Another One of Those Bloody Honor Killings? Who Cares? Change the Channel…

When the story appeared in Drudge, a gloomy cloud of inevitability closed in. The release of Dr. Meriam Yahya Ibrahim was a trick; they’re never going to let this woman go. With a whole country to run, with what should be an intense struggle to bring their people to a third-world level of prosperity, these 7th-century barbarians can’t let her go.

The top priority appears to be making sure their forty or so security thugs surround this woman and her babies at the airport to prevent her from leaving their fly-bitten hellhole.

We subscribe to Phyllis Chesler’s emails — hers is a sure voice, and one worth listening to. Of late, she’s been by-lined on Breitbart, which is encouraging, even if her sad news isn’t:

Meriam Yahya Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman whom an Appeal Court freed yesterday, has just been re-arrested at the airport trying to leave Khartoum. She is now in more danger than ever before.

Here’s why.

A man, Al-Samani Al-Hadi, has come forward who claims to be her brother. Meriam denies that he is. Nevertheless, he is claiming that his Islamic family honor has been “tarnished,” that he seeks “retribution,” that “Christians (have) tarnished his Islamic family’s honor through the case.”

It seems that Ibrahim’s presumed family, perhaps only her father’s side (a father who abandoned Meriam and her Christian mother when Meriam was very young), may have been the ones who initially filed a criminal complaint claiming they were “shocked” when they discovered that Meriam had married a Christian.

As soon as she was let go, I wondered how she’d ever get out of that place safely. Turns out she won’t; they’ve found another despicable Islamic way to make her an apostate so they can kill her.

So what’s the reason for all this thuggery and taqiyya? Why, so they can label their death machine “HONOR” before they torture and kill a woman whose training and skills they need. But she’s a woman. EEYEW.

Read the rest of Phyllis’ report and get her links at Breitbart.

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Why hasn’t our government cut any ties to ANY country which treats women like this?

Where are the lefty feminists when they could actually be useful for a change? Or are they among the demonstrators and we didn’t see them?

Why isn’t Oprah at the front of the line protesting what is happening to this woman of color?

Who cares about the World bloody Cup or whatever the latest “athletic” circus is called when real people are dying horribly?

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  1. I just checked Oprah Winfrey’s website and there is nothing about this story, but there is a 1.19 video on tea – although it doesn’t mention the fact that she has teamed up with Starbucks that is now selling an Oprah tea.

    So glad she has her priorities right.

  2. Dymphna I suggest that the people you want to take action are all some form of commnist. As such, they would say that the ‘issue is not the issue’; they will only make a fuss if it furthers their cause of destroying Western civilisation and Christianity. By their warped and demented reasoning the individual doesn’t matter. So I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the’sisters’ to care a damn for this poor, unfortunate woman.

    • Sad but true. Phyllis Chesler is a feminist and her politics were probably once of the leftist variety. But she has long since transcended the petty politics to take on the Ummah.

      Dr. Chesler has impeccable credentials as a professor emeritus on the subject of women.

      The other academic fems (pinkos, as you say) have long since drummed her out of their special gendersphere because she has walked the walk herself, managing to escape a marriage to a fellow student (who took her home to meet the folks in Afghanistan).

      She talks the talk- the REAL words – but those charlatanettes would stuff a sock in her mouth if they could. Her reality might interfere with their academic funding.

      Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman

      Phyllis Chesler can’t be easily labeled or categorized except to call her a champion for the women who are butchered and burqa’d up in Islam.

      She continues to study and observe the phenomenon of women in groups.

      (I am reminded of our son’s annoyed observation of his first attempt to work with three young girls on a play they were all going to put on. Having survived the experience he got into the car and announced, “girls in groups are scum”.

      His definitive summing up is one which any girl who has survived high school cliques can second. I couldn’t think of any counter-argument to his assertion at the time. Fifteen years later, I still can’t answer him, though he evidently has devised some work-arounds since then.)

      • Pity it took a personal example (Chesler) to prove how wrong she was, when a more open minded education could have easily set her right.

        • Your observation is a bit anachronistic. Seriously, back in the early 60s, what did ANYONE know about Islam? All we saw in the newspapers ws the occasional Saudi prince-playboy throwing money around.

          She was a young college student and he was a smooth foreigner. It was only after she became very ill there that her Muslim father-in-law took pity on her and let her get out of Dodge in one piece.

          Just *where* in the 60s was this “open minded education” available??

          BTW, she spent the rest of her life providing that education for other women and she was slammed for it.

          • Ahh now I remember who Phyllis Chesler is and her ordeal in Afghanistan. Passport taken from her and retained as soon as she stepped onto the tarmac in Kabul with her charming duplicitous fiancé.

            You make a fair point: who, as late as the 70’s, knew what the social mores of the Muslim world were?

            Interestingly Ms Chesler found compassion in her father-in-law and a male doctor whereas her mother-in-law (one of two) tried to poison her as I recall.

            In 1993 I tried to warn a 40ish secretary against dating a Bosnian Muslim. I had travelled in the Middle East. She thought I was being silly. Until, after two dates with him, she returned home from a film night with a girlfriend to find dozens of messages from him demanding to know where she was. Then he called again: he was parked outside her building and had been for some hours. After an acrimonious exchange over the phone and him buzzing the door of the building she called the police.

            In 1998-9 I had a gorgeous 20 year old Mauritian receptionist (whose Roman Catholic parents should have known better) dating a Lebanese Muslim lad. He was very polite and demure in our workplace. I queried her about him and gently stressed that his kindly, respectful gentlemanly ways would vanish the moment she married him. She assured me, old fuddy duddy that I was unschooled in the values of her generation, that he “wasn’t like that”. They got engaged and she moved jobs. In 2010 I met some Mauritians of her age and broadly the same part of our city. I asked did they know her – they did. I asked “Did she ever marry that Lebanese Muslim panelbeater?” The woman rolled her eyes as she answered “Yes. They’re divorced now” “Any kids?” I asked. “No” she answered “Good!” said I, “He was a violent psychopath” the man opined. I held my tongue on that. “She had a lot of trouble getting away from him” the woman added.

            Chesler’s story is a must read for any young woman planning to travel to the Muslim world or considering dating a Muslim man. Remember that all the faculty and fellow students of Mohammed Atta in Germany were unanimous in recalling him as unfailingly polite, quiet, respectful, gentle, etc

          • As late as the seventies, at least one television writer did. Sort of.

            I wish I could recall which series it was, and I have been trying to find it for years. But the story line was a girl had been kidnapped and no one knew what happened to her, and she was assumed dead. Several years later, another girl is kidnapped. It turns out the first girl was made a part of some wealthy Arab guy’s harem, and had been a part of it for years. When the second American girl was kidnapped, she wanted to help her get away.

            The “sort of” part was that the older girl (now a real woman by the time the show was set in) was living a fairly nice life, that even though she was essentially a prisoner, she seemed to enjoy, while at the same time, being sad about it. There was no sense that she was beaten, and by the time of the second kidnapping, had a certain amount of autonomy within the harem. But this is all based on a foggy memory of a show episode I last saw probably more than thirty-five years ago.

            Maybe it was Mannix. I keep picturing Columbo, though. Heck, it could’ve been pretty much any show.

        • It was just an observation Dymphna, there was no intention on my part to be anachronistic, my point being that even if Chesler had been made aware of the vast chasm between Western and Islamic values would she have re-considered her marriage?

          It is one thing to be educated in an institution that is narrow in its educational limits, but quite another to take on board what one learns without questioning much of it.

          I can remember being well aware of ‘Arab’ countries and their ‘differences’ as compared to what I then valued as a young person still at high school. I’m not saying that I was educated to appreciate the differences and the limitations between the West and Islam, but at that time, I was more than aware of the incompatibility between both cultures.

          In 1972, I was offered to apply for a position as a 21 year old as the Head Butcher in Bahrain – it was because of my ‘awareness’ that I knocked applying for that position back.

          Just slightly off topic, but pertinent to Islam. I used to contribute articles on, which has now ceased to blog, but has many of its articles in the National Library of Australia regarding Islam. One of the subjects that was touched on when that blog was operating was the passport confiscation by Islamic Airline operators, such as Emirates, of all Western employees and the subsequent problems that many of those employees found themselves in because of their lack of awareness concerning the huge differences in how they were raised compared to what was expected of them as infidels working for Muslim employers. We became aware of many sad tales indeed, especially from the young and impressionable Western women.

          Many dreams were shattered while all we could offer was advice!

          • “…even if Chesler had been made aware of the vast chasm between Western and Islamic values would she have re-considered her marriage?”

            I second Nemesis’ idea. The main difference between the East and the West is that the West allows women to choose a single husband at a time whereas the East participates in family-enforced arranged polygamous marriages. This thought chasm is much too wide to be appreciated by the vast majority of Western women when the West has actively hidden from Western women that the ENTIRE system of Islam is set up to rule over women and non-Muslims.

            As just one example, modern Western ‘old maids’ – specifically in Germany – are actively courted for marriage by young immigrant Muslim men. The trick is that the young immigrant Muslim men ALREADY have wives and children in their home lands and simply use the Western ‘old maids’ to secure their citizenship to bring their Muslim families to the West – Muslim families that ARE aware of the scam.

            When I was in college in the late 1980s, I dated a very personable young man from Pakistan (via an immigration to the UAE). It lasted a month before he told me on a walk, “You know that I could rape you right now if I wanted.” To which I replied that, if he raped me, I would legally prosecute him and get him thrown out of our Catholic college. Of course, I broke up with him immediately. But, both before me and after me, he dated some of the nicer Catholic college girls with the goal, I believe, to get married to an American woman to gain American citizenship. He NEVER mentioned Islam and he NEVER said that he was a Muslim, but he also did NOT present himself as a Christian. He appeared urbane and completely Western. His English was perfect, and he was an extremely popular student. My mother said that she never prayed so hard in her life as to get me out from under his spell….

  3. The humanity of this woman has been slighted.
    Her dignity has been denied.
    Her life is in danger.
    Her government’s actions are the picture and essence of so much that is wrong in our world.
    God is indeed greater . . . than Islam. Of course.
    Islam is profane.

  4. Good news (9pm BST) is she’s been released, but problems with paperwork. Fingers crossed!

    • Both of’s sources indicate she was “temporarily held”…which does not clearly indicate “release”.

      Sudan summons U.S., South Sudan ambassadors in row over Christian convert

      “(Reuters) – The Sudanese Foreign Ministry summoned the American and South Sudanese ambassadors after a Christian-convert woman attempted to travel to the United States using documents issued by the embassy of South Sudan, the state’s top security service said on Wednesday.
      The move escalated a diplomatic row over Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, 27, who was detained as she and her American husband and two children sought to fly out of Khartoum on Tuesday, a day after she was released from death row.
      Ibrahim was freed on Monday by an appeals court which canceled the death sentence imposed on her for having converted to Christianity from Islam, after the government came under what it called unprecedented pressure.
      “The airport passport police arrested Abrar after she presented emergency travel documents issued by the South Sudanese embassy and carrying an American visa,” Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Services’ media department said on Facebook, referring to Ibrahim by her Muslim name.
      “The Sudanese authorities considered (the action) a criminal violation, and the Foreign Ministry summoned the American and South Sudanese ambassadors,” it added.
      Under Sudan’s penal code, forging a document is punishable by up to five years in prison.
      Ibrahim’s lawyer, Mohaned Mostafa, told Reuters that she is expected to stay in police custody for 24 hours.
      Her case triggered an international outcry and was closely monitored by Washington and London, who last month summoned the Sudanese charge d’affaires to protest against Ibrahim’s initial death sentence.
      Following her brief release on Monday, Ibrahim was sent to a secret location for her protection after her family reported receiving threats, another one of her lawyers had said.
      In Washington, the U.S. State Department offered a different version of events on Tuesday, saying the Sudanese government had told the United States that Ibrahim had been detained for several hours and then released but that she had not been arrested.
      “The State Department has been informed by the Sudanese government that the family was temporarily detained at the airport for several hours by the government for questioning over issues related to their travel and I think travel documents. They have not been arrested,” State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters.
      “The government has assured us of their safety,” Harf added, saying that the U.S. embassy was “highly involved” in working with the family and the government to resolve the matter. “We are engaging directly with Sudanese officials to secure their safe and swift departure from Sudan.”
      The United States has imposed economic sanctions on Sudan since 1997 over alleged human rights violations. It intensified sanctions in 2006 over Khartoum’s actions in its conflict with rebels in the western region of Darfur.
      South Sudan, with a majority Christian population, became independent from Sudan after a public vote in 2011 that ended years of civil war between the two states. Islamic laws are applied in Sudan, where most of its people are Sunni Muslims.
      The relationship between the two Sudanese neighbors have been relatively calm since South Sudan’s secession.
      (Additional reporting by Arshad Mohammed in Washington; Writing by Yasmine Saleh; Editing by Jan Paschal, Steve Orlofsky and Mohammad Zargham)

  5. I fear for all involved in her release, but even more concerned for her husband and children who were also arrested .

  6. Embassy of Sudan: Mariam is free to leave Sudan, she just has to do it legally

    WASHINGTON, June 24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Court of Appeal in Northern Khartoum overruled the primary court verdict regarding the convicted Abrar Hadi Mohammed Abdullah (Meriam Ibrahim) and ordered her release after the pleadings submitted by her defense. With such a highly anticipated outcome of a case that has been misused by many to smear Sudan, Sudan’s justice system deserves the utmost respect and recognition.

    Once again, the people of Sudan represented in their judicial system have proven to the world that they possess the wisdom, tolerance, and a just system that protects human rights and beliefs.

    It is regrettable and disturbing that some elements attempted to bring Mariam to U.S by issuing her an entry visa on a fraudulent travelling document obtained from a foreign country (for a woman the whole world knows is a Sudanese national). That is inexcusable and unnecessary violations for all laws and regulations including US ones. The same legal system that protects her right and secures her freedom is capable of guaranteeing her right to leave the country whenever the legal procedure comes to an end.

    • I thought this was a satirical piece. Until I followed the link because I couldn’t work out where the “real” quote stopped and the satirical extension began.

      “Once again, the people of Sudan represented in their judicial system have proven to the world that they possess the wisdom, tolerance, and a just system that protects human rights and beliefs”


  7. EXCLUSIVE: Sudanese mother freed from death sentence for marrying a Christian is now charged with fraud and BANNED from leaving the country as campaigners slam State Department for ‘shameful’ attempt to help her

    The Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for being a Christian has been released from her latest detention but has been charged with new crimes, MailOnline can reveal.
    Meriam Ibrahim has been accused of falsifying travel documents as she tried to leave the African country hours after the death penalty was dropped against her.
    It is understood that the authorities told her she should have used the Muslim name she had when she was born, not the Christian name she uses after choosing to worship that faith.

  8. Always heartening to see sensible use of public resources: 40 highly paid (by Sudanese standards) law enforcement officers deployed to arrest this most unfortunate woman. And well done to the US State Dept officials on the ground in Khartoum for taking the precaution of escorting her onto the plane!

  9. Welcome to Hell……
    How any human can do this to another beggar belief. In my other ptofession I am a professional archaeologist and my experience of the Near East is how extremely friendly people in the Near East were. Until one discussed religion that is….

    As ISIL advances across the region, I am informed by colleagues that attitudes to westerners, even academics like myself is getting deeply unpleasant and dangerous. Egypt is a “no go” area now…..

  10. Chances are she’ll be allowed to leave. My heart goes out to the many women without her high profile.

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