3 thoughts on “Killing Kafirs

  1. Thank you Bill, that just about says it all for me, except for the term “Kafir.” The muslims tell us it means unbeliever and at its least offensive, it probably does. But the real meaning can be encapsulated in the German term “Untermensch.”, Subhuman or something equally as unpleasant. It’s how the Nazis referred to the Jews before they murdered them.

  2. As we have come to expect, again a very good video from Bill Warner. The content is spot on and I totally agree. About the strategy I want to make some remarks. I do not say I disagree with it but rather that I don’t know what the best weapon against the term “islamophobe” is. On one hand there is the approach of Bill, but on the other hand there are many counter-jihadists who use the therm as badge of honour. It is a bit like snake poison antidote. I honestly don’t know which one of the two is best. I have two gut feelings though. 1) Using both counter measures is probably not good, so one only should emerge. 2) And the term “islamophobe” is getting close to its sell by date. It is wearing out. If that is the case, and I can only say it is a gut feeling, then ridiculing it rather then debuting it might be the right way kill it off in the long run. For that Pat Condell is a very good example.

    Oh, btw, perhaps it is time to come up with a good label for those who use the phrase “islamophobe”, something that coins them (!) a bit mentally unstabile. How about organising an on-line competition for that 😉

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