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  1. A pure imagining inspired by Pat Condell’s statement that the nations surrounding Israel want the Jews out of there and dead; or the real reason Iran wants a thermonuclear weapon.

    First some assessment. When the Shah of Iran was deposed no one in the West would have predicted at the time that Iran would occupy the position of power they now have. The fall of Lebanon, the rise of the Caliphate, the take over of Gaza, Hezbollah.

    Except one group did – the Ayatollahs. And they haven’t made a single mistake. Yes their brief alliance with Syria didn’t get them what they wanted – but it didn’t cost them any of the power and bases of power they have consolidated.

    So it is fitting to speculate that Iran wants a thermonuclear weapon for the same reasons Iran wants anything. And it isn’t to use it on Israel. Despite their rhetoric they aren’t that rash.

    You doubt it. OK fair enough. At Munich Hitler did not believe England was really rolling over. He thought England was buying time to build up a military resistance to Germany.

    But then Hitler did something rash. He invaded Poland before his military had completed their rearmament program. That his blitzkrieg succeeded id beside the point. The point is it was a rash act of an unstable rash person. Then Hitler did another rash act – the timing and scope of his invasion of Russia. This one cost him the war. No doubt Hitler’s rash behavior cost him the war.

    The Ayatollahs have resisted such rashness. This is why today they are in such a position of power.

    Now for the thermonuclear weapons and why Iran wants them. Understand that Iran has atomic weapons. Like the early one’s we dropped on Japan. Not thermonuclear. Iran’s atomic weapons with their crudely enriched uranium probably have yields of about half of the smaller nuclear weapon we dropped on Japan. But big enough that several – one or two – will destroy any city in Israel. And they probably have a dozen of them.

    Now imagine they use them and think this. How will the world react to Iran in such a scenario if Iran does not have thermonuclear weapons compared to if they do have thermonuclear weapons. And when you answer that question I think you will have answered the question of why Iran wants thermonuclear weapons.

    If this happens Iran will offer the West money to relocate the Jews to Europe and America and it could just happen that we will accept.

    • If Iran were to drop even small nukes on Israel, many, mostly Sunni Muslims would die, and likely many Shias in Iran if Israel responded with a nuclear strike from submarines, some slowly and painfully (as well of course as millions of Jews, and huge numbers of Christians). Even if Iran claimed they were hastening the Second Caliphate, they’d likely provoke a reaction similar to Pearl Harbor, from their fellow Muslims as well as the rest of us.

      Yes, some of the clerics running the place may be mad enough to risk it (just as some fundamentalist Christians may believe these very events will bring about the “rapture”), but isn’t it at least possible that there are enough sane people in authority in Iran to prevent this madness?

      I’d be interested in others’ thoughts, especially MC’s.

      • Well, I do believe MC’s hiding from the shelling at the moment.

        However, it is hard for non-Muslims to understand that they don’t care how many of their own die. It’s all about ushering in the Caliphate, and the blood is secondary. They’ve famously said they love death better than life. Death leads to Paradise.

      • PLEASE do not equate or compare the insanity of Islam with the tenets of fundamental Christianity. How many of them do you know personally?? So they believe in the Rapture…there is no comparison with the murderous regime in Iran and to make that comparison is, at best, inhumane.

        There are NO sane people in Iran in authority. I cannot take you by the hand again and lead you to the reading, but it’s out there, great reams of it. Why not simply find the Iranian ex-pat sites and read about the situation there?

        Prostitution is the main industry for women, though of course they’ll die if the regime decides to randomly pay attention, as they do sometimes…And the deaths are horrific because the hatred of women is built into the system. As it is in Islam generally, but at virulent levels there.

        Anyone who was still sane left years ago.

        Google is your friend. Get a clue bag and start searching.

        Iran may have the lowest birthrate in the world.

        Iran is a sink hole beyond imagining for a nice British multicultural fellow who wants to believe the best of people.

        • Should have made myself clearer. I had in mind that brand of Christian fundamentalist who believes that war in Israel will signal the end of the world, and the “rapture”. Such people in positions of power would be a menace, as their beliefs might make them, at the very least, unlikely to try too hard to prevent such a war.

          As for your description of me, mainly guilty as charged! Though I don’t assume that multiculturalism is beneficial, just that it need not be a negative if- big if- everyone tries to make it work.

          • You infer good will on the part of those who would impose the strictures of multiculturalism on everyone when it reality it is a muzzle to keep dissenters quiet and marginalized. Your “if” is built on a mountain of myth.

      • Very sane I guess ! ! by the authorities to put the sane into insane jails or just execute.

        [Open in new window]

        With more than 700 executions during his tenure, Rouhani has even surpassed Ahmadinejad’s s statistics, and has virtually doubled the rate of executions…..
        ……….Despite Rouhani’s professed commitment to greater tolerance of religious and ethnic minorities, the realities of his one-year presidency leave a lot to desire…..
        ………..Rouhani and his masters in Tehran a free hand to mount the pressure on the Iranian people and ratchet up their suppressive measures is the West’s policy to turn a blind eye on the human rights conditions in Iran for the sake of keeping the mullahs at the nuclear negotiation table.

        Google up “evins prison ward” and then realize that the incidents that happened in April 2014 are not even in wikipedia.

        Some noises are made but not enough in the media and certainly not being taken notice of by international leaders and policy analysts, that seem able to sacrifice the sane and us too.

    • You seem to forget: at least one ayatollah has publicly remarked that the Iranian people could survive a nuclear strike(s). But Israel could not. Obviously the great loss of Iranian life involved in such a scenario would be worth it for this Ayatollah as long as it accompanied the annihilation of Israelis.

      • Yeah, they proved that in the Iran-Iraq War. Little kids sent out in droves on suicide missions. I believe they doped them up first. How kind.

    • Lawrence. Your reasoning is valid where sane and rational people are concerned, but a large fraction of the Iranian Mullah-dom is convinced that they are about to be liberated by a boy who has been hiding in a well since the ninth century. Look up “Mahdi” for more details. (And, by the way, what does an avowed atheist like Pat Condell mean by “from day one”? Just curious.)

  2. Pat, and all GOV readers,

    I wouldn’t use the UN resolutions to light my cigar, but if the quality of the paper warrants it, I would definitely use it for a no-sun purpose.


  3. One of your best, Pat.

    My suggestion is that you continue to pound, pound, pound away at Islam’s “holy books” which have all this hatred in them. They are the source. And Muslim happily tells how wonderful their cult/religion is.

    Savages is actually too nice of a term for them. Just look at the pictures coming out of Syria, Iraq. Sunni on Shia, Shia on Sunna. Takes little to imagine what they’ll do to the rest of us, esp. the Jews.

    I stand with Israel.

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