Operation “Trojan Horse” in Hamburg Schools

The “Trojan Horse” plot by Islamic radicals to take over dozens of British state schools has been in the news a lot lately. Recent reports indicate that a similar process is underway in Germany. Many thanks to JP for translating this article from Bild:

Salafists infiltrate seven Hamburg schools
by Vivien-Marie Drews

Hamburg — fanatical young Muslims against liberal teachers and pupils — a religious war rages in Hamburg’s schools!

Until now School Senator Ties Rabe (53, SPD) refused to identify which schools were affected.

Now an internal paper of the state institute for teacher training indicates that during recent months in at least seven schools in Mümmelmannsberg, Billstedt, Stellingen and Hamm there have repeatedly been problems because ultraconservative Muslims have simply put forward their own rules.

Particularly hair-raising is the situation in Mümmelmannsberg. “The city quarter appears to be the focus of organised Islamistic activists,” sates the official document available to BILD.

Example: Muslim youngsters demand that girls and women cover up according to the dictates of the Koran, call for communal prayer in the schoolyard

The assessment of the state institute: “It would appear that in some cases there is a strategy taking place of an organised action.” Meaning: Salafists are deliberately infiltrating Hamburg’s classrooms, instructing school-age Muslims to recruit new supporters in the playgrounds.

Among other things, the violence-prone Islamistic organisation “Hizb ut-Tahrir” is well-known for such activity according to the Senate.

The city’s east is particularly affected

  • Stadtteilschule Mümmelmannsberg
  • Kurt-Körber-Gymnasium/Billstedt
  • Stadtteilschule Öjendorf/Billstedt (religious clothing has increased)
  • Schule An der Glinder Au/Billstedt (religious clothing has increased)
  • Stadtteilschule Bergedorf
  • Gymnasium Hamm
  • Stadtteilschule Stellingen

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11 thoughts on “Operation “Trojan Horse” in Hamburg Schools

  1. And Europeans wonder why we Americans insist on the right to bear arms.
    As it’s been said. “God made man. Samuel Colt made them equal.” Regardless of what our government does or doesn’t do in regards to kissing Muslim’s behind, we are keeping score. To us, a Muslim takeover would be no different from aliens from outer space attempting the same thing. Build all the mosques you want, Arabs. We are watching.

  2. @tedh754: Remember that muslims will also bear arms in the US. My point is simply this: muslims will take every advantage that they can in order to destroy the west (or any civilization that is foolish enough to grant them entry). The only place you can stop them is at the point of entry. You must stop all muslim immigration into America.

    • Exactly. At least it can possibly be a fair fight and not “submission.” And I do agree with you. It is much better to keep them out and not have to worry about violence. But since it seems that our elites want for us to be destroyed for some reason I don’t see the door being closed anytime soon. Nobody can be so moronic to believe that unlimited immigration of Muslims can possibly lead to anything good so it has to be by design.

      • @tedh754 and others:

        A serious question: Do you think that we can have a civilized and open debate on (a) stopping all Islamic immigration into the US (b) deporting small groups such as clergy who have any association whatsoever with extremist mosques in the US and (c) ending all Saudi-funded lobby efforts in DC.

        I honestly think these 3 have to be done if we are to stop this slide. And it must begin in the US.

        PS: I am not American. I am a Hindu Indian. But I love America and respect it greatly (as do most Hindus). I want to do what little I can do prevent its slide into “Eurabia”-type Islamization. The large number of Hijabs I saw on my recent trip to the US alarmed me.

        • In the past kings’ whims and perverted ideas and behaviour led to disasters that we see today in the west by ‘elected’ whimsical, stupid weaklings. They have no faith or convictions of any kind. They don’t resist the right things, or promote the good things. So they are at the mercy of any strong wind or any strong-willed person or group with money. Saudis have both: will power and money. Western spineless creatures have no will, no faith, no goal, although they have money but still – greedy – want more. Give $7 million to any previous weak ruler and dictate to him what he writes in his new book, he will do it immediately and the next day he will be talking about western freedom and values. Just try to control yourself since his talking about “values” will act as an emetic or even diarrhea. ( Pardon me, but I am very angry at the fecklessness of the western politicians. They are bringing disasters upon us. Every single decision of their is wrong. Just guess how many Muslim Brotherhood members are in the W House directing USA policies. It is not the elected ones. Elections are meaningless because election grants the elected a blank check to behave like a dictator or the past ousted kings. The media in the west — so-called – the fourth power to straighten things actually help the elite elected rulers to achieve The Caliphate Muslim world wide dream. What has happened to the world over the last 50 years and what horrible course it is taking only a few can discern. The rest can hardly know whether it is day or night. Iran is waiting eagerly for the return of Mahdi. Western countries are eagerly waiting for surrendering the their countries to the Caliph. When politicians are faithless, godless, valueless, aimless morally bankrupt, this is what we get. Did you hear about teaching pornography in Newhamphire schools? One parent was handcuffed when he objected. What kind of democracy is this?

    • and you have to stop foreign governments from funding islamic institutions, schools, mosques etc…

      and of course,I would stop allimmigration, just like we stoppedcommunists from entering

      AND boycott ALL muslim business, doctors etc…

      go and visit the muslim medical website…..


      By Naseem Sharieff – The Muslim Link

      In the June 6, 2008 issue of the Muslim Link, an article was published titled “Muslim Doctors Abundant But Muslim Hospitals Non-Existent”. Being a Muslim physician with 25 years of experience, I have some ideas on how Muslim doctors can serve this ummah and make a Muslim hospital a reality.


      A Muslim hospital does not have to be built. We do not need to spend money building a hospital. Hospitals are nothing but businesses. If you have a large number of doctors who are Muslims, you can be part of the Board of Directors. We could also have more and more Muslims to be share holders in the hospital corporations.

      By buying more and more shares of the existing corporation and by more and more of our physicians becoming part of the board of the hospital, in a matter of ten years we could end up taking over already existing hospitals insha’Allah.

      see……trojan horses all over the place

  3. Yog, Things have gone too far for that. Sooner or later, we are going to have to do the other thing.

    • The US is looking very much like everywhere else. Not actually done anything other than open the door even wider. The more the muslims threaten the more liberal we become. It seems.

  4. Yog: I fully agree and like to add one argument: they know we are foolish to let them in and this is one more reason why they despise us and our weakness, not only that ” unbelievers” thing.
    and to tedh 754: here in Germany the laws on possession of arms are extremely restrictive. Minimum requirement for a licence is long term membership in a shooting club at about $ 500 a year.On the other hand, whenever you read about some dispute among enrichers, there are always firearms involved.They just have them and give damn for our laws.
    Best greetings from Samuels Gouvernment 1910, before I forget it.

  5. Don’t think this is less ominous because the number of schools is only seven.

    In the UK the number of such schools was thought to be a dozen or two dozen – a figure used in this article ironically. Upon investigation it has turned out that the number of schools involved is in the hundreds in the UK and that complaints about it have been numerous and have been going on for twenty years.

    Even we hedge descriptions so we too are at fault. Yes even we can be blind and it is hubris for us not to think we can be. But in the UK it is obvious from the hundreds of schools taken over and the at least two decade effort that has brought this about, amount to a detailed and well planned and orchestrated and amply financed effort larger than even we thought.

    Shame on us, woe is England – apparently the first.

  6. I wonder if they teach multiculturalism, respect for others and all that???

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