A “National Treasure” Silenced — Again

Below is the latest newsletter from Minneapolis chapter of ACT! for America. Minneapolis, as you may recall, is home to “Little Mogadishu”, a neighborhood that acts as a hotbed of recruiting for the Al-Shabaab terror group.


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has led another successful campaign to silence a “national treasure”, John Guandolo, from speaking about the Muslim Brotherhood and the dangers it poses to our national security.

John Guandolo is a national treasure. He is courageously crisscrossing America sounding the alarm about the realities of the most significant threat to the nation today — the comprehensive threat from the Global Islamic Movement. Every citizen in this country should read “Raising a Jihadi Generation” and understand the security implications for all of us. the facts speak for themselves and require no commentary. For local and state law enforcement and intelligence officials, this information is critical to identifying, understanding, and thwarting threats in your locale.

— Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, U.S. Army (retired); Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (2003-2007); Founder/Former Commanders, U. S. Army Delta Force

Last Friday Kansas Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office announced that it had withdrawn their co-sponsorship of John Guandolo’s anti-terrorism training and will not be sending any officers to the training either, due to pressure from CAIR.

“The Muslim leaders compared hosting Guandolo to sponsoring a member of the Ku Klux Klan.” (This is a recurring theme by CAIR — calling Americans racists like the KKK. We experienced this repeatedly at the recently held Little Falls Interfaith ‘Dialogue’ event, co-sponsored by CAIR-MN. Just FYI, CAIR liked the Morrison County Record reportage of the event so much that they printed it verbatim on their CAIR website. h/t Carl from AZ)

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) describes itself as a “non-profit, grassroots membership organization … established to promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America,” to protect Muslims from hate crimes and discrimination, and to present “an Islamic perspective on issues of importance to the American public.” According to the Council’s Director of Communications, Ibrahim Hooper, “We are similar to a Muslim NAACP.”

But CAIR’s mission is basically to launch a coordinated legal and public relations campaign that punishes and demonizes speech that exposes Islamist terrorism and its sources of financing.

I have had the honor and privilege to sit under John’s tutelage for a two-day seminar, and I agree with the General’s comments wholeheartedly. Read John’s very impressive bio here. Check out his “Understanding the Threat” website.

Folks, our national treasures, America’s Finest, are under heavy fire. Are we going to ‘stand down’ like the Obama administration did during Benghazi? Are we going to allow CAIR to control our speech and maintain information dominance over our American institutions, including our last line of defense — our Law Enforcement and military?!

I daresay it is time to stop grousing from the safety and comfort of our homes and do something. We have got to support those on the front lines — or they will be destroyed — and we will lose all that we love and cherish! Please, won’t you:

1.   Send words of support and encouragement to John and others on the front lines.
2.   Support them financially.
3.   Purchase as many of John’s EXCELLENT handbook, Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America as you can afford and distribute them to your local government and local law enforcement. If our leadership fail us, then let us circumvent them.
4.   Request your local Law Enforcement to sponsor John in MN.
5.   Disseminate this email widely.

“In counterinsurgency, the focus of the main effort is at the local level. Local police, working together with their local council, are the first line of defense against the enemy. But first you must have an educated, energized populous.” — John Guandolo, Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America

Warm regards,

Debbie Anderson
ACT! for America
Minneapolis Chapter Coordinator

4 thoughts on “A “National Treasure” Silenced — Again

  1. What a shame that Minnesotans have allowed this in their state. I’ve always loved the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Another fine city headed for disaster.

  2. ” What a shame that Minnesotans have allowed this in their state.”
    Minnesotans have no say in anything. They can’t reject Somalis enrichers if the gov. imposes the enrichers/ curios on the city. The only thing people can decide in a democracy is to elect the stupidest candidate. Afterwards the gov. is worse than a dictatorship. Was it prophesied that the west would nourish their own enemies?

  3. Is there any way that CAIR can be declared a “proscribed organisation” the way Al Muhajaroun were in the UK some time back?

  4. Peter, CAIR and all other Islam will be “proscribed” when we push out the Muslim loving administration and right the ship of state. Right thinking Americans know that Islam is a civilizational enemy and once the general public is brought up to speed on the facts and the reality, then we can begin to resolve the problem.

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