An Existential Question

Aldo Sterone is a Algerian-French auto-pundit who has made a name for himself voicing his opinions sitting in his car, and then YouTubing the results (see here and here).

In his latest offering he discusses the recent European and local elections in France, in which the Front National scored a massive victory. Surprisingly enough, Mr. Sterone expresses his strong support for the FN, and explains why.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hello. Yesterday ‘Front National’ scored
00:04   well in the elections, and now
00:08   many people, especially foreigners, panic
00:12   and ask themselves, “What will happen now?
00:16   what do these results mean for me?”
00:20   So I will tell you:
00:24   I will be direct.
00:28   If I were French I would have
00:32   voted Front National without hesitation.
00:36   One can understand this coming from a Frenchman,
00:40   but perhaps less from an Algerian like me,
00:44   to hold a discourse
00:48   supporting Front National. I will give you my reasons.
00:52   Some French
00:57   of foreign origin, some immigrants in France,
01:01   could perhaps get some inspiration.
01:05   I’ll give you the key to
01:09   why I support the Front National absolutely,
01:13   without any hesitation. I’ll tell you why:
01:17   When the Republican Right was in power in France,
01:21   Libya was attacked by
01:25   terrorist dogs who arrived from everywhere.
01:29   There were the classic mercenaries
01:33   who came from other countries and massacred the people,
01:38   destroying public buildings, roads, bridges, etc.,
01:42   and with the help of French air force
01:46   they managed to kill the official
01:50   legal president of that country,
01:54   and they installed a junta of terrorists who govern the country today.
01:58   That was the Right. And then what happened?
02:02   Sarkozy even went there,
02:06   celebrating the victory of these people.
02:10   Then the same scenario
02:14   was repeated in Syria. But, as they did not manage
02:18   to destroy the power,
02:22   they attack the people.
02:26   Syrians are massacred by terrorists
02:31   of 80 nationalities. Meanwhile the French establishment,
02:35   which is of the Left today, is playing
02:39   at (??) and supports politically, financially
02:43   militarily the terrorists that are there.
02:47   Raping, pillaging, crucifying, burning, destroying:
02:51   look at some pictures of Syria – there are zones
02:55   in what is one of the oldest countries in the world
02:59   that look like lunar landscapes.
03:03   Last year, if you remember, there
03:07   were even children who were gassed
03:11   by the terrorists. And it was clear to everyone
03:15   from the start that it was done by terrorists.
03:19   And the establishment of the French Left
03:24   even of the Right, too, immediately used these images
03:28   to advance their own agendas.
03:32   Showing by this manipulation
03:36   that one gasses ‘niggers’. I am a ‘nigger’; I have the right to say this.
03:40   This is of no value whatsoever.
03:44   So I will ask you
03:48   a very simple question:
03:52   If one day they decide to pass from Syria to
03:56   another country which has not been touched by a “spring” yet
04:00   for example: Algeria… If they decide to send
04:04   Chechens, or the mentally ill from England, France
04:08   South Africa etc., all countries who have mentally ill,
04:13   if they send them to slaughter people in Algiers, Oran, Constantin…
04:17   what do you think the Republican French Establishment,
04:21   Left or Right, will be saying?
04:25   They will say that these monsters are
04:29   ’freedom fighters’, they will send them arms,
04:33   they will finance them while they are beheading your families,
04:37   your mothers, sisters, fathers in Algeria.
04:41   This is evident. If you have not understood this,
04:45   take some magnesium. The only
04:49   party of any significance who opposed all this
04:53   was the Front National. And I believe them sincere in this.
04:57   Why? Because it’s a Nationalist Party that respects
05:01   their own nation and also respect other nations.
05:05   It’s not an interventionist party,
05:09   nor a party who has an excessive
05:14   interest in foreign politics, because they are a party
05:18   focussed on their own nation by definition,
05:22   on what is happening in the French Republic.
05:26   So it’s primordial
05:30   for us that France
05:34   has a party like the Front National.
05:38   For us it’s an existential question.
05:42   If you don’t understand this…
05:46   (there is no hope) This was the first point. second point:
05:51   for all that is racism,
05:55   there was an Algerian journal (I saw this on FdeSouche)
05:59   which gave how-to-vote orders to the French of Maghrebian origin
06:03   but really, they should have shut up,
06:07   because we Algerians, if a French Journal
06:11   had given how-to-vote orders during our recent elections,
06:15   we would have shouted…
06:19   Interventionism! Imperialism! Colonialism! etc.
06:23   So if we
06:27   don’t want people to interfere in our affairs,
06:31   we should not interfere in theirs.
06:35   Taking this Algerian Journal at their word: They said to “vote against Racism”
06:40   if I want to vote against Racism, I vote Front National.
06:44   I give you an example:
06:48   If I take parties
06:52   so-called “Republican” like PS (Left) or UMP (Right),
06:57   a source of inspiration
07:02   very strong: Jules Ferry who was
07:06   French Prime Minister,
07:10   Minister of Education, and more, was a guy
07:14   very important to the republican Right and the Left
07:18   Just watch how many high schools today
07:22   carry his name,
07:26   the name of Jules Ferry.
07:30   He said
07:34   very openly that the superior races
07:38   have the duty to civilise the
07:42   the inferior races. That is us. So I
07:46   officially I am of an inferior race.
07:51   So we, in our Algerian sensitivity,
07:55   Thinking about these stories of colonialism,
07:59   they always tell us that Colonialism is the absolute evil.
08:03   And today they ask us to vote for parties
08:07   that are intrinsically colonialist.
08:11   Racist. Voila. And this
08:15   is an enormous contradiction in the discourse.
08:19   Something else:
08:23   Islamophobia. So they are frightened of Islam.
08:27   FN represent people who are frightened of Islam.
08:31   Firstly, people are not frightened of Islam.
08:35   People are frightened of Muslims, and why?
08:40   For the same reasons that we are afraid and flee our own countries.
08:44   Why do we leave our countries, do you think?
08:48   We leave because of problems which you know very well, which today are exposed
08:52   because Muslims go all over the place, and today these problems are not
08:56   only in our countries but they spread out globally.
09:00   What does a “Muslim area” mean to you today?
09:04   go to France, Belgium, Canada, anywhere,
09:08   go to a Muslim Quarter there. What does this mean for you?
09:12   It means violence,
09:16   there your security is not assured.
09:21   there is poverty, there is drug trafficking,
09:25   there are all social problems, this is what DISGUSTS people.
09:29   It’s not a phobia, it’s a disgust, I mean. If you people
09:33   not to be phobic then let’s not
09:37   incarcerate them in psychiatric re-educations centres as in the USSR.
09:41   We have to change, present a respectable image.
09:45   The day we present as respectable, people will respect us. No more phobia.
09:49   At the moment we present an image which is repugnant even to ourselves,
09:53   and people have seen this, you cannot reproach them
09:57   for having the same feelings that we have.
10:01   It’s not…
10:10   and then…
10:14   I always repeat it: if we want to be respected,
10:18   we must understand that what hurts us hurts the others too,
10:22   and vice versa. We cannot ask of people
10:26   to accept things we would not accept in our country.
10:32   Just a simple scenario: imagine in Algeria we distribute passports to Chinese
10:36   who don’t have the same religion we have,
10:40   who have a different culture,
10:44   and one distributes passports to them
10:48   and forces us to recognise them fully as Algerians. Would you do this?
10:52   Let’s face it, probably not. And what’s more, Chinese people
10:56   do work. Our bridges, roads, buildings, all that,
11:00   have been constructed by the Chinese. So let’s continue.
11:05   Let’s imagine the Africans who arrive in
11:09   Algeria today. Our state is obliged to
11:13   to lodge them, and imagine they get lodgings before native Algerians get them,
11:17   in priority over poor Algerians,
11:21   and imagine that in these areas the native Algerians
11:25   were unacceptable and would have to walk head lowered,
11:29   or preferably not be there at all because stones would be thrown at them
11:33   How would you take this in Algeria? See what I’m saying?.
11:37   If we would not accept this, you cannot reasonably ask this of other people in their country.
11:41   It’s simple, it’s basic justice.
11:49   I think one must fight for justice, because if one fights for injustice
11:54   one day it will backfire.
11:58   The backfire we can expect is that one day there will be 80 nationalities of terrorists who will slaughter us,
12:02   and parties in France that will finance them and help them politically. That’s the backfire
12:06   we can expect if we behave like idiots, as we do.
12:10   I hope that
12:14   this will help some of you to understand. See you.
12:18   See you soon.

11 thoughts on “An Existential Question

  1. A simple question: What’s with the steering wheel? In both France and Algeria, cars drive on the right side of the road, and the steering wheel is on the car’s left side. But this picture show the steering wheel on the right side of the car. What gives? Is this picture possibly reversed left-right, as if seen in a mirror?
    Mark Spahn (West Seneca, NY)
    P.S. And why is the car’s ceiling light turned on?

    • I gather he lives in Quebec: he’s got a slight Maghreb accent intermixed with a touch of Quebec inflections.

    • Aldo Sterone (a nom de plume of course) lives in London, at least at present. In one of his videos he says so.

      Interestingly, his French is very French (as opposed to the normal Maghrebinian speech pattern and accent.) and I dont know how long he has lived in France.

    • Maybe he crossed the Channel and rented a car on the other side? It’s more difficult for the thought-police to catch him. The light is on because he is stationary./smiley/

      • Fascinating the socioeconomic ease of movement the aliens enjoy not only across international borders but within national borders.

        Most of the indigenous working class in the UK would find this ease of movement almost impossible indeed it is not unusual to find examples of the indigenous working class that have not even visited their local town centre for 20 years.

        Guessing that this social inertia has more to do with socioeconomic barriers than a lack of will.

  2. All very fine, if you don’t mind a third world person advising the millions of other third world people to vote in a French election in France for the best advantage of their third world home countries rather than for what would be best for France.

    I write this remark as a nationalist and admirer of Marine Le Pen. It is the principle behind this guy’s argument that I find unacceptable.

    • His advice was consistently the best for both countries at the same time. Nice to see an Algerian- French really speak his mind. I suspect there are quite a few who agrees with him, but can not communicate it because they are just as repressed by other Muslims as the western societies in general, by both the Muslim organisations and their allied progressive crowd.

  3. Do you suppose aldosterone’s brother is named testosterone?

    Did I take too much chem in school? Or did other people get the joke, but deem it too puerile to be dignified by their notice?

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