Away With Those Infidel Crosses!

The following translation from was originally published at Vlad Tepes in a slightly different form. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

During Muslim burials, crosses must be hidden

Massive clashes between different cultures are a near-daily occurrence in Germany as well as in Austria. However, conflicts between Christians and Muslims cause increasing anger among the citizens, and for quite a while they [Muslims] have unwilling to accept just about anything. Recently there was such a case in the German town of Offenbach near Frankfurt on the Main. After an agreement had been reached between the two cultures, the Muslims demanded still more and more.

Cemetery without Crosses

Dying is no-one’s favorite subject, except in the following case: A Muslim community had asked for a special place in the cemetery in the Hessian town, Seligenstadt on the Main. So far so good. Such a place had been found for them. But now the (Muslim) community demands that all Christian symbols be removed from the entire cemetery grounds during a (Muslim) burial.

It had taken extensive negotiations to allow the Muslims their own ceremony. In this part of the cemetery, no coffins are to be put into the ground, but the corpses are to be wrapped in cloth, and laid out pointing towards East, i.e. Mecca. During this procedure, while Suras from the Koran will be read out, all crosses in the mourning hall are to be taken down or hidden away. These demands are made by Bashir Kumcu from the Ahmadiyya Community, with the explanation: “We are also making adjustments by following the rules of the cemetery administration.”

Nobody from this German town was willing to comment. However, the tones one can hear from the town hall are clearer: “The Muslims can hold their funeral ceremonies somewhere else, where there are no crosses”.

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  1. Not bloody likely in Canada! How dare they? Oh they dare, little by little, and Westerners accede, little by little. Remove our crosses, row on row, our story, our history our civilizational values? The little German town has it right, bury your bodies elsewhere where there are no crosses. Again I say, not bloody likely in Canada.

  2. About 18 years ago during a visit to Germany my wife encountered abuse from a Muslim shopkeeper. I concluded the Germans were looking the other way when they encountered this behaviour, because of their earlier mistreatment of Jews and the condemnation this brought.

    Hence, I am not surprised that Germany and Austria are now in trouble with their Muslim malcontents. “You get what you tolerate.”

    That these creatures are causing trouble in Seligenstadt is ironic. When you walk around the centre, you cannot help notice brass plaques set in the pavements. About 2 years ago, we counted about 20, with each giving the name of the Jew who lived there, and their date of despatch to a death camp.

    I imagine Seligenstadt is very popular with Muslims. They know they can push their demands, because the locals will be wary of being reminded of their mistreatment of another group.

    • Last year in Vienna, I visited the suburb of Heiligenstadt (a favourite haunt of my hero Beethoven). Opposite the rail station is a group of apartments from 1927-30, Karl-Marx-Hof (sorry!), with a plaque commemorating the Jewish residents murdered by the Nazis.

      A couple of days later I went to Eisenstadt, SE of the city near the Hungarian border (Haydn’s one time home, and burial place, since you ask); this regional capital, pop. only 14,000, has a Museum of Jewish Culture! Seems almost like over-compensation, if that’s not disrespectful.

      So one can understand the Austrians’ (and Germans’) sensitivity re Muslims, but they need to wake up!

  3. No crosses. No churches. Who said Islam was peaceful an tolerant? They did not say that. It was dhimmi cowards who attributed those adjectives to Islam. It is like attributing a stone as blood donor.
    But they have the right to do that, because they were invited for sole purpose of voting and destroying the other party and destroying the native culture.
    Liars ( = politicians) said 50 years ago that they were refugees. It was a lie. Liars ruined these western countries in the name of kindness and charity. In the west words are given new meanings. Muslims discovered that western politicians are liars. Although they know that those lies brought them to the west and its fat, they have no respect for them because they are liars. Islam scorns the dhimmis because they don’t have values to defend and get martyred for them. Politicians don’t defend anything, any value, any idea, except their salaries, huge salaries doing what? Importing muslims and whitewashing their violent, murderous deeds.

  4. Here, in Portugal, I have not heard of such thing from muslim.
    But when the autonomous parliament of Madeira decided that the Land’s flag should have the cross from de Knights of Christ (Templar Order) a deputation of our local Free Masonry flew from Lisbon to the island to forbid the use of crosses. The local authorities send them back -and the cross stayed. That cross is also used by our military –we use a red cross Germans use a black one.
    So it’s not only islam that wants crosses to be removed. A few years ago the socialist government forbade ALL crosses that were still hanging in a few forgotten rooms and (not in public rooms) and the European Parliament also legislate on that.

  5. The only good news in that entire article was that there was a muslim burial.

  6. Why They Are Winning and We Are Losing.

    Tolstoy wrote that every bad marriage is bad for a different reason, and all good marriages are good for the same reason. We just can’t keep up with them. And we seem not to learn that we never will.

    No sooner than reasonable Germans accommodated Muslim burial requirements – which Muslim organizations signed – there comes an impossible request to remove all crosses. This is impossible of course as many of the headstones and grave markers are crosses.

    Not being a Christian myself I nevertheless feel that these grave crosses are meant to and necessary to accompany the deceased in their next sojourn. It is, that is, a religious requirement. The Muslim demand references no religious requirement – they just don’t want to see them.

    When Boko Harem sold their slaving raid booty into slavery we thought – this is the worst. At least we thought we understood that so we thought we knew what we were dealing with.

    No sooner than that round of kidnapping was carried out, another kidnapping spree was perpetrated by Boko Harem. In this one they kidnapped young, pregnant women.

    Of course. How simple is their evil. Kidnap the children – yes but better kidnap young pregnant women. What better way to erode, collapse and destroy a people – indeed erode, collapse and destroy a way of life.

    This kidnapping of pregnant women we never imagined. And we never will.

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