The Ikhwan Inside the Beltway

Mike Rogers is a Republican congressman for the 8th District in Michigan and the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. His recent acceptance of a speaking gig with the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy — which has well-documented connections with the Muslim Brotherhood — has caused consternation among Counterjihad-minded people in Washington D.C. At the event on May 30th, Rep. Rogers will share a podium with former National Security Advisor Bud McFarlane, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf (of Ground Zero Mosque fame), and Daisy Khan of ASMA.

This report just came in from the Center for Security Policy:

Center Releases Letter From President Frank Gaffney to Rep. Mike Rogers Urging him to Withdraw Appearance Before Muslim Brotherhood-Tied Group

(Washington, D.C.): Today, the Center for Security Policy released a letter previously sent from CSP President Frank J. Gaffney, Jr., to Rep. Mike Rogers (Michigan, 8th), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, urging the Chairman to withdraw from his scheduled upcoming appearance as keynote speaker at the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy’s (ICRD) Faith-in-Action Award Dinner on May 30th, 2014.

In the letter, Mr. Gaffney details the ICRD’s extensive and troubling ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist entities, including:

  • The ICRD Vice President for Preventative Engagement AbuBaker Al-Shingieti’s previous service as a spokesperson for the Sudanese regime of indicted war criminal Omar Bashir — a particularly worrisome link in light of the Sudanese government’s recent sentencing of a young pregnant woman to death for refusing to recant her Christian faith and for her marriage to her Christian husband, a U.S. citizen;
  • Al-Shingieti’s previous service as regional director for the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), an organization subject to a federal grand jury probe for terrorism finance due to its ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad;

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/26/2014

More details are available tonight about the final results of yesterday’s elections to the European Parliament. Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s party, the center-left Democratic Party, will be the largest party in the new parliament, followed closely by the German Social Democrats.

In other news, during his trip to Israel Pope France paid a visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and met with the Grand Mufti. The Pope called on Christians, Jews, Muslims, and space aliens to work together for peace and justice.

OK, so I made up the part about space aliens. But still…

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Turkey Needs Germany as a Scapegoat

The recent visit to Cologne by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has caused a lot of discussion in the German media. JLH has translated an article about Mr. Erdogan’s provocative words in Cologne, and includes this introductory note:

Here is another installment in the saga of Erdogan in Germany. This time he has left behind a country in continuing turmoil — fighting in the streets. Following the Gezi Park insurrection, he has had to weather a corruption scandal and then a mine disaster (See Gates of Vienna: “A Turkish Spring?”, June 2, 2013; and “Gezi Park and the Class Struggle in Turkey”, January 5, 2014).

As to the fears about not being admitted to the EU, he has applied pressure before, once throwing a notable tantrum just before leaving for Bonn, so Merkel heard about it and was suitably conciliatory.

The perception of reality in this article may strike some people as odd — for instance, believing that America would surely react if a correspondent were pressured by another government. And we have a marine sitting in jail in Mexico, a wife of an American being executed in Sudan, someone else being held by Iran…

Also, the presumption that Western values may make a difference in a country that had already made the step into the West and has now regressed vigorously.

Well, a difference of opinion is what makes horse races.

The translated article from Die Welt:

Visit to Cologne

Why Erdogan Paints Germany as an Enemy

The Turkish head of state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has for a year nursed resentment against the Germans. Ankara needs a scapegoat in case its EU candidacy fails.

by Boris Kálnoky May 25, 2014

When Recep Tayyip Erdogan mentioned Chancellor Angela Merkel in his speech on Saturday, the response was loud boos.

The surge of hatred for the German Chancellor was no coincidence. Leading Turkish politicians, Erdogan’s “chief adviser” Yirgit Bulut and the supine press have all purposely fanned the flames of anti-German resentment for almost a year. Shortly before Erdogan’s visit to Cologne, it peaked in an essay in the newspaper Yeni Safak, which implied that Germany is a threat to Turkish national security.

It is a matter of history and tradition. Israel and America, England and France, Armenians, Greeks, Kurds and Christians are enemies with historic roots. But the new Germanophobia now being spread is a creation of the AKP. It is an attempt to add a new dimension to the historical Turkish persecution anxieties. The citizens will discover that the EU is turning its back on Turkey because that is how Germany wants it.

Germany and Turkey have traditionally been good partners, and Germany is highly respected among most Turks. But if this new discourse is maintained, it could be burned into the Turkish psyche in the long run.

After the Gezi Park Protests, Europe stepped on the Brakes

The Gezi Park protests of a year ago were the reason for this rhetoric. That and the reaction of the regime — confronting their critics with maximum physical, legal and verbal force — impacted the EU strategy vis-à-vis Turkey. After years of no progress in negotiations about Turkey entering the EU, there had been a limited rapprochement. A new chapter in the negotiations was to be opened — and possibly more, later.

But then, Europe suddenly hit the brakes. Germany especially insisted on it. In Ankara, it was feared that the anticipated new beginning could be blocked again, because Chancellor Merkel was against it. In the end, there was “only” a postponement of three months.

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To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy

Note: This essay was originally published on Saturday and was “sticky” for a few days. Scroll down for more recent posts, including a subtitled Swedish documentary about left-wing violence, the European election results, a video report on a culturally enriched Aikido class in Nova Scotia, and last night’s news feed.

Takuan Seiyo’s latest essay examines the controversy surrounding Nicholas Wade’s new book about the scientific evidence for a genetic basis for racial characteristics, including intelligence and behavior.

To Live and Die Under a Mentirocracy
by Takuan Seiyo

Wading into a faked controversy

On May 6, 2014, Penguin Press released Nicholas Wade’s book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History. The deeply researched book by the New York Times’ veteran (now retired) science writer has summarized new findings in genetic science that lead unequivocally to the conclusion that race is a biological reality, and race matters. Venturing onto more concrete and dangerous territory Wade has limned in this light topics such as the genetic reasons for the “Jewish genius,” or for sub-Saharan Blacks’ lesser adaptability to modern life than that of Whites’ and Asians’.

All that sounds obvious to those who have a pair of eyes and IQ above moron level. After all, the American NBA or the Olympic finals in Track and Field are a showcase pretty much for one race, and it’s not because of Affirmative Action. Criminal flash mobs are predominantly the domain of a single race too, and opera-singing flash mobs are the domain of another. Jews excel at receiving Nobel Prizes not because they have the inside track in Stockholm. High quality industry and standard of living developed in Japan (Real GDP per capita $23,197) rather than Iraq (Real GDP per capita $3,197) despite Iraq’s being by far the naturally richer and more ancient country, because the Japanese are biologically and culturally different from Arabs[1].

It’s how Reality is built, for humans just as for rodents or ferns. Reality — God to believers — hates equality. But modern science, no less than its medieval predecessor, rejects Reality in favor of a fanatical dogma. If you are an Assistant Professor at any Western university, a mere mention of the word “race” will terminate your academic career prospects, except if you are a member of La Raza or of some organization flaunting the word “Black.”

It’s easy to understand why scientists and academia in general feel that race as a biological fact is a dangerous concept: race consciousness has led in the past to race rankings and enslavement, murder or other forms of expropriation of the weaker races and ethnies by the stronger ones.

African Blacks were enslaved by Arabs from the East and Whites from the West — though only the latter outrage counts for Progressives. American Indians and Australian aborigines were conquered and subjugated by Whites, and the Christian Middle East, North Africa and almost all of South Asia were conquered and subjugated by Muslims of Arab, Turkic or Mongol origin (though, again, Progressives are keen only on whitey’s depredations). Europe practiced grand, worldwide colonialism for half a millennium — as had in earlier times the Chinese, Vietnamese, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Phoenicians (again, with no see/no hear by Progressives). Ultimately this cast of mind ended in Nazism based in Aryan “superiority” and racial anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust for the Jews and Gypsies, and enslavement and gross mass murder of Eastern Europe’s Slavs.

Of course, racism-based genocide is the uniting thread of South and Central America’s pre-Colombian history and much of Africa’s as well, remarkably in recent times in the conflict between the Tutsi and Hutu of Rwanda. But that doesn’t count for academia’s race denialists — all of the important ones of whom are Whites (race research thrives in China and Korea) infected by the Progressive whitey-bashing virus.

Race therefore is not merely a forbidden subject — except in spurious claims that non-white minority groups are oppressed, as races, by “racist” white majorities. The idea, nay, the Reality, that race is embedded in one’s genes is so forbidden that an alternative reality — “race is a social construct” — was spun out of nothing by scientists who should have known better.

Charles Murray, in his review of A Troublesome Inheritance in the Wall Street Journal explained the genesis of this enveloping lie:

The reigning intellectual orthodoxy is that race is a “social construct,” a cultural artifact without biological merit. The orthodoxy’s equivalent of the Nicene Creed has two scientific tenets. The first, promulgated by geneticist Richard Lewontin in “The Apportionment of Human Diversity” (1972), is that the races are so close to genetically identical that “racial classification is now seen to be of virtually no genetic or taxonomic significance.” The second, popularized by the late paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould, is that human evolution in everything but cosmetic differences stopped before humans left Africa, meaning that “human equality is a contingent fact of history,” as he put it in an essay of that title in 1984.

Since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, what is known by geneticists has increasingly diverged from this orthodoxy, even as social scientists and the mainstream press have steadfastly ignored the new research.

Murray goes on to shred Richard Lewontin’s and Gould’s arguments, and it’s worth reading, for their race-denying assertions were no mere scientific mistakes but outrageously meretricious fictions concocted to bolster personal beliefs and, as I posit, neuroses. Yet he worries that the “scientific community” will reject, fanatically, the science brought forth by Nicholas Wade, to avoid a “cataclysmic surrender on some core premises of political correctness.” Murray describes this dubious community’s current modus operandi relative to race, IQ etc. as “predict[ing] planetary movements using Ptolemaic equations.”

Apart from Murray’s takedown, it’s relevant that Richard Lewontin invented the preposterous meme, still pervasive, that there is more variation within groups than between groups (see the rational brain of theoretical physicist Steve Hsu on that). Gould, a celebrated biologist, maintained without a shred of validity that there has been no biological change in humans in 50,000 years, which is a backdoor way of saying that the brain coils and cast of mind of the homo sapiens that left Africa 50,000 years ago or earlier are the same as of those who remained in Africa. The anthropologist Henry Harpending and evolutionary biologist Gregory Cochran made a convincing opposite case in their book The 10,000 Year Explosion: How Civilization Accelerated Human Evolution (2009). Yet Gould is still the widely cited “expert” on the subject.

Another celebrated scientist and best-selling author, Jared Diamond, opined in his Guns, Germs and Steel that only people capable of thinking the Earth is flat believe in the existence of human races. It’s all about differences in the geography, see?[2] Moreover, modern social science probably owes its race-denying bias, multiculturalism, and other forms of self-induced blindness to the “father of American Anthropology,” Franz Boas (1858 -1942).

Boasian anthropology is based on the premise that cultures (hence religions too) cannot and may not be ranked as higher or lower: they are all equally valid. Hence our cultural relativism and inability to assert in once-white countries the worthiness and preference for the native variant of white culture over those of Third World colonists imported by the tens of millions by the ruling elites and forcibly imposed on the serf population.

Wikipedia’s exceptionally comprehensive entry on Boas (12,500+ words, over 100 footnoted references) informs that he was an activist unconcerned with detachment, objectivity, abstraction, and quantifiability in his work. Quite the modern Progressive, he was motivated by passion:

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The Good Violence

The following Swedish TV documentary “Det gode voldet” (“The Good Violence”) aired recently on Swedish state television.

‘Anti-fascist’ left-wing extremists in Sweden do not restrict their violence to people identified as ‘Nazis’. Anyone with whom they politically disagree may become their target.

Many thanks to The Observer for his heroic effort in translating and time-stamping this video, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling it and uploading it:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/25/2014

The European elections are the most significant news of the day. Marine Le Pen (Front National) and Nigel Farage (UKIP) are probably the biggest winners. Ms. Le Pen has reached out to Beppe Grillo of M5S in Italy, who up until now has resisted all involvement with EU-skeptic parties in other countries.

Meanwhile, in Paris, two Jewish men were attacked and badly beaten outside a synagogue.

In other news, the first edible insect farm in the United States opened in Youngstown, Ohio.

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A Sea Change in Europe

The results of today’s (and Thursday’s) elections for the European Parliament have been trickling in all evening. You’ll be reading about the “earthquake” in the news feed later tonight, but here are some advance snippets from what I’ve been hearing.

Britain and the Netherlands went to the polls on the 22nd, but the results were not released until tonight. The exit polls on Thursday had shown a disappointing performance by Geert Wilders and the PVV, but that seems to have been disinformation on the part of the Pollocracy (as has happened in the past, so I’m told).

The PVV sent out this press release tonight:

PVV second party in The Netherlands

PVV party leader Geert Wilders is pleased with the final outcome of the European elections in the Netherlands. The final results are different than the exitpoll. His Party for Freedom got 4 seats in the European Parliament and is together with D66 the second party in The Netherlands in terms of numbers of seats.

Geert Wilders: “GREAT 4 SEATS!! Now we make the first gains for a new alliance of Eurosceptic and anti-immigration parties in the European Parliament”

UKIP in Britain did even better, beating out the Tories to become the British party with the largest representation in the EP, with twelve seats out of thirty (the Conservatives were next with nine) as of the most recent count. The Lib-Dems did so badly that they will not have even a single seat in the European Parliament, and the BNP were also trounced — Nick Griffin lost his seat.

Other countries where immigration-critical EU-skeptic parties came in first:

  • In France, the Front National (headed by Marine Le Pen)
  • The Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti)
  • The Flemish separatist party N-VA in Belgium

The nationalist parties did well in several other countries, even where they didn’t take first place:

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Culturally Enriched Aikido in Nova Scotia

When a Muslim student joined an Aikido class in Halifax, Nova Scotia, he requested that for religious reasons he not be required to touch any female students. His instructor agreed to his request, saying that he was happy to accommodate the student’s beliefs in the interest of tolerance, inclusion, and diversity.

A teenage girl in the same class objected to the exemption granted the Muslim student. She felt that her instructor’s actions constituted sex discrimination, and took her case all the way to the Canadian supreme court. The court ruled against her, declaring that such religious accommodations in no way violated Canadian human rights laws against sex-discrimination.

The girl and her mother recently made an appearance on SUNTV to highlight what they consider an injustice, and a setback for women’s rights. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/24/2014

A terror attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels left three people shot to death at the scene, while a fourth victim died later in the hospital. One suspect escaped in a vehicle, and was captured. The second fled on foot, and is still at large. Police consider anti-Semitism to be the motive for the murders, but have released no ethnic data to help the public determine the Mohammed Coefficient of the incident.

In other news, a mentally disturbed young man went on a rampage in Isla Vista, California last night. He first stabbed his three housemates to death, and then drove around at high speed in his car, shooting at pedestrians and police. Three more people were killed and thirteen wounded before the murderer crashed his car and took his own life.

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Who is Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi?

With Egyptian presidential elections coming up next week, Ashraf Ramelah takes a look at the man who is almost certain to be the next president of Egypt.

Egyptian hero Al-Sisi: A game-changer or mirage?

by Ashraf Ramelah

Heading into this month’s presidential elections set for May 26 and 27, Egyptians discuss the candidate most likely to win at the polls. Retired Field Marshal Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi — favored by pro-democracy freedom-fighters because of his split from the former Morsi regime to carry out the will of the people and end its reign of terror — has garnered more than one million endorsements, 50 times the amount needed to run for president. Overrun by emotion and gratitude for what Al-Sisi has done for Egypt in the past 10 months, Egyptians speculate about the kind of president the former General will make.

Al-Sisi supporters see him as their hero, and yet not all see him as their ideal president. Former President Mohammed Morsi appointed Al-Sisi as his Defense Minister upon firing Mohammed Hussein Tantawy, who was the former SCAF head instrumental in getting Morsi elected — a fatal miscalculation for the Morsi regime. The former President installed a man who would understand the moment and seize it for the people. Today, Egyptians have no choice but to settle for a man to whom they are indebted and to place their faith in him to handle Islamist insiders, a fundamental imperative for real change.

Al-Sisi is their only option. Besides, the success of the freedom movement’s overthrow of the dreaded Brotherhood-backed regime proves that mass uprisings do work and could succeed again if necessary — despite the fact that Morsi’s fall is widely viewed as a “miracle.” Nonetheless, it has inspired confidence in a nation now willful and hopeful for the first time in modern history so that Egyptians wait to see who Al-Sisi will be for them.

The 59 year-old Al-Sisi has one opponent in the presidential race, Hamdeen Sabahay. He has 200,000 endorsements with a campaign platform that mainly speaks to the amelioration of the Muslim Brotherhood’s plight. Because of the disparity in power and popularity of the two figures, some see the forthcoming election as more of a referendum. It will be difficult for any opposition to question or challenge Al-Sisi’s win. But whether Al-Sisi will be a transformer of Egypt or another Mubarak who began with great promise, it is hard to tell. This question occupies Egyptians in the final weeks before the election. Will the man responsible for halting the rise of Sharia law by arresting President Morsi and locking up his backers (and following through with much more) continue to be an asset to the pro-democracy, secular, freedom movement once he is elected?

Freedom-fighters, including Copts, have seen Al-Sisi for some time as an agent of human rights and equality in Egypt. The Field Marshall, who exchanged his uniform for a suit just one month ago, has the trust of Egyptians who watched him roll back Morsi’s backward, pro-terror initiatives (think religion police). Al-Sisi applied the pre-Morsi suspended constitution to install the head of the High Constitutional Court as the head of Egypt’s interim government, removed the MB and weaponry from its 45-day sit-in implementing a comprehensive plan to stop the MB from damaging progress, and demolished the smuggling tunnels between Sinai and Gaza. Was this all for Egypt’s benefit and the rights of the ordinary citizen in the long run, or is it, as some suggest, evidence of a personal power struggle and Al-Sisi’s final takeover?

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 5/23/2014

One in five Spanish job-seekers has not worked in five years, and 500,000 Spaniards have given up looking for work. In other economic news, in the past year Italian wages increased at the lowest rate since 1982.

In other news, José Barroso, the President of the European Commission, told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he must not allow Gazprom to interrupt the flow of natural gas to Europe.

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Do “Anti-Racists” Protest Too Much?

Our Canadian correspondent Rembrandt Clancy has translated a recent essay by the German Islam-critic Marc Doll, and includes his own brief introduction.

Racism in the Middle of the Society?

Introduction by Rembrandt Clancy

Marc Doll, the author of this essay, is a founding member of Citizens’ Rights Party DIE FREIHEIT (28 October 2012) and is one of its leaders. He is also one of the eight or so Islam-critics who revived the White Rose (Weiße Rose) resistance movement of 1942 to 43 (Gates of Vienna reported).

“Racism in the Middle of the Society” — the idea that racism is endemic to society — was commonplace among the New Left of the 1960s. Older readers will know that for sure. Nor will the silencing of critics with the argument from potential consequences (argumentum ad consequentiam) be foreign to most. The inflation of numbers to create the impression of an epidemic and the exaggeration of a minuscule minority to forge a massive presence (homosexualism), are also commonplace everywhere, not just in Germany.

But Marc Doll’s treatment of the reproach of racism using psychoanalysis, combined with his announcement of intent to “return the accusation [of racism] to the senders” begs the question as to the identity of the original “senders”. Might they have been the psychoanalytically oriented “critical theorists” of the so-called Frankfurt School? They may have established the ideological prototype for endemic “racism” in the unprovable claim that anti-Semitism, fascism and their depth-psychological infrastructure, the so-called “authoritarian personality”, have their paramount source in the paternalistic structure of the family. They even developed a personality questionnaire, the F-Scale, to identify the “potentially” fascistic individual (Adorno et al. “The Authoritarian Personality” (1950)).

Racism in the Middle of the Society?

by Marc Doll (translation by Rembrandt Clancy)


14 May 2014

An article [“White is always guilty”] by Michael Paulwitz in Junge Freiheit describes how the German opinion cartel and all its opportunistic bandwagon freeloaders use the term “racism” as a weapon so they can maintain their immigration quotas with the goal of establishing a “multicultural society” behind which is the simple principle of divide et impera; that is, a society which is internally divided by internecine struggles among minorities is not in a position to overthrow a regime (cf. Manfred Kleine-Hartlage), and it is also considerably easier to translate such a society into a dictatorial EU. I would like to shed a little light not only on the underlying mechanisms, but also return the accusation to the senders.

To accuse someone of racism is a crushing indictment, especially in Germany. Therefore it is all the more important to verify such a charge in a deliberately responsible manner, and if it is substantiated, then only to bring it forward if there is very compelling evidence. A racist is someone who believes that his race is biologically superior to other races. The number of those who believe in this long since discredited nonsense may fall within the 0.00X percent margin, and those same people admit that openly. It is a marginal manifestation which is found in every society.

In view of these numbers, one might wonder why racism is still an issue today at all and why it attracts so much interest. At any rate, no one has yet come to grief based on the above mentioned attitude, and doubtless it would be far from a full-time job for anti-racists to have to wait for the 0.X percent out of the already noted 0.00X percent to start committing racially motivated offences.

Therefore the cart is put before the horse: what COULD lead by way of pure POTENTIAL to the same results as violence-prone racism is explained as racism which has already occurred and is punished accordingly. Let us put it this way: the practice of Islam-criticism, by way of pure potential, could lead to people proceeding to kill Muslims. That this line of argument does not stand the test of experienced reality or that it is not confirmed by the facts is irrelevant, for it is at least superficially comprehensible; which is to say, the argument is fully sufficient to permit application of the term racism, indeed to employ it as a weapon, for it provides a chain of causality, which although it has the above mentioned surface comprehensibility, it still remains for it to be subject to reasoned and confirmatory justification. For as is the case with all loaded terminology, with a single word and without any basis, I can otherwise reproach my opponent with an entire library of moral failings which cannot be refuted with only a single word, and also not with a single sentence, not to mention that one finds himself at this point already in a defensive position.

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Sticks & Stones: Another MSM Monstrosity

Well! If Time magazine has finally noticed, then the increasing worldwide slaughter of Christians must be true.

Oops. Wrong. The author of this piece uses Pope Francis’ up-coming visit to Israel as the backdrop for his own agenda. This piece is so slanted it falls over, but then again the fellow who wrote it “helped lead national Catholic outreach for President Obama’s re-election campaign” so we know his blatant bias already.

This mercifully brief essay is a travesty; it tramples on the real suffering of persecuted Christians in order to do some JOOO-bashing. After noting the “increasing violence against the dwindling Christian population in the region” (i.e., the Middle East) — but never saying who might be responsible for that dwindle — this fellow quickly offers the Jews as a scapegoat. Jewish extremists are to blame… one supposes that it’s either Bush or the Jews when the need to point a finger arises. In this case, Jewish extremists are to blame. Who else could it be??

There are even growing concerns for the pope’s safety himself after news emerged earlier this month that Jewish extremists graffitied Vatican-owned property with vitriolic taunts, including “Death to Arabs and Christians and all those who hate Israel!”

Graffitied?? Obviously Time is still leading the lexicon charge for change, just like the old days.

So what is this fellow’s first link in his bent fairy tale about the slaughter of Christians? It’s a 2012 essay from an extremist leftist rag, The National Catholic Reporter about the violence against Christians by — wait for it — more rabid JOOOS. In that one, there was an attack against the door of a Trappist monastery, with Hebrew writing claiming “Jesus is a monkey”… the use of Hebrew proving this is the work of Zionists for sure.

That 2012 story uses the word “Muslim” once; “Islam” never appears as a possible suspect. Nothing to do with JIM! Again, the whole focus is on Jewish persecution of Christians. The attacks against Catholics are chilling to read:

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ESW Speaks About Dhimmitude at the Roundtable in Orlando

On May 16 2014 Burning Bush Ministries held a roundtable discussion on “Current Christian Persecution — A Global Problem” at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Orlando.

Speaking on behalf of Burgerbewegung Pax Europa, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff discussed the topic of Dhimmitude. She was introduced by the Rev. Bruce Lieske, who then followed up with his own remarks.

Many thanks to Alan Kornman for recording this video, to Henrik Ræder Clausen for the audio, and to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading it:

Previous posts about the Prayer March for Persecuted Christians, Orlando, May 2014:
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