“Transforming us Into a Land of Conquest”

Magdi Allam is an Italian member of the European Parliament who was one of the featured speakers at the 2012 conference in Brussels. The video below shows Mr. Allam explaining his opposition to yet another EP resolution against “racism” in Europe.

Many thanks to Paro for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:12   I will vote against this resolution because
0:16   Europe is currently imploding; not because rights are not being respected
0:21   but because they have completely forgotten their duties,
0:25   and we give out with open hands rights and freedoms
0:28   without asking for this to be reciprocated by duties and the respect for rules,
0:33   before worrying about the discrimination against Roma and immigrants.
0:37   And there are even quoted terrorist suspects within the categories that should be protected.
0:44   We have to occupy ourselves with the discrimination against citizens
0:48   in my country Italy; it is the Italians who are discriminated against in the allocation of public housing,
0:55   places at public nurseries, subsidies and social pensions.
1:00   As an ex-immigrant now proudly an Italian citizen, as a sociologist and journalist who for 35 years has been concerned with immigration,
1:09   I feel it is my duty to alert Europe about the explosion of a wave of racism,
1:15   not because – as this resolution proposal wants to try and make you believe –
1:20   immigrants or terrorist suspects would be discriminated against,
1:24   but because it discriminates against the citizens of the European countries.
1:28   For our submission to a globalist ideology, pro-immigration, moralist, and relativist,
1:35   I myself rebel against a Europe as envisaged in this resolution.
1:42   They say that Europe presents itself as a deserted heath,
1:46   whereby whoever arrives pitches their own tent and dictates their specific conditions
1:49   and finishes by transforming us into a land of conquest.

6 thoughts on ““Transforming us Into a Land of Conquest”

  1. In Europe it seems the muslim conquest may already be a fait accompli. The stupified masses at all levels of society believe that ignorance really is bliss after all. Interesting times.

  2. I think Westerners being transformed into gutless dhimmis is just like skyrocketing debt: “When it’s finally become REALLY bad, I’ll be dead and gone, and, yes, my grandchildren will have to deal with it, but, hey, they’ll have grown up with it, so they’ll be adapted to living that way.”

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