To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy

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Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay examines the controversy surrounding Nicholas Wade’s new book about the scientific evidence for a genetic basis for racial characteristics, including intelligence and behavior.

To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy
by Takuan Seiyo

Wading into a faked controversy

On May 6, 2014, Penguin Press released Nicholas Wade’s book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History. The deeply researched book by the New York Times’ veteran (now retired) science writer has summarized new findings in genetic science that lead unequivocally to the conclusion that race is a biological reality, and race matters. Venturing onto more concrete and dangerous territory Wade has limned in this light topics such as the genetic reasons for the “Jewish genius,” or for sub-Saharan Blacks’ lesser adaptability to modern life than that of Whites’ and Asians’.

All that sounds obvious to those who have a pair of eyes and IQ above moron level. After all, the American NBA or the Olympic finals in Track and Field are a showcase pretty much for one race, and it’s not because of Affirmative Action. Criminal flash mobs are predominantly the domain of a single race too, and opera-singing flash mobs are the domain of another. Jews excel at receiving Nobel Prizes not because they have the inside track in Stockholm. High quality industry and standard of living developed in Japan (Real GDP per capita $23,197) rather than Iraq (Real GDP per capita $3,197) despite Iraq’s being by far the naturally richer and more ancient country, because the Japanese are biologically and culturally different from Arabs[1].

It’s how Reality is built, for humans just as for rodents or ferns. Reality — God to believers — hates equality. But modern science, no less than its medieval predecessor, rejects Reality in favor of a fanatical dogma. If you are an Assistant Professor at any Western university, a mere mention of the word “race” will terminate your academic career prospects, except if you are a member of La Raza or of some organization flaunting the word “Black.”

It’s easy to understand why scientists and academia in general feel that race as a biological fact is a dangerous concept: race consciousness has led in the past to race rankings and enslavement, murder or other forms of expropriation of the weaker races and ethnies by the stronger ones.

African Blacks were enslaved by Arabs from the East and Whites from the West — though only the latter outrage counts for Progressives. American Indians and Australian aborigines were conquered and subjugated by Whites, and the Christian Middle East, North Africa and almost all of South Asia were conquered and subjugated by Muslims of Arab, Turkic or Mongol origin (though, again, Progressives are keen only on whitey’s depredations). Europe practiced grand, worldwide colonialism for half a millennium — as had in earlier times the Chinese, Vietnamese, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Phoenicians (again, with no see/no hear by Progressives). Ultimately this cast of mind ended in Nazism based in Aryan “superiority” and racial anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust for the Jews and Gypsies, and enslavement and gross mass murder of Eastern Europe’s Slavs.

Of course, racism-based genocide is the uniting thread of South and Central America’s pre-Colombian history and much of Africa’s as well, remarkably in recent times in the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu of Rwanda. But that doesn’t count for academia’s race denialists — all of the important ones of whom are Whites (race research thrives in China and Korea) infected by the Progressive whitey-bashing virus.

Race therefore is not merely a forbidden subject — except in spurious claims that non-white minority groups are oppressed, as races, by “racist” white majorities. The idea, nay, the Reality, that race is embedded in one’s genes is so forbidden that an alternative reality — “race is a social construct” — was spun out of nothing by scientists who should have known better.

Charles Murray, in his review of A Troublesome Inheritance in the Wall Street Journal explained the genesis of this enveloping lie:

The reigning intellectual orthodoxy is that race is a “social construct,” a cultural artifact without biological merit. The orthodoxy’s equivalent of the Nicene Creed has two scientific tenets. The first, promulgated by geneticist Richard Lewontin in “The Apportionment of Human Diversity” (1972), is that the races are so close to genetically identical that “racial classification is now seen to be of virtually no genetic or taxonomic significance.” The second, popularized by the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, is that human evolution in everything but cosmetic differences stopped before humans left Africa, meaning that “human equality is a contingent fact of history,” as he put it in an essay of that title in 1984.

Since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, what is known by geneticists has increasingly diverged from this orthodoxy, even as social scientists and the mainstream press have steadfastly ignored the new research.

Murray goes on to shred Richard Lewontin’s and Gould’s arguments, and it’s worth reading, for their race-denying assertions were no mere scientific mistakes but outrageously meretricious fictions concocted to bolster personal beliefs and, as I posit, neuroses. Yet he worries that the “scientific community” will reject, fanatically, the science brought forth by Nicholas Wade, to avoid a “cataclysmic surrender on some core premises of political correctness.” Murray describes this dubious community’s current modus operandi relative to race, IQ etc. as “predict[ing] planetary movements using Ptolemaic equations.”

Apart from Murray’s takedown, it’s relevant that Richard Lewontin invented the preposterous meme, still pervasive, that there is more variation within groups than between groups (see the rational brain of theoretical physicist Steve Hsu on that). Gould, a celebrated biologist, maintained without a shred of validity that there has been no biological change in humans in 50,000 years, which is a backdoor way of saying that the brain coils and cast of mind of the homo sapiens that left Africa 50,000 years ago or earlier are the same as of those who remained in Africa. The anthropologist Henry Harpending and evolutionary biologist Gregory Cochran made a convincing opposite case in their book The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution (2009). Yet Gould is still the widely cited “expert” on the subject.

Another celebrated scientist and best-selling author, Jared Diamond, opined in his Guns, Germs and Steel that only people capable of thinking the Earth is flat believe in the existence of human races. It’s all about differences in the geography, see?[2] Moreover, modern social science probably owes its race-denying bias, multiculturalism, and other forms of self-induced blindness to the “father of American Anthropology,” Franz Boas (1858 -1942).

Boasian anthropology is based on the premise that cultures (hence religions too) cannot and may not be ranked as higher or lower: they are all equally valid. Hence our cultural relativism and inability to assert in once-white countries the worthiness and preference for the native variant of white culture over those of Third World colonists imported by the tens of millions by the ruling elites and forcibly imposed on the serf population.

Wikipedia’s exceptionally comprehensive entry on Boas (12,500+ words, over 100 footnoted references) informs that he was an activist unconcerned with detachment, objectivity, abstraction, and quantifiability in his work. Quite the modern Progressive, he was motivated by passion:

Boas was especially concerned with racial inequality, which his research had indicated is not biological in origin, but rather social. Boas is credited as the first scientist to publish the idea that all people—including white and African-Americans—are equal. He often emphasized his abhorrence of racism, and used his work to show that there was no scientific basis for such a bias.

Now my own take on things. Franz Boas was Jewish. So was Stephen Jay Gould and are Richard Lewontin and Jared Diamond. Their life spans have coincided with the Holocaust and, for three of them, with toxic pre-WWII anti-Semitism in Europe as well, with not a little of it in the United States too. That they developed a moral outrage as decent men, and psychoses as Jews, is one thing[3]. The issue is: no matter the reason, may scientists substitute their feelings for a cold concern with data?

Wade responds with a resounding No. He notes, wisely, in Chapter One: “The reader may also wish to keep in mind that this book is an attempt to understand the world as it is, not as it ought to be.”

In a quote adduced in John Derbyshire’s early review of the book , Wade further states: “Whether or not a thesis might be politically incendiary should have no bearing on the estimate of its scientific validity.”

I shall go much beyond that assertion, and I base it on spiritual insight one acquires by studying the Eastern philosophies of Zen and Daoism: the consequences of traducing Reality, therefore, in a poetic sense, God’s creation, are catastrophic, always, regardless of the reason, and will be so especially for the West in this case.

Many other reviews of Wade’s book have appeared, mostly by sympathetic HBD (human bio-diversity) specialists and informed laymen, some by neutral parties (e.g. Margaret Wente’s “What if race is more than a social construct?” in Canada’s Globe and Mail) but determinedly negative in opinion pieces by hired “experts” featured in the usual suspects’ platforms (e.g. Andrew Gelman in Slate).

John Derbyshire wrote not only his own review of A Troubled Inheritance but also a review of the reviews . Of particular note is Derbyshire’s account of a “webinar” sponsored by the American Anthropological Association —the hyper-politicized spawns of Franz Boas — on the day before the book’s publication. A key participant was the anthropologist Agustín Fuentes, author of the University of California Press book Race, Monogamy, and Other Lies They Told You. Those “lies” as per the book’s blurb: “There are three major myths of human nature: humans are divided into biological races; humans are naturally aggressive; men and women are truly different in behavior, desires, and wiring.”

Derbyshire describes the webinar as follows:

[Nicholas] Wade was offline due to technical difficulties much of the time. Fuentes waved his arms and made the case that there is no such thing as race! as well as it can be made. There is so much genetic variation! And most of it is in Africa! (Which I guess is why so many Africans look like Koreans.)

It’s relevant that Wade has been in an open feud with the anthro-neo-Marxists since the 2007 publication of his previous book, Before the Dawn: Recovering the Lost History of Our Ancestors. His report therein that per genomic research sub-Saharan Africans were generally less genetically endowed with cognitive skills was akin to poking a stick into an ant hill of particularly vicious red anthro-Formicidae. James Holland Jones, one of the few anthropologists not borne on clouds of Franz Fanon, Rigoberta Menchu, Paulo Freire and America’s own We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For, has written about this in his blog.

The Consequences

What happens when for over half a century the idea that human populations are genetically different from one another is, in Nicholas Wade’s words, “actively ignored by academics and policy makers for fear that such inquiry might promote racism”? He himself begins to answer, in a quote excerpted in another good review of the book, by Steve Sailer:

The [general] view of economic development is that people have little or nothing to do with it. Since all humans are identical units that respond the same way to incentives, at least in economic theory, then if one country is poor and another rich, the differences cannot have anything to do with the people but must lie in institutions or access to resources. On the basis of this theory, the West has spent some $2.3 trillion in aid over the last 50 years without managing to improve African living standards. Could something be not quite right with the theory?

Wade also states (hat tip, J. Derbyshire):

If the differences between a tribal society and a modern state were purely cultural, it should be easy to modernize a tribal society by importing Western institutions. American experience in Haiti, Iraq, and Afghanistan generally suggests otherwise.

How much has America wasted in these insane adventures? Is it just four trillion dollars wasted by now and tens of thousands of American soldiers’ lives lost or destroyed, or will it be more?[4] And what about America’s “fight against poverty”? Half a century after the War on Poverty began, with $20.7 trillion spent, 16% of Americans live in poverty (2012 figure). In 1964 it was 19%. The poor then were overwhelmingly Black, and now also include poverty imported from the farthest corners of the most backward Third World.

The question begs to be asked, does the myth that all races and ethnies are of equal aptitude and the laggards only need “a helping hand” have to do with realistic chances of eliminating poverty, or has it aimed to produce a vast underclass of seething, ignorant, depraved, wastrel clients of the ruling — as it always is even when the Stupid Party is temporarily at the helm — “Democratic” Party? If Obama’s government gave (82.7% Black) Detroit ten times the $2 billion it has given, would it transform Detroit into (75.7% White) Madison, Wisconsin?[5]

The myth that black poverty is the result of white racism has ruined most of America’s large cities, and poisoned the relationship between the races. But that is just the beginning. The federal government wastes hundreds of millions of dollars and violates its own student loan rules to subsidize perpetually failing black colleges. Inept Blacks are shoe-horned by Affirmative Action into good universities that then either have to flunk them or to flunk the university itself by lowering its standards to achieve “equal outcomes.”[6]

Though he will be fired before the printer’s ink has dried, someone may one day publish a study on the magnitude of America’s loss from the entrenched denial of race and gender differences, and the fraudulent palliative of Affirmative Action. I cannot quantify it myself, but here is an intuitive scenario:

One day, female and trans-sexual combat Marines will have to go mano a mano with Chinese or North Korean or Russian male soldiers. Or, a “differently abled” Eskimo lesbian — with a beard, to be on the currently cutting, “Austrian” edge — will be in charge of critical negotiations with China. China’s negotiators will comprise the brightest of the brightest in a population whose average IQ exceeds that of white Americans by at least five points, of Hispanics by over 15, and of Afro-Americans by at least 20. These “brightest” will have been selected without regard to anything but how they passed ruthlessly competitive Mandarin tests.

America and increasingly the entire West are occupied 24/7 with the radical chimera of equality of outcomes for all, which means elevating the incompetent to parity with the competent and dumbifying the White to a “diversity-compatible” level[7].

83% of the District of Columbia schools’ pupils (72% Black, 14% Hispanic, 10% White) are not proficient in reading. Surely it’s because teaching “resources” are lacking! The DC School District therefore spends $29,349 per pupil — an amount that is sure to grow commensurately with the intractability of the reading “problem.”

Meanwhile, the top seven scorers in the PISA 2012 worldwide reading skills survey [pdf] are, in descending order, Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Macao and Japan. And those are countries where, in order to be able to read a newspaper, a pupil must have mastered thousands of Chinese characters (at least 3000 in China, 2400 in Japan, 1,800 in Korea) plus, for Japan and Korea, the indigenous alphabets.

It must be because China, Korean and Japan vastly outspend the District of Columbia on education, then! No such luck: Japan spends $8,301 per pupil, Korea $6,723, and China vastly less. On the other hand, their reading proficiency rankings neatly overlap with the top of the Lynn-Vanhanen table of worldwide national IQ averages studies, with the mean IQ for East Asia’s Chino-Korean-Japanese group in the 105 – 108 range[8].

As though none of this information existed and were easily accessible, the evil drones overseeing a corrupt, lying socio-political system are forever puzzled why “minorities” lag and how much more money and preferences are to be showered on them so that they can finally overcome racism and white privilege. And so a May 12, 2014 headline informs: “Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Monday will host an Internet discussion aimed at uncovering why young black and Hispanic men are ‘less successful’ in the job market and in school, and what causes encounters between them and law enforcement.”

Duncan is the same toxic nitwit who was recently “frankly inspired” by Mexican women who cross the US border to give birth to automatic US citizens who then milk the system for its free education, health care and other benefits while living in Mexico.

As though such issues with domestic racial minorities (including aborigines in Australia, Maori in New Zealand, Commonwealth Blacks in the UK etc.) were not enough, all Western countries are assiduously lowering their respective national IQ through Third World Immigration. Meanwhile, China is pursuing a eugenic program to increase the already-superior IQ of its population by 5 -15 points per generation. As evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller put it, “After a couple of generations, it would be game over for Western global competitiveness.”

Of course the Loon, Traitor and Crook Club (LTCC) running countries like USA, UK or Australia has an answer to that too: import more Chinese (or high-caste Indians). As though it made no difference whether the countries they have mismanaged for so long were run by the founding Anglo-Saxon/Scots/Irish or by highly ethnocentric Asians (that’s another group difference).

Imprisoned by lies

In a mentirocracy, i.e. a social system based on lies, poking a lie is a major crime that rings alarm bells in Ivory Towers, gilded Think Tank tanks, ministerial council cabinets, presidential suites, and down below too where dwell the youngish pierced activist drones. It is, after all, like touching a card in a house of cards: a chain event may follow.

And so two men who honestly and competently analyzed the issue of Third World immigration’s detrimental impact on national IQ, competitiveness and standard of living were pilloried and fired from their jobs: Jason Richwine in the United States and Thilo Sarrazin in Germany. Geert Wilders’s statement that the Netherlands could use fewer Moroccans hit a major totem of that Useful Idiot-infested country with such impact, that not only the usual suspects, i.e. leftist-liberal politicians, erupted in howls of “racism” and “hate speech” but members of Mr. Wilders’s own party resigned in protest and the Facebook page ‘I Am Filing a Complaint Against Wilders’ got nearly 100,000 likes.

In Norway, a native son, Fjordman, is a persecuted persona non grata, because he exposes with facts, numbers, logic and reason how Norway, Sweden and all of Europe are doing away with themselves (nod to Thilo Sarrazin here) via Muslim immigration. “What Does Muslim Immigration Cost Europe?”, he asks, and answers too in a way that leaves the naked emperor without any plausible cover, not even a fig leaf.

In Austria, Elizabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff faces the full wrath of a terminally decayed regime of lies that feels righteously right and proper because it’s the antithesis of Austria’s 1930s-40s terminally decayed regime of lies. And so she is hauled before one court after another for stating about Muhammad what Islamic scriptures state.

In Great Britain, increasingly a horror play, a “Coriolanus” without Coriolanus, the celebrated biologist James Watson had to eat vats of humble pie in 2007 after stating that he is “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa.” Paul Weston, a politician who wants to reverse Albion’s staggered suicide, was arrested and jailed by British police for reading a truthful quote from Winston Churchill about Islam.

Twitch your nose at the gay carnival, and find out what “no place to hide” means. David and Jason Benham had their show cancelled at the HGTV cable network after a Useful Idiot website labeled them “anti-gay, anti-choice extremists.” Mozilla’s CEO Brendan Eich had to step down in a hail of public opprobrium after his heinous crime was revealed in public: Eich had donated $1000 to support California’s Proposition 8 campaign to ban same-sex marriage.

Refuse to rent a room to a homosexual couple in your own Bed and Breakfast, and you will be hauled before the court, fined, and submitted to a stern lecture and rape of your conscience, as happened to Phyllis Young in Hawaii in 2007 and to Peter and Hazelmary Bull in England in 2008. Refuse to marry a same-sex couple, and you will be threatened by your own government with up to five years in jail and a fine up to €45,000, as happened to seven recalcitrant mayors in France.

Of course, countries such as Russia and China, which mean to survive and to perpetuate their peoples, know not such nonsense.

Brush inadvertently by the n-word, and, if you are White, you are finished. The BBC recently sacked its DJ of 32 years, David Lowe, for playing a 1932 song that contained the n-word. Mr. Lowe was not aware that this word was in the song and he offered to apologize on air. But that was not enough to satisfy the BBC politruks: Lowe had to leave.

Hope-Change brigade political commissar Leonid Brezhnev giving a Progressive Diversity “Non-hater” award to a Soldier-for-Equality (per Wikipedia repro of the original)

Just prior to that, the BBC set to fire its most profitable face, Jeremy Clarkson of “Top Gear,” because he recited an old nursery rhyme on-air that contains the n-word. Clarkson had tried to avoid the pitfall in several takes, but in the “printed” take it still sounded as though he uttered it.

This desecration of the n-host resulted, predictably, in a mob howling for Clarkson’s blood. Quite uncaring that his own ancestors may have been victims of such mobs braying by reason of phony host desecrations five hundred years earlier, it was Danny Cohen, BBC Television’s Chief Diversitoid, who set out to fire Mr. Clarkson, though the latter “begged for forgiveness.” Nor should it be assumed that BBC’s Director General, Tony Hall, intervened with the ballistic Mr. Cohen to spare Clarkson for the sake of sanity and the sacred Anglo-Saxon tradition of freedom of speech. Not at all. But the program “Top Gear” that rests inseparably on Mr. Clarkson’s shoulders generates for the BBC over a quarter billion dollars in annual revenue.

By the way, here are the opening stanzas from the lyric ballad by one of Western Civilization’s most celebrated and successful contemporary artists, indeed, Hip Hop’s first billionaire:

Bitch [N-word] (Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog)

Some good-(a-word) weed!
Check it out dog, this game is a (mf-word) trip man
Word on the streets
Everybody always tryin’ to run up on me
Hollerin’ about word on the street is dis (n-word) said this
Man I dont give a (f-word) about what that (n-word) said man!
Thats whats wrong with you (n-word), you (n-word) is just like bitches
Hoe (a-word) (n-word), talk too (mf-word) much

Study your own, get your own, yahmsayin?
Be independent (n-word), beotch!


Bitch n-word
Bitch n-word
Bitch n-word
Bitch n-word
Bitch a-word n-word
Bitch n-word
Bitch n-word
Yeah Im talkin’ about you
Bitch n-word
And you too

The rest of this epochal ejaculation of much-celebrated creativity may be found here. In this inverted system in which the low is high and the high is persecuted, it’s no wonder that the old Western tradition of intellectual university debates are subject to “hacking” by minority participants unable to contend with intellectual rigors. Instead, they impose on the proceedings “arguments based on personal memoir and rap music, completely ignor[ing] the stated resolution, and instead assert[ing] that the framework of collegiate debate has historically privileged straight, white, middle-class students.” Moreover, the new style has received mainstream acceptance, sympathy, and awards.

At Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, at the students’ insistence, the administration has agreed to implement a “mandatory power and privilege training” as part of its Orientation week for every HKS degree program. This thought reform — similar to the brainwashing sessions of zombie Chinese mobs during Mao’s Cultural Revolution — comprises “a mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials.”

Brandeis University, pressed by students’ petition and multiple protests from the faculty, rescinded its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali due to her past statements’ being “inconsistent with Brandeis University’s core values.” Similar student and faculty protests gutted an honorary degree for Condoleezza Rice at Rutgers, and commencement speakership for Christine Lagarde at Smith, though both women are milquetoast centrists.

We are now a quantum leap beyond the compulsory PC/MC regime I invoked at the beginning of this chapter. It’s no longer the regime, the ruling elites of Western Progressives, which pen its erstwhile owner-citizens in corrals of Orwellian lies. The Long March Through the Institutions has by now produced two generations that have known nothing since babyhood but the constant buzz of postmodern Cultural Marxism. The young have inhaled with every pore the lies and the fake-outs, the omissions and the managed perceptions, and are now imprinted with the jaundiced view of fictitious Reality, a poisoned Weltanschauung. They are themselves the enthusiastic propagators of this fictitious Reality, its enforcers and executioners, its Children of the Corn.

This is therefore a mentirocracy: an entrenched social system based on lies, in which the population has internalized the lies. It is worse than communism, where a small, fanatical minority coerced the large majority to live by and pay homage to gross lies. At least there, the people were keenly aware those were lies. Quietly, stubbornly, they clung to the truth, waiting for some future day of deliverance.

But in a popular mentirocracy, there is no future deliverance, except by miracle. In a brainwashed and dumbed-down population — tellingly, only 4% of Americans think they have below-average intelligence — enlightenment comes as a flash only in the final moment, midflight when the mentally ill, delusional polity is being tossed by history to its junkyard.

In a recent New York Times article, “America the Shrunken” Frank Bruni limned the response of a “thoughtful college junior” to the diminished America of the future. The young man of course has no remembrance of how magnificent a country it was just 55 years ago, when it was strong, confident and meritocratic rather than mentirocratic:

A thoughtful college junior I know told me that while he didn’t envision a richer American economy in his future or a mightier American role in the world, he looked forward to a country with a warmer embrace of diversity, including gay marriage in every state. He itched to be a part of its creation.



1.   Per Lynn and Vanhanen’s “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” (2002) the average IQ of the Japanese is between 102 and 109 (per different studies) versus 87 for the average Iraqi. I am convinced that this plus other genome-embedded factors have something to do with the differences in how Islam and Shinto-Buddhism view the world and how they impact the respective cultures.
2.   Wade’s book gives Diamond a deserved spanking.
3.   I have much deeper reasons to develop such a psychosis than any of these Jewish-Americans, as it’s my own parents, not theirs, who went through the horrors of the double Holocaust, Jewish and Slav, and it is I who as a result of Nazi racism (and Soviet “classism” too) was born without a family and a place in the world other than these two human wrecks who conceived me. Yet these celebrated Jews’ lying take on Reality, no matter how based in understandable neurosis, fills me with revulsion.
4.   If this article covered every area in which the government of the United States lies to its subjects, and the European Union to its own, it would be a thick book. But just in the narrow context of the Afghanistan/Iraq adventure, reminds uncharacteristically Huffington Post, “When President Barack Obama cited cost as a reason to bring troops home from Afghanistan, he referred to a $1 trillion price tag for America’s wars, versus the known minimum of $3.7 trillion.”
5.   It’s a rhetorical question. But it is equally true that no Black community, no failed black city, would ever be as terminally insane as the beautiful, prosperous, white and gentle City of Madison, where Progressivism drips from the clouds and the 15th Annual White Privilege Conference has recently taken place at a cost of $20,000 in mostly-White taxpayers’ money. Featured prominently was a Black Lawfare professor enabled in her career, as evident in her résumé, by the same chain of white Useful Idiots as Barack Hussein Obama. The professorette attacked B.H. Obama, as “the face of global white privilege.” Ultimately, biology may decree that the white race has lost its fitness to survive, and genomic science may show why.
6.   At this point in the narrative an angry white voice is usually heard in the audience, reeling off names like Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas etc. I would gladly carry the briefcase of either of these gentlemen just for a chance to learn something (and on one occasion did, Williams’s). But the angry voice would have committed two logical fallacies. First, the statement “All X are Y” is nontransitive with respect to “All Y are X.” Second, evidence of different outliers’ characteristics in a Gaussian distribution does not belie the traits exhibited by the average and the majority — and it’s these two that must serve as a basis for sane public policy. Thus the fact that the two tallest men in the world are Chinese (were, last time I checked) does not disprove or color as “racist” the statement that “Lithuanians are taller than Chinese.”
7.   It’s useful, as background, to compare the “Project Based Learning” agenda currently pushed on America’s children by the teaching establishment, against a traditional mode of learning, here .
8.   Data from the 2008 Lynn-Vanhanen book, IQ and Global Inequality, presented accessibly here [pdf].
9.   This article deals just with lies related to biological group differences and their cultural effect. Those lies alone are enough to destroy the entire West, country by country — but there are additional tightly woven blankets of hugely consequential lies, primarily in the realm of economics, fiat money and central banks, marketing and advertising, promotion and publicity, New World Order and the thousands of institutions major (UN, EU, OECD etc.) and minor (NGOs etc.) working in its behalf, mass media content, news and journalism in general, comparative politics (e.g. “democracy,” the worthiness of universal suffrage), vaunted values (e.g. tolerance, compassion), and more.

Takuan Seiyo is a European-born American writer living in exile in Japan. For his previous essays, see the Takuan Seiyo Archives.

96 thoughts on “To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy

  1. Why does this article blame it on science? I would have expected a lot better than that lazy baseless assumption that somehow it sprang from science, when its science that gave us the evidence of genetic differences to begin with. This is purely of ideological origins that seat squarely with the political left. There was nothing scientific about the Frankfurt School from which a lot of this sprung up. It was an ideology meant to undermine. Because of that, its not that science says these ideological statements on race. No, its that science is now muzzled when it comes to meaningful studies on race. All of these race based nonsense in universities don’t take place in science departments, they take place in the liberal arts garbage studies courses that brainwash the masses. The only reason its now appearing in science is because the left is permeating and poisoning that now as well, and any science researchers that don’t fall in line can expect to have a thorough arm twisting from those same far left administrations and professors. Many scientists reject this sort of crap and have similar reactions to this guy (a Phd Chemist):

    Whether this is due to science rubbing your ideology the wrong way, or simply conflating “science” with liberal NON-science academia, it spoils an otherwise sound argument.

    • Visit any institute of higher learning and you’ll find the STEM disciplines every bit as indoctrinated as the humanities. They will not publish non-PC science if they wish to survive. In fact, contrarian studies will not be permitted to be published.

      I suppose some of the more esoteric realms of particle physics may escape this pall of silence, but then again there are few women in its higher reaches.

      Science is held to a higher standard because of its own stated principles, principles which are violated constantly. Were they still in effect we wouldn’t have the tragedy of global warming, a dogma which impoverishes us when it is actually put into practice.

      Politics is king. A bastard ruler, but rule -and polarize – it does.

      I used to think that once The Liars of the 60s had moved through the institutions they would be replaced by Realists who would declare their preposterous faith as outmoded. Used to assure the Baron that this p.c. mendacity could not prevail past the generation which installed it…

      …I have learned to mourn my Pollyanna Principle.

      However, a Pollyanna can’t change either. Now I look for the moments of discontinuity, which are sure to arrive eventually.

      A favorite focus is that strange ship of fools, the SS Demographic Slide, unprecedented but inevitable. It has so many pennants of Unknowns flying from its bridge that we can’t even begin to guess what will emerge and walk down the gangplank. Or what will be surging in its wake.

      I hope Takuan takes that prediction on as a literary project some day.

      David Goldman has written a book about it. He claims that peoples/cultures who favor religion, kin, and intelligence will survive. He sees Islam as flailing and failing when that ship docks.

      On our sidebar is another entry on the subject: Sir Gregory Copley’s “Urban Politics in a Time of Chaos” describes more than he prescribes. However, of the latter category is his suggestion that cities will survive only by making alliances with their contiguous rural areas…interesting, since progressives are trying to bring rural areas under closer government control…

  2. Good article, but I think “mentirocracy” is a bit of a mischling mouthful. I’d say “pseudocracy” is better.

    Now my own take on things. Franz Boas was Jewish. So was Stephen Jay Gould and are Richard Lewontin and Jared Diamond. Their life spans have coincided with the Holocaust and, for three of them, with toxic pre-WWII anti-Semitism in Europe as well, with not a little of it in the United States too. That they developed a moral outrage as decent men, and psychoses as Jews, is one thing[3]. The issue is: no matter the reason, may scientists substitute their feelings for a cold concern with data?

    A very important point. But I haven’t seen any reviewer in the mainstream press make it. Too dangerous for one’s career. Science is one thing that suffers because of those psychoses. Free speech is another.

    • Maybe, for the sake of balance, we should have an equivalent list of non-Jewish influences as well.

      Once again I ask the question, was it the Jewish influence or the Atheist influence? how long does it take an Atheist to ‘lose’ his religious tags? it seems that if he/she is of Jewish extraction the answer is never.

      Sorry, but to me double standards and anti-Semitism walk hand in hand.

      • MC,
        As part of the advances in genetic science we now know conclusively that “Jewish” is not a religion but a race, sharing a common ancestral DNA. It’s the old trick of American liberalism to pretend that the only difference between a Scots-Irish from West Virginia and a Jew from Brooklyn is that the one goes to a Presbyterian church and the other to a synagogue (or not at all).

        Furthermore, American-Jewish Liberals (which is akin to saying American Jews) are not atheists but attending Reform and Conservative synagogues, celebrating Jewish holidays, sending their children to Israel for vacations, looking for endogamous marriage etc. It’s only the small minority of Jewish leftisty intellectual and never-say-die Communists who are atheist.

        Whitewashing all this does no good. Unless strong Jewish voices rise and start hectoring their own and ringing alarm bells and shouting at the top of their voices Stop! What are you doing? it’s not going to end well for Jews first and for the rest of the West later.

        I steer you to the Bible, the Tanach, for lessons in Jewish history and the role that the prophets had in it. It’s not about the same issues anymore, but the heedless, besotted herd is the same, only the voices of warning are missing. O course the same phenomenon repeats in other contemporary ethnies — it’s just that Jews, as ever, are both the most prominent Pied Pipers and the most exposed canaries in the coal mine.

        • And still you avoid adressing the real question….

          Once again I ask the question, was it the Jewish influence or the Atheist influence? how long does it take an Atheist to ‘lose’ his religious tags? it seems that if he/she is of Jewish extraction the answer is never.

          When are you going to tell us about the ‘Christian’ atheists?

          • As I tried to explain above, and repeatedly before, the issue of atheism is irrelevant. What matters is how the percentage of Jews among the contemporary false prophets and despoilers of our civilization relates to the percentage of Jews in the general population. It is many times that ratio of Gentiles: Christian, atheist, Buddhist, whatever.

            In the article above, for instance, I was not looking for the four main Jewish men responsible for the pervasive lying about race in our culture. I was looking for the four main names, that’s all– but it turns out they are all Jews. It turns out that the chief BBC diversitoid is a Jew, though I was not looking for Jews who drive the Left’s agenda at the Beeb. You will find a similar pattern if you care to examine the background of Obama’s main sponsors, or the main donors to the Democratic Party and other leftist causes, etc.

            I think you are letting your emotions intervene in this matter, so I will be unable to deal with this point further. I can engage only in a rational discussion. If you read GoV in the years when Jew-hating Nazizoids were still able to get in under the editorial wire, you’d have known that I responded to their irrationality in much stronger words than these. In fact, on their websites I am known as a Joo-tool-of-the-Joos and a reviled bête noire.

          • Tell me how Judaism can be relevant but Atheism not?, Sounds irrational to me!

            I still think you are applying double standards to Jews, at least have the common courtesy to bring out their atheism, their views are not supported by Judaism in general.

            It appears to me that you are reserving ‘special treatment’ to Jews, when you shoud be reserving the same for Atheists.

        • This argument seems to me to be comparing apples with oranges.

          When one mentions a list of the names of Jews who do bad things, are they observant Jews or atheists? This, I think, is what bothers MC — that people are still pointed out as “Jews” two or three generations after abandoning YHWH.

          On the other hand, this fails to deal with the fact that “Jews” (atheist or otherwise) constitute a distinct genetic group, whereas “Christians” do not. Although the vast majority of atheists from a formerly Christian background are obviously of white European descent. Or maybe Russian. Not many former Christians who are now atheists are African or Chinese, in my experience.

          For that matter, I’m not sure how many Sephardim are atheists. It seems that the taint of European blood is the key factor here, eh?

          Very intelligent, too, these multi-culti European atheist lunatics! It supports my repeated contention that intelligence is definitely overrated. They breed 1.1 children apiece, these smart people, and they also champion socialism and the multicult. Two or three generations will take care of them! And leave the world to the stupid brown people. And the Chinese, of course.

          I am forced to conclude that atheism is mainly a mental disease of the Caucasian/Ashkenazi genetic groups — and Ashkenazim are included because of the heavy admixture of European bloodlines, perhaps.

          You don’t see many atheists among the “brown” peoples (except maybe in China, but the Chinese are too inscrutable for me to understand their spirituality).

          So it could be that multiculti atheistic socialism is solely a disease of the European genome, and specifically of the most intelligent members of that group. Any excessive Jewish component of these culture-destroyers is thus derived from the toxic combination of (1) European genes and (2) extremely high Ashkenazi intelligence.

          Maybe we will do better after we’ve been dumbed down a bit with all those Aztlan and West African genes!

          Seriously, though — the European race seems to be really smart, and really, really stupid at the same time. Perhaps too stupid to survive. We built a magnificent civilization, the greatest the world has ever seen, but we’re such morons that we haven’t clue about how to hold on to it.

          • Last par. — yes! And the most stupid segment of the European race is its smartest: Ashkenazi Jews. That’s because they will be the first to pay the Piper for this humonguous self- destruction of the European peoples.

            Correction: with respect to inundation by Muslims, European Jews are already paying, dearly, when most of the gentile population has another 10 years to go before things will get really hot for them too. Consider how many Jews are champions of this inundation: the Milibands in the UK, Job Cohen in Holland, Laurent Fabius in France, Bent Melchior in Denmark, Barbara Lerner Spectre in Sweden, etc. , etc.

          • Small confusion here between intelligent and wise. High IQ does not guarantee wisdom. A lot of whst is described I would designate as silly rarther than stupid. Lefties/Jews/anyone can be intelligent but silly.

          • Hmm…Atheism a mental disease, eh?

            If I thought you were serious, Baron, I might take offence.

      • You’ve got a point there MC. I see the finger pointed at the Jewish influence in the multicultimeme, but from where I stand (and my viewpoint is fixed here in the West) Jews and Israel are suffering from it too.

      • Maybe, for the sake of balance, we should have an equivalent list of non-Jewish influences as well.

        There isn’t an equivalent list of non-Jewish influences, because gentiles have not been influential in huge disproportion to their numbers. Jewish physicists, mathematicians and chess grandmasters vastly outnumber black physicists, mathematicians and chess grandmasters, even tho’ there are far more blacks in the world. Jewish achievement in those fields is both admirable and remarkable. In the field of race-denial and pseudo-biology they have been similarly successful. That’s not so admirable.

        Sorry, but to me double standards and anti-Semitism walk hand in hand.

        Neo-cons in the US support Israel’s border-wall while supporting mass immigration into the US. That’s a double-standard. My standard is: Israel is right to protect its ethnic and cultural interests and the US should do the same.

    • BFF,
      Sorry, I knew French before I knew English. Mentir is “to lie” in French as well as being close to the Latin word for lying. Explaining all that would have slowed down the piece but I understand that the word may stick out uncomfortably. At any rate, mentirocracy means a social system based on lies.

      • If I may say, mentirocracy does not travel well in English. I can find no use of it anywhere except in this article. I would suggest the word mendocracy which is a relative of mendacious or mendacity etc. and is defined as “rule by liars”.

        I found the article very informative and useful – thank you for your insight.

        • I’ll run with “Mendocracy” thanks. I trust Takuan will abandon “Mentirocracy” as that term will never gain the same or remotely comparably traction: Takuan gets credit for the “assist” rather than credit for a goal.

      • Sorry, I knew French before I knew English. Mentir is “to lie” in French as well as being close to the Latin word for lying.

        No problem: I understood the word, but “pseudocracy” already exists and is pure Greek. Kakocracy and kakistocracy (rule-by-the-bad and rule-by-the-baddest) also apply.

  3. A piece that should be read by everyone in the self-hating West. Though how many would reject it?

  4. “But in a popular mentirocracy, there is no future deliverance, except by miracle.”

    That miracle maybe encoded within the genetic material, survival savvy genes that can lay dormant in a hostile host, genetic material would have to have this dormant mechanism as a first principle of survival.

  5. Things are changing. Not as fast as they should, but changing. There’s voices that didn’t exist ten years ago. Academia controls mass media, but it doesn’t control internet. Money is vanishing from western world, and there will be less money as time goes by.

    On the other hand, robotics is gonna take over industry a two/three decades, and only highly qualified people will have a job by then.

    The thing is: the moment things change and white people in western world go back to be competitive, it is possible to grow since future industry is gonna need a low quantity of qualified workers.

    The problem that can appear in the future western world is a completely segregated society. Different social groups that don’t mix, the ones with high IQ and qualification getting jobs, the other ones permanently unemployed. No money for welfare anymore.

    It’s gonna be a war.

  6. Although I agree with much that Takuan Seiyo has discussed in this post, I think there is a piece of the equation which he has either underplayed or completely dismissed: the role of culture and the ideology that informs and drives that culture. He rightly cites the “..myth that black poverty is the result of white racism has ruined most of America’s large cities, and poisoned the relationship between the races….”, and he goes on to reference the failures in governmental programs, but he does not address at all the poisoning that Cultural Marxism has created in the Black culture. African-American ancestors had been bought by White Europeans from Black chieftains and Muslims and brought to America as slaves; clearly that was not a net positive for Black culture. Then after freedom from slavery there was nearly 100 years of Jim Crow in the south, which certainly didn’t help Black culture, and in the north there may not have been de jure segregation, but there was plenty of discrimination in housing and employment. However out of the Black church came the civil rights movement, especially following WW II. But very unfortunately this same period saw the creation of the New Left, and the widening of influence of the writings of Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, by this time located at Columbia. By the end of the 60’s, MLK was dead, the civil rights movement had been co-opted from Christian-based ideology by the Marxists, with help from Malcolm X’s anti-White animus and the concepts of Latin American Liberation Theology thrown in, producing Cone’s Black Liberation Theology, the Black Panthers, and the “Civil Rights” business model (NAACP, CBC, etc.). The first major disaster was the rejection of the 1965 Moynihan Report, with the resulting incentivizing of single-parent households in the urban ghettos. Fast forward 50 years, and while White racism has essentially vanished from the American scene, a culture of profound victimology continues within much of the black community, creating mammoth problems among youth and adults alike. The guilty culprit was and is Marxism, a much bigger enemy of contemporary Blacks then deficient genes. You only have to take a look at the competency, confidence, and success of Black conservatives to see what is possible for the elevation of Blacks to be essentially indistinguishable from Whites. So I vote for culture and ideology as more important than genes, without discounting that genetics play a role.

    • “You only have to take a look at the competency, confidence, and success of Black conservatives to see what is possible for the elevation of Blacks to be essentially indistinguishable from Whites.”

      Realistically, black conservatives benefited from ‘affirmative action’ which secured their current positions for them over more ‘qualified’ white and Asian candidates at multiple key points in their careers (admission to college, admission to law school, minority-only scholarships, minority-only tutoring programs, first job, publications, gerrymandered election areas, political and judicial appointments, etc.).

      • There is one other very major difference. Smart, successful Blacks overwhelmingly work for Black causes, whether professionally (e.g. Eric Holder’s DoJ, Blacks in academia) or in their avocational activism. On the other hand, smart successful Whites work for … Black causes, too.

        Interesting example: Look at this White Useful Idiot-organized conference on White Privilege, paid for by the White taxpayers of Wisconsion, in which Black (and Muslim) Lawfare Black profesorette Adrien Wing gave a key address. Her remarkable resume, achievements all enabled by White Useful Idiots, is linked in the article:

        Professor Adrien Wing of the University of Iowa recently attacked President Barack Obama as the “face of global white privilege” at the 15th annual White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin.

        Interesting resume, at the link. Similar path of enablement, by the same kind of people, as the BHO.

  7. ` Murray describes this dubious community’s current modus operandi relative to race, IQ etc. as “predict[ing] planetary movements using Ptolemaic equations.” ‘

    And in this, Murray is wrong. The Ptolemaic equations were simply an inefficient way of describing reality — indeed if you want to drive a terrestrial telescope to follow a planet, even it you do the calculations in the more efficient Copernican equations (or their correction in light of general relativity), the aim of your telescope will follow Ptolemy’s circles and epicycles. It turns out that the equations to describe gravitational systems are always easier if one fixes one’s coordinate system on the center of mass, rather than the observer.

    The modus operandi of academe on matters of race, IQ etc. is not an inefficient description of reality, but a denial of reality.

  8. To Takuan:
    I’m not as conversant with the science as you are, but does a having a genetic marker qualify as a separate race?
    Just wondered.

    • P.S. I know that many or Jewish males (but not all) have a genetic marker.

      I also know that many whites have Neandertal genes–but not all. So would that divide whites into separate races?

      Excuse my lack of knowledge regarding the current science, but I think that others would be interested in these points as well.

    • Far it be from me to assert or even feel that I am “conversant with the science.” I got a perfect score on GRE Verbal but my forays into more exacting fields ended with High School calculus (when there were still such public schools worthy of the name “high”), and even that gave me much trouble.

      However, even science savants would have a great deal of trouble with your question. As far as I know no scientific definition of “race” exist; as for me I use it in the loose term once common in English, e.g. it was normal for Englishmen to refer to themselves as a “race.” Yes, it includes shared genetic markers, often evident in external appearance, but also cultural markers and even vibrations of old but common history.

      By such definition, there isn’t a single “White” race but, to the best of my recollection, six. Ashkenazi Jews might be added as the seventh one; they share not only genetic markers going back to the Land of Israel but, as I read recently, quite a few originating in Italy. Still, when one says “Whites,” it has an intuitive meaning that perfectly corresponds with Reality, no matter how we parse the word “race.”

      I’ll share with you a little secret I have in this area: I have a lifetime of personal observation that perfectly overlaps with what genetic science and psychometrics have been discovering, but to learn the scientifically and statistically validated facts and to get the finer points of I go to the Web posts or books of great popularizes with science or statistics background like Nicholas Wade and the bloggers Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Razib Khan (yes, an outlier among Bangladeshi Muslims), Half Sigma and La Griffe du Lion.

  9. Outstanding essay, Takuan; must have taken you ages, apart from the preliminary research. Some points, not all contra:

    1) Variations in IQ between/within groups: even if Richard Lewonthin is correct, all homo sapiens are our fellow humans. I’m reasonably intelligent, but realised long ago that what’s in people’s hearts, if you’ll excuse the sentimental expression, is more important than what’s in their heads, and try to treat all with courtesy and respect unless they give me cause not to.

    2) Jared Diamond may have got it wrong on racial differences, but this doesn’t altogether negate his broader argument that the environment in which Europeans and Asians evolved favoured the development of agriculture (suitable plants and animals); hence surpluses, specialisation, cities, explorers, importers of valuable commodities…

    3) Fuentes on genetic variations in Africa. This took me back around fifteen years, to when a postgrad student friend (politically somewhat to my right) told me of a lecture she’d attended, where the speaker presented this “richness” as something to be celebrated. She made the point that this could demonstrate that Africans who stayed put, in a relatively benign environment, did not have to compete for survival to the degree that their more adventurous descendants needed to, eliminating the “weaker” strains.

    4) “Black poverty”. Even granting all your points, including the encouragement by “communists” to black people to see themselves as victims, and the statistics on relative intelligence and aptitude, the fact remains that there are many descendants of African slaves, especially in the US and Brazil, and most of them have access to mass media which encourage then to aspire to the acquisition of consumer goods and services; indeed there are many poor white people subjected to the same pressures. What do we tell them?

    5) “Differently enabled”. You posit an Eskimo lesbian joining the armed forces… This is the kind of extreme and ridiculous scenario that gives plentiful ammunition to our joint enemies. AND if a woman, lesbian or not (or gay man) wishes to serve her/his country, and a few dinosaurs have a problem with that, then we should consign those dinosaurs to the same scrapheap as the bigoted Islamists we all despise. Naturally all allegations of sexual assault, in the military or elsewhere, should be treated seriously.

    6) PISA Reading Skills Survey. Has anyone heard of “Tiger Moms” in China and other ethnic Chinese communities? Or the horrifying suicide rate among South Korean students? Sometimes the price of economic success may be too high to tolerate.

    • MH,

      All reasonable points. Here is my feedback to some that rang a bell:

      – all homo sapiens are our fellow humans — Yes, but…
      Do practicing Muslims share this POV? The power nomenklatura of PR China, NorKor? On and on and on: you express a White POV that’s not shared by the rest of the world except in populations that are expressly Christian or Buddhist, West-oriented and relatively high IQ (Not low-IQ, e.g. virulent anti-Semitism in the Eastern European countryside, Hindu chauvinism). This benevolent ecumenism in a multipolar, multiracial. stratified world — yes it is, despite the fake assertions of our progressive elites — leads to one place only: the Roman Colosseum and the lions, for amusement of the crowds better attuned to Reality.

      2. I am all for “what’s in their hearts, not in their head” — but that depends on the context. If I have $100 to spare, I’d rather give it to a good-hearted Black janitor than to super-IQ Ted Kaczinski (aka “The Unabomber.”) But if I am the Dean of Admission at MIT Engineering, and I take in the low-IQ Black janitor over a qualified White applicant and justify it with the “good-heartedness” of the Black applicant, or the compelling need for “diversity” in Engineering, I am a White Useful Idiot.

      3. “Africans in a more benign environment” — of course! You just fly in from Barbados to London or Huntigton Beach to New York and in 10 mins. after landing you will have realized how harsher competition and survival exigencies mold character, behavior and — in the long run, as I believe — IQ as well. I have no doubt that this is why groups that evolved in harsher, colder climates have higher IQs than those that evolved in the tropics.

      4. “Black poverty — what do we tell them?” We tell them nothing. Poverty has no color and no identity politics should intrude into the relevant debates.
      Racism in our system does not come from people like me — it comes from the Liberal ruling elites. In a multiracial society such as the U.S. or Brazil there is no room for slicing and dicing people by race. It should be strict meritocracy: color blind, gender blind, sexual preference blind etc.

      It turns out that 93% of the NBA is Black? Tough luck, Armenian-Americans. 60% of students in elite departments (e.g. medicine) of elite universities (e.g. Harvard) are Orientals? Sorry, White complainers; you’ll have to try harder. And so on. But when the accursed Useful Idiots start their racial bean counting, and find out that Blacks are “underepresented” at Yale or women are “underpresented” in Engineering, they go to their cockamamie “no-differences” default position and assume “discrimination.” Discrimination of course has to be redressed, which means that you are coerced by the Powers That Be to take in 5’2″ 110 lbs women to riot police units, 105-IQ Blacks to Princeton, fay homos to West Point, and 350 lbs. greeters to health and fitness emporiums. This is unqualified madness.

      5. Re: Eskimo lesbian — nothing to do with military. I picture her as an Affirmative Action recruit to Yale Law, who got her degree and moved up in a bureacracy designed to push women and racial and sexual preference minorities to the top, regardless of their true level of aptitude. All this is unspeakable arrogance: behaving as though America sits astride the world and need not be concerned with any foes or competitors. In the example I’ve given, China — a competitor and probably a foe as well — the parallel selection is done based on individual mental powers alone. Ultimately, ther two views of Reality will stand eyeball to eyeball: I expect an unpleasant surprise. Same goers for Europe, which is slowly turning into a gyneocracy facing foes (e.g. Russia, Iran) led by macho men.

      6. Oriental price of economic success — you are right. We cannot and should not imitate their ways but find out own ways. They exist — but here I’d need another 10,000 words. What is certain is that the ways we have chosen, i.e. “diversity is our strength,” women and GLBT are our salvation, we must unleash Black aptitude and intellect, Third World immigrants will finance our retirement, “free trade” is great for us, etc. etc. are not only wrong but entirely hallucinatory.

      • Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

        Of course I don’t expect Islamists, or the authorities in China or North Korea, to agree with me; hence my remark that I treat people with respect unless they give me cause not to.

        I’ve never supported any kind of “positive” discrimination, though I can understand why well-intentioned people, “communist” or not, may think it’s a good idea. Any society owes it to its own survival, and the encouragement of its “best”, to keep the playing field level. However it is the case that children from poor backgrounds, irrespective of ethnicity and intelligence, are disadvantaged, and it behoves (“behooves” for Americans!) society to try to compensate for this by providing the best state education taxpayers’ money can buy.

        I can’t support your dismissal of the importance of young, imported workers contributing to the pensions and healthcare of the increasing numbers of elderly (and not just because I’m soon to be one of them), even if it’s only delaying the solution (which is what? Scrap the oldies?). Japan is bound for deep trouble because it has few immigrant workers; China too, exacerbated by the “one child” policy.

        A couple of days ago, I heard an interview on BBC Radio 4, with a Polish worker who’s been here for a few years, distancing himself from immigrants who don’t fit in: “If you’re a guest in someone’s house, you don’t start rearranging the furniture”. I know it’s easy to slag off politicians; it’s a national sport here, to a degree which might startle Americans, but I really don’t envy them.

    • Referring to your point 1. According to Camus what’s in your head is in your heart as well. He said something like this:
      The problem with people is that they think they know. When you think you know you take decisions and you act based on these decisions. Of course that you don’t really know, the decisions are wrong and then your acts have negative effects to other people. This is how you become evil.

      In general.
      People with lower IQ might develop empathy as well but it does not change the fact that because their more simple approach to life -have you seen how they tend to avoid activities that require complex thinking? this will put the existence of the host species/races/nations in danger -take for instance their tendency to have more kids without caring how will they grow them. This in turn will increase their number making the white people minorities in their own countries on the land their grandparents fought for to let to them and to give them a future not to the enemy.

      I don’t see anything good in all this. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. in mathematics to realize that in 50 years half of the kids in Europe will be called Mohamed and Abdul and in 100 years it will be only worst. This is not some distant Armageddon that we read in the Bible about and we hope that it will never happen. It is going to happen in Europe soon. It have already started. So I have a question to you and all those still willing to have families and kids: why do you even bother when you have the 100% prove that people of Europe will all be Arab Muslims and African Muslims? Seriously. Why do you even bother to make families and raise kids. We can talk about cultural and genetic differences and about scientific studies but the real danger is near and it looks like a mortal danger.

      all homo sapiens are our fellow humans
      Jack the Ripper was our fellow human as well

      • Look at the Great Demographic Implosion coming in mid-century. It will upset the apple cart to the extent that large families and strong kinship networks and civic groups will be more likely to survive.

        Notice the “civic” part of the equation. Indispensable. And so will be intelligence. Once again it will be part of the matrix of survival…

        People who “bother” to have children and raise them well don’t look thru the same window you do.

    • Mark, In recent times, the United States has protected Europe, so Europe has naive ideas about self-defense. The controllers of the United States military are now planning to admit transgenders – and probably pay for their sex change operations, too – if the ‘gay’ Bradley Manning is the new standard (all while purposely denying veterans live-saving medical care at VA Hospitals).

      None of this has anything to do with the defense of Western civilization – and indeed, it works to literally decimate the quality of the troops who refuse to enlist or re-enlist (live!) in an openly gay and transgender military environment. There are NOT enough gays and transgenders to staff a military, but there are enough to ruin a military. Even with a draft, gays and transgenders will ruin the morale of a military.

      Why should the majority Christian white male troops be forced to adapt to – really bow down to – minority activities that are the manifestation of a mental illness where gays and transgenders do NOT accept their own selves? People who are unhappy with their own selves are VERY hard on other people – especially those people who are happy with themselves.

  10. Superb article again mr.Takuan Seiyo! You’ve described the majority of the Dutch population rather accurate.

    “of that Useful Idiot-infested country” made me laugh and it’s soooo true 🙂

  11. “Half a century after the War on Poverty began, with $20.7 trillion spent, 16% of Americans live in poverty (2012 figure). In 1964 it was 19%.”

    Your comment regarding poverty in the US is interesting. When the 2012 data was released I saw a show on C-Span where the guest made a very interesting point. That is that poverty is relative and, the Federal Gov’t determines who is living in poverty and who is not. The guest pointed out that the overwhelming majority of households classified as living in poverty have air conditioning, a color TV, a telephone and a car.

    In the Sudan that would score you as upper middle class!

    • The Western “poor” have air-conditioning (reverse cycle*), colour TV, a telephone and a car. Not to mention more basic, but life transforming amenities: hot and cold running water – the latter potable, an incredible boon to the prospects for one’s life – flush toilets (ie, sewerage and drainage systems), electric light and power,etc. And then there’s at least a degree of access to medical care, dentistry and medications. An occupant of the top decile of 16th (17th, 18th, 19th) century European socio-economic strata would salivate with envy and marvel over the “economic goods” the bottom decile of the Western socio-economic strata enjoys. And that bottom decile doesn’t do any work to obtain those goods, ie they are parasitic.

      I recently read a description by Booker T Washington of the poverty and grotesque hardship of people’s lives in Sicily not much more than a century ago. Truly sobering stuff. Nine years old boys “sold” by their parents as “indentured labourers”, in effect slaves because the parents could never afford the money to redeem them, to be worked to suicide or death by 25 at the oldest in horrific sulphur mines. Landless agricultural labourers who simply die before reaching forty from a combination of exhaustion, exposure, ill-health and malnutrition. Booker T Washington was the black guy who unfashionably advocated economic self improvement for blacks in priority over the seeking of political equality: his thesis was the latter will inexorably follow the former.

      * Possessing the means to adequately (and safely) heat one’s dwelling in temperate and continental climates cannot be overvalued. Reading a description of life on the dole in the slums of Berlin in the winter of 1932-33, where families couldn’t afford coal to heat one room in their homes, goes a long way to understanding why both Nazism and Communism were so attractive to voters. They were desperately cold and hungry. I spent one night in Berlin in late October, ie not even winter, walking underclad close to midnight 4 kilometres home to my hotel (my girlfriend and I had elected to spend our public transport fares on another carafe of wine and brave the elements). Having spent our lives in a climate where winter means a few weeks a year when the temperature dips (at night only) below 10 degrees Celsius, our fast walking didn’t stop the never before experienced prolonged exposure to the cold seeping deep into our bones. We went a little mad as we frantically walked as fast as we could, despite knowing that a warm room awaited us within the hour; and gained a valuable insight into the German electorate of December 1932.

      • I have an Irish-American friend whose ancestors arrived in the New World as white slaves in Barbados. They were worked there to death, treated as a replaceable commodity. I am totally fed up with the White Guilt trip over African slaving and other such things.

        • The descendants of such white slaves can still be found in the Caribbean – they are collectively known by a name that derives from the sunburnt legs of their ancestors.

          There is also of course the hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of white “indentured laborers” imported from Ireland and Britain into the USA (and pre-USA) who were slaves in all but name and were worked to death just as black slaves were. The historical narrative needs balance.

          I understand why one would be “totally fed up with the White Guilt trip over African slaving”, but the better position in my view is to shed light on “White enslavement” both in the Americas and the Barbary Coast – something that receives scant historical attention – whilst simultaneously acknowledging the historical evil of the enslavement and importation of Africans to America and their subsequent ill-treatment.

          One of my areas of special interest is the gross mistreatment of the German people by the victorious allies – Anglo-American and Soviet – from 1944 onwards. See for example “Other Losses”. It never ceases to amaze me that a good proportion of people cannot sustain sympathy both for the victims of Nazism and for the German people (within Germany and in Eastern Europe) who suffered hugely during and after the war.

  12. Babs,

    That is the political relativism of Cultural Marxism – begging for equality in poverty.

  13. I hate to show my age but… I grew up in a household with no air conditioning. And it was hot and very humid. I remember coming home and seeing my mother with a sweat band on her head and dressed in her bra and panties. Actually, I will never forget that. She was canning tomatoes.
    Between the ages of 18-23 I had none of the above and yet, I did not think myself living in poverty. During the Jimmy Carter admin. yes, my friends and I lined up for free cheese and chickens. We were not starving but heh, they were giving it away.
    I now live in an antique home on Long Island and we have two window air conditioners; one in the TV room and one in the bedroom. That’s it.
    I think proverty in the US is more a state of mind than an actual condition. Can anyone supply a link to anybody starving to death in the US? From what I understand, we have an epedemic of obesity in the poverty class.
    Can you imagine trying to tell that to people living in 3rd world countries?

    OT: Mc in Sderot… My TV channels are running ads about sending food boxes to Israel. They want $25 to give a food box to starving people. Is this really a problem?

    • From your comments a rebuke may be extracted to the lefties who link Black violence to poverty, shower Blacks with Obama money, Obama phones, OBTs (or whatever it’s called) to buy cigars and porn videos, and so on. Violence always breeds more readily in a poor environment than a wealthy one — but this means that poor Thais may shove and scream at each other more than rich ones do, and chavs in England engage in drunken brawls and knock each others’ teeth out more than Oxford dons do. But those groups don’t rape and strangle 80-yr-old grandmas in Manhattan elevators, or murder a random whitey to get ‘spect in the hood, or flash mob and strip an electronics store under 120 secs.

      • Takuan Seiyo.

        The residents of the rough abode are not knocking each others’ teeth out, in survival mode it is not smart to risk getting broken teeth or bones only for the fun of a senseless drunken brawl. 🙂

    • OT: Mc in Sderot… My TV channels are running ads about sending food boxes to Israel. They want $25 to give a food box to starving people. Is this really a problem?
      Dear Babs, I live in Israel (Sderot). The cruel fact is over 50% of children (mainly but not all ‘Jewish’) in Israel live in families on or below the ‘poverty line’. In Sderot, it is even higher. I volunteer at Hope for Sderot, a button for which is on the GoV sidebar showing the city motif of Sderot. We currently have about 450 families who receive aid from ‘Hope’. It might be a monthly grocery contribution, help with bills, arrears, help painting or refurbishing a home, clothes, diapers for young and old etc…We listen to people, most families in Sderot need this. We have almost every sort of ‘religion’ represented, not all are ‘Orthodox Jews’. We receive no government or city funding or help, but rely solely on the kindness of others, mostly from the USA, but recently from German and Swiss individuals who came accross us by chance and have chosen to send or bring a few hundred Euros or Franks to us. We need $10,000 per month just to keep the status quo. Some months have been much leaner than that!! Some a little fatter.
      So the answer is Yes, there really is a problem. All I ask is that you vet any organisation, should you choose to help. Some, ensure almost 90% to 95% of any donations go to the recipients, not on administration, buildings and salaries. Some, ensure almost the opposite. I apologise if this answer is too long. Thank you for reading.

    • I have not come across ‘starvation’ yet, but we have dealt with some very hungry children who get just one meal a day.

      The Chabad Synagogue feeds people, mainly their ‘parishioners’ as does the Russian Orthadox (Christian) group, but we tend to pick up the rest at Hope for Sderot.

      Sderot is amongst the worst of the Israeli cities, there is little available work here and every Job is oversubscribed. Many corporates won’t take the risk of course, they are not brave people. Nestle are here as are Amdocs.

      There is little theft here.

  14. I believe that what is missed is the type of society that is being taken down by these elites who are using political correctness, a term they define as it suits them. The societal and governmental institutions of the West were based upon the Rule of Law, a rule that no one, not even the president, premier, or furher could change, unless of course they were able to rewrite the laws so as to serve their interests, (eg. the Nazi ‘enablement’ laws).
    The rule of law was predicated upon the Christian Faith that regarded God Almighty as the Lawgiver and His Son Jesus Christ, our Saviour, as the Word of God and the Final Authority. Thus the Judeo-Christian ethos was instituted as a matter of law and social covenant. Whet we have witness for the past 70 years, or 150 if anyone is counting, is a wholesale rebellion against that ethos that has served as the foundation for western civilization for the past 400 years and is the font of the western civilization’s prosperity.
    What we are witnessing are the final throes whereby the entire world will be homogenized to the extent that everyone will be equal whether we want to or like to or not. The result will be that in the end everyone will be equal, equally incompetent. Civilization will die a death by entropy because no one will be allowed to excel above the level of the incompetent elite. Thankfully, Jesus Christ will arrive with His cavalry just in time and then rule with an iron scepter on the throne of His father David. Can’t wait for it to happen.

  15. Thanks for a really interesting and well worked out essay.
    One query: On what do you base your assertion that “China is pursuing a eugenic program to increase the already-superior IQ of its population by 5 -15 points per generation?” I know China pretty well and have never heard of any eugenic program.

  16. In the “Consequences” section, penultimate paragraph, you’ll find a link embedded in the words “game over.” There is a good summary there but there have been various additional articles, news stories in science mags etc.

  17. Takuan wrote:

    “As far as I know no scientific definition of “race” exist; as for me I use it in the loose term once common in English, e.g. it was normal for Englishmen to refer to themselves as a “race.” Yes, it includes shared genetic markers, often evident in external appearance, but also cultural markers and even vibrations of old but common history.”

    I appreciate your answer to my query as well as the article– another very interesting, intriguing and erudite article.

    It does seem to me that this matter of race–although obviously very important–is not as cut and dried as I originally thought your article conveyed. I too obtained an 800 on the verbal GRE years ago, before the test was dumbed down. I consider myself to be fairly discriminating as people go. It is my professional and personal experience that acculturation is multi-factorial and that it can begin in the womb. And children not only copy their parent’s bodily movements, but also their psychological outlook, their neuroses and their stupidities–including their thinking styles (or lack thereof), their prejudices, their hatreds, their behaviors, their negative behavioral/work habits.

    An individual’s genetic endowment may give him, initially, a considerable amount of flexibility in outlook and behavior. This flexibility is very rapidly narrowed or eclipsed by the acculturation process. Yes, I realize that cultures are the products of peoples with certain genetic endowments or mixes of genetic endowments, but that does not completely negate my point–or I should say my hope.

    Because given the current demographic trends in the West, perhaps this is the only hope. (This and the statistical trend of a regression toward the mean in IQs as well as other measurable human variables).

    If only the the Western useful idiots wake up in time to stop encouraging and coddling Muslim, minority and 3rd world cultural stupidities.

    Just two small examples: the widespread practice of Muslim first cousin marriage, continued over many generations, is enough to significantly lower genetic intelligence.

    Obviously, Muslims would have fewer children if the West did not provide a safety valve for their overpopulated societies. And so forth.

    Maybe it will take severe economic dislocations to make enough people come to their senses. I don’t like this idea but that’s where my thinking is leading me.

    • Genes account for 60% -80% of behavior. But over many generations, behavior encodes as genes. For instance, the usual explanation of the high IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is that they were in commerce in which, to survive, you need to read, write and count — skills that in the Middle Ages were highly uncommon. I believe that the explanation lies elsewhere, and I observed it even in contemporary Orthodox Jews I’ve known — and in the old days all were Orthodox.

      The life of those people revolves around the study of the Bible, but it’s nothing like what Christians do. For every verse in the Bible there are multiple pages of commentary that accumulated from various rabbis over the ages. That is collated in the Talmud and Mishnah — and that’s what all male Jews spent several hours a day studying, practically for their entire adult life.

      And that thing goes: “Rabbi X said this, and Rabbi Y said this, but Rabbi Z said X and Y arguments are spurious; the meaning of this verse is entirely different… etc.” You do this five hours a day, every day of your adult life, and that’s like studying case law for 50 years. What happenes when for 60 generations lawyers beget lawyers? And they all were, in a manner of speaking, whether butcher, tinker or scholar.

      Same goes for renowned Japanese character traits that seem to be linked to rice cultivation for thousands of years, versus wheat cultivation for Europeans that required different character traits.

      • Perhaps the explanation is a hybrid. I’ve been told that, traditionally, the most intelligent and scholarly men became rabbis and were financially supported by the rest of the community (the tinkers, the tailors, etc) so that they (these thinkers) could engage in their studies and, in this way, benefit the community. Rabbis had large families.

        Whereas in the Christian communities of the “Dark” and Middle Ages, the most scholarly and intelligent men (and women) often entered monasteries and had no children; they did not pass on their genes.

      • P.S. Also, Jews in the Middle Ages often lived in or near hostile communities or near people who could suddenly become hostile toward the “Christ killers.” Perhaps mere physical survival encouraged the survival through the “fittest” or most intelligent genes.

  18. Try “pseudocracy”, since both roots are Greek, whereas for “menitrocracy” the first part is Latin and the second Greek.

    OK, race is real. But, if the blacks are so inferior, how do you explain the Geroge Washington Carvers, Ben Carsons, and others who accomplish important things? I strongly suspect that if enough of the “blacks” in America (many of whom have more European than Subsaharan genetic endowment–although Carver and Carson appear to have much more of the latter) revolted against the welfare state swindle and found better role models than the mountebanks Malcomb Hex and Barack O, to say nothing of their Christian inheritance, the achievement gaps and other such things in America would shrink notably. And there’s even evidence that regardless of academic achievement, young black males from intact families tend to avoid prison at rates similar to whites. Maybe, if the USA really cared about minorities, it would have a family policy that found a modern way to sew scarlet letters on deserving people?

    They used to say that the Chinese and Ashkenazim were retarded because so many of them came to these shores unable to read Roman letters.

    • It’s meaningless to say “Blacks are inferior.” Inferior in what fields and for what purposes? And aren’t they “superior” in other fields and for other purposes?

      When it comes to the “digital, exacting brain” yes they don’t do as well as Whites. They do better with spatial intelligence and others (think Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences). As to Carver, Carson etc., please reviev the simple example in my article of the Chinese tallest men in the world versus the height of the average Chinese as compared to that of the average Lithuanian. Concepts of mean, standard deviation and the outlying zones of the Bell Curve are crucial to understanding this issue. The trick in a sane social system is to allow all outliers to rise unimpeded, while holding differentials in average in mind while setting public policy: e.g. in desired versus undesired immigration.

  19. Takuan,

    Regarding the high average intelligence of extant – an important distinction up until the 1940’s – Ashkenazi Jews you posit the religious training received:

    “You do this five hours a day, every day of your adult life, and that’s like studying case law for 50 years. What happens when for 60 generations lawyers beget lawyers?”

    as trumping the more common explanation that historically Jews prospered in commerce because they could read and write and count. The two phenomena were inter-related and complimentary.

    First off, for the previous two thousand or more years every Jewish boy by age 13, by reason of the mandatory study for his Bar Mitzvah, was both literate and numerate – no small competitive advantage in societies where the vast majority until at least a century ago was neither. It was only the “Yeshiva Bokkers” who studied the Mishnah and Talmud 5 or 6 hours a day for the the whole of their lives, but another factor is that such rabbinical elite were socially highly esteemed. The daughters of rich merchants would, for century after century, be prestigiously married off to rabbis, ie intellectually skilled men, thus enabling brains and money to combine and produce lots of offspring with high chances of survival, by reason of affluence, and thus further reproduction.

    There is an old joke amongst Protestants: the Irish (I am half Irish-Catholic) are thick because for centuries they have dumbed down their gene pool because their smartest males went into the priesthood (and thus begot no offspring), whilst the Jews are clever because for centuries their smartest males became rabbis and, being highly prized in social status as marriageable, they reproduced. One side of that joke at least has much truth to it.

    Second, in a fiercely competitive and hostile environment, historically, Jews in Europe and the Levant were not allowed to own land, enter the professions, join trades’ guilds, etc, etc, and thus were compelled to survive by entering into commerce: notably money-lending, second hand clothes dealing – hence the still current Jewish-originated term for those in the clothing industry “rag-trader” – and other marginal occupational niches. The prevalence, preponderance, of Jewish-owned department stores throughout Europe and America by 1900 as societies moved into the modern age, has been explained by this phenomenon: see Marks & Spencer (Marx and Schpenster) in England, Goldwaters (Goldwassers), Bloomingdales, etc in the USA and Ka-de-Wei and many, many others in Europe.

    In short, only the smartest cohort of Jews survived and reproduced. As finely honed survival skills were essential to … survive. The Jew who failed to detect the scent of danger in the air in mediaeval, and later, Europe became a certain victim of pogroms, anti-Jewish violence and anti-Jewish sentiment. Nigella Lawson, for example, owes her very existence, through her maternal side Lyons Tea Shop empire family, to a Dutch forebear (of lowly Polish extraction – she conceitedly imagined that she was descended from high class Dutch Sephardim evicted from Spain and Portugal in the late 15th century) who savvily fled to England whilst on bail pending appeal, after being convicted on a bogus charge of theft. The police acted on the information of the actual thief who attributed the act to a convenient scapegoat, a Jew. He lulled the authorities into complacence by paying to appeal his conviction and by the time the appeals court convened he didn’t turn up – he had bolted across the Channel.

    Another factor, which would have been a constant for centuries in Europe, was discovered in an epidemiological study in the slums of the East End of London in the 1890’s: the infant mortality rates in Jewish households were much lower than in non-Jewish households with comparable incomes and housing quality. It was concluded that this was because the former’s religiously-mandated rituals of personal washing before the Sabbath, thorough house-cleaning before Passover, etc acted to reduce the spread of communicable diseases. And then there were the health benefits, for men and for women, of male circumcision required by Jewish law. Modern statistics reveal that women who have had sex with uncircumcised men are four times more likely to suffer from cervical cancer than those who have never done so. All Australian servicemen in World War 2 – due to the conditions experienced in the tropics of South-East Asia and in the trenches of North Africa with the resultant disease and sickness resulting from the lack of opportunity to wash regularly – came to be involuntarily circumcised as a prophylactic measure.

    Thirdly, until the mid 20th century with very rare exceptions, Jews didn’t “marry out”. The progeny of the men who did were ostracised, not considered Jewish due to the matrilineality of Jewishness under Jewish religious law. And conversions to Judaism were negligible. Thus every Jew in the world in 1900 (and overwhelmingly until the second half of the C20th) was the descendant of an unbroken line of thousands of years of the above processes within Jewry: Einstein, Marx, Freud, to name a few, and Franz Boaz. It is this history which makes the Jews a race, genetically speaking, over and above being a religion – as proven by DNA markers in recent research.

    Affronted feelings and a, partly understandable, reflexive hostility to any perceived manifestation of anti-Jewish sentiment informs those responses in this thread that challenge the Jewish, not Judaistic, dimension of your thesis. As you stated, you didn’t go looking for four Jewish men highly influential in the anti-genetic zeitgeist, you found that the most highly prominent four within it, such as Boas, Gould, Lewontin and Diamond, were Jewish by background. And it is most unfortunate that the BBC’s useful idiot head “diversitoid” has the surname Cohen*. And as much as one might wish it were otherwise, it isn’t. As with the luminaries of the pernicious Frankfurt School. Your Footnote No.6 as to your own personal ethnic background and past demonisation as a “Joo-tool” cuts no ice with them.

    Jared Diamond’s assiduous and strenuous attempts in his ouevre to attribute cultural and economic success to geographical factors only is entirely risible. I recall in the early 1990’s some apologist for the backward state of Australian Aboriginal civilisation in 1788 and thereafter by invoking “Germs, Guns and Steel” as explaining that the residents of Europe and East Asia were simply beneficiaries of mere geography and thus it wasn’t the Aborigines “fault” (that they were ranked lowest in the world by IQ). Pointing out that it wasn’t a matter of fault or otherwise – it was just as it is – would have been futile.

    * I’ve no doubt that Clarkson and “Top Gear” will find a far more lucrative home elsewhere – market forces will not allow a $250 million per annum revenue generator to disappear. A stupendous BBC own goal. BTW: Thanks for providing the lyrics to Dr Dre and Snoopdog’s “song” – I amazed that you could listen to it long enough to transcribe them (any rap song, apart from Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and Tupac Shakur’s “Changes”, played in my house is silenced at my vehement insistence, each of those aforementioned three is an island of gold in a sea of ordure) – and thus plainly providing a crystal clear picture of the appalling double standard that led that veteran BBC DJ to lose his job for playing a 1932 song containing a word he didn’t know it contained.

    • Thanks, Julius,
      Good points. Here is a real pro treating the issue of “Jewish genius”:

      However, there are fascinating racial traits elsewhere too. I mentione rice farming; that’s an accepted theory about the Japanese. I have my own speculative ideas about Black verbalizing talent that is so different from that of Whites. Think Black preachers, MLK, Black rap, Black lawyers leading juries where they want them (e.g. with OJ) with mellifluous prose not always exactly corresponding to the strict inventoryh of facts. Think Obama charming a majority of White voters with well tailored hooey, etc. There is syncopation, repetition, rhytm and all kinds of other speech features largely absent from White rhetoric. How many generations have passed for this kind of talent to be ingrained, and why?

      • Well, the rhythmic complexity of some African music makes Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” sound simple- just a random observation, but there may be a clue there.

      • Thank you for the Commentary article; I’m familiar with Murray-Hernstein ouevre, but was unaware of that article. I’m not at all surprised to learn that it was the Christian Murray who had to push the Jewish Hernstein into including the “reasons for high Jewish IQ” stuff into their joint work.

        Appropros the phenomenon of Black American verbalizing talent, it is my view that genetic selection has played a role here too.

        Obviously B. Obama’s undeniable flair for persuasive oratory is excluded from this as his black genetic inheritance was not winnowed in the circumstances of American slavery and post-slavery restrictions as has been the case for the vast bulk of American blacks. BHO has been gifted with a naturally mellifluous masculine voice (which he has capitalized upon in his chosen field by highly developing his oratory skills). People, whether they want to or not, subconsciously respond positively to a mellifluous voice for the simple reason it is pleasing to the ear: one of the senses is being pleasured. Conversely, people respond negatively to unpleasant sounding voices: high register and very nasal voices grate. What proportion of men with high, nasal voices become successful (other than as professional buffoons, ie comedians)?

        Back to “indigenous” Black Americans. As was the historical case with Jews, their unusual historical circumstances required exceptional abilities to beat the odds and prosper. Even more than the physical robustness required to endure harsh labor and deprivation, to attain favourable circumstances (or even to merely survive the caprices of slave owners/overseers) as a slave depended upon winning the good will/protection of a master. Intelligence helped, but a talent for putting that intelligence to specific work, ie verbalizing that intelligence with wit, cajolery and/ or simply a capacity to entertain by song or talk, would have taken one much further. And then there was the all-important ability to exercise prudence in assessing/intuiting when to keep silent so as not to antagonise as well as a capacity for dissembling convincingly on demand.

        You rightly refer to the extraordinary verbalising skills of legions of black preachers past and present, with the hugely attractive qualities of syncopation and rhyme that keep an audience’s attention. Becoming a preacher of religion/cleric in the black community, a rare post-slavery career occupation that offered scope for leadership, was a ticket to relative prosperity and thus increased chances of survival and reproduction. Naturally preaching attracted (and still attracts) some charlatans and rank opportunists : see Richard Wright’s profoundly moving autobiographical “Black Boy” for some pedestrian, but no doubt widespread, examples of this.

        Malcolm X has been the subject of disparaging disdain from some posters here at GoV, but, notwithstanding the criticisms of the veracity of and biographical omissions in his Alex Haley authored autobiography and the similarly sanitized/distorted biopic, it is abundantly clear from the raw facts that he was a truly gifted man, as evidently was his part-time preacher father, who negotiated extraordinary personal adversity to become a community leader and a mesmerising public speaker. That he channelled his talents into the egregious Nation of Islam and then a more conventional Islam was and remains a great tragedy for America. I would venture to assert that he may well have “grown out” of Islam entirely if the Nation of Islam hadn’t assassinated him.

        • “BHO has been gifted with a naturally mellifluous masculine voice ” yet his style is quite feminine, growing up fatherless and dominated by Valerie Jarrett.

      • “Think Obama charming a majority of White voters with well tailored hooey, etc” So true.

  20. Pope visits Middle East

    It seems that The Pope and Israel’s President, Shimon Peres are agreeing to tie closer ties between Christianity and Judaism, at the ongoing meeting visit, where the two of them are planting a symbolic olive tree.

    To be verified, but what I understood was that (Israeli?) (Jewish?) children are to be taught Christianism in school. Peres’ gift to The Pope was a beautiful mosaic, depicting two white doves, and fish symbolizing Jesus Christ, made by children in difficulties.

    I happen to be eating a fig as I am writing, and at the same time The Pope and Perez stop to have a closer look at a fig tree on their sunshine walk in the garden.

  21. Even if Jews don’t have a special problem significantly different from the PC MC (and/or Leftism) or other subsets of the West, major or minor; they yet cannot be exempt from the obligation all subsets have to pitch in to help deconstruct the PC MC neurosis that has — with the unfortunate help, passive or active, of all subsets — come to dominate our sociopolitical mainstream.

  22. Curses on typos!

    Even if Jews don’t have a special problem significantly different from the PC MC (and/or Leftism) or other subsets of the West…”

    That “or” should be an “of”.

  23. Scotland ‘becoming more ethnically diverse’

    They ran down every lead
    They repeated every test
    They checked out all the data in their lists
    And then the alien anthropologists
    Admitted they were still perplexed
    But on eliminating every other reason
    For our sad demise
    They logged the only explanation left
    This species had loathed itself to death.

  24. Takuan,

    My internet was down for awhile and I hope that this thread is still active enough so that I can make my point.

    The only reason that Boas, Gould, Lewontin and Diamond are the four most prominent exponents of the anti-genetic view is that their views were adopted by an academy and intellectual elite who were in sympathy with these views. That is all.

    And yet the works of equally or even more brilliant Jewish academics such as Vincent Sarich (“The Reality of Human Differences”), Jason Richwine (you state he was “pilloried”), Richard Herrnstein and Henry Harpending–all of whom researched and wrote about the importance of genetic differences–were rejected by our intellectual and academic elite. Those intellectually-prejudiced rejections comprise the ONLY reason that you could not cite the works of these intelligent Jews as being among the prominent voices in the field of the study of genetic differences.

    These four individuals–Jews all–did brilliant scientific work, and yet we don’t cite them for their prominence in the field. Why is that? Because their work was received with controversy because it was not in tune with the prevailing zeitgeist and so has been denigrated and ignored. And how many others (both Jew and non-Jew) would there have been if the topic had not been a career killer?

    I think that MC has a point regarding a double standard. Although I only impute the best of motives to you.

    • P.S. To belabor a point, if the zeitgeist were different, we would be discussing the work of the four prominent Jewish scientists who do research about the genetic differences between ethnic and geographical groups. These would not be Boas, Gould, Lewontin and Diamond.

    • I make you own point and have therefore become a persona non-grata in clearly anti_Semitic forums where they discuss all the damage that Jews have wrought on Western civilization and do not mention the benefits. I am not even talking about Nazizoids but respectable, intelligent, highly educated “3rd-way” and Alternative Right circles, e.g. such as coalesced around the super-erudite (and in my opinion, sick) Kevin McDonald, PhD.
      So, if we were discussing the “Jews are Commies” meme, I would immediately reel off “Austrian Economics,” Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman etc. to show that Jews are also the Anti_Commies.”

      But in this case, I don’t know that it’s possible. First, facts: Harpending would be surprised to find that he is “Jewish” and I have not come by any data to show that Richwine is Jewish either. Second, even if they were, the weight of the four names you cite is several orders of weight below the four names I adduced. Boas alone is truly the “Father of Cointemporary Western Anthropology.” Nor would there be any comparison in the degree of fanatical vehemence deployed by the two “Jewish” camps.

      But yes, you are right: ultimately such Jewish Pied Pipers that led academia onto fallow terrains are not responsible for the foibles and stupidities of the adult PhDs who followed them there. Besides, if we were discussing a different aspect of academic madness, I’d highlight the “Frenchness” and not “Jewishness” of the false prophets, as I did on these pages some months ago.

      In this context, I recommend both to you and to MC “America Lite== How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture.” The author traces this dismantling to the opening and eventually inundation of the Ivy League by Jews, with the subsequent automatic entree into the ruling elite. He asserts, as have I in a long series that ran on these pages, that the root of the problem was not the Jews but some kind of bug that caused the prior ruling elite — the WASPs — to recede, head for the exits, give up without a fight.

      Even as I write this, the WASP world seems to evolve around the proper degree of scuffing of Sperry deck shoes, martinis and golf, and mea culpa for White Privilege. It’s (4-letter word omitted).

      Now the clincher: the author of the book is David Gelernter: professor of computational science at Yale, renowned architectural critic, painter, proud Jew and renowned (and positive) popular explainer of Judaism.

      sall that Ivy League graduates have been Jvy lea

      • “…some kind of bug that caused the prior ruling elite — the WASPs — to recede, head for the exits, give up without a fight.”

        Perhaps the WASPs were bribed, blackmailed, or threatened, as seems to be the current modus operandi of modern politics….

        The recent Donald Sterling Clippers case is highly instructive.

      • “…some kind of bug that caused the prior ruling elite — the WASPs — to recede, head for the exits, give up without a fight.”

        Perhaps the WASPs were bribed, blackmailed, or threatened, as seems to be the current modus operandi of modern politics….

        The recent Donald Sterling Clippers case is highly instructive.

  25. If you go that way, so many of the West’s best and brightest are, were, in part, Jewish, e.g. in no particular order Friedrich Hayek (1/4), Arthur Jensen (1/4), Hugo von Hoffmanstahl (1/2 if I recall), Mark Steyn (1/16) etc. And that’s in addition to those great ones who were 100% Jewish. But something has happened. In pre-1920 Germany and Austria Jews were a super-patriotic segment of the population, and worked hard to build their countries, their German culture etc. Much good did it do them, which is perhaps the reason that as of the 1930s, Jewish intellect and talent went more in the other, subversive direction.

    • You raise a point which could merit another essay, Takuan.

      Hoffmanstahl wrote several libretti for Richard Strauss, including “Der Rosenkavalier”.

      Strauss, though never a Nazi Party member, made compromises to protect his beloved Jewish daughter-in-law and family. A pox on all regimes which put people in such positions.

      • Strauss did even more than that. When he’d become the Nazis favorite living composer and Hoffmanstahl was no longer alive, he asked Stefan Zweig to write the libretto for Strauss’s “The Silent Woman.” Zweig had been until recently the most popular author in the German language and one of the most celebrated ones in the world. But the premiere — in 1935 and with Zweig, a Jew, receiving prominent marquee credit — was already in the era of the Gestapo and other such horrors. Strauss risked his career — indeed he ended it then over the Nazis clamp down of this opera. He may have even risked his life on account of a principle. Few remember it now in the age of ‘Richard Strauss — the Nazis’ favorite composer.’

        • Thanks for that generous extra info, Takuan; I knew about Zweig (who, with his wife, committed suicide in exile), but was trying to keep my reply short.

          Following the destruction of Dresden in 1945, including the Opera House where several of his works had been premiered, Strauss wrote perhaps his most heartfelt piece, “Metamorphosen”, which quotes the Funeral March from Beethoven’s “Eroica” Symphony.
          Last year I listened to the work in sight of the rebuilt Opera, and paid similar tributes to Schumann in Cologne, Beethoven, Schubert

          • Aaargh! Posted by accident before finishing. …Brahms in Vienna, Dvorak and other Czech musicians around Prague. Is this a weird thing for an atheist to do? Well, humans are contradictory.

            If you’d like to see some pics, ask the Baron or Dymphna to pass on your email address.

          • Hi Mark,

            Lovely sentiment in your tributes.

            Try this: Every day, mentally say “God bless X” with X being the name of every deceased relative and friend that you ever knew – deceased ancestors that you didn’t know are ok, too.

            See what happens and report back. 🙂

    • You may want to consider how the greatest of intellects can be seduced by their skill with pure reason due to their abilities to use it to achieve their greatness. Most people conclude that this is why Jews have survived and prospered despite their relatively small numbers. A few theologians will argue it is because their is always a remnant that adheres to the Jewish faith — the stiff-necked people with whom G_d chose to make The Covenant. But that attribute, to remain faithful to the covenant, is outside reason. Once any man of any religion is seduced by pure reason, the religion is either forgotten, ignored, or turned against (because the demands and expectations are very hard to keep them, and, indeed, get in the way of all those who come to agree that the new “reasoning” is the correct one. That was the way with the Nazis intelligentsia (you are either with us or against us) as it is today with the global Statists in every Western enclave who appear to be using Islam as a way to force submission on all Christian and Jewish faithful.

      For this reason, it may not be accurate to call any man who is now engaged in enslavement of humanity as Jewish or Christian. It is a slur on the religions and their ancient principles and faith that these “men of reason alone” have left. It is unclear how much of that is due to the collapse of the various religions (where an Anglican Archbishop welcomes Muslims as muslims and all its sharia, Catholic Church with a liberation theology invested Pope, or Reform Judaism’s collectivist bent and desire to blend in with the others).

      In other words, it is probably worth your time to investigate how many of these Jews are really no longer Jews. And then consider how much they are blending in with the rest of society, especially the elites who can no longer be considered “men of the West” either any longer.

      • As I repetedly insist in all exchanges with MC, these considerations are outside the parentheses. It’s a non-issue, it’s obstinate spam. The Jews are a race, a distinctive genetic pool. This has now been proved by genetic science beyond any doubt, just as the issue of comparative Black inellect has. If I were parsing here between observant Anglicans and Atheist Englishmen, fanatical Croat Catholics and hipster Serbs, than there would be room for considering here the religiosity or not of Jews too. Let’s just deal with Jews, not with Judaism. Totally different topic, that.

        • I’m sorry TS, but you just made me laugh.

          Your main piece goes to great lengths to deride those who had protected their biased idea that it’s all nurture and not nature.

          Now you want to make it all nature guided alone. Nurture is “obstinately” outside the pale and has no part? Why must it be all or none? Does not man decide that today he will not behave as he feels inclined to do because he has a conscience? Or at least some think they do. And science cannot prove it exists. So it is beyond reason. I pray that thought though can bridge the gap between us where there should be none.

          Furthermore, you yourself argued that Jews who should know better ought be “shouting at the top of their voices Stop! What are you doing?” at those who are Pied Pipers of doom!

          Here I thought I was offering you some food for that avenue of thought.

          So your response to me seems a bit inconsistent. Could I have been the only to notice that?

          One thing that I wish I’d done was stop at “You may want to consider how the greatest of intellects can be seduced by their skill with pure reason due to their abilities to use it to achieve their greatness. ” Because that tendency to hubris in the highly intelligent is the trait of no single race.

          • You are not getting it at all, and you laugh much too readily before understanding that which you laugh about. Research Methodology 101?

            One of the points of the above article is that Jews have played an outsize role in race denialism, diverisititits etc. Outsize as compared to what? Why, outsize as compared to the role that “goyim” have played, as defined by each ratio’s within the general population.

            Now the spam arguments that you second assert s that it’s not really “Jews,” it’s atheists. But the ratio of atheists among the white goyim, through most of Europe and in large swaths of the United States (e.g. The Left Coast from San Diego to Vancouver BC, Boston to DC corridor, Wisconsin and Minnesota etc.) is of the same order of magnitude as it is among the Jews. Meaning that this is a spurious variable (actual term) leading us off track. Can you stop throwing this discussion off track?

          • I agree with TS that atheism is a spurious variable.

            However, to claim that any group of people is born with a particular political persuasion or bias based on genetics seems to contradict the notion of FREE WILL which is truly the basis of Western Christian civilization.

            Does anyone believe that Muslims are born with Islam encoded in their genes? Rather, Muslims teach their children Islam, and Islam gives their children psychological and social permission to act in ways that are compatible with Islam. Note that I did NOT include spiritual permission on the list….

            It is a problem when parents teach a theology that is destructive – no matter how smart or stupid the parents and/or their children are.

            Teaching a theology can be achieved through actions as well as words as children observe and copy the actions of their parents. For example, white liberals talk-the-talk about the benefits of diversity and then make sure to live in mainly white enclaves. Likewise, rich liberals fight for gun control for everyone else – all while their own bodyguards carry guns.

  26. Yes, I agree with “much good it did them” and that is perhaps why so many have gone the way of the one-world multi-cultis.

    My main point is that there are reputable Jewish scientists who–using the scientific method one presumes–came to conclusions that are contra those of Gould, Diamond, etc. They are not the most prominent in the field only because their work is deemed “controversial” and/or has been suppressed. It is only fair that they be mentioned in the context of “Jewishness and the study of genetic differences.” Otherwise, I maintain, one develops a warped perspective. Intellectually brilliant Jewish scientists are part of the warp and weft of the zeitgeist and are influenced by it as well as being among the leaders of it.

    But they are not the only leaders!! And it is a pity that the leaders-that-be would not allow the popularization of the works of such Jewish scientists as Sarich, Richwine, Harpending and Herrnstein. And Arthur Jensen would have been drummed out of academia were it not for tenure.

    • P.S. I know that you do not have a warped perspective and I didn’t mean to imply that. I feel a responsibility to the subject. The West is in such dire straits and we need clarity and balance in our thinking.

  27. Takuan,

    My apologies, I somehow missed one of your earlier replies.

    I’m still trying to make my point and not having much success it seems.

    “Boas alone is truly the “Father of Cointemporary Western Anthropology.”

    I’m not anthropologist and will take you at your word. But had other voices–both Jewish and non Jewish–been allowed in the academic world during the last 40 years or so, we probably would now consider Boas to be outdated.

    The problem is that research in genetic differences between groups has actually been verboten in academia–a career killer for certain and a non-starter at best. I personally knew one academic whose career was stunted because of this research interest and who decided to stop his research before he became anathema. He just happened to be Jewish.

    So if you are a smart Jewish or non-Jewish researcher, you simply did not pursue this line of research. You could not obtain the funding for it anyway and you certainly could not get tenure (or even be re-hired) if you did.

    But if this kind of research had been “allowed,” don’t you think that brilliant scientists, both Jew and non-Jew, would have pursued it?

    In such conditions, I’m sure there would have been numbers of examples of Jewish scientists during research in the area of genetic differences. As I said, I myself knew one who quit this research.

    And although Jews have been influential thought leaders out of all proportion to their numbers in the population, they are not the only and certainly not the majority of these thought leaders. They could not force their views upon the intellectual elite who eagerly adopted these views for various cultural/sociological/psychological reasons that are outside the scope of this brief comment. (I know we agree on this point).

    • “…the intellectual elite … eagerly adopted these views for various cultural/sociological/psychological reasons that are outside the scope of this brief comment.”

      Are we SO sure? Or, might blackmail, bribes and threats have been involved?

        • Yes, I would very much care to elaborate and debate, but I am subject to GoV website rules so I must tread lightly. 🙂

          Regarding the reality of threats in the halls of academia, you provided the following example:

          “The problem is that research in genetic differences between groups has actually been verboten in academia–a career killer for certain and a non-starter at best. I personally knew one academic whose career was stunted because of this research interest and who decided to stop his research before he became anathema. He just happened to be Jewish.”

    • Looking in I find the discussion has been going on. You included here a crucial point that I have to build up into the centerpiece of everything. Whatever the depredations wrought by Jewish brilliance harnessed to an inveterately leftist point of view, even if you call it just Tikkun Olam, the ultimate culprit is the confusion, cowardice and corruption of the Gentile elites: WASPs in the US, Englishmen in the UK, etc. Moreover, the gangrenous decay of Scandinavians is pretty much endogenic, as neither Jews nor Jewish thought have had nearly the influence there that they had in the U.S.

      Why that is so is a book-long theme, and indeed I’ver written 3/4 of such a book before I started asking myself for whom I am doing it, at what personal sacrifice, and to what possible rewards even if it be only in terms of readership. However, I belikeve that I captured the essence of the conundrum in a comparison of the national anthems of Estonia, UK and US. You will find it here:

      BTW I maintain the same position v. Muslim issues. Those would have been just a minor buzz of no consequence, if the Western society onto which this opportunistic virus has latched were a healthy body with a functioning immune system. It’s what stupid, decayed and cowardly in us that’s the burning issue, far more than documenting the barbarism, backwardness and hateful chauvinism evinced in Islam.

      • Followed your link, though not all the sub-links. You made me cry (the Estonian hymns), and think till my brain hurts!

        The Estonians reminded me of the great Czech composers Smetana, Dvorak and Janacek, whose music is nationalistic without being threatening (unlike that opportunistic genius/[ordure] Wagner). Nevertheless I’m concerned at the Baltics’ treatment of their ethnic Russians; like the Muslims in Kosovo, and without excusing the destruction of Serb churches, it’s not their fault they’ve been left behind by the retreat of Empire.

        Overall, as a non-university autodidact (still learning!) I’m awed by your erudition and marshalling of arguments, but I find that when discussing Blake’s “Jerusalem” or Liberation Theology, like others here, you underestimate the sincerity, or indeed relevance, of the views of those on the Left. Capitalism may be a more efficient system than the alternatives, but it has, increasingly, little to offer even the decent and would-be hard working poor; benefit (welfare) and tax structures need to be restructured to ensure that they’re better off in employment.

  28. Clarification:

    It seems that various readers are getting the impression from the foregoing discussion that I place the unique and particular basket of Jewish political leanings and other Jewish weltanschauung components within the Jewish DNA. Not at all, for it’s clearly a cultural trait that’s at the foundation of the Jewish culture and has always been.
    It’s a thread visible throughout the Bible: from Abraham through Moses to Jesus. That’s what Jews have always been about: “Tikkun Olam,” repairing the world. Why is a mystery that I do not purport to have an answer to.

    All this was great and wonderful in Biblical times, though I believe that the amalgamation of Greek and Roman cultural elements with the ones we have taken from the Bible created a stronger, more organic compound. So why am I attacking this “repairing” tendency now, as I have done in several articles?

    I remind the reader that my Oriental handle is not some flight of fancy but expresses a fundamental truth about a significant part of my mental furniture.

    The Judeo-Christian view of the world and of Man is linear. My view is circular.

    In the Judeo-Christian view, we think we progress toward an ever more perfect world, with more justice, equality, compassion; more of all the “good” things, ultimately the perfect reality of Paradise. And that is the view not only of Jews but also Gentiles: Secular Proggies as well as Christians. But in a circular view one notices immediately that the more we “progress” on what we think is a straight line, the marginal utility diminishes, than comes to zero, and then becomes negative.

    Only when you look at Reality in this way do you notice that what the rabbi says in his Friday talk and the pastor in his Sunday sermon is solipsistic nonsense. For the very same things that once constituted the moral glory of our civilization are now, solidified as totems and taboos, spades with which we dig the grave for our kind.

  29. The mystery of history is both circular and linear. As Eric Voegelin wrote, “reality really is moving toward the Beyond”; however, tensionally so. Neither is the eschaton a slam-dunk; nor is reality doomed to an Eternal Return.

    • Good point; I agree. Neither a straight line nor a circle, perhaps the movement of Reality through history is like a helix: circular yet incrementally directional. The question is whether our lifespan is sufficient to notice that the helix band itself is an arch on a 5000 or 10,000-year circle…
      Still, no great dept or philosophical understanding is required to apprehend the things I write about. It’s common horse sense still widely distributed among those Whites whose education eneded in high school.

      • I read somewhere that C.S. Lewis converted to Christianity when he realized that men are NOT progressive and that the newest versions of men and their ideas are NOT intrinsically and automatically better than the previous versions of men and their ideas.

        “…to him [C.S. Lewis] it was the twentieth century that was regressive. By reducing the world to the material reality which one can experience with one’s senses, man has turned the world into a vacuum in which men spend their time, as T.S. Eliot would say, “dodging [their] emptiness.” [2] Surprisingly enough, it was pagan mythological literature, permeated as it was with the intuitive belief in the supernatural, which set Lewis searching for God. He became a theist and his conversion to Christ followed later.”

        “He [Lewis] came to understand that, by denying God, man has killed the divinity in himself and has become less than human. In ‘The Abolition of Man’ Lewis pictures his contemporaries as branches rebelling against the tree. It is their own roots that the branches are desperately attempting to destroy.”

        “In 1931 Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien had that famous conversation about the nature of myths as they were walking down Magdalen College parks in Oxford. [27] This discussion completed the conversion process of Lewis’ gaze. Lewis, who was still an agnostic, claimed that despite his great love for myths, he could see in them nothing but lies. Tolkien explained his belief that God spoke through the minds of the poets, and that, although containing error, myths reveal glimpses of the Truth. He reiterated the idea that Lewis had found in Chesterton a few years earlier on, that the Incarnation was the fulfillment of our dreams. A few days later Lewis converted to Christianity.”

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