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Our Israeli correspondent MC encroaches on my own turf to discuss the end of the importation of slaves into Virginia, and also what happened at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada last month.

“Bloody Lane” in the sunken road after the Battle of Antietam, 1862. General D. H. Hill’s Confederate troops received multiple assaults and an enfilading fire from several Union divisions, leaving this bloody scene.

Nothing much
by MC

What do Miller’s Cornfield and the Sunken Road have to do with Counterjihad? Nothing much.

What is very relevant is why Lee’s Confederate Army was in the Union State of Maryland; Maybe because Jefferson Davis wanted a Confederate victory on Union territory to pave the way for the recognition of the Confederacy by Britain and France, a recognition that never came?

As usual, the issues at stake are obfuscated by a history written by the winners that does not quite fit the actual evidence.

The importation of slaves into Virginia was made illegal by Patrick Henry in 1778, a petition by the House of Burgesses having been rejected in 1772 by King George:

“Resolved, that an humble address be prepared to be presented to his Majesty, to express the high opinion we entertain of his benevolent intentions towards his subjects in the colonies, and that we are thereby induced to ask his paternal assistance in averting a calamity of a most alarming nature; that the importation of negroes from Africa has long been considered as, a trade of great inhumanity, and under its present encouragement may endanger the existence of his American dominions; that self-preservation, therefore, urges us to implore him to remove all restraints on his Governors from passing acts of Assembly which are intended to check this pernicious commerce”.

One can only be astounded by the prescience of the good burghers of Williamsburg. Could they see into the future? Could they understand the racial melee that would result from slavery? The inability of the 21st century Virginia to reject Islam because of the disgraceful but undeserved stigmas of ‘slavery’ and ‘racism’?

It is significant that King George rejected this 1772 petition. He was making an awful lot of money through the transportation of slaves, the truth of history is that the State of Virginia was the first legislature in the world to ban the importation of slaves. And within two years of its independence, when it surely had other pressing matters to legislate, which only emphasises the importance with which the average Virginian wanted to be rid of slavery and the forced importation into their state of an alien sub-culture.

In fact, the Atlantic slave trade was a New England thing. Notes on the History of Slavery in Massachusetts (1866) by George Henry Moore says:

“A subsequent entry in Winthrop’s Journal gives us another glimpse of the subject, Feb. 26, 1638.

“Mr. Peirce, in the Salem ship, the Desire, returned from the West Indies after seven months. He had been at Providence, and brought some cotton, and tobacco, and negroes, etc., from thence, and salt from Tertugos;” Winthrop, 1., 254. He adds to this account that “Dry fish and strong liquors are the only commodities for those parts. He met there two men-of-war, set forth by the lords, etc., of Providence with letters of mart, who had taken divers prizes from the Spaniard and many negroes.” Long afterwards Dr. Belknap said of the slave-trade, that the rum distilled in Massachusetts was “the mainspring of this traffick.” M. H. S. Coll., i., iv., 197.”

So in 1638 New England was shipping slaves, and Yankee Traders were common on the African coast for the next two centuries.

The sainted Northern States did not liberate one slave whilst they were actually under ownership; ‘liberation’ was always for the as yet unborn, and even then only at some future arbitrary date. All through the early 19th century, New Englanders would avoid financial loss by taking their slaves South to sell them on before their date of liberation made them valueless in the North.

But then the North did not need slaves from Africa, there were plenty of ‘white slaves’ coming over from Europe, ready to pay for passage with seven (or more) years of unpaid ‘indentured’ hard labour. Slavery by another name.

So the State of Virginia is fighting an unwanted slavery forced on them by the British Monarchy and facilitated by New England traders. Is this what we are taught in school? Is this why we are scared to challenge CAIR and must be called ‘racists’, because our forefathers resisted and banned slavery?

Robert E. Lee was at Antietam/Sharpsburg on the 17 September1862 where, as a native Virginian, he commanded the Army of Northern Virginia. This was perhaps the first day of modern warfare, and some 23,000 young Americans paid a price. But what did they pay for?

It was nothing to do with slavery.

The terror of fighting in Miller’s Cornfield must have been intense, and the slaughter in the Sunken Road once it was outflanked; horrific.

The Virginian boys were fighting for ‘freedom’ for the State of Virginia and other states. Federal encroachment had reached a point where it had become intolerable; the U.S. Army had been used to occupy Fort Sumter against the will of the State of South Carolina.

Switch the scene to Bunkerville in the State of Nevada, to the Last Ranch left in the county, where armed federal forces have attempted to stage a paramilitary coup every bit like the Fort Sumter incident.

These federal forces that promote the gross lies of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ and Agenda 21, forces who trample on States Rights and the First and Second Amendments to protect tortoises from the ‘vicious’ hooves of ruminating cattle. Forces that are willing to destroy the Bundy Ranch in order to make a buck or two for corrupt politicians and their cronies. Forces who tasered a pregnant woman (I wonder what the unborn infant felt).

Those Federal Officers should be named and shamed. They have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution and they had the right to refuse to be pawns in a dishonest enterprise.

They are Oath Breakers; they are shamed. They are not worthy to even shine the boots (if they had any left) of those young men who died amongst the corn stalks or in the ditch, raked by balls of lead (see the photo at the top of this post).

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The sources for the slavery material are on this website.

Beware of the anti-Catholic/anti-Jesuit Propaganda, I quite like his research even if I am not happy with his blanket “Vatican diddit” theology.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

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  1. Well MC, if you read all of this article you deserve a medal; I have to admit I skimmed- life is just too short.

    I’m not disputing the history of slavery in the States as laid out here, and we Brits emerge with little credit, but all humans are entitled to stand or fall by their own virtues, and who could deny that Africans left in their homelands are relatively free to do this, for better or worse, while their enslaved brethren were not? Unless you’re a Communist, of course?!

    Which brings me to section four, para four: “If you believe in universal equality then you are a Communist”. Well, only if you wish to impose such equality whether or not people want it; if you try to attain it (insofar as is possible) through the ballot box, you’re a democratic socialist, which is absolutely not the same thing.

    The same paragraph equates abortion with child murder; this is a subject about which decent and conscientious people sincerely hold different views, and I fail to see any connection with communism, as is alleged; one might equally argue that denying people the right to exercise their own consciences in this matter is communistic. Acknowledging your reservations about the anti-Catholic cant of the article, it is noteworthy that the (allegedly “communist”) RC Church is probably the most anti-abortion Christian organisation.

    Enough from me; I daresay others will pick up on aspects of this article, and the sorry tale it tells.

    • “…if you try to attain it (insofar as is possible) through the ballot box, … ”
      Democracy, as a noble ideology, govern yourself by yourself is, as we have seen in practice, is a myth, just as communist paradise was a myth. Democracy presupposes that the general people have conscience and are honest and therefore know who to elect to govern them. People of so-called democracies have created the most horrible wars on this planet ( e.g. WWII). They have also given birth to the most horrible monster under the sun . . . The EU. The EU’s mindless immigration policies will prove the beginning of the end of Europe and the west. How blind the EU policy makers have become is terrible. EU feels guilty whenever a few immigrants drown in the Mediterranean. But they their conscience ( They don’t have one) is quite at ease when they see under their own eyes indigenous people fleeing and being replaced by barbarians. And worse you cannot point that out. People and politicians do not do good things unless they are forced to. Over the last 200 years in the west I have often seen parents refusing to teach them Christian or Jewish faith. Not to impose on them any discipline or faith, and to let them choose the faith they want when they want to or when they are 18. Yes to be sure they grow FREE: They are free to be foul-mouthed, to drink and smoke, to use drugs, not to have respect for any one. They never go to a library and choose some sublime books to read and adopt the “best” faith. They end up dead or in prison where converts of the UNIVERSAL religion are there ready to lure him to Islam, and he is convinced with amazing alacrity. He joins voluntarily he says. But actually it was imposed on him. Now it is easy for him to follow because no resistance is built in his psyche. He looks up to islam for guidance because it is fascinating because of its cruelty. He does not have to think. He is servile to a stronger personality. Why should he rack brains? Most people hate reasoning and thinking logically. Now he will be appointed as a guard dog to prevent drunk infidels from approaching the muslim-controlled freed areas, the beachheads for the coming caliphate.
      The deadly danger is not Islam. Islam spread from Morocco to Fiji, after decimating the kuffars. But the danger comes from Eurabia. Comes from our western pathological “LIARS” ( aka politicians). The war in Afghanistan is wrapping up. OK create one with Russia.

      • Yes Murad, democracy is a crap system of government (to paraphrase that great writer Churchill, with apologies to his shade) -but all the others really are worse, as they don’t give us the opportunity to throw the rascals out, or to criticise or satirise them while in power.

        I share your dislike of the EU, but would point out that to date (correct me if I’m wrong), no two democracies have gone to war with one another; one or both parties in a major conflict will always be a dictatorship.

        My parents were of (nonconformist) Christian heritage, though my mother was pretty much a non-believer in old age; they made me attend Sunday school till the age of sixteen, which made me a militant atheist (a position I’ve modified since, though their slow and painful deaths pushed me back towards unbelief).

        Much more importantly, they taught me, by example, what it is to be a decent and principled person, insofar as I am one, and religion had little to do with it. While one cannot prevent parents from trying to pass on their faith, the danger of indoctrination, making it difficult for the mature adult to be truly objective, is always there, especially if reinforced in schools.

        • Democracysort of worked until mass media came along, Hitler showed us that he who controls the radio controls the democracy, and now we have television……..

    • I was particularly interested in the History rather than his somewhat bizarre personal opinions, I put in the link because it contains the reference material.

      Only a certain class of Brit was ‘guilty’ of slaving, my paternal Grandfather, a Yorkshire coal-miner from childhood, was probably not much better off than the slaves of 100 years earlier. He certainly did not live as long as most slaves in the southern states.

      But one must also give credit to the abolitionists and those sailors and marines who gave their lives to stop the rot.

      I can see the ‘need’ for abortion, but should it be a last ditch method of birth control? especially the way it is being used against the progeny of those very slaves featured above. It is the sanctity of human life which worries me, and Roe vs Wade did not enhance that sanctity in any way, it created a ‘fuzzy’ situation which is most unsatisfactory. But that is off topic.

      Mark, you might consider giving a critique of that website from a left of centre point of view, many conspiracists believe that the Jesuit’s Paraguay Reductions were a prototype communism, and the Pope’s recent comments about redistribution of wealth do not really deviate….

      It could be said that the whole CJ movement is a fight against forcible redistribution of wealth (by economic immigration).

      • We’re not too far apart on abortion, MC; I’m not happy with its being used as a substitute for responsible behaviour (as was often the norm in the old Communist Bloc).

        No false modesty, but I don’t have the expertise for a thorough critique of the website, though I note that the writer seems (incredibly) unable to find any quotes from Southern Blacks who were less than happy with slavery, nor does he address the continued denial of civil rights to descendants of slaves in the South until forced to change in the middle of the last century, by the federal government so many G0Vers seem to regard as the embodiment of evil.

        I’m puzzled by your last paragraph; economic immigration often depresses the incomes of the poorest natives, as the new arrivals may be willing to work for less, thus widening the gap between rich and poor.

        • We, the people did not invite these immigrants into our various countries, thus it becomes an unsanctioned ‘dilution’ of our wealth. The ‘bucket’ of money is finite and there are now more people wanting a share of it including those forced upon us..

          • Which in turn begs the question whether immigrants make a net contribution to the economies of their adopted countries, and in the case of the UK, whose statistics you believe…!

          • Mark H,
            If one of those “contributions” is the loss of free speech — and the recent arrest of Paul Weston shows beyond any doubt that not only does free speech no longer exist in the UK, the boundaries of permissible speech are steadily shrinking — then I submit that it simply isn’t possible for immigration today to make a “net contribution” to society, unless one values such things as economic or cultural above our fundamental freedoms.

          • Syb (below): I was referring specifically to MC’s thoughts on the economic benefits, if any, of immigration, not the broader picture.

  2. This link provides a good summary of the Catholic Church and slavery, particularly concerning the slave trade that exploded in the time of colonization.

    As for the article, MC brings up good points. Many northern merchants certainly were just as much at fault as southern slave openers and we are indeed facing a national government that has far exceeded the worst of what The Crown and Parliament could dish out to the American colonies. Regarding what has come to be glossed over about the southern cries of “states rights”, the founders of the Confederacy made their move only when a candidate who advocated the further expansion of slavery to new states won the election. Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens made no effort to hide his opinion – he referred to slavery as “the cornerstone of the Confederacy.’

    • -sorry I meant “no further expansion of slavery”. I changed the sentence but then left it saying the exact opposite of Lincoln’s position!

    • I was aware of the capture rebels of the Monmouth rebellion being shopped to the windies as slaves, but that the Irish also had this thrust upon them is new, I was also aware of the Fenian Cause and the roots of the current Northern Ireland troubles, but, as you indicate, these matters seem to be brushed over along with the Drogheda and Wexford (massacres?)

  3. One: the civil war had everything to do with slavery. James McPherson’s history of that war gives detailed proof.

    Two: anthropogenic global warming is a current reality and a growing danger to our harvests, our low-lying cities, and our flood plains. It’s far from a “gross lie”.

    GOV can’t be buying into these outlandish claims of MC?

    • Re your second point: man made climate change is just a farrago of indolent surmise.

    • With respect, Sam, anthropogenic global warming is not proven; there’s a good case to be made that the sun has far more effect on the climate than anything we humans can achieve. Which is not an excuse for using the finite resource of fossil fuels as if it were infinite; future generations may curse us for using up potential petrochemicals and lubricants in order to fly or drive short distances.

  4. Although my knowledge of American history is negligible, there are some, in principle, comments that I hope are universally applicable.

    The current generation of Americans is not culpable for 19th century slavery anymore than the present generation of Germans or Japanese is responsible for the atrocities committed by their great-grandparents.
    There’s no such thing as ‘genetic guilt’, so in that context, it doesn’t matter whether or not 19th century Virginians were pro or anti slavery.
    We, in the West, are making rods for our own backs by allowing the PC brigade to assume the moral high ground. In my country, apologists for Islam and multiculturalism often refer to racist immigration policies that were abandoned generations ago, that was then, this is now.

    • The whole point of muticulti is that we, the WASPs (WASJ in my case) ARE responsible for the actions of our forefathers and must pay a price.

      The CJ movement is about trying to refute the claims of the Left that we owe the world a living because we are ‘bad’ people (yes, WE are bad because our ancestors were ‘bad’).

      This blame culture therefore justifies the dismantling of the Judeo-Christian society and removing every last vestige of Christianity from the culture(s) whilst allowing Islam free rein.

      This is exactly what we are fighting! There are never any ‘clear’ issues in history, and ‘slavery’ is being used in the USA much as the ”Holocaust’ is being used in Europe (Islam is playing the Holocaust card in Europe for everything they can get out of it whilst here in the Middle East they deny it happened). And Islam is not a ‘race’ issue, it is a religious issue, but to criticize Islam is to be ‘racist’; isn’t life strange!

      • Sadly true, MC; the ability of apparent non- believers to feel guilty to such an extent that they must flagellate themselves (and us, their “fellows”), even at risk of threatening the survival of the finest (albeit flawed) civilisation the planet has seen to date, is frightening.

  5. History books and classes when I was in school made plenty of mention that the north held slaves early on. Its an obvious fact since the south did not exist at the time of the colonies, and Jefferson himself vacillated quite a bit on whether the early government formed after independence should outlaw it, but ultimately they did not, and it would be many years before the north, and finally America as a whole did as was pointed out, but to say the rift had *nothing* to do with slavery is the opposite extreme as framing it as a fight exclusively over slavery. Realistically it was an ideological divide of which slavery was a part. The industrialized north vs. the rural agricultural south with an economy that had a sizable portion driven by slavery. Also its a bit ideological to try to frame the federal government at the time as overly intrusive like it is today. The north was much more industrialized, and this was the age of robber Barron capitalism where if you were working in the north, regardless of what color you were, conditions where poor at best. Industrial jobs at that time were considered low class, and so naturally the focal point of many immigrant workers from Europe in the big cities. The government had very little regulation on anything, and it wouldn’t be until the early 20th century that it started to have any regulations at all. The conditions today are a government that micromanages every aspect of life, and there is very little parallels to draw between today’s situation at the Bundy ranch and the times that lead up to the civil war. Both involve the government, both involve laws, and both involve places south of the Mason/Dixon line, but much of the analogy falls apart after that. “Intrusive” to a southerner back then would have been having to pay taxes and not hold blacks as explicit slaves, which are the most basic of demands in today’s terms. Back then it was about a realistic position of where federal government rule ends and state rights begin where now we have a fanatical zealous overreaching government with zero state rights.

  6. MC, many, many thanks for exposing the truth. Far too many people are unaware of the significant role of the British and the ‘sainted Northern states’ in establishing and prolonging slavery in the USA. We still have a big problem with those yankees who somehow think they are wiser, smarter, etc. than the rest of us. We need to value who we are what we have done. Some Americans refuse to be hyphenated, but many Americans with black skin don’t get it yet. I learned so much from your article.
    Wish we had met when I lived in Israel – great country that has even greater potential if only it could free itself of the left’s diabolical influence.

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