought it was the right thing to do.

            That blithering idiot in the Oval Office said today (or very recently) that America has to “align with countries who have America’s best interests at heart”. ??? Since when did other countries lay down their citizens’ lives for others?? Believe it or not, he seemed to be trying to make that case for….wait for it…IRAN.

            What an imbecile. Positively drooling.

  10. The Brits are perfectly welcome to participate with us on the ‘Illegal Alien Departure Airlift’. The more the merrier.

    My daughter lives in southern Arizona. She works full-time trying to help impoverished families, most of them “recent” immigrants. We went to see her this Spring, and I hope we get to see her again.
    I have given up trying to persuade her of anything, much as my father did with me.
    Being right isn’t that important to me anymore. In fact the more often I find myself having “predicted it”, the less I like it. The only career advice I ever gave her was “study Spanish.”

  12. Just donated, small as it is. You are all such an important part of GoV and provide us with such info we can’t get anywhere else. Dymphna writing about the illegal immigration crisis and answering back to commenters was so good but what got me finding my password for Paypal was No Crosses to be seen in muslim burials!! Wow. At the risk of being repetitive, there has not been one can of Campbell’s Tomato soup in this house for 2 years. In Canada, you only have to spot the muslim crescent on the side of the can, other brands taste just fine. Better actually. I will not have any imam praying over anything I eat, although why they have to pray over tomato soup, not any other kinds, is beyond me. I understand there is a payment exacted and exactly where that money goes I leave up to any reader to figure out. Anyhow, dear friends, I wish I was rich, I would give you everything I could to help you. In the meantime, I send this small donation with my own Christian prayers and wish you well. You all are an inspiration to us. Thank you so very much for all your dedication and hard work. God speed.

  13. “Col. Bunny on June 18, 2014 at 3:16 am said:

    It is strange to live in an America where it’s crystal clear that the putative president hates the majority population and is determined to stand the Constitution on its head, destroy the economy, neutralize the military, construct an unprecedented, unconstitutional internal army, and give aid and comfort to our mortal enemies.”

    “Global Warming”..
    “New World Order”..
    “Change You Can Believe In”..

    OK, so the inconvenient truth is that what we’re headed towards is the new religion, Peace(TM) in AmEurabia

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